Try Not To Laugh Challenge #19

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  • Pubblicato il 17 mar 2019
  • It hurts to laugh in this VERY SPECIAL episode of Try Not To Laugh!
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  • UmorismoUmorismo

Commenti • 44 835

  • The Man in Black
    The Man in Black 14 ore fa

    You sound like a 👵

  • Ben Trader
    Ben Trader 14 ore fa

    That 🦉 is robing mark

  • Stupid Mario64
    Stupid Mario64 15 ore fa

    Who agree?

  • Aaron Edwards
    Aaron Edwards 15 ore fa +1

    Put a F in the chat for mark

  • Bill Zussman
    Bill Zussman 15 ore fa

    This is my favorite "try not to laugh" from you. The pain is hysterical, no offense.

  • Milee Flayac
    Milee Flayac 15 ore fa +1

    I feel really bad for you leave a like if you do too

  • Dinis Sao Roque
    Dinis Sao Roque 16 ore fa

    he hurts so much

  • Dinis Sao Roque
    Dinis Sao Roque 16 ore fa

    poor mark

  • Turtle region
    Turtle region 16 ore fa

    Not to be racist or anything but Asian people 3:03

  • Micah Fox
    Micah Fox 17 ore fa

    poor mark

  • Dawid Wozniak
    Dawid Wozniak 17 ore fa

    2:40 a ancient battle technique passed down from generations to come.

  • Minh Ngo
    Minh Ngo 17 ore fa

    1:15 no one?

  • Tyler Richardson
    Tyler Richardson 18 ore fa

    No mark. You are not steel. You are melted rubber.

  • The two awesome bro's

    mark is thicc

  • Gaming Aiden
    Gaming Aiden 19 ore fa

    3:14 this is how Star Wars makes lightsaber fights look good

  • Wilson Dickerman
    Wilson Dickerman 19 ore fa

    Mark: It hurts when I laugh!
    Me: Laughter is the best medicine!
    Mark: *laughs* *screams* *dies*

  • Jared The Rock
    Jared The Rock 19 ore fa

    Try Not to Laugh Challenge: What did it cost?
    Markiplier: *Everything*

  • Kawaii Gacha Music videos

    _”Do do do do, Oh! Ne Bemis”_
    (That’s what it sounds like, and I think I died right there and then... 😂💀)

  • DJKnight
    DJKnight 21 ora fa

    I felt sooo bad for mark the entire time 😭

  • lunar army
    lunar army 21 ora fa

    gotta teach them kids that life aint fair and neither is smash

  • Aaron Wright
    Aaron Wright 21 ora fa

    I feel bad for the kid that bullied the guy with the sword

  • Mia Rowe
    Mia Rowe 21 ora fa

    7:04 you could say he’s in the thick of it 🤣

  • Angel Miller
    Angel Miller 22 ore fa


  • Max Thompson
    Max Thompson 22 ore fa

    I’m thicker

  • GamingRadiation
    GamingRadiation 23 ore fa

    GUY: Show me your moves!

    Mark: becomes a broken record

  • Audrey S.
    Audrey S. 23 ore fa

    Hes just so pitiful, its hard to enjoy the funny clips. :(

  • Frye4Lyfe
    Frye4Lyfe Giorno fa

    Lookin back at this video and I’m think that he should had said that he is big and chunky, but I did laugh when mark was in great pain

  • Cla-ring 040150
    Cla-ring 040150 Giorno fa

    6:05 he's stuck in a training montage someone help him...and Mark as well he was hurting. Someone get him some ice cream.

  • This is my shiteu
    This is my shiteu Giorno fa

    I was laughing so hard at the video when i stopped i looked to my side and my cat was death staring me like shut the fuck up im trying to sleep

  • Grammar Nazi
    Grammar Nazi Giorno fa

    ur cheeps owo they're omega (O.0) but i still love u owo snuggles

  • MarGameZ l Animation Machinima & Gaming

    The way Mark says "*THICC*" in this video is EXACTLY the same way I read the word "thicc" in my head.

  • BerzerkBattery
    BerzerkBattery Giorno fa


  • Drew Williams
    Drew Williams Giorno fa

    2:21 the face you make when you crap your pants

  • Janie Hartman
    Janie Hartman Giorno fa

    *Mark: I'm jello that doesnt shake!!!!
    Me: ... so u are very very old jello, HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!?!?!?!

  • Alice League
    Alice League Giorno fa

    I'm a terrible person sorry for laugh at your pain I was look at the videos and then your pain happens *mind Anne you stupid

  • Robert OConnor
    Robert OConnor Giorno fa

    7:54 My dad

  • Link as a girl
    Link as a girl Giorno fa

    5:46 Cuteness

    • jberger1988b1
      jberger1988b1 Giorno fa +1

      It's so sad 😭 he's in pain 😢 it is cute though 😃 pudding thick smile 😂

  • Rose Bowler
    Rose Bowler Giorno fa

    Nooo markimoo!!!😭😭😭

  • H.F Gaming
    H.F Gaming Giorno fa +1

    *He sounds like when you crash your plane in Wii Sports Resort.*

  • MyRandomMind
    MyRandomMind Giorno fa

    Okay, I literally lost on the second video. It's always the references people get that are the funniest 😂

  • Mark Zajac
    Mark Zajac Giorno fa

    3:13 - 3:22 Me tiring not to laugh because its midnight

    • jberger1988b1
      jberger1988b1 Giorno fa

      Same 😀 so how's it going 😶 how's sleep😶 idk 😂

  • The Song holder
    The Song holder Giorno fa

    Too far in the thicc

  • WinterWolf
    WinterWolf Giorno fa

    Here is this 29 year old thick boi who just got his wisdom teeth pulled...THEN THERES ME GOT MA WISDOM TEETH OUT AT 13 LIKE BRUH

  • Hannah Jamail Herrick

    doo do-doo doo
    nnya bemis.!

    Mark: * deep breaths * oWW! oOWW! OWW! OWEEIE! OH HUH HU OW!!

  • TJ
    TJ Giorno fa

    Mark:I AM STEEL
    5 min later:AHHH OHHH HURT

  • Travis Phillips
    Travis Phillips Giorno fa

    I feel bad for you bro

  • Savannah Raps
    Savannah Raps Giorno fa

    I never laugh at the video it's always you😂😂😂

  • Afnan Al-Soultani
    Afnan Al-Soultani Giorno fa

    Mark: Wow, that was perfect form! What a beautiful C O C K

    Me: (Thinking he is talking about it's penis)

  • Corryn Murchie
    Corryn Murchie Giorno fa

    7:13 I don't understand you white power

  • SliderCentral
    SliderCentral Giorno fa

    2:45 Hello I am Crazy, and you are watching Disney channel!

  • Nucleon
    Nucleon Giorno fa

    I was re-watching some of your try not to laugh videos and ended up on this one ... 😐
    This is more of a torture than a try not to laugh... Do you have a masochistic secret you'd like to tell us ?
    (I mean no offence, just a joke)

  • CravenDrip8435
    CravenDrip8435 Giorno fa

    Bruh what’s the name of that last vid lmao

  • izic woodall
    izic woodall Giorno fa

    All I here is oooooooooOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW😂😂😂😂😂👌👌👌

  • Galilea campos
    Galilea campos Giorno fa +1

    When I laughed it was because of mark saying Ooouch

  • Rylee_RXR
    Rylee_RXR Giorno fa

    I died at 3:03.
    My normal -PUeeeeh

  • THE GlassShark
    THE GlassShark Giorno fa

    He looks so feckin cute with his swollen face

  • Rudol Von Stroheim
    Rudol Von Stroheim Giorno fa

    3:02 "my normal-" *inhuman noise*

  • Jet Huntington
    Jet Huntington Giorno fa

    I like thicciplier

    • jberger1988b1
      jberger1988b1 Giorno fa

      He's so thick 😂 he's pudding thick 😂

  • Jamie Lochrine
    Jamie Lochrine Giorno fa

    My normal *PUH-OOOOOOOOH*

  • Andrew Leaming
    Andrew Leaming Giorno fa

    Me too thiccc-markiplier😂

  • The Second Reich
    The Second Reich Giorno fa

    1:07 **Prussian anthem intensifies **

  • GalaxyCrafter04
    GalaxyCrafter04 Giorno fa

    If he's in hell, where is the king of hell none other than Crowley!

  • barbara sheets
    barbara sheets Giorno fa

    Mark: I'm in hell!!
    Also Me: Hope you get better soon ❤

  • Sergeant FartBox
    Sergeant FartBox Giorno fa

    I had my wisdom teeth out on friday

  • Armless Armstrong Antsy

    Ur cheeks puffed up

    ACOUSTIC CHILD Giorno fa


  • gnuresk
    gnuresk Giorno fa

    Chubby cheeks

  • Cryguana YT
    Cryguana YT Giorno fa

    5:30 Link to video?

  • Jacob C
    Jacob C Giorno fa

    Guy is working out in a gym with a katana practicing to stab people and Mark's first thought is who let him in there

  • Seba2k7 :P
    Seba2k7 :P Giorno fa

    I don’t know if he’s laughing or crying

  • Norh457
    Norh457 Giorno fa

    Holy shit I had my wisdom teeth removed the same day as you

  • C.G.H.
    C.G.H. Giorno fa

    OH! WOA! My condolences Mark. Glad you are better now. Also, hope that straining those gums like that didn't cause any permanent damage.

  • ellalone
    ellalone Giorno fa

    you can literally see the cheeks getting bigger and bigger, and in the end of the video he is double thicc (tm)
    )i cant imagine the pain , this video needs a huge boost so the sacrifice was worth it

  • Dylan Foote
    Dylan Foote Giorno fa

    that guy with a sword is a trained gym mercenary

  • ellalone
    ellalone Giorno fa


  • PersonMcPerson
    PersonMcPerson Giorno fa

    Damn Mark you are so dumb

  • Anyelina Almonte
    Anyelina Almonte Giorno fa

    Y does mark look cute being dummy THICCC

  • Olivia Potter
    Olivia Potter Giorno fa

    Thicc mark is so cute! (^.^)❤️
    Edit: but It makes me sad that he is hurting ;(

  • Ryan Sullivan
    Ryan Sullivan Giorno fa

    I guess you could say...
    He's in the *THICC* of things now

  • Isabella Campos
    Isabella Campos Giorno fa

    Awww poor mark he cries in the vid! So sad and adorable (kind of funny)

  • Noone :
    Noone : Giorno fa

    I hate seeing him in pain :(

  • happy doggo
    happy doggo Giorno fa

    D U M M B Y T H I C C

  • KamiJoJo
    KamiJoJo Giorno fa +1

    I gotta say, I had the same experience, you don't just feel like you're thiccer than usual but you feel like you're on drugs.

    • BoomySchoomy
      BoomySchoomy Giorno fa

      ore wa...NINGEN SO YAMERU ZO... JOJO!!!!!

  • Popplio Defender 101807

    The otter at 7:54 is the equivalent to thick

  • Aryana Brummett
    Aryana Brummett Giorno fa +1

    Mark we all love and support you I hope your mouth will feel better

  • ZandorfToast037
    ZandorfToast037 Giorno fa

    I actually thought that was a filter.

  • Dare Pro
    Dare Pro Giorno fa +1

    I feel you brother I’m 12 currently and a few years ago I had my wisdom tooth removed when I was 11 it was flipping agony so I feel you I really do get well soon!

  • Kate Rosaline
    Kate Rosaline Giorno fa

    Aweee mark your cheekssss. You looked like a chipmunk... A really muscular chipmunk

  • scootermom05
    scootermom05 Giorno fa

    i feel so bad for him

  • Elliott Sandnes
    Elliott Sandnes Giorno fa

    The joy is p a i n

  • Gacha guy 2000
    Gacha guy 2000 Giorno fa

    It’s mr. Chubs

  • ClazzyFN
    ClazzyFN Giorno fa


  • Lee Avelino
    Lee Avelino Giorno fa +1

    Markiplier wish your mouth will be better soon im so sad when i see you sad😢😢😢 but all of your videos are funny and cool

  • Pierre Tangkeko_YT
    Pierre Tangkeko_YT Giorno fa

    A great way to balance hapiness and sadness

  • Helena He
    Helena He Giorno fa

    3:34 (SNORT)

  • cookie crisp
    cookie crisp Giorno fa +11


    Hi my name is Stevie Wonder and you’re watching Disney Channel :

  • gacha&huskylover
    gacha&huskylover 2 giorni fa

    M: My normal *PEUUH* My normal *euh*
    Me: *r/havin'astroke pops in mind*
    Me: take your time bud

  • GiantMGamer
    GiantMGamer 2 giorni fa

    poor mark suffering in pain

  • Donna Cavallo
    Donna Cavallo 2 giorni fa

    stop sounding like a girl

  • Lee Thetoad
    Lee Thetoad 2 giorni fa

    I’m already gay and mark brings that to another level and now I sad because my babbbbbbbyyyyyyy