DAY6 "I Loved You" M/V

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  • Pubblicato il 6 set 2017
  • DAY6 "I Loved You" M/V
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  • اسماء Myday
    اسماء Myday 4 ore fa


  • Charlyn Tare Booc
    Charlyn Tare Booc 7 ore fa +2

    Day6 is amazing!

  • Kite Madushi
    Kite Madushi 14 ore fa

    Just make a Fvcking movie already!

  • Nor Effendi
    Nor Effendi Giorno fa

    I want to know who’s the girl with brian

    • Sooraa 03
      Sooraa 03 22 ore fa

      name of that girl is kim ji eun

  • nattanicha nattanicha


  • nct. inthehouse
    nct. inthehouse Giorno fa +1

    Loco amo mucho ezta cancion💖

  • look alive sunshine
    look alive sunshine 2 giorni fa

    they way i sob during this song 😭✋🏽

  • Luci san
    Luci san 2 giorni fa

    It doesn't matter how many times I see this mv, Wonpil's face when Sungjin leave him alone in the bus always kill me and make me cry
    Also... I think that after 'When you love someone', comes 'I need somebody' idk

    • Llumiina
      Llumiina 18 minuti fa

      Luci san technically all alone comes after WYLS. If you’ve watched the all alone mv it’s just recycling scenes from the trilogy lol

  • issadaorn chinnasa
    issadaorn chinnasa 2 giorni fa +1


  • tatyana Bryan-vines
    tatyana Bryan-vines 2 giorni fa

    When Day6 pops up in your que and explains everything your feeling

  • Vrkoslam bodyzotic
    Vrkoslam bodyzotic 2 giorni fa

    The starter of my briwoon shipper career✌️

  • Do pil uwu
    Do pil uwu 3 giorni fa


  • natalie lebig
    natalie lebig 3 giorni fa

    recommendation to the world LISTEN TO DAY6

  • lkuukiks
    lkuukiks 3 giorni fa


  • Raiem
    Raiem 4 giorni fa

    how can sungjin be so manly yet beautiful, king

  • alleck ie
    alleck ie 4 giorni fa

    just make a movie

  • maria christodoulou
    maria christodoulou 4 giorni fa +6

    I'm on a day6 marathon after "time of our life" was released😍

  • Esther Sangtam
    Esther Sangtam 4 giorni fa

    Jaes voice is beautiful

  • Sunny Yellow
    Sunny Yellow 5 giorni fa

    ROAD TO 14M!!!

  • lollipop #love
    lollipop #love 5 giorni fa +1

    I feel like this song was made for me. Thank you Day6

  • Death BlitZz
    Death BlitZz 5 giorni fa

    Man the ED on the makes it sad

  • Rosally Paliling
    Rosally Paliling 5 giorni fa

    if anyone knows abput the secret of angel or true beatuy( Webtoon) young k charater its like seo joon n Dowons character its like suho(but suho not sleep like him) but omg they're really handsome like in that comic

    • Llumiina
      Llumiina 13 minuti fa

      Rosally Paliling I agree that YK is like Seojun but Dowoon? Dowoon’s pretty much just the misunderstood popular rich kid in the trilogy. He doesn’t really have anything to do with the girl. Do you mean Sungjin (the one running after the girl at the end)?

  • 조정인
    조정인 5 giorni fa

    띵곡 많은데 많이 떴으면 좋겠디ㅏ

  • sneharika bajracharya
    sneharika bajracharya 5 giorni fa +2

    jae and wonpli's voice always melt my heart

  • davidtartersauce
    davidtartersauce 5 giorni fa

    I'm sorry Dowoon but in what world does -1/(-3.5+4) simplify into -1/11?

  • paige
    paige 5 giorni fa

    so like,,, do young k and dowoon have a love story or

  • Anna CM
    Anna CM 6 giorni fa


  • Happ Py
    Happ Py 6 giorni fa

    "I loved you" sounds like "l love you" but it's not

  • Paty Sal
    Paty Sal 6 giorni fa

    This song is beautiful, its just what i needed to hear

  • Chiku Agar
    Chiku Agar 6 giorni fa

    This song totally fits my vibe... Good music but also relaxing

  • Gpy_ Grace
    Gpy_ Grace 6 giorni fa

    I don't like but, I love this song so much.

    BLACK ROSES 6 giorni fa

    DAY6 💙

  • jessie
    jessie 6 giorni fa +1

    Sungjin needs to learn how to clean.

  • Utari Meilani Kuswandi


    STAY DAY 6 giorni fa

    This song adds days to my life

  • Bhumi Bisht
    Bhumi Bisht 6 giorni fa +1


  • Sydney
    Sydney 6 giorni fa +2

    Someone really needs to cast them

  • シalexia
    シalexia 7 giorni fa +4

    When Dowoon gave Brian the egg, I thought too hard on why he gave him that so I deadass looked up “what does an egg symbolize” and then I saw that it’s all about new life and stuff like that. But knowing Dowoon, I think he’s a tad bit too dumb to do that

    • Sydney
      Sydney 6 giorni fa +1

      Lmao it's because its cold and it'll help with swelling 😂

  • Charlene Bakil
    Charlene Bakil 7 giorni fa

    I'm in love with this gayshit

  • _ITZY_ _JYPfam
    _ITZY_ _JYPfam 7 giorni fa +8

    Can someone cast Dowoon in a DRAMA?😭😭😭

  • M Y M Y
    M Y M Y 8 giorni fa +5

    I've been playing this song since it came out and i don't think I'll ever stop

  • Karma - Struck
    Karma - Struck 8 giorni fa +4

    I listened to this for the first time and I don't even understand why I begun to cry while watching it and reading the lyrics. All I know is that JYP has some good groups, and I'm planning on enjoying this one.

    • Sydney
      Sydney 6 giorni fa +1

      I guess you're a fan starting toDay 😉

  • Ngân Hoàng
    Ngân Hoàng 8 giorni fa +4

    I really like it. This song like to bring the best romantic film into the the real life.

  • なず
    なず 8 giorni fa +2

    Lmaoo I still remember the time I was still getting to know day6 and I thought dowoon was tough guy,lmfaooooo what a joke 😌

    • Llumiina
      Llumiina 4 minuti fa

      なず AHAHAHA I thought the same!!! I have this habit of labeling people at first sight to help me remember names. I still remember what I labeled all of them as 😂
      Jae was the Social Butterfly,
      Wonpil was the cute crossed eyed one,
      Sungjin was the normal member,
      Dowoon was the tough guy who won’t really talk a lot,
      and YK was literally just “the rapper who can also sing”
      (I first saw them during Letting Go and started to label them after watching a few other MVs) 😂😂
      Little did I know how wrong I was about Sungjin and Dowoon

  • someone in your back
    someone in your back 8 giorni fa +3

    So proud of you guys😭

  • mcrphia
    mcrphia 9 giorni fa +2

    this gave me chills omg

  • Bia purple
    Bia purple 9 giorni fa +1

    Never getting fed up of this amazing song ❤

  • Jewen Pearl Huilar
    Jewen Pearl Huilar 9 giorni fa

    what's with JYP and the hairstyle of brian aka young k and jb they srly have the same hair style when he was a rookie to ????????????????????

  • kreyven park
    kreyven park 9 giorni fa

    3:14 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa it makes my heart melt

  • 윤시원
    윤시원 9 giorni fa


  • lisa vargas
    lisa vargas 9 giorni fa +1

    I did my research and Day6 doesn't mean bed so stop sleeping on them

  • اسماء DAY6
    اسماء DAY6 9 giorni fa +1

    حاول نسيانك لكنني لا أستطيع

  • Rungnapha Aphai
    Rungnapha Aphai 10 giorni fa

    รอบคัมแบ็คอยู่นะ รอเวิร์ลทัวร์ด้วย

  • bijetA pradhan
    bijetA pradhan 10 giorni fa

    loving the dowoon and young K bromance

  • Hera Liv
    Hera Liv 11 giorni fa

    사랑이 빠졌다 아 진짜!! 너무 설래 😭🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤💜

  • Life Star
    Life Star 11 giorni fa

    Man young k be so good looking in this entire series. Or is it just me?

  • สาวเกาหลี ติดซีรีย์555


  • Pao SaranG
    Pao SaranG 12 giorni fa +1

    Dios amo está cancion, amo a Day 6, ellos son de los pocos grupos que con sus canciones me hacen sentir especial 😭 una de las pocas en las que puedo identificarme, inclusive esta canción me a acompañado en mis momentos más tristes y me a hecho sonreír 😭😍❤️ solo por eso agradezco a Day 6 por hacer grande música que de verdad vale la pena ser una de sus grandes fans 😊 Gracias por ayudarme a salir de mi mundo de tristeza y al menos saber que hay 5 personitas que me hacen feliz ❤️
    Por cierto aquí está el comentario en español que tanto buscabas 😅🤗💝 saludos

  • اسماء DAY6
    اسماء DAY6 12 giorni fa +1

    I loved you to

  • potpot poteto
    potpot poteto 12 giorni fa

    Why is this song soooo relatable????!!!!!

  • Michel Canela
    Michel Canela 12 giorni fa

    México los necesita 🤧

  • haeni hc
    haeni hc 13 giorni fa

    Extremamente maravilhoso

  • 내가 사랑하는노래

    영케이는 저음이 더 멋지다

  • Don't sleep on Day6
    Don't sleep on Day6 13 giorni fa +3

    Someone else doing a Day6 marathon at 12a.m?

  • florent Zz
    florent Zz 14 giorni fa

    I am a new big fan of day6 from thailand. Thailand love this song so much i loved you thaisub on youtube have 6M views!! I don't know what your name but i love your music.
    your music, vocal, emotional is perfect. I love it. Keep fighting day6 คนไทยยังฟังอยู่มั้ยน้า 😁

  • Tiqui Tita
    Tiqui Tita 14 giorni fa

    Escucharlos calma mi alma...tanta dulzura!!!!

  • damaris milos :v
    damaris milos :v 15 giorni fa +1

    1:09 perfection

  • sukhpreet kaur
    sukhpreet kaur 16 giorni fa +1

    1:12 Jae’s loved you

  • megha singh
    megha singh 16 giorni fa +1

    My fav day 6 song

  • satanyoongi
    satanyoongi 17 giorni fa +2

    wonpil has such a beautiful voice stop sleeping on my talented boy like this smh

  • Peen peerada
    Peen peerada 17 giorni fa


  • Татьяна Шеврекуко

    Мне нравятся все клипы из этой серии, но этот клип мой любимый. Песни все очень люблю, поэтому постоянно слушаю. Удачи, Day6! Вы, моя любимая группа. ❤️😚😍❤️❤️❤️

  • Baebae jinyoung
    Baebae jinyoung 17 giorni fa


  • Emojis face
    Emojis face 17 giorni fa +2

    My part 2:32 and 3:12

  • Syalaisha salsabila
    Syalaisha salsabila 18 giorni fa +1

    Jae's line in 1:50 really hurts my feelings T-T

  • Sekar Mustikawening
    Sekar Mustikawening 20 giorni fa +3

    Why is Jae so cute in this MV?

  • Dreesya Tamang
    Dreesya Tamang 21 giorno fa

    Isn't that girl ryujin from ITZY?

  • etine
    etine 21 giorno fa +2

    my forever favorite aaaackkk REALLY I LOVED YOUUU NO NOMOSARANGHAE SONIKA GURUN GEOYAAA!!!! shout the chorus part promise it will help you go through shits

  • Sekar Mustikawening
    Sekar Mustikawening 21 giorno fa +6

    Proof that Brian is an anime protagonist: he sits at the very back of the class at the left corner.

  • World by Mischale
    World by Mischale 21 giorno fa +4

    Sexuality of the members by this mv:
    Sungjin: Straight as an arrow
    Jae: Special kid
    Dowoon: Panicked gay
    Bri- I mean Young K: Confident gay
    Wonpil: ,,Let´s keep it a secret" gay

  • Natalie
    Natalie 21 giorno fa +1

    This is truetype kdrama vibe

  • ᄋᄒ
    ᄋᄒ 22 giorni fa +1

    I love this song

  • sukiyo :/
    sukiyo :/ 22 giorni fa +1

    This song and MV is too precious that I had refrain myself from watching too much daily

  • ppxpmx d
    ppxpmx d 24 giorni fa +1

    Dowoon just nailed everything lmao

  • 180 CM.
    180 CM. 24 giorni fa


  • Edwin Canggadibrata
    Edwin Canggadibrata 25 giorni fa +1

    that face by youngK says "betj for real"

  • 무무hurr
    무무hurr 25 giorni fa +1

    Damn it jae look so fine

  • Yoona Min
    Yoona Min 25 giorni fa +1

    bad song? what is that?

    MRS KIM DONGHYUK 26 giorni fa +1


  • Gee Raa
    Gee Raa 26 giorni fa +1


  • Noshin Ayman
    Noshin Ayman 27 giorni fa +1

    Day6 spelled backwards is spelled 6yad which makes no sense neither you not stanning day6 does

  • -A
    -A 28 giorni fa +1

    Am I the only one who ships Brian and Dowoon’s character like a lot? Like I cried in the sequel to this MV. Literal tears fell from my face.

  • Ahrold
    Ahrold 28 giorni fa +1

    Is this a continuation on when you love someone video

    • Ahrold
      Ahrold 26 giorni fa

      MyDay _2705 thank you. I can watch it in order now 🙂

    • Llumiina
      Llumiina 26 giorni fa +1

      Ahrold technically yes, bc in when u love someone it says “2 days earlier” but the order it’s supposed to be watched is What Can I Do, I Loved You, When You Love Someone, and then All Alone as like a flashback thingy

  • Big Boss
    Big Boss 28 giorni fa +1

    Is this about gay?? 1 wish is was a MOVIE ot K DRAMA

  • Sumaiya Azim
    Sumaiya Azim 29 giorni fa +1

    to this day, it's my favourite title track
    i just love their vocals here so much

  • dream min
    dream min 29 giorni fa +1

    I LOVE YOU💞💞💞💞

    KWON JIYONG 29 giorni fa +1

    I really really love this song..can someone please recommend me day6 songs similar to sad love songs?

    • JRMY
      JRMY 20 giorni fa

      Just literally checl their discography. They're all gems 💕

  • Paew Paew
    Paew Paew 29 giorni fa +1


  • flan :v
    flan :v Mese fa +3

    1:09 so beautiful