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DAY6 "I Loved You" M/V

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  • Pubblicato il 6 set 2017
  • DAY6 "I Loved You" M/V
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  • MultiFanSarah
    MultiFanSarah 3 ore fa +1

    0:18 is that a metallica shirt

  • Mild GOT 7
    Mild GOT 7 15 ore fa

    Love you

  • SST YJ
    SST YJ 20 ore fa


  • lkuukiks
    lkuukiks Giorno fa


  • KarmaHasEyes
    KarmaHasEyes Giorno fa

    jae looks so similar to mark tuan. i feel like im the only one who sees it. He's even awkward and shy like him!!

  • Nicolette Laird
    Nicolette Laird Giorno fa

    Still waiting for this to turn into a movie..

  • green castle
    green castle Giorno fa

    Watching day6 mv is so much fun hahaha

  • Denisse day6
    Denisse day6 Giorno fa


  • Milk & GOT7
    Milk & GOT7 Giorno fa


  • Ahga my
    Ahga my Giorno fa


  • Kammy Brar
    Kammy Brar 2 giorni fa

    Who hurt you

  • InseoSpirit WINNER x INFINITE

    I was listening to the rose and now this? Damn soo good!

  • Strash Noona
    Strash Noona 3 giorni fa +1

    Leaving comment as i’m on day6 marathon

  • Helen Salinas
    Helen Salinas 3 giorni fa +3

    This MV is beautiful.
    This song is magical.
    All perfect

  • Restu Niati
    Restu Niati 3 giorni fa +1

    i always listening day6 lately. i know its a little bit late but i really find world to this band. i hope there are many art they can create. my support always be with you guys. big hug from your fans .

  • Reema M
    Reema M 4 giorni fa

    They must be appreciated way more!!! Their voice is soo raw and it just hits you!!! They deserve more

  • I’m Greg
    I’m Greg 4 giorni fa

    E G G.

  • meanhoe ;D
    meanhoe ;D 4 giorni fa

    taktingina ang gwapo ni kim wonpil dito

  • Mind kanokporn
    Mind kanokporn 4 giorni fa


  • ais kacang
    ais kacang 5 giorni fa

    sungjin 😌😌😌

  • Chittawan Boonyiam
    Chittawan Boonyiam 5 giorni fa

    วงนี้ถ้าแมสในไทยนะมึง อารมณ์พี่ตูนเลย ฟังแล้วเพราะดีอ่ะ ชอบบ

  • Gonza Acosta
    Gonza Acosta 6 giorni fa


  • caro ayala
    caro ayala 6 giorni fa

    Amo este vídeo

  • Sooyoungg Yoonaa
    Sooyoungg Yoonaa 6 giorni fa


  • Deniaa Park
    Deniaa Park 6 giorni fa +1

    I love your songs DAY6 waaah. You guys stole my heart. Omgggg

  • Irish Wrist Watch
    Irish Wrist Watch 7 giorni fa +4

    they seriously took the meme "day6 can't produce bad songs" to the next level

  • Zom jeed
    Zom jeed 7 giorni fa +2

    This song is both because and really good meaning.

  • A new era has begun
    A new era has begun 7 giorni fa +1

    0:50 I am Jae

  • Fxcb 92
    Fxcb 92 7 giorni fa +2

    I love this song very much. I'm gonna cry when I'm listen. Day6 FIGHTING💗💢

  • May P
    May P 8 giorni fa


  • Just Anje
    Just Anje 8 giorni fa +2

    fvck I love Day 6, newbie but damn I really love them

  • jessica jungibanez
    jessica jungibanez 8 giorni fa +1

    urgghh!!!!! I'm so addicted in this song.

    SNOW FLAKE 8 giorni fa


  • DreamBig andSmile
    DreamBig andSmile 9 giorni fa

    what is the girl name

  • una personas
    una personas 9 giorni fa +3

    *_Éstos boys merecen ser reconocidos por todo el mundo y admiren su talento💜_*

  • Just aqila_
    Just aqila_ 9 giorni fa

    This was the first song that I heard from them and I fell in love with it right away, so after building up the courage to check them out, I watched this and well I don’t think this is the best MV to watch when you just knew them lmao cuz you don’t know their personality yet and stuff, but I love it, the reason why I had to “build up my courage” to actually check them out is cuz I was worried that I would only like this song and stuff so it took me a while lmaoo but yeah, I was like how come no one told me about them and yes I found them by accident and it was one of the best coincidence that’s happened to me
    Didn’t think it would be this long, idk if it would make sense or not but well that’s just a story of how I got to know DAY6

  • Jargalan Enkh-Otgon
    Jargalan Enkh-Otgon 9 giorni fa

    tbh I think their vocal is no joke

  • sukhpreet kaur
    sukhpreet kaur 9 giorni fa

    3:14 sends shivers down my spine

  • Jeeraporn Janla
    Jeeraporn Janla 9 giorni fa


  • Ratchayanan Khopjai เลขที่20


  • emily
    emily 10 giorni fa


  • Mary Lis
    Mary Lis 10 giorni fa

    HELP!!!!!Who's the guy at the end that got off the bus to go after the girl?!?!? The one that reminds me of Jk!!!

    • M T
      M T 2 giorni fa


  • M Y M Y
    M Y M Y 11 giorni fa

    It's 2019 and im still loving this song !!!

  • ddaeunn
    ddaeunn 11 giorni fa +4

    why does dowoon just have an egg in his pocket???

  • Pierre
    Pierre 12 giorni fa

    Who is the girl? She's so pretty

  • jotaro
    jotaro 12 giorni fa

    you are
    park ?.
    you know
    of the

    Read the words 2 and 3.CONGRULATIONS !, you know who it is!

  • ᄀᄒ
    ᄀᄒ 13 giorni fa

    기먼필 미모가 엄청나다 증말

  • MB forever Babybird
    MB forever Babybird 14 giorni fa +1

    Still here

  • Napatsara sengdonpai
    Napatsara sengdonpai 14 giorni fa


  • Kaw Ja
    Kaw Ja 14 giorni fa +1

    so good

  • Bunny Nayeon
    Bunny Nayeon 14 giorni fa +6

    3:48 he looks like jungkok 😂

  • Bunny Nayeon
    Bunny Nayeon 14 giorni fa +2

    Who is that girl?

  • Denisse
    Denisse 15 giorni fa

    Jae es tan lindo tambien, por favor ven a tu pais natal Argentina te amamossssssssssss, DAY6 te amamos.

  • Denisse
    Denisse 15 giorni fa


  • Denisse
    Denisse 15 giorni fa

    Really Yoon Dowoon are so cute OMG

  • Sirada Saewang
    Sirada Saewang 16 giorni fa

    I really miss DAY6 very much

  • Armina 24/7
    Armina 24/7 16 giorni fa


  • Jv Calabroso
    Jv Calabroso 17 giorni fa

    Mura ju'g bata si Dowoon nagdula ug arcade ba. Hahahaha!

  • kim claire
    kim claire 17 giorni fa

    1:48 who is that

  • don't touch my faceu
    don't touch my faceu 18 giorni fa


  • don't touch my faceu
    don't touch my faceu 18 giorni fa +1


  • don't touch my faceu
    don't touch my faceu 18 giorni fa +1

    MAY 2019 ANYONE???

  • Endersky Uchiha
    Endersky Uchiha 18 giorni fa

    Day 6 and the rose are now my faves

  • Khazil D.
    Khazil D. 18 giorni fa

    Who's keep str3aming?

  • Halina Marie
    Halina Marie 19 giorni fa


  • Serenity Conerly
    Serenity Conerly 19 giorni fa

    Non K-pop fans: They don't even play instruments!!
    Me: ( shows them DAY6 ) ok now go hid in the corner and listen to them for 24 hours

  • lill pad
    lill pad 19 giorni fa

    Why this group didn't popular? It such a good song good group.

  • Caffè Macchiato
    Caffè Macchiato 19 giorni fa

    I LOVED YOU. Y'all love with "d"

  • Bnyoung love
    Bnyoung love 19 giorni fa

    Is so good💗💗💗💗

  • Wannable Stay
    Wannable Stay 19 giorni fa +3

    So...Uh...When are you guy’s planning to make this into a kdrama?

  • Araceli Hernandez
    Araceli Hernandez 19 giorni fa

    Whats his name????

  • belxira
    belxira 20 giorni fa

    play this my funeral

  • Kaew konic
    Kaew konic 20 giorni fa

    Very very very good song. ❤️❤️❤️❤️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • •๓y ๔คy'ร ђ๏קє•

    cada día me enamoro más de estos chicos, basta.

  • Shania Turner
    Shania Turner 20 giorni fa

    Okay but who goes to the arcade in such nice clothing...

  • sky khanittha
    sky khanittha 20 giorni fa


  • Vincent van Gogh
    Vincent van Gogh 21 giorno fa

    Omg guys what if Dowoon is actually deaf in this AU?? Like... it makes sense

    • Vincent van Gogh
      Vincent van Gogh 17 giorni fa +1

      M T yeah I agree with you. It can of course be explained by “oh he just happened to wake up and then saw the teacher point at him” but the theory raises more questions than it answers

    • M T
      M T 17 giorni fa

      +Vincent van Gogh to be honest I think you're looking too hard into this lol he just didn't have music during filming... Also the teacher called dowoon to answer the math thing on the board in I Loved You and we was sleeping... which I understood as he listened to the teacher calling him and woke up. But, here I am looking too much into it.

    • Vincent van Gogh
      Vincent van Gogh 17 giorni fa

      M T Yeah I looked deeper into the theory and it might not make as much sense as I originally thought. However, in the What Can I Do behind the scenes video Dowoon comments that “there’s no music”, talking about his earphones. Which could mean that real-life-Dowoon didn’t have any music on when shooting, but it could also mean that MV-Dowoon didn’t have any music on and was just wearing the earbuds so people wouldn’t talk to him.
      But other things like him appearing to hear what Young K is saying when he gave him that egg make it that this theory might still be a little illogical

    • M T
      M T 18 giorni fa

      But he is listening to music on What Can I do

  • abbie barnes
    abbie barnes 21 giorno fa

    I'm shook

  • สุมาลี ดิษฐยิม

    I really like this song💕💕

  • Kim Dahyun Is a amazing Tofu

    i watch it many times and damn their voices 💓

  • call me baby
    call me baby 21 giorno fa +1

    Who? like Every song of day6

  • Anning Hearteu
    Anning Hearteu 22 giorni fa

    I'm here again. 😍😍😍 Day6 😍😍😍😍

  • soda.
    soda. 22 giorni fa

    *l o v e d*

  • mina z
    mina z 22 giorni fa

    Is the girl Ryujin? From Itzy?

  • Eris Byun
    Eris Byun 22 giorni fa +5

    I really thought day6 has 6 members. But no doubt, their voices are great. Day6 is indeed amazing

    • STAN DAY6
      STAN DAY6 22 giorni fa +1

      +Eris Byun there used to be 6 but Junhyeok left for personal reasons

    • Eris Byun
      Eris Byun 22 giorni fa

      So they are actually 6? Hehu i must've overlooked someone sorry heheeh

  • Fah Nichanan L.
    Fah Nichanan L. 23 giorni fa +1

    I love this song :) 2019

  • MT BB
    MT BB 23 giorni fa

    เพราะมาก 💗

  • 閔品其
    閔品其 23 giorni fa

    I Loved You
    난 너를 원망해
    또 너와의 시간을 마워해
    너를 잃어버린 난
    모든 게 무의미해
    그리워하지 않아 난
    네가 보고 싶은 게 아냐 난
    내게 쥐여준 너의 사랑 You
    기억해내고 싶지 않아 Oh
    Really I loved you
    너무 사랑했으니까 그런 거야
    잊고 싶어도 잊지 못하니까
    그래서 널 잊고 싶은 거야
    진심으로 I loved you
    널 사랑했던 만큼 더 힘든 거야
    曾那麼愛你的一樣 那麼痛苦
    미워하고 싶어도
    하지 못할 너라서 더 미운 거야
    因為是你而辦不到 才更憎恨
    지금 내 말이 정말
    바보 같아 보인단 거
    말도 안 되는 거
    I know
    I know
    네가 날 떠나가 버린
    그 순간부터
    내 세상은 이미
    멈춰버린 걸
    끝나버린 걸

    Really I loved you
    너무 사랑했으니까 그런 거야
    잊고 싶어도 잊지 못하니까
    그래서 널 잊고 싶은 거야
    진심으로 I loved you
    널 사랑했던 만큼 더 힘든 거야
    曾那麼愛你的一樣 那麼痛苦
    미워하고 싶어도
    하지 못할 너라서 더 미운 거야
    因為是你而辦不到 才更憎恨
    사실은 내가
    아무리 너를
    지워버려 해도
    못한다는 걸 알아 Yeah
    사실은 네가
    나에게 있어
    잊혀지지 않을
    사람이란 걸 말야
    Loved you
    잊고 싶어도 잊지 못하니까
    그래서 널 잊고 싶은 거야
    진심으로 I loved you
    널 사랑했던 만큼 더 힘든 거야
    曾那麼愛你的一樣 那麼痛苦
    미워하고 싶어도
    하지 못할 너라서 더 미운 거야
    因為是你而辦不到 才更憎恨

  • S S
    S S 24 giorni fa


  • Shanu George
    Shanu George 24 giorni fa +2

    I want to know who is breaking their hearts so much😢

  • Splinhx
    Splinhx 25 giorni fa +3

    “ *I hate you more because I can’t hate you.* “

  • Atiqah Batrisyia
    Atiqah Batrisyia 25 giorni fa +1

    searching for amalin aishah

  • IGOT7 หวีดทุกคน

    My fav song :)

  • adara della
    adara della 25 giorni fa +2

    fav song

  • Mind kanokporn
    Mind kanokporn 26 giorni fa +2

    My fav song 🧡

  • my way nin
    my way nin 26 giorni fa +2


  • _cartoon_ piyathida_
    _cartoon_ piyathida_ 26 giorni fa +1


  • Mariluz Morales Gomez
    Mariluz Morales Gomez 26 giorni fa +1