Struggle Jennings & Brianna Harness ft. Jessi Colter & Jenni Eddy Jennings - "Ace In The Hole"

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  • Pubblicato il 6 feb 2019
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    "Ace In The Hole" is the new single from the “Sunny Days” EP by Struggle Jennings & Brianna Harness.
    Song by: Struggle Jennings, Brianna Harness, Jessi Colter & Jenni Eddy Jennings
    Video directed by: Edward “Ounze” Crowe
    Video produced by: Thai Blocker
    Angels & Outlaws / Nashville Sasquatch
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Commenti • 401

  • Jonathan Guy
    Jonathan Guy 8 ore fa

    Speechless! God bless all of you!

  • Tabitha Beeman
    Tabitha Beeman 17 ore fa

    We lost my son's great grandma about a week ago and now yesterday I had a miscarriage and this is everything to me right now I keep playing it damn struggle and your family are what's keeping me out of the dumps right now this song brings me so much joy it's truly heart felt and appreciated truly 💗

  • Josh Murphy
    Josh Murphy Giorno fa

    Love this

  • JE55E JAME5 819
    JE55E JAME5 819 Giorno fa

    The 201 haters can eat shit.

  • Cat Farris
    Cat Farris 2 giorni fa


  • John Puia
    John Puia 2 giorni fa


  • M. HellCat
    M. HellCat 2 giorni fa

    I can't stop listening to this- on repeat!! Incredible, goosebumps, chills, emotions & love all at once! This song is so heartfelt it wraps around you like a hug, you can't help but to smile & feel good. I can't decide who's part I like best❤❤ each captivating voice was matched up perfectly to each part! Grandma, Mother, Daughter- Grandson, Son & Brother such a beautiful family❤ I'm grateful to you Struggle Jennings, also to Shooter & Whey for keeping A Real Outlaw Family in Real Outlaw Music. MLLH&R #GirlInCincinnatiWaitingWhereTheOhioRiverFlows

  • Yankeechick72
    Yankeechick72 2 giorni fa

    Another perfect collaboration!!! This song gave me chills! Struggle, darlin you out did yourself with this song!!! Ms Jessi still has the voice of an Angel 😍 sending crazy love to the whole family from the hollers of West Virginia 🤗

  • Krystal Lusk
    Krystal Lusk 2 giorni fa

    Love love this song! Awesome ladies. Beautiful voices! ❤️😍

  • Cherie Lowe
    Cherie Lowe 3 giorni fa


  • boone315
    boone315 3 giorni fa

    Jessi still has it, one of the greatest ever. Much respect for entire Jennings family. God bless.

    THE FROG 3 giorni fa

    4 generations of Jennings is one of the best sounds of heard in years can't stop listening to this amazing song

  • cgilham1
    cgilham1 3 giorni fa +1

    Love this all the tracks. Your voices work so well together

  • Plum Loko
    Plum Loko 3 giorni fa +2

    Just amazing! This song cannot be described in words. Jaw dropping.

  • Whystop
    Whystop 3 giorni fa +2


  • No One
    No One 3 giorni fa


  • C Lee
    C Lee 3 giorni fa

    Struggle I love your rap ...yet this kind of music here is whats going to get you main stream attention across all genres ! I love the song you do with your Mom Grandma or Brianna ! Please give us more !!

  • A BB
    A BB 4 giorni fa +2

    This is Struggle’s best song yet. Gosh I love it!!!!! It should go viral!!!♥️

  • glenn viktor lundstrøm

    167 dislikes? who the fuck dislike this ? why ? how? you guys need help ......


    Brought tears to my eyes made me happy seeing you guys sing together I'm just so happy struggle is out of jail much love and respect to you and the fam bruh

  • Chrislong03
    Chrislong03 5 giorni fa

    just listened to this on valentine's day,very awesome job and song.

  • matt dakon
    matt dakon 5 giorni fa

    Southern love anthem ❤️....

  • Stephanie Rabenberg
    Stephanie Rabenberg 5 giorni fa

    Thought I had my ACE, but he turned into a joker after I stood by his side through his 10 year bit ~ This song is my broken heart ~

  • james ables
    james ables 5 giorni fa

    Love y'alls music it show how we go through things in life

  • Pamela Morgan Mitchell

    "Ace In The Hole"
    (feat. Jessi Colter & Jenni Eddy Jennings)
    Always takin' the wrong roads
    Been misreading the signs
    'Cause the map I was given
    Was written in lies
    I found safety on the sidewalk
    As your hand reached for mine
    You pulled me out
    At just the right time
    You were sent here from heaven
    To hold my hand through hell
    I could stay here forever
    You take the pain I've known too well
    I pray that this moment lasts longer
    Than the heartbreaks I have felt
    You're my ace in the hole
    For the cards I was dealt
    The hands on that old clock
    Seem to stop in your arms
    The dark disappears
    Now my heart's free from harm
    They say nothin' lasts forever
    But this feeling's a first
    We slow dance in my dreams
    You're my heaven on earth
    You were sent here from heaven
    To hold my hand through hell
    I could stay here forever
    You take the pain I've known too well
    I pray that this moment lasts longer
    Than the heartbreaks I have felt
    You're my ace in the hole
    For the cards I was dealt
    The light in the tunnel
    Was a train movin' fast
    As I hold onto you
    I let go of my past
    The war has been won
    For love conquers all
    When you lift me up
    There's no way I can fall
    You were sent here from heaven
    To hold my hand through hell
    I could stay here forever
    You take the pain I've known too well
    I pray that this moment lasts longer
    Than the heartbreaks I have felt
    You're my ace in the hole
    For the cards I was dealt
    For the cards I was dealt

  • Shaun Powelson
    Shaun Powelson 6 giorni fa

    Wow, Struggle what can I say brother? Y'all absolute smashed a fucking grand slam out the park with this one. For someone who is cut from the same type of cloth as you as far as living life in the fast lane & making bad decisions & doing my time for them I don't think I've ever felt the type of passion from music that this song creates(not in a positive way anyways). Please keep REAL cou try music alive! I do love the country rap/hip hop shit & jelly too of course but the world NEEDS real cou try music in a bad way. This is the first & only real cou try song I've heard released in the last decade I think. Best wishes for all y'all & I would love to say your grandmother made the song over the top but I feel that would belittle the rest of y'all that did more than a fantastic job as well. Especially your daughter being so young, she had a bright future. Best of luck & keep the train the tracks brother👊

  • Chelsie Applegate
    Chelsie Applegate 6 giorni fa


  • Hayden Greenhalgh
    Hayden Greenhalgh 6 giorni fa

    Struggle just keeps it real 💙💙 god bless you and your family! Big fan from Blackburn, England 💪🏻

  • Tiffany Tirey
    Tiffany Tirey 6 giorni fa

    OMG y'all sound so good together.

  • Elizabeth Konieczka
    Elizabeth Konieczka 6 giorni fa

    damn I just got the chills......beautiful

  • Frank Kelly
    Frank Kelly 7 giorni fa

    Struggle your a Solid Dude.
    Came home and put your Family on and sent them right to the top. 👍🏼👊🏼🇺🇸 keep on Brother.

  • Midwest Sports
    Midwest Sports 7 giorni fa +1

    Song of the year 2019,, without a doubt one of the best I've heard in my 54 years of life..... generation of talents coming together ,NICE

  • deanna291000
    deanna291000 7 giorni fa

    This is such amazing beautiful song I love this my daughter just loves it so relaxing your family has amazing voice keeps this beautiful music coming

  • Thomas LaVictor
    Thomas LaVictor 7 giorni fa

    i love how the Jennings Family is all making a come back! great music and family!

  • M
    M 7 giorni fa

    Brianna should do a song with Yela

  • Lora Hollingsworth
    Lora Hollingsworth 7 giorni fa

    Beautiful song !
    Struggle #MyEyeCandy

  • Leo and Jessica Brooks

    ♡ I love it

  • 317AviationWingNut
    317AviationWingNut 7 giorni fa +1

    It's a shame all these people with their asses shoved up the mainstream media country artists will never hear anything this beautiful.

  • Mike Weaver
    Mike Weaver 7 giorni fa

    This song really touches my heart bc I relate to the lyrics in so many ways just a fantastic song. Great job got this on repeat.

  • Scott Holz
    Scott Holz 8 giorni fa

    That was awesome that shows who you are and where you came from. Waylon would be proud!! It's a beautiful song

  • Cynthia Roach
    Cynthia Roach 8 giorni fa

    This song is so amazingly beautiful and I cannot help but to tear up every time I listen to it!! The video is 🔥!!

  • Brian Tinsman
    Brian Tinsman 8 giorni fa

    I have been listening to this since the EP dropped. Crazy talented family. Makes me want to ride a horse and get the hell out of this ugly world.

  • Cleatus D Hater
    Cleatus D Hater 8 giorni fa

    I cant hate on this and I hate on everything.

  • OV HICKhop
    OV HICKhop 8 giorni fa

    God bless... is there a jennings that cant sing?

  • Tawsha Martinez
    Tawsha Martinez 8 giorni fa

    Beast we love you man.

  • Tawsha Martinez
    Tawsha Martinez 8 giorni fa

    I adore you struggle Jennings 😘

  • Ashley Griego
    Ashley Griego 8 giorni fa

    This was a great video. Touched my heart. Family is everything.

  • Tabitha Beeman
    Tabitha Beeman 8 giorni fa

    Im pregnant so I'm already emotional 😭 but I can't stop listening to hit IV played this song a million times 😉

  • Bianca Van Dijk
    Bianca Van Dijk 8 giorni fa

  • jenn costello
    jenn costello 9 giorni fa

    beautiful ♡

  • Zack Thornhill
    Zack Thornhill 9 giorni fa

    Beautiful music by beautiful souls keep on keeping on 🙌

  • leya victory
    leya victory 9 giorni fa

    Good lord. No shoes in those stirrups. Safety safety safety people! Good song though

  • joe short
    joe short 9 giorni fa

    This needs WAY more views

  • Jerry Smith
    Jerry Smith 9 giorni fa

    Wow just jaw dropping actually got my tearing up a bit this is beautiful love it man

  • Bridgette Michelle
    Bridgette Michelle 9 giorni fa

    Omg i love it they are amazing waylon is so proud

  • jill.
    jill. 9 giorni fa

    Never heard of struggle but I tell you one thing she can sing this is amazingly beautiful congrats to all.

  • Jason Thewgo
    Jason Thewgo 9 giorni fa

    Momma Daughter son/daddy greatest hits of the Jennings💯🎧🎶🎶🎶🎶

  • Greg Hite
    Greg Hite 9 giorni fa

    OMFG amazing zong

  • Ian Kincaid
    Ian Kincaid 9 giorni fa

    Absolutely beautiful man. Y'all killed it. Keep it up Struggle!

  • Anthony Mcfarland
    Anthony Mcfarland 9 giorni fa

    Love that old southern country sound . So much of it I grew up to loving . All the ones downing it Have no idea how much this music brought our families together and the memories it created .

  • Norman D. Bradley
    Norman D. Bradley 9 giorni fa


  • Big Mike Forbes
    Big Mike Forbes 9 giorni fa

    Luv it bro...

  • Brian Mayhall
    Brian Mayhall 9 giorni fa

    Heaven sent amazing amazing God surely blessed this song

  • dick liddle
    dick liddle 9 giorni fa

    Where was this filmed

  • Daniellechannel87
    Daniellechannel87 9 giorni fa

    I have full body chills from this one! What a beautiful talented family! ❤🎶

  • Josie Lovar
    Josie Lovar 9 giorni fa

    I absolutely fell in love with this song...

  • Tabitha Beeman
    Tabitha Beeman 10 giorni fa

    Just the thought I was to listen to anything else I can't I won't only struggle and jelly they have so much to choose from and it's heart felt from my drug addiction to me getting cleaned up and now I have a sweet little boy Randall and one on the way I hope they both know they changed lives with there music and saved so many others y'all are family 🙏 stay blessed

  • Tabitha Beeman
    Tabitha Beeman 10 giorni fa

    I just lost someone dear to my heart last night this song is everything to me 💔😢 man you everything in one the whole family got talent 💪 damn y'all are amazing and blessed 🙌 stay blessed 🙏😇

  • Austin Chaney
    Austin Chaney 10 giorni fa

    Fuckin cold chills and goosebumps

  • corey Roberts
    corey Roberts 10 giorni fa


  • Jollymonbill
    Jollymonbill 10 giorni fa

    Struggle, Carol and I have known you for quiet a few years. The message you put in your songs tug at our hearts. Love ya man, keep up the good work.

  • Justin Jacob
    Justin Jacob 10 giorni fa


  • Dustin Clapp
    Dustin Clapp 10 giorni fa

    i really wasnt expecting something so soul gripping when i clicked on this video. thank you.

  • Knaf Kuts
    Knaf Kuts 10 giorni fa

    Waylon would’ve loved this!!

  • Jeremiah Frazier
    Jeremiah Frazier 10 giorni fa

    I assume this is 4 generations his family!! Beautiful message strugg. You most DEFINITELY get it honest.. Waylon would be proud

  • The Good Ol' Boys H.F.S.C

    couldnt help but sing along, and on repeat a few dozen times ;)

  • Matt Calfee
    Matt Calfee 10 giorni fa

    Great song great video ✊🇺🇸

  • Wotson De Assis
    Wotson De Assis 10 giorni fa

    Dude, this is very exciting ... you think a lot about your family in being with them and raising your last name and theirs.
    This is very nice to see
    From Brazil

  • Melissa pattison
    Melissa pattison 11 giorni fa

    i love this! your voices all sound amazing together 🥰💯🔥

    MISTAA GOGETEM 11 giorni fa

    Beautiful song keep it up #TEAMSTRUGGLE

  • B P
    B P 11 giorni fa

    Wow, just WOW!! 💚

  • Monique Zamora
    Monique Zamora 11 giorni fa

    So beautiful!

  • Kenny Carson
    Kenny Carson 11 giorni fa

    Loving this up here in Oregon. Stay blessed Jennings

  • Leticia Francisco
    Leticia Francisco 11 giorni fa

    Wow this was beautiful! Loved seeing Jessi .

  • Amber Schneider
    Amber Schneider 11 giorni fa +1

    absolutely love your talent. you help me get through this world with your music much love to you struggle!!!! ❤️

  • Lisa Collins
    Lisa Collins 11 giorni fa

    Beautiful .....

  • Dorian Loupis
    Dorian Loupis 11 giorni fa

    My 7 year old Daughter just asked me about the people singing and I told her who each of you are and her comment was, “Wow! They definitely are a singing Family” She was already a fan, but now even more 🤘🏻⚡️🤘🏻

  • Joey Buster
    Joey Buster 11 giorni fa

    Wow! This makes me feel good. Good song struggle

  • yoricks217
    yoricks217 11 giorni fa


  • Josh Fisher
    Josh Fisher 11 giorni fa

    I like struggle but he is in no way shape or form country.

    • Struggle Jennings
      Struggle Jennings  10 giorni fa

      Not sure what that even means.. Or why it matters at all.. But thanks fir the compliment and thanks for having an open mind..

  • Michael Bellamy
    Michael Bellamy 11 giorni fa

    This is my favorite song on that EP. I sent it to the one woman i let get away. What an amazing collaboration

    KNUCKLEHEAD STREET 11 giorni fa

    Every day they love and support but I was the only person aside from family and close friends that showed up to Memphis at his sentencing . #factaa

  • go kill your self
    go kill your self 11 giorni fa

    Your very best work ever.. Y'all killed it..

  • Gordon Stevens
    Gordon Stevens 11 giorni fa

    got every ace

  • Alysa Rae
    Alysa Rae 11 giorni fa +3

    This is one of those songs you listen to when your soul feels empty and you need to fill your cup back up. This is beautiful. Bless yall! 💕🙏

  • Bryan Greager
    Bryan Greager 11 giorni fa

    I been a fan for about year. 56 years old was a fan of Waylon, Willie, and Jessi " back in the day." This is spot on awesome. Keep on keepin' it real y'all. peace and God bless.

  • B N
    B N 11 giorni fa

    Much love from Tulsa Oklahoma !

  • Parker Lewis
    Parker Lewis 11 giorni fa


  • josh aldridge
    josh aldridge 11 giorni fa

    Real OutLaw Shit #BAMAOUTLAW