J-Hope Visited to Support Unit "Fake Love"!! [UNDER NINETEEN Ep 10]

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  • Pubblicato il 7 gen 2019
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Commenti • 1 367

  • Kookies& Tae&Suga
    Kookies& Tae&Suga 18 giorni fa

    You know next time ima dance to fake love and see if Jhope ends up coming/breaking into my house 😂

  • Chero Damsel R Marak
    Chero Damsel R Marak 18 giorni fa

    He really goes after his name. He gives hope and can give hope to he is... Such a great person!

    CRITICALツ 18 giorni fa +1


  • kim chaerin
    kim chaerin 19 giorni fa

    jhope might not be goodlooking but he’s kindhearted😤❤️

  • James Kurker
    James Kurker 21 giorno fa +3

    I'm just watching and I feel nervous.

  • Tariro Gura
    Tariro Gura 21 giorno fa

    J hope be looking like.... What again. I just ran out of words. Otokaji(I'm trying to say what to do 😂 😂 😂 😂) koreans please help me with the correct spelling or phrase if the one I used is wrong 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • Kim Daevely
    Kim Daevely 21 giorno fa +1

    0:31 What's his name?

  • Lạp Thủy
    Lạp Thủy 21 giorno fa

    Looking at J Hope is respected by everyone so I'm happy ..!

  • Tae My
    Tae My 22 giorni fa +1

    His smile 😭❤️

  • Aesthetically Feli!
    Aesthetically Feli! 22 giorni fa


  • Yulissa Martinez
    Yulissa Martinez 23 giorni fa

    They’re soo sexy and hot

  • Ruby Ruiz
    Ruby Ruiz 24 giorni fa

    his voice his sooooo deeeeeppp!! wow

  • Alyaska A
    Alyaska A 24 giorni fa

    I Love J-Hope

  • Yieng Hee
    Yieng Hee 24 giorni fa +2

    You know what I'm seeing now? BTS (BT21)&THEIR OWN DESIGN CARTOON T-SHIRT

    • Yieng Hee
      Yieng Hee 16 giorni fa

      In Sarawak.I want it too.Everything from BTS design .

    KIMTAEHYUNG FANS VLOG 25 giorni fa +1

    Me if i see taehyung in personal i will die at young age.

  • Giecynth Carian
    Giecynth Carian 25 giorni fa +1

    Fake love is one of Hoseok songs. He slayed that performance.

  • Naija Reactor
    Naija Reactor 26 giorni fa +1

    i feel in love with BTS when boy with luv came out

  • thisis yojcevappy
    thisis yojcevappy 26 giorni fa

    hobee your soo cute here

  • hokie pokie
    hokie pokie 27 giorni fa +1

    i actl shouted bitch when the video ended liKE SIS THE GOOD PART WAS COMIGND KSNS

  • jimin's thighs
    jimin's thighs 27 giorni fa

    jhope is so nice but so firm at the same time! main dancer skills

  • Daniella Moré
    Daniella Moré 28 giorni fa +1

    one of the guys was actually so cute lmao

    STORMY IVXY 28 giorni fa

    Why did i start crying when j-hope entered😭😂

  • vjiminkookiejinhopemonyoongi bangtan boys

    This kids reactions are so priceless😄😄😄definitely me if im in that room with them😂😂😂

  • R cH
    R cH 29 giorni fa

    Wow! I never saw hobi as someone intimidating... But in this video i was kinda intimidated by his aura like i can tell i'll be a trembling mess if i was in that practoce room in front of him 😖🤩

  • Juli Funan
    Juli Funan 29 giorni fa +2

    What is a unit? Who are this young guys?

    • Bts Forever
      Bts Forever 27 giorni fa +2

      @Juli Funan the contestants had to cover any world chart ranking song,this unit was chosen for the fake love cover,
      Fake love team won the mission against mirotic team and won benifit votes to avoid elemination..
      The final 9 from this show Debuted as 1the9.( Three from the fake love team made it to the debut line up) ( sorry for the long explanation 😅😅)

    • Juli Funan
      Juli Funan 27 giorni fa +1

      @Bts Forever thank you. Only BTS songs? Who won? What they won?

    • Bts Forever
      Bts Forever 28 giorni fa +2

      They were contestants of the survival show undernineteen,♥️

  • NAM MM
    NAM MM 29 giorni fa

    I’m your hope you’re my hope
    I’m J Hope

  • Nursema Yilmaz
    Nursema Yilmaz 29 giorni fa +1

    hold up wait a minute why does j-hope look so dang good in here? all in black? man in black say whaattt

  • Palioh
    Palioh 29 giorni fa

    Hobi 😍

  • A.R.M.Y e ONCE
    A.R.M.Y e ONCE 29 giorni fa


  • Cosmic Pop
    Cosmic Pop 29 giorni fa

    This killed this all.

  • Toto & zozo Best twins


  • Ho Tho
    Ho Tho Mese fa


  • I stan 7 Gods
    I stan 7 Gods Mese fa +1

    ok i cant stop smiling my mouth hurts

  • Azumivlog
    Azumivlog Mese fa +1

    Omagwad idk that jhope is so tall😱😱

  • Suga Køøkies With A side Øf Tae

    *you don’t fucking understand how mad I got when it ended*

    • Cindy Bowser
      Cindy Bowser 25 giorni fa +1

      Suga Køøkies With A side Øf Tae Check out Under Nineteen episode 10

  • Ruby Montiel
    Ruby Montiel Mese fa +1

    Omg 2:10

  • Scarly V
    Scarly V Mese fa


  • ilikook
    ilikook Mese fa +1

    جيهوب (:

  • Carol avalos
    Carol avalos Mese fa

    Ahh, jhope estaba hay que mal yo no, que suerte tiene ellos uwu ❤️ ❤️

  • Begüm Fenty
    Begüm Fenty Mese fa

    I'm sorry but Hoseok is so fine.

  • Rahma Aadam
    Rahma Aadam Mese fa

    June 2019

  • Megan’s legendary World

    Man why it end 😂

  • Kookie Nochu
    Kookie Nochu Mese fa +2

    I was ready to do the fire step when the thing was going on I was sooo ready after bultoreune but it stopped ...

  • Susana Foodies
    Susana Foodies Mese fa +3

    Year 2030 : Jung hoseok CEO in his own agency artists

    • taextime
      taextime Mese fa

      bold of you to assume there will be a year 2030 cause of climate change-

  • Priti Chorei
    Priti Chorei Mese fa +2

    Why are they so nice😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️.....uri hobiiieeee😍😍😍🥰🥰

  • i h8 life
    i h8 life Mese fa +1

    where can i watch the full episode?😁😁

  • Emily xx
    Emily xx Mese fa

    I won't lie, I would have passed out

  • sebuhi Cebrailov
    sebuhi Cebrailov Mese fa +1

    Hope my heart

  • shiley alvarez
    shiley alvarez Mese fa

    Necesito descargar esto. Tiene a bias ultimate, mi canción favorita, y aparte de eso sale la canción ost favorita! 😂😍

  • Crazy Boy
    Crazy Boy Mese fa

    그립다 리얼

  • Ra Z
    Ra Z Mese fa +2

    정국 사랑

  • K-World Channel
    K-World Channel Mese fa

    I just yelled "JHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE" out loud

  • Ш С
    Ш С Mese fa +1

    what song at 2:17?

  • Eliseo Silveo
    Eliseo Silveo Mese fa +1

    he's like a dad

  • Lisa Min
    Lisa Min Mese fa +1

    Hobi voice went down 60 levels

  • See Saw
    See Saw Mese fa +2

    Sorry, but is it 1the9?

    • Bts Forever
      Bts Forever Mese fa +3

      1the9 was formed through this survival show..three of them from here made it to the debut line up

  • abbesworld
    abbesworld Mese fa +1

    He’s so cute!!!! I love his smile


    Hope my angel.

  • Bailey Mays
    Bailey Mays Mese fa

    The GOD of Sunshine’s 🌞☀️ has arrived

  • AnimeQueen 23._
    AnimeQueen 23._ Mese fa


  • doppel ganger
    doppel ganger Mese fa


  • Park Mochi
    Park Mochi Mese fa

    Jhope looks like a BOSS😊
    Love u Hobi❤❤

  • Dream Crasher
    Dream Crasher Mese fa

    Me too babyboy, if Jhope is right in front of me, I would never close my mouth....

  • sasha mend
    sasha mend Mese fa

    j hope tu patron

  • jeon mochi
    jeon mochi Mese fa +1

    ow my hearteu is omg 😭

  • Min Yoongi
    Min Yoongi Mese fa

    Really different when Jhope is Teaching BTS

  • Sarah Amjad
    Sarah Amjad Mese fa +1

    J-hope your so handsome ❤💜

  • vik silva
    vik silva Mese fa +1


  • gri vera
    gri vera Mese fa

    KOKOWA ojala se repitiera estos momentos para esos nenes que quedaron en admiracion hacia J Hope, BTS ...

  • Dina rahmadina
    Dina rahmadina Mese fa +1

    Jhope..its so sweet..

  • anna christina Buyo

    I think it will be great if they can continue mentoring young trainees like them. It will be awesome and inspiring for the trainees that idolize them.

  • B.T.S arme
    B.T.S arme Mese fa

    خي ملك وفات على قصره

  • Yoonie윤이
    Yoonie윤이 Mese fa +6

    "I always dreamed of meeting him"

  • YoonSeok SoPe
    YoonSeok SoPe Mese fa +1

    I'm literally smiling like idiot then it banished when they don't even finish their dance!!!!!!!! I feel so disrespected

  • Camila Amarilla
    Camila Amarilla Mese fa +1

    Me impakte cuando supe que era 1the9

  • Maria kiloskar
    Maria kiloskar Mese fa +1

    Jimin sarange ha 💕 💕

  • Anggie Chuc
    Anggie Chuc Mese fa

    esto me da ganas de regresar en el tiempo y gritarles a toda esas personas que los despresiaron y les dijeron que no iban a lograr nada, que no tienen talento y que los trataron mal.
    quiero ir y gritarles
    *en tu cara bich, mira lo que han logrado (mostrando, Billboard, Melon, MaMa, people, nominacion al grammy y Nobel, etc)*
    ellos se esforzaron lograron todo eso y van a lograr mas. los amo bts.

  • Moni M.M
    Moni M.M Mese fa +1

    2:14 que canción es plis?!!

  • BTS Arab Fans
    BTS Arab Fans Mese fa +1

    Hello everyone our prince Ji Jinseok has just debut today with a beautiful song named "Good night" please🙏🙏 let's support him and stream his first debut

  • Starlise Jun.from.17

    Awww j daddy 😘😂

  • •Cụt VMin• Shipper

    Love HoSeok❤❤❤❤❤😊😊😊😊💚💚💚💚💚💚💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • Elene Kaldani
    Elene Kaldani Mese fa +1

    I love you Hobi♡

  • Zahra Uci
    Zahra Uci Mese fa +1

    See Jhope click.. 😊

  • Jams
    Jams Mese fa

    Totally unrelated but jhope’s teeth are so white

  • Mai Trần Thị

    J - Hope ko hề đến tay ko mà mang quà đó, anh ấy tình cảm nghê

  • Mai Trần Thị
    Mai Trần Thị Mese fa +1

    J - Hope

  • Rosalinda Poot
    Rosalinda Poot Mese fa +1


  • Sara_01
    Sara_01 Mese fa +78

    "Hyung why did you give me J-Hope's part?" 😂😂

  • Sara_01
    Sara_01 Mese fa +6

    OMG their reactions literally sooo cuuute😍💕

  • Richa lola
    Richa lola Mese fa +1

    Jhope really has a friendly and family feeling 😄😄 and i really appreciated when he was not like we did this dance soo easily but was showing that even fake love was a hard choro for them too... 👍👍 respect👍👍👍

  • SummerShadow26
    SummerShadow26 Mese fa +1

    He walks in "BEULTORONE"

  • Astha Inoue
    Astha Inoue Mese fa +2

    J-hope!!!!!! ♡

  • Kimberly Alejandro
    Kimberly Alejandro Mese fa +2

    Ahh he has the same shoes I havee💞🥴😭

  • Kimberly Alejandro
    Kimberly Alejandro Mese fa +1

    Ahh j-hope💞🥴

  • kaepbtsjjang
    kaepbtsjjang Mese fa +3

    this is still so honestly pure

  • seokjesus
    seokjesus Mese fa +3

    he looks so proud to be helping them 😊

  • Aim High
    Aim High Mese fa +1

    He's the only Sunbae who brought some snacks for the hobaes.. Isn't he nice? SONE here

  • patrick vincent natividad

    Then:A low trainee

  • Borahaeist PH
    Borahaeist PH Mese fa

    tanginamo jhope bat ang cute mo haaaaaa??? inaagawan mo ng pwesto si sugago ma labs sa pusho ko yieee oh text me oh yeah oh yeah

  • Monday everyday
    Monday everyday Mese fa

    WTF!!! i click to their practise. then suddenly its end. whyyyy jhope why