How Game of Thrones Should Have Ended

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  • Pubblicato il 22 mag 2019
  • Many were disappointed with the ending of Game of Thrones so I took the time to rewrite an alternate, new ending the way I would have liked to see. New plots for the Night King and several other characters.
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  • Think Story
    Think Story  2 mesi fa +16204

    Well, at least we still have fan fic!

    • Bang Arang
      Bang Arang 12 ore fa

      I wish the writers would of not thought they were better or smarter than the audience after the 3rd season...facts

    • Tea time
      Tea time 13 giorni fa

      well done sir

    • will chap
      will chap 23 giorni fa

      Think Story you should do a rewrite this shit was epic

    • MuSIc HeART
      MuSIc HeART Mese fa

      Hey man please please please make your own season
      Your just awesome ..


      Your ending was soooooo much better but small plot home though I think. If Arya was to disguise herself as Jamie wouldn't he have to be dead for her to take his face?

  • No Use For A Name

    I’m with you on your re-writing of the season with the exception of the Ellaria twist. Very cool 👍

  • 25icecold25
    25icecold25 Ora fa +1

    Your story sounds a WHOLE LOT better than that CRAP they used. Can someone tell me how 2 idiot producers have the last say? It Air on HBO, a company that has been losing money and owned by WarnerMedia who worth is $85.4 billion overall. A remake would have brought in millions, if not billions of Dollars and please it"s Viewers... So what the HELL is this company thinking by NOT making a remake!!

  • Raonny Bryan Metzker

    Just PERFECT! This should have been the offical ending of the series! They've ruined the whole story with that trash called The End. Can't understand, can't accept, it was painful and unintelligent. Bravo to this video and this version of Game Of Thrones final season ♥

  • Gen Stazi
    Gen Stazi Ora fa

    Show should not have ended with HBO's super twist of relocating westeros to Ukraine's agit-prop disaster.
    But hey, at least they actually evacuated people.
    The people of the third highest nuclear station disaster....weren't informed about it.
    What country what that in?
    Oh, yeah the US.
    I mean it was worth it though, got some low blows in. Peeps out there way too excited about white walkers, imagine Chernobil bs.
    Instant hit.
    White walkers......way too yesterday, anywhooo

  • True north 30
    True north 30 2 ore fa

    Clearly a much better season 8! Well done!

  • LauraSofia071
    LauraSofia071 4 ore fa

    That’s an ending !!!

  • Dukie BC
    Dukie BC 5 ore fa

    I just want George RR Martin to finish his damm books.

  • Jim Campbell
    Jim Campbell 7 ore fa

    I liked this. I do have a couple questions about the weirwood tree ending magic. How does Dani still withstand fire after the weirwood tree is burned, and how does Arya still manage to wear other people's faces if all magic is gone? Maybe Dani's can be answered by her getting out of the fire (therefore no longer being subjected to it) before the tree and magic are completely gone, but it seems that the Arya scene takes place well after this. Overall, though, better than what we got.

  • Thomas Stadtlander

    way better than the original

  • porg
    porg 8 ore fa

    -how I think got should of went around the Jon and Dany relationship plus ending
    Season 6
    -Jon proclaims Sansa the queen in the wolf and is named the white wolf and travels in search of allies with ghost and maybe 6 wildings and stark troops
    Season 7
    -Jon with ghost and troops arrive in dragon stone to make them help them in the war to come(Jon has his old Curley hair back and is wearing his wildling clothes from season 3 with the stark sigil on the front and a stark shield on his back)
    - Dany and Jon become very close friends Jon snow begins to love her as a sister and she loves him but in a more romantic sense and she likes ghost
    - Dany notices how her dragons love Jon weirdly
    -Dany attack’s kingslanding and she becomes the queen
    -Jon then is able to make her with the the whole seven kingdoms armies with Jaime as the Lannister commander to come north and help fight
    -no wight hunt bullshit-
    Season 8
    - The North loves Jon more than queen Sansa because he has brought armies without bending the knee wherever he goes with Dany the people kneel to him in respect but he tells them to rise as he is no king which Dany notices
    -Jon has emotional reunion with everyone
    -Jon and Dany ride the dragons which makes Dany even more curious
    -Sansa begins to envy Dany and the respect the people have for Jon
    -Dany hears that Jon is a Targaryen from listening to Sam and bran
    - Jon finds out and tells Dany and says he supports her as queen.sansa heard the whole conversation.
    -Jon kills nightking however Brienne, hound, Jorah ,Beric and many others dead
    -Jon promises he won’t tell anyone about his secret
    -Sansa tells Sam and bran to tell everyone about his secret and they do to Tyrion and Varys
    -Jon and Dany travel to dragonstone and then Kingslanding they become even closer best friends as Dany still loves him but he sees her as a sister
    -at kings landing Jon becomes one of her primary advisors and bodyguards
    -Dany tries to make Jon wear Targaryen armour but he sticks with his wilding and wolf sigil armour with his curly hair
    -Sansa tries to have Dany killed as she sees how close Jon and Dany have become and how much the North love Jon
    -Sansa also tries to use Jon’s secret to destroy the love and trust the North has for Jon but the northmen still love him
    -Jon and Dany are walking around the city one day and joking around and the assassins Sansa has sent try to kill her but Jon uses his shield to stop the arrows and successfully brings her back to the red jeep but one of the assassins has managed to shoot and arrow into Jon’s leg (the region where Ned was injured) now Jon has a walking stick like Ned.
    -politics elements are added to the show to find out who hired the assassins
    -one day Jon and Dany with maybe 10 unsullied and wildlings with ghost are surrounded by maybe 30 mercenaries
    -everyone is killed bar ghost and a couple of wildings
    -Jon is severaly injures and is sent North to be treated there but dies
    -Dany watches as his body is burnt and as ghost climbs onto the wood to die with his essential master and friend
    -it then ends with the northmen crying for Jon and Dany heartbroken on the throne

  • Youssef 44
    Youssef 44 8 ore fa

    Kingslayer also became the queenslayer THATS FCKN GENIUS

  • Luccin Luccin
    Luccin Luccin 8 ore fa

    this guy is a freaking genius give him an award already. i had goosebumps listening to this.

  • Daniel Inkelis
    Daniel Inkelis 9 ore fa

    Everything was perfect until the ellaria thing

  • נדב סטרטינר

    What people dont understand is that dany was supposed to go mad, Geore has planned it from the start. If you will look at the episode in season 2 when dany was at the house of the undying she has a vision where the hall of throne is broken as it seen in s8e6. But it should have happend better it all happend so fast if they would make more season or 2 with 10 episodes it could be way better and also season 7 would be better but dany had to go mad

  • Tonumaipea Aiolupoteat

    Way better :) Now where's this petition?? LOL I would def sign!

  • Patrick Mitchell
    Patrick Mitchell 12 ore fa

    I suspect you are over-thinking. Don’t you have a lawn to mow ?

  • Bang Arang
    Bang Arang 12 ore fa

    John should of been Robert The Stags son and married D and became king and queen that way. Only because the writers shit on all our faces rushing everything!

  • Bang Arang
    Bang Arang 12 ore fa


  • Another Shugga
    Another Shugga 12 ore fa

    omg i really love your rewrite! sooo mcuh better than the original, but just one thing... i would like arya to kill cersei... but anyways great job!

  • kelli chisholm
    kelli chisholm 13 ore fa

    I must confess I MUCH prefer your ending especially as it relates to Dany. Bravo!

  • MrHoky4
    MrHoky4 13 ore fa

    That many people want a different ending? Pardon my language, but that's fucking retarded. The WHOLE series was amazing. The "rushing" in the last season was a good thing I think, because it built up anxiety and fear for both death and Cersei.
    The night king had to die that "early" because that made way for a filler episode between "The Long Night" and "The Bells". After that the last episode was a great closure in a way that let the viewer know who would rule onward.

  • Benoit Massicotte
    Benoit Massicotte 13 ore fa

    Guess what: the writing was on the wall for everyone to see if they wanted to. The ending was perfectly logical and though you may be pissed off (I suspect a lot of feminazi posturing), so what? Let the true creators do their thing while you whine about not getting your way. Women are absolutely as capable of unbelievable evil, and usually get away with it much more easily. Look at the prison system if you are dumb enough to need proof... Not this time.

  • Michelle Daniel
    Michelle Daniel 13 ore fa

    You have done well with the rewrites of. Games of Thrones. Yes it should have ended that way.

  • Sushanth Bobby
    Sushanth Bobby 14 ore fa

    Absolutely right. john kills and dies with ww. His kid becomes the king. Arya marrys Gendry. Sansa rules north wih Tyrion. Daenerys lives happily with dragon and kid, as queen. the current ending shows blunder. Cersi should die in the hands of Jacon H'Ghar or Ellaria Sand or Daario Naharis. Jaime marrying Brianne, would have been perfect ending.

  • Kevin Sampong
    Kevin Sampong 19 ore fa

    Hot trash, sorry but it is...slightly better than season 8 but not that far off

  • Theresa Webster
    Theresa Webster 19 ore fa

    Let's not forget we still have George R.R. Martin to finish the books. I have hope that he will change the ending and all will be right with the world. By the way I really enjoyed your version of the way GOT SHOULD have ended. Too bad D&D were in such a hurry to get it over with that it appears they just didn't care.

  • jon britton
    jon britton 19 ore fa

    crybaby assholes. when you own the show, the company that produces it, the rights , the script, etc, then you can say how it ends instead of being crybaby cunts about how it didn't end the way YOU wanted it to.

  • AcrosBlio
    AcrosBlio 21 ora fa

    It ended as it should've ended.. A story ends as the writer(s) decides it will end not the fans. In season 1 people had to realize the writers decide how it ends. HOWEVER

    Thank you now I dont have to watch the last season. I keep forgetting the last season came out so never watched it

  • Mfundo Edward Ngqila

    That would have been so much better than that crap of an ending they have use

  • TRtherocknroller
    TRtherocknroller 22 ore fa

    While we might have loved this ending, I think it would be too sappy for George RR Martin.

  • Caliban at large
    Caliban at large 23 ore fa

    Yup, with Jews you lose

  • Sarah Tensile
    Sarah Tensile 23 ore fa

    That helped.

  • its Boston1990
    its Boston1990 Giorno fa


  • Stephen Attwood
    Stephen Attwood Giorno fa

    Tormund x Brienne = giant babies

  • Taiyoroku
    Taiyoroku Giorno fa

    i haven't see it, but from what im hearing it goes from game of thrones to mass effect 3 pretty quickly

  • Ray Ibo
    Ray Ibo Giorno fa

    I wanna erase all memories of got, too painful how those joy turned into ashes

  • Derek Davie
    Derek Davie Giorno fa

    I knew this show wasn't worth watching after everyone was fast travelling around skyrim style at the end of season 6...I can suspend my disbelief, but I can't throw logic straight out the F ing window.

  • anonymousgamer9845
    anonymousgamer9845 Giorno fa

    I mean Rhaegal wouldn't die from the wights

  • Charles Angello
    Charles Angello Giorno fa

    Awesome. Well thought out. HBO should have let you write the ending. A lot better than the original ending. THAT’S FOR SURE!!!

  • Shane Curtis
    Shane Curtis Giorno fa +1

    There is one problem with your Jamie story arc. Aria gets her faces from the dead, Since Jamie isn't dead this isn't going to fly

  • Tsakane Shikwambana

    Okay, I didn't see that coming. It's actually really good!! I even gasped in shock at Cercei's faked pregnancy. Also, wouldn't it be cool if Dani burned a bit when she burns the tree with the night king. She completely forgets that her being fireproof might also be the works of magic. The burnt scars would be a reminder for her sacrifice in loosing Jon to save the realm.

  • Sujeidy Alvarez
    Sujeidy Alvarez Giorno fa

    This should have been the way it ended. 100%. Watching this made me forget of the real thing.

  • Bagatur Hitro Vragov

    Not great not terrible, yet still far better than what we got from D&D :D

  • Martin Saheicha
    Martin Saheicha Giorno fa

    Spoiler alert lol

  • redplague
    redplague Giorno fa

    Jamie can't be alive if Arya has carved off his face. Guess this writing thing isn't as easy as these youtubers make out!

  • Jennifer Makris
    Jennifer Makris Giorno fa

    Loved it👍🏻

  • Official iHeartLeila

    How did this end up on In Deep Geek??? #Trash

  • Kristýna Tomšíková

    Your ending is so simple and predictable. Once in history one tries not to make classic series and becomes hated. I appreciate that GoT didn't follow the diagram of climaxes, because I am tired of it. It is always the same. You always know when it hits you and when you can chill, because you know nothing important will happen. I am sooo glad that GoT wasn't written by you or another simple fan who just wants it to be his way.

  • Raven Movie Reviewer
    Raven Movie Reviewer Giorno fa +1

    There is a flaw with your rewrite. Arya couldn’t have had Jaime’s face because if she did, Jaime would have died. Then that would mean that Arya would have to have killed cersi.

  • Heisenberg 2420
    Heisenberg 2420 Giorno fa +1

    That was the good ending

  • Sam O
    Sam O Giorno fa

    This is insane holy shit. Amazing

  • March Hare
    March Hare Giorno fa

    meh its still not a good ending

  • Carl
    Carl Giorno fa

    I would like to add that I really hated Season 8, it destroyed something deep inside me and just now after listening to your "Story" on how it should have ended I feel happy again :), I think they should have hired you as the director!.

  • Tom Edëk
    Tom Edëk Giorno fa

    How do you still have the real Jaime standing if Arya was wearing his face? Maybe you should have made her wear Cayburn's face. That's my only critique.

    Otherwise I would've loved your version. Melts my heart what you did with Danny and the Night King. uwu

  • Yung Blood
    Yung Blood Giorno fa

    season 9: a child wakes up and we all realize that it was all just the dream of a kid and westeros never existed

  • Curtis Crawford
    Curtis Crawford Giorno fa

    That's exactly how it should've ended ..GOOD JOB
    send that shit to HBO

  • Nina Sadeghifard
    Nina Sadeghifard 2 giorni fa

    Thanks for amzing ending, I gonna believe it

  • Sentinel creed
    Sentinel creed 2 giorni fa

    Even if this isn't perfect, at least he tried

  • Joey Hofman
    Joey Hofman 2 giorni fa

    That doesn’t make any sense for them to go strait to kings landing, there is much to Westeros between Winterfell and kings landing

  • Sean Johnson
    Sean Johnson 2 giorni fa

    I agree with your story with some alterations but it is pretty spot on. I think they are filming three main series. Game of thrones, back from the beginning like they said 5,000 years ago (prequel) , and then the last series about dance of the dragons'. Just my guess.

  • wade cooper
    wade cooper 2 giorni fa +1

    You are changing too much. Way too much. We all wanted Cersei to die but Jaimie to live. We all wanted Jon to live and be king of the north. Bran is an excellent choice for king. But it changed for the worse when Missi got her head cut off. She shouldn't have been captured in the first place. Losing a second dragon was also a bitter pill.
    Daenerys should have spared the people and went directly to capture Cersei who would have set a trap, perhaps that green fire, only to discover that Daenerys is immune to fire and walks right through it making most of her guards abandon her. Except the mountain and in walks Sandor, the Hound to dispatch him. But having trouble at the last moment a young girl climbs up the back of Gregor and quickly slits his throat and says: "What's taking you so long?" and it proves to be Aria.
    Once Cersei is surrounded by her enemies there is a little debate on how she will be killed and by who. Aria, Daenerys, Sansa, Sandor, Jon and Worm and of course, Drogon who is hungry. Fire is suggested, beheading, dismembering, a quick stab, poison and during the argument Cersei moves to make an escape but Aria is on her in an instant with needle piercing her through. "For Edard Stark....My father" she says. She staggers back, others stab her as well, she falls and Sandor kicks her infront of Drogon who burns her, still screaming and eats her.
    Jon and Danni get married and rule as king and queen, Sansa is made queen of the north, with Aria as her Hand and Bran her Chief adviser. With the city intact there is little to rebuild and it soon begins to prosper. Tarley is made Maester . I would have Theon survive his stab wound and at the end the girl he had sex with when he returned to the iron islands 4 years earlier would show up with a 3 year old boy and proclaim it to be his. His only Heir and an unexpected son of a Eunic. Theon would be grateful to receive them both. New Dragon Eggs would be found and a second generation started.

  • The Calcium Kid
    The Calcium Kid 2 giorni fa

    Wait if all magic was destroyed along with the great weirwood, didn't Danny also perish by the flames? And the dragons? The only hoke in an otherwise solid story

  • Renee Cheung
    Renee Cheung 2 giorni fa

    NOW this is the TRUE DANY she puts risks her life to save everyone to save others. People who "saw" hints she was going mad is so bad that if you look at it that way even sansa would be considered Going mad.

  • Parzzzaval
    Parzzzaval 2 giorni fa +2

    Guess I’m the only one who noticed how he said Arya was using Jamie’s face while Jamie was still alive cool cool

  • folkblack
    folkblack 2 giorni fa +1

    This is the ending the characters and the fans deserve.

  • elefic
    elefic 2 giorni fa +2

    The original end is fine, it has the perfect amount of unjustice that we saw along the 8 seasons. Not every good man has to live, not every bad person has to die, not all heroes have their reward, etc, etc... GOT is the perfect portrait of the real world we live in. So, I respect your video, but it doesnt work for me

    • elefic
      elefic 10 ore fa

      @TheYasmineFlower a woman giving birth to a shadow, or a flying dragon don't seem realistic to me either 🤣🤣🤣. But we both enjoy them anyway, don't we?

    • TheYasmineFlower
      TheYasmineFlower 10 ore fa +1

      Seems like all of D+D's favourites got a happy ending though... doesn't seem realistic to me at all.

  • Judith Herrera
    Judith Herrera 2 giorni fa

    That was a brilliant alternate ending to the piece of crap HBO delivered in the end. Theirs was epic trash!

  • Kelly Schweitzer
    Kelly Schweitzer 2 giorni fa +1

    I like it. I'd be ok with this ending. What we got was unsatisfying, unsuspenseful, confusing, anticlimactic. Your version is unpredictable but still exciting and gives the audience what we have waited for. Though, Arya can't have Jaime's face without killing him, but I'm all for her using her skills in the final. And, Dany was supposed to go mad.... so that may have to change, but I'm all for it. Love her being pregnant though, I thought that would be a plot point that didn't happen.

  • Christina Hind
    Christina Hind 2 giorni fa

    Most of these same points are the same that I had. But I thought the Night King just had to be stabbed in the same part of him he was created by stabbing - you did mention that, but I don't think the tree and all magic needs to die, just the Night King needed to be stabbed in the wrong spot the first time. Also, the books seemed to be implying that John's sword (Stannis had before him) was special, and that if he was the prophesized guy come back again and thus the true guy Melisandre was after (she was wrong about Stannis) as seemed proven by her bringing him back to life, then he would need to use that sword to kill Dany in order to defeat the Night King. The lore said that sacrifice and his love for her as what did it. So maybe a combination of the two, or even just the first for the tv show and a combination of the 2 for the books. Another thing, Dany can't get pregnant... She's infertile. That's the case in the books and the show. Finally, Bran definitely should have done more and warging a dragon would've been epic. Another thing he could have done was go back and look for clues, yes, but also potentially affect time. He seemed to be able to call to young Ned Stark, I wonder if he could have changed one little thing by butterfly effect... just an option, not sure where I'd go with that if anywhere.

    • Christina Hind
      Christina Hind 2 giorni fa

      Also, I think it was foretold at some point, even on the show with a quick flash, of Dany walking through kings landing in rubble... I guess that'd have been rewritten too?

  • Joe Cool
    Joe Cool 2 giorni fa

    Good job 👍🏾

    BARBARIC BARBARIC 2 giorni fa

    This is the ending that should have been...

  • Ziv Nevo
    Ziv Nevo 2 giorni fa

    I wish it was like this

  • Jackir Erioa
    Jackir Erioa 2 giorni fa

    wasnt great with howthe night king died (no epic fight or valerian steel) also kill arya instead of cersei

    also pretty sure magic was how daenerys survives fire

  • Author Claudette Melanson

    I have zero idea why they built Dany up through all the seasons only to have her act SO out of character in the last one. There's no reason the mother of dragons would burn a city over the rejection by a man. I did not watch the last episode as protest and I never will. Game of Thrones is one of the greatest story disappointments of my life. I'm an author and have an MA in Lit. I know the elements of a great story and this one missed the mark and went down in flames in the last season. What a colossal letdown. Your version is what I envisioned.

  • Logan Preston
    Logan Preston 2 giorni fa +5

    Great re-write. One technical detail: when the great tree dies-and with it, all magic in the realm-Daenerys would lose her impervious-to-fire super power. So in that climactic moment the tree, the Night King, Daenerys, and Dracarys would all die together in what I assume would be a pretty spectacular inferno. Seems almost Shakespearean.

  • SpartanMikey
    SpartanMikey 2 giorni fa

    I’d rather have seen the Night King win at every turn and have the final shots of the show be from the perspective of a guard on the coastal wall of Bravos seeing a snow storm creeping across the sea and then as the camera switches perspectives the viewer sees a glacier forming on the ocean with an undead foot stepping into view as the screen fades to black.
    That would have subverted expectations.

  • Budah Bugah
    Budah Bugah 2 giorni fa

    How could arya use her assassin magic if all magic is gone?

  • M. K.
    M. K. 2 giorni fa

    What about jorah? I love this version❤

  • Jason Lunden
    Jason Lunden 2 giorni fa

    This is so much better. The only problem is that Arya can't take Jamie's face while he is alive, and she is too skilled to be stabbed in the back.

  • Francis McKnight
    Francis McKnight 2 giorni fa

    Interesting rewrite. One flaw. I could be wrong but I thought that Arya could only wear faces of people who are dead so she couldn't wear Jaimies face then have him turn up for real.

  • Kelly Welty
    Kelly Welty 2 giorni fa

    I was firmly against people demanding a rewrite. I mean no show ends well. Name one.... every one is botched almost. But this is 16 minutes of fucking genius. I would have loved to have seen every single one of these things happening. ANd it would have kept with the brutality that built the GOT reputation in the first place. Those you love, will fucking die!!! And with Jaime, Jon, Cersei, the Dothraki, on top of every one else and seeing all of the misinformation that they didn't know what to do with, get properly put into place???!!!! FUCKING GENIUS!!!!

  • paul bryden
    paul bryden 2 giorni fa

    The petition was stupid and pointless

  • Wiktor Nowak
    Wiktor Nowak 2 giorni fa

    I would cry if I saw Jon's death at the end of GOT.

  • Dev Ali
    Dev Ali 2 giorni fa

    Wow! This was a great ending you came up with. Seriously, ill just pretend it happened this way fr!

  • ahmad taleb
    ahmad taleb 2 giorni fa

    HBO sign him up

  • maha malik
    maha malik 2 giorni fa

    agreed , its fulfilling

  • David Wilshaw
    David Wilshaw 2 giorni fa +1

    Glad it was not this version

  • Mara Butler
    Mara Butler 2 giorni fa

    Thanks for sharing your ideas about how you would have redone Season 8. I can't say that I agree with all of them, but I do respect you for sharing some different/opposing ideas. I can't disagree that there were a lot of "Chekov's guns" in the series that were never pulled that should have been- to make the final season and everything that had been built up to that point better. I feel that it would have been interesting if the Night King- instead of attacking Winterfell head on if he had skipped the battle in TLN and flew down to Kings Island and attacked it, building up an even larger army from two fronts and forcing Cersei and her army- whom foolishly believed that they could stay out of the fray- to face the Army of the Dead as well and for her remaining forces and the northern forces and everybody in between to really have to fight for their lives.

  • Daniel Mansour
    Daniel Mansour 2 giorni fa

    Would've been fun - but I don't think Arya could use a face from someone still alive.

  • Gustavo Lombana Jr
    Gustavo Lombana Jr 2 giorni fa

    Awesome ending bro. Definitely better than the crap we saw

  • Goran Svraka
    Goran Svraka 2 giorni fa

    I find it funny whole season all about the wall then wall just easily crashes down, no epic battle at the wall. And yes the night king just died like that

  • I Appreciate Slaps
    I Appreciate Slaps 2 giorni fa

    Arya can't use Jamies face because she would need to kill Jamie for that to happen

  • solid snake
    solid snake 2 giorni fa

    could have a epic ending and a legacy in the making but that shit give me a break

  • solid snake
    solid snake 2 giorni fa

    what a great show but that ending when every one watched it for khaliisse and that how it ends what a joke she saved him from the white walkers and shit and that how it ends what a joke a complete shit show for that ending bran and shit bags lead the country give me a break a waste of a show trust me

  • Ethan Bulger
    Ethan Bulger 3 giorni fa

    The Wight Walkers get their own season
    Bran actually uses his power for good
    Jamie’s character arc was not forgotten
    Jon dies at peace after everything he has been through
    Dany gets what she deserves after all those times I watched her get sexually assaulted and mortified
    The Night King was almost impossible to kill but died a reasonable death and not by a petty dagger
    Cersei dies
    But most importantly, the cast are happy with how the show ended
    Bro, do you want a scholarship with that wonderful ending you took your time to come up with? Seriously

    • TRtherocknroller
      TRtherocknroller 22 ore fa

      Ethan Bulger GRRM would probably hate this ending though just because Danny gets a pay-off

  • Triton34571
    Triton34571 3 giorni fa

    You lost me at kill Vasarion

  • Araedia Pendragon
    Araedia Pendragon 3 giorni fa

    Your version is so much better than the last season. Now I don’t feel so angry. I’m saying yours is the proper ending. Thanks.

  • lvwer
    lvwer 3 giorni fa

    i believed this was the actual ending for like... 15 minutes, and I'm happier

  • OMD OldManDuece
    OMD OldManDuece 3 giorni fa

    Much better...hopefully the books if ever written follow your thought process