iPhone 11 Review - Buy this one.

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  • Pubblicato il 20 set 2019
  • The Apple iPhone 11 is the new default iPhone for 2019 and that's a good thing.
    You don't need the iPhone 11 Pro: it-clip.net/video/WFiBPZuuAF8/video.html
    How Apple is taking over Japan: it-clip.net/video/4up7ZjOAG1c/video.html
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Commenti • 2 541

  • Sfkid94
    Sfkid94 Giorno fa

    I just ordered my iphone 11 red 128gb. Cant wait!

  • That_One_Guy101
    That_One_Guy101 Giorno fa

    No I'm an android fan why is this in my f*cking recommended >:(

  • Koala Brows
    Koala Brows 3 giorni fa

    Imagine finding two guys filming each other as you walk in the park one fine morning

  • Joshua Gonzalez
    Joshua Gonzalez 3 giorni fa

    Logic is that you

  • JuicyGamer Lol
    JuicyGamer Lol 4 giorni fa +1

    3:15 has anyone noticed that literally every big main channel etc you tubers have the phone there reviewing has great phone on silent😏🧐

  • Nishant Soni
    Nishant Soni 4 giorni fa

    iPhone 11 is a mediocre phone at best. A 720 LCD display in a 700 dollar phone in 2019? My Android phone from 2012 had that. Why are IT-cliprs not calling out on Apple and simply encouraging people to not buy iPhones. Hold Apple responsible so they don't take sheeple for granted.

  • Sawyer's Videos
    Sawyer's Videos 4 giorni fa +1

    Austin 4 weeks ago: You dont need the IPhone 11.
    Now: You need the iPhone 11.

    • aiævo
      aiævo 5 ore fa

      he said you don't the the iphone 11 PRO

    • Charleone
      Charleone 2 giorni fa

      Sawyer's Videos that’s what tech youtubers do. At he end of the day they need to make content

  • Chad Blunderbuss
    Chad Blunderbuss 4 giorni fa

    Man, Iphones are still so boring bummer.

  • pro gamer
    pro gamer 4 giorni fa

    Ken is a true man of culture

  • AJAliriza
    AJAliriza 5 giorni fa

    Don't get the iphone xr/11 ! I had it for 6 months the LCD screen is horrible and a rip off get a used iPhone XS or even X instead !

  • Christian Begg
    Christian Begg 5 giorni fa

    My mom has the iPhone 5c but it's basicly dead

  • nobodycaresTTV
    nobodycaresTTV 5 giorni fa

    Austin is so fuckin hilarious

  • just a random gal
    just a random gal 5 giorni fa

    His intro r so cute 😂

  • Skylar Valdes
    Skylar Valdes 5 giorni fa +1

    2:38 yup more details. I'm gonna be able to see more details of my beautiful pimples lol

  • Andrewshadowy
    Andrewshadowy 6 giorni fa

    That was a good photo you took of your friend in the dark!
    Nice review. Thank You

    • Andrewshadowy
      Andrewshadowy 6 giorni fa

      Is zoomed to fit on watching IT-clip videos, only available on iPhones 11 and iOS 13?

  • Andrewshadowy
    Andrewshadowy 6 giorni fa

    If you buy just a 11 phone in a few weeks down the line you may wish you had bought the Pro?

  • lockoshamface
    lockoshamface 6 giorni fa

    not all of us give a single chit about the bloody cameras!!!!

  • Linh Viet
    Linh Viet 7 giorni fa


  • Missatry
    Missatry 7 giorni fa

    Today i buy muy first pixel and the best way to start is see an iPhone review xd

  • Mateo JIAO
    Mateo JIAO 7 giorni fa

    Didn't you make a video about why you don't need the iPhone 11

  • RachelL95
    RachelL95 7 giorni fa

    Someone help. iPhone 11 or iPhone X?

  • sonic 768
    sonic 768 7 giorni fa

    Stop making me want to go bankrupt

  • Brian Garcia
    Brian Garcia 7 giorni fa

    Just bought a 128gb $820 after taxes. Love this phone 😊

  • Marie
    Marie 8 giorni fa

    love your energy

  • Slayer Gaming
    Slayer Gaming 8 giorni fa

    Do give aways

  • Pink Pong
    Pink Pong 8 giorni fa +26

    “An iphone a year makes your money disappear “.

  • Doggo Puppos
    Doggo Puppos 9 giorni fa

    I would kindly take it and destroy it slowly with a pickaxe.

  • Simple edits
    Simple edits 10 giorni fa

    Should I get the iPhone 11 or 11 pro?

    • Andy GG
      Andy GG 8 giorni fa

      11 pro is mad ugly

  • Noel Washington
    Noel Washington 10 giorni fa

    Please don’t lol. The XR is low key better than the 11. It has a better battery and it doesn’t overheat. If you wanna get a new iPhone, get the 11 Pro. It’s just a much better quality phone than the 11. I have a Pro Max and my homie has an 11 and he super regrets not getting a Pro.

  • 9Ts々Punisher
    9Ts々Punisher 10 giorni fa

    Bought !! It’s awesome !

  • Riot Mcg
    Riot Mcg 10 giorni fa

    Hey austin this is جايز

  • Avinash Persaud
    Avinash Persaud 10 giorni fa

    Ken has a nice shirt.

  • like this comment
    like this comment 10 giorni fa

    Logics music must’ve went to shit

    FELONY CASE 10 giorni fa

    Hey Austin! Do you have plans on doing any sort of Case reviews for the new iPhone models? I'd love to send some of our brand new styles for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max to review!

  • Adu01
    Adu01 10 giorni fa

    Should i buy iphone 11, XR or Galaxy s10+ ?

    • Adu01
      Adu01 10 giorni fa

      @Vagrant 069 and how is it ?

    • Vagrant 069
      Vagrant 069 10 giorni fa

      Adu01 the one you want to try, i was exactly like you, but as a looooong android user i didnt wanted to go for the same OS and exactly the same everything again...so I ordered the iphone 11 red 128gb just because it’s wanted to try something new and this iPhone is the one

  • Danielle Andrews
    Danielle Andrews 11 giorni fa

    I want plz

  • Tansif Zayan
    Tansif Zayan 11 giorni fa

    E N O U G H with the damn thumbnail bro

  • BeefyBoi
    BeefyBoi 11 giorni fa +1

    man i hate white people

    • Moses Lozano
      Moses Lozano 10 giorni fa

      you're right and you should be indulged... hah jk minorities bad ;)

  • Mark Morrison
    Mark Morrison 11 giorni fa +1

    Dude keep it real bud! Just saying

  • Scaleszzz
    Scaleszzz 11 giorni fa

    I got the iPhone 11 mint green 😎

  • Scruff Deluxx
    Scruff Deluxx 11 giorni fa +1

    Welp now im even more proud of my 6s for putting in the work and staying reliable these past 4 years when i thought people were still on that new phone every year cycle.

    PATBLOGZ 12 giorni fa +87

    like: iphone 11
    comment: xr

  • RazaMcf
    RazaMcf 12 giorni fa

    bruh in Canada its $1000 for the iphone 11 and the iphone Xr is $799 so im getting the iphone xr because of value

  • Jaime Sanchez
    Jaime Sanchez 12 giorni fa

    Don’t buy it u won’t even see this video in 1080p get xs

  • My Name is not Thomas
    My Name is not Thomas 13 giorni fa +1

    I’m upgrading from the iPhone 7plus to the 11 :)
    Austin please tell me that I made a good decision

  • Zane Burkhalter
    Zane Burkhalter 13 giorni fa +1

    no one see the my hero academia merch in the back round?

  • Big B
    Big B 13 giorni fa

    Any new iPhone is an upgrade over the 6 😂

  • Pilates Bumps Beyond
    Pilates Bumps Beyond 13 giorni fa

    You know it’s a phone right ?

  • M4rcusdagoat
    M4rcusdagoat 13 giorni fa +1

    As they say
    An apple a day
    Makes your money disappear

  • PranavHG
    PranavHG 13 giorni fa

    *Can it run Minecraft?*

  • la888 alan
    la888 alan 13 giorni fa

    Hahahaha ha😂 completely missing the glasses on portrait mode selfie. 👓❔

  • L-E Content
    L-E Content 14 giorni fa

    The thumbnail is disturbing

  • maryamaldita
    maryamaldita 14 giorni fa

    I'm concerned about the overheating issue on iPhone 11. Did the new iOS update fix it?

  • Rose
    Rose 14 giorni fa

    I love how you edited it to make the color of the phone an actual pretty purple.

  • Gary S
    Gary S 14 giorni fa

    I’m that guy when people ask what’s my favorite thing about the iPhone 11 pro, and I would say the black box it comes in, it just looks cleaner

  • Caelorcat Esme
    Caelorcat Esme 14 giorni fa

    Dat thumbnail 😆

  • Brad Wohlhart
    Brad Wohlhart 14 giorni fa

    Might be getting this today :)

  • Jayesh Shertate
    Jayesh Shertate 14 giorni fa

    How.much apple.pays u....same x

  • PJH199 1
    PJH199 1 14 giorni fa +1

    Austin I don’t need a Cadillac, but I much prefer it over a Chevrolet. Much happier I bought the Pro over the 11.

    • The Storm
      The Storm 12 giorni fa +1

      iPhone 9: Am I a joke to you?

  • Divyansh Sharma
    Divyansh Sharma 14 giorni fa +3

    When he said iPhone 6s i was like damn he accurate lol.......