Youtube Feud w/Felix

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  • Pubblicato il 11 giu 2019
  • Mr.Oopsie Man and I play our own game and forget how to record a video
    Swedish Man:
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  • Sya Sya
    Sya Sya 15 minuti fa

    The lens won't focus on both of them at same time 😂😂😂

  • luis menjivar
    luis menjivar 27 minuti fa

    Mr pie suck

  • Tommy Skates
    Tommy Skates Ora fa

    only og's remember when jack dyed his hair green

  • Asian Cuisine
    Asian Cuisine 2 ore fa

    Me: likes video, then unlikes it just to like it again "I am truly an intellectual."

  • Leah Murphy
    Leah Murphy 3 ore fa

    What part of Ireland are you from I’m from Dublin

  • Kayli Scheit
    Kayli Scheit 3 ore fa

    They are brothers from another mother 😆

  • Best Moments Of Everything

    Jack you look weird now


  • Brooklyn Yeet
    Brooklyn Yeet 4 ore fa +1

    do i see a pewdiseptieye?

  • Cara 27Galligos
    Cara 27Galligos 4 ore fa


  • Cara 27Galligos
    Cara 27Galligos 4 ore fa

    jesus christ

  • UnicornMeat 24
    UnicornMeat 24 5 ore fa +1

    We need more of this

  • Tacocat King
    Tacocat King 6 ore fa +1

    Jack: I'm not a furry *on camera*
    Me: 😳😮


  • Rae-Lyn Brown
    Rae-Lyn Brown 8 ore fa

    Gosh dang it now jacks beard is bigger than Felix 😂

  • William Afton
    William Afton 10 ore fa

    That quality Thumbnail

  • denell Elkins
    denell Elkins 11 ore fa


  • Carl Lundberg
    Carl Lundberg 12 ore fa

    holy shait robin does so good color grading i'm shook

  • Jorie Clark
    Jorie Clark 13 ore fa

    5:55 my last two brain cells just tryna keep my life together

  • Hapsetshut
    Hapsetshut 13 ore fa


  • Andreas
    Andreas 13 ore fa

    I actually thought Felix was taller, well who cares

  • Hapsetshut
    Hapsetshut 13 ore fa

    Where did Pewdie get a Video girl Ai shirt?! How does that even exist!?

  • FoxyTheGreat_55
    FoxyTheGreat_55 13 ore fa

    *intense sipping intensifies*

  • Grace Springer
    Grace Springer 14 ore fa

    2 bros making a video standin really cuz there not gay

  • Anime God
    Anime God 18 ore fa

    Irish and Swedish brothers

  • Hugo Branthwaite
    Hugo Branthwaite 21 ora fa

    I am taller than both of them and I am fourteen

  • Lydia Maya Lynn
    Lydia Maya Lynn 21 ora fa

    When Pewds and Jack are gay nervous cus they r right next to each other :P

  • jimingihopejinjoontaekook listen boi 2

    jack kinda looks like gloom's boyfriend terry😂

  • Michelle Boehm
    Michelle Boehm Giorno fa

    Please bring back the young and cool jack that is all about that. PMA!! we’re is the green dude that’s your signityre

  • mon_elise_a
    mon_elise_a Giorno fa +1

    Jack and Felix being soft bois for 14 minutes straight

  • LeftOutAzey
    LeftOutAzey Giorno fa

    You guys are brothers you both have blue eyes 💙

  • Big Daddy Chungus
    Big Daddy Chungus Giorno fa


  • Speedy Gaming
    Speedy Gaming Giorno fa

    WTF I am 5”10 I am taller than u guys I thinks

  • 6AM3CHAN63R 100
    6AM3CHAN63R 100 Giorno fa

    They traded styles he used to have a big beard and jack used to a small beard

  • Floofpelt the Medicine Cat

    Play Facade PLZZZZZZ

  • Blitz Streams
    Blitz Streams Giorno fa

    Petision to name this video: memories

  • Adam Colton 0612
    Adam Colton 0612 Giorno fa

    So at 14 I'm taller than both of you

  • xxjudasXmalicexx
    xxjudasXmalicexx Giorno fa

    I’m 152.4cm or 5 feet tall exactly lol.

  • Bowmaker Fox
    Bowmaker Fox Giorno fa +4

    Jacksepticeye: "I'm not a furry, on camera..." 4:01

  • I'm Funny
    I'm Funny Giorno fa

    I'm 149 cm, are y'all sure you 181cm, because that's just wack.

  • Malin Storvand
    Malin Storvand Giorno fa

    I got an ad for a Swedish tv program in the middle of this

  • frozenwintershitty Amoba

    why wouldn't they shout out h3h3?

  • Geo Toni13
    Geo Toni13 Giorno fa

    Love Robin's editing...
    Had to watch it again as missed Robin's editor note at 11:06 lol! Thanks Robin for the info!

  • hayleigh sooalo
    hayleigh sooalo Giorno fa

    Why are yous to so cute all of a sudden??!!

  • Gandhi-kun
    Gandhi-kun Giorno fa

    If felix had legs he'd be waay taller

  • lapalette
    lapalette Giorno fa

    I think this would be an irrelevant comment, but listening to jacksepticeye talking in front of the camera with poods feels a bit weird. Especially when i’ve been so used to just hear his voice.

  • ツAizyLavish
    ツAizyLavish Giorno fa

    I didn’t want this to end lmao

  • EndergoN
    EndergoN Giorno fa

    I hope felix go copyright the waves

  • ceia
    ceia Giorno fa

    theyre really are bunch of idiots i cant

  • Nayeon Rabbit
    Nayeon Rabbit Giorno fa

    Jack looks like Elijah Kamski from Detroit Become Human

  • Lord_KoX1
    Lord_KoX1 Giorno fa

    aaa shit i am taller then Felix

  • Nathaniel martinez
    Nathaniel martinez Giorno fa

    I live in Ohio and I’m going to cedar point

  • Cancerous Videos
    Cancerous Videos Giorno fa

    Ninja is gay.. SUB TO JACK

  • oMuStIiA
    oMuStIiA Giorno fa

    I love when you guys collab it's hilarious.

  • Amazing Human
    Amazing Human Giorno fa

    felix could grow a beard that would make him look jacks dad

  • Gigga Nibba
    Gigga Nibba Giorno fa

    Jacks so lucky bc of thier accents the IT-clip algorithm can’t detect the “bad words” so he’s still monitized😂😂

  • Anthony Beidelman
    Anthony Beidelman Giorno fa

    Why does he say "you can curse here"? I figured it was because maybe pewds doesn't age restrict his videos.

  • alexa w
    alexa w 2 giorni fa

    when u are a 14 year old girl and are taller than both pewds and jack

  • dead inside
    dead inside 2 giorni fa

    Why does jack look like the cult leader from far cry 5 without glasses

  • Juliet Cabrera
    Juliet Cabrera 2 giorni fa

    These two are the only people I don’t skip ads for

  • Starkiller-Games and More!

    Bruh I'm 13 and 5'10'' and I dont know how

  • Drew Lishman
    Drew Lishman 2 giorni fa


  • yoyo bro
    yoyo bro 2 giorni fa

    Please play facade

  • Colton Venaas
    Colton Venaas 2 giorni fa

    i want someone to use that meme format but right on the whiteboard "whaaatt?!? uve never played tuber simulator befoooore?"

    JAYLA RIVERA 2 giorni fa

    I ship them...... I know I'm weird sue me or curse me idc

  • kingXD
    kingXD 2 giorni fa

    Jack im 12 but 1.70

  • Viktor Holm
    Viktor Holm 2 giorni fa

    7:37 tf they sayin cus it sounds like you call me fucking lerum which is the place i live.

  • do you like ducks
    do you like ducks 2 giorni fa +15

    O my gosh its mario and Luigi

    Jack as luigi and felix as mario

    • Toni Playz
      Toni Playz Giorno fa +1

      Marzia should be both shes Italian

  • KVS
    KVS 2 giorni fa +4

    My eyes are blessed to see Pewds in such Gud quality!

  • Nichole
    Nichole 2 giorni fa

    Ahhhh I love these videos!

  • Ninja FTS
    Ninja FTS 2 giorni fa +1

    TIL I'm taller than all three of you

    I'm 15

  • Let's playGamers
    Let's playGamers 2 giorni fa

    Two gays 🤣