CEOs of SM, JYP, YG & Big Hit: Who is really the coolest “appa”?

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  • Pubblicato il 4 feb 2018
  • K-pop fans usually call the CEO of their idols’ management company “appa” to express their love. There are many reasons that make them proud for using that respectful title.
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Commenti • 3 199

  • christina lei
    christina lei 6 ore fa

    *in hyunjins voice* “pArK jiNyOuNg

  • Min Jhamgi
    Min Jhamgi Giorno fa

    Oppa JYP and mr hitman

  • Anaïs Velia
    Anaïs Velia 4 giorni fa

    I don't think YG is mean or doesn't care about his artists
    I feel like after 2ne1 disbanded he became nicer and tolerant
    And he treats blackpink Ikon treasure13 rly well
    He used to treat BIGBANG rly well too
    Idk why PSY left the company tho

  • lexi Potato!
    lexi Potato! 5 giorni fa

    Bang Si Hyuk and JYP!

  • Lis Pmh
    Lis Pmh 5 giorni fa +1

    I love yg

  • BLACKPINK lisa
    BLACKPINK lisa 6 giorni fa +1


  • Ayaz Mehdi
    Ayaz Mehdi 6 giorni fa

    big hit

  • keizeikei
    keizeikei 7 giorni fa

    Bang Si Hyuk and JYP is my choice

  • Baozi mylife
    Baozi mylife 7 giorni fa

    Lee soo man

  • Cherryvguk
    Cherryvguk 7 giorni fa

    Bang PD is so nervous his voice literally crack when he was up the stage for the award

  • Manasi Auti
    Manasi Auti 8 giorni fa

    Who's the guy at 0:05??

  • Orea Cakes
    Orea Cakes 8 giorni fa +1

    And now, YG is the eomma 😂

  • exo bts
    exo bts 8 giorni fa

    I like Sm jyp bighit

  • DaveDarlene Tanuwijaya
    DaveDarlene Tanuwijaya 8 giorni fa +1

    For me's all of them..
    Their nice to all of them ..right???

  • Kim Shawol
    Kim Shawol 10 giorni fa +1

    SM, and is not joke 😆🤘

  • b utter
    b utter 10 giorni fa


  • lyn
    lyn 10 giorni fa

    fuck yg, i'm ok with jyp n lee soo man

  • ChimChim
    ChimChim 10 giorni fa +1

    Army thx U for all your hard work and success for helping/keeping BTS hard at work but also giving them the freedom they deserve. BigHit “you nice keep going”! And I hope TXT gets the same awesome experience as so did their fellow seniors.😭🤧👌🏻💜

  • Aidan Chung
    Aidan Chung 11 giorni fa

    I hate yang Hyun suk

  • Aisha Hanina
    Aisha Hanina 12 giorni fa

    SM Ent.❤

  • Rizki Amelia
    Rizki Amelia 12 giorni fa +1

    SM always number 1♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Ketevan gimbaro
    Ketevan gimbaro 12 giorni fa

    Bang shin hyuk (papa bear) 😘

  • BANGTAN army
    BANGTAN army 13 giorni fa +1

    *Ayo Hitman bang*

  • Anastasia Spesivtseva
    Anastasia Spesivtseva 14 giorni fa


  • Lia nctzen
    Lia nctzen 15 giorni fa

    Lee Soo Man

  • Vera Martincova
    Vera Martincova 16 giorni fa +1

    I think is SM Lee So Man is like really love of their artists! Truly lovely their friendship! 💖

  • Ineza Maharani
    Ineza Maharani 17 giorni fa

    Bang Shin Hyuk and Lee Soo Man

    BTS X BLACKPINK 18 giorni fa

    Hit man bang!!!

  • 가차Shookys.sister
    가차Shookys.sister 19 giorni fa

    BTS WORLD is out now soooOOOo- you have a lot of managers to pick from😙and all of them are horrible including me-

    ANYA MUSIC 20 giorni fa

    1. BIGHIT 😙😙❤❤
    2. JYP 😙😙❤❤

  • jessica peng
    jessica peng 20 giorni fa

    Jyp he cares about his idols and treats them really well and also gives them help and support and knows what they are doing

  • Jeon Jeongguk
    Jeon Jeongguk 21 giorno fa

    I of course choose JYP and Bang Shi Hyuk

  • louise lynn
    louise lynn 21 giorno fa

    Jyp and yg are close to eachother

  • splash of Hiya
    splash of Hiya 22 giorni fa


  • Ciz child
    Ciz child 22 giorni fa

    *Yang Hyun Suk left the chat*

  • Gukks Shista
    Gukks Shista 23 giorni fa

    Bang Pd and (wispers) J Y P

  • egghausted
    egghausted 24 giorni fa

    Duhh i only know yg and jyp

  • IYA
    IYA 24 giorni fa


    • IYA
      IYA 24 giorni fa

      my two fav hearts

  • I want to meet Twice
    I want to meet Twice 25 giorni fa

    I'm about to say who but most of the comments already know ❤

  • Chloie Serrano
    Chloie Serrano 27 giorni fa

    *Why am I watching this three days after the YG glass cliff incident??!*

  • sebuhi Cebrailov
    sebuhi Cebrailov 27 giorni fa +1

    BİGHİT entertainment
    JYP entertainment

  • Grg Pradip
    Grg Pradip 27 giorni fa


  • FatimaXinstagram
    FatimaXinstagram 28 giorni fa +1

    Park Jinyoung & Bang Si-hyuk
    Of course if you see how they both treat their idols you would know I honestly love them sooooo X1000000000000000000000000000000 much! 💜💕

  • Durkhani Ibrahim
    Durkhani Ibrahim 28 giorni fa +1

    Let's be honest bang shi hyuk is the best CEO lol, jyp too.

  • Chewie
    Chewie 29 giorni fa +1

    JYP. Even though Rosé is my profile picture, from YG, sorry YG , I prefer JYP

  • nadella mw
    nadella mw 29 giorni fa

    Bang pd nim ❤❤

  • Gabriella Loves BTS

    *"Yo hItMaN BaNg!"* -JIN😂😂😍💜

  • м σ м σ я ι η g


  • Hey It's me
    Hey It's me Mese fa

    SM-So this entertaiment doesn't care about anyithing else them Talent this Ceo didn't said anything moving.He literally just making his business and that it.Even if He see potential,but this person needs a lot practice them He is not going to get him/her Trainee.If I remember correctly them Jin was first at this entertaiment,but because of his dancing He got kicked out.I forgot the girl her name started with S and She is in red velvet.She got fameous because of her acting and all.And She made a lot of money for SM and she still didn't got payed.
    JYP-The Ceo is kind It's true,but there training is the worst.He expects the most I think from his group solos.What I mean worst is like they would hit you in the stomach and you still have to sing.They have really cruel punishments like there classes is mostly in dance practice rooms.So you would have to run 10 round and singing when you are late.
    Bighit-So I'm pretty sure that the Ceo has favorites(Just think about Jin)

  • Tenzin Nyiden
    Tenzin Nyiden Mese fa +1

    Bang shi hyuk and jyp

  • kinsoyy
    kinsoyy Mese fa


  • W. Sonia
    W. Sonia Mese fa

    Big Hit 😎😎

  • mochii chimmy
    mochii chimmy Mese fa

    jyp treats his artists well because he's been through what they are going through..

  • Tae Tae
    Tae Tae Mese fa +1

    I must say, Bang Shin Hyuk and JYP. They know how to treat their idols and protect them from certain problems. They truly care about their idols and treat them like a family. As I stan bts, I know more about Bang Shin Hyuk than JYP but I know this much that he is a caring ceo who loves his idols. And yes, I feel like Bang Shin Hyuk is a cool, protective, caring and cute father to bts, and now txt as well❤

  • Aeris Lu Kim
    Aeris Lu Kim Mese fa

    I choose SM and YG because sometimes father need to be stricted to his daughters/ Sons (Artists)because he want the best for them.

  • riya adhangle
    riya adhangle Mese fa +1

    I just wanna thank Bang Shi hyun for making such a wonderful group 'BTS' encouraging and supporting them in difficult times
    Purple you 💜💜💜💜💜

  • Hiat Kark
    Hiat Kark Mese fa +1

    Bang si hyuk of course, he treats BTS as his sons, moreover he has a great creative vision for his artists. He is the mastermind behind putting together the story line and everything else. In big3, of course it would be JYP. I don’t know much about him but I’ve heard He cares about his artists like a family too. Bang si hyuk and JYP are friends and they are both loyal people who know how to take care of their idols

  • Hey Tayo.g
    Hey Tayo.g Mese fa

    Papa yg

  • regular huh?
    regular huh? Mese fa +1

    Bang Hyun Sik and JYP❤️

  • Red Lips
    Red Lips Mese fa

    If it is about THE COOLEST OPPA i will choose YG

  • amfd
    amfd Mese fa +1

    I don’t understand why you lot keep saying bighit’s boss. I completely respect it but look carefully. Bts are super overworked. Jungkook fainted while practicing on stage. Bighit don’t care about European countries or any countries except for America. Like compare America to England. But all of you are saying Bang Shi Hyuk. Maybe their your “oppa’s” boss. Sorry I am not trying to be rude but look carefully. I love bts and in no way I hope I offended you. (Oh yeah remember glam’s scandal)?

  • I npulses
    I npulses Mese fa +3

    i like YG but i don’t like their CEO

  • Chivalry Wolf
    Chivalry Wolf Mese fa +1

    Papa JYP of course!

  • kim cabrera
    kim cabrera Mese fa


  • Chocolate Kookie
    Chocolate Kookie Mese fa +1

    I prefer JYP and Bighit although all my fav groups are in YG
    Here are my Fav groups:
    2ne1 ( Disband)
    Big Bang ( Hiatus)
    Red Velvet

  • Rifky Pratama
    Rifky Pratama Mese fa +1

    Bighit...Bts I love u bts forever...

  • Nomsy
    Nomsy Mese fa


  • kpop lover
    kpop lover Mese fa

    I will choose the bighit manager he treat them like there son is the kindest manager fuck the yg manager he kicked bi out poor bi the thing he didn't do.

  • 나는 팝 팝 좋아해.

    Big hit and JYP are my fav appa

  • Van dances to Kpop
    Van dances to Kpop Mese fa +2

    JYP isnt a company
    its a familly

  • Angela Baraly
    Angela Baraly Mese fa +1

    JYP and Bang Shi Hyuk

  • Bella Bella
    Bella Bella Mese fa +2

    JYP and Big Hit ofc, they treat their idols with respect and they always care about them.
    they're besties:)

  • Nunik Alfiani
    Nunik Alfiani Mese fa +5

    The summary:

  • Nasrin Munirah
    Nasrin Munirah Mese fa +1

    YG anyone? nO? Well meeeee toooooo 😂 haha but I'm still a YG stan of course 😎

  • M.Y.
    M.Y. Mese fa +1

    Honestly YG is trash.

  • M.Y.
    M.Y. Mese fa


  • Siya got7
    Siya got7 Mese fa +1

    JYP Got7 Bighit BTS Well besties and family though

  • 김민연
    김민연 Mese fa

    *RBW* - *crackhead lgbt support sugar daddy*

  • nivram hernandez
    nivram hernandez Mese fa +1

    papa yg and jyp

  • σkσruk тeтѕυya

    Bang Shi Hyuk of course. He gives BTS their own freedom to write and produce their own music, Bang Shi Hyuk designed a rule that; they can't interfere with tthe music they produce unless they need help.
    Bang Shi Hyuk, you're the best.

  • Kxtten
    Kxtten Mese fa +2

    Papa Jeywaypi

  • Helcurt The shadowbringer

    if you cant marry the idols marry tgeir manager

  • vhs hobi
    vhs hobi Mese fa +2

    Bang shi hyuk and JYP !!!👍

  • 丂卩丨ㄥㄥ ㄒ卄乇 ㄒ乇卂

    I like Lee Soo Man but not the current CEOs of SM

    PARK JIMIN Mese fa

    Bang shi hyuk!!!
    Hit man!
    Best CEO!!

  • Ryujin's girlfriend

    JYP is like that one dad that tries to be hip with the kids and what they do and trends "nowadays" but he just gets roasted by his idols for doing so because they have second-hand embarrassment by just looking at him.

  • Naya Only EXO-L
    Naya Only EXO-L Mese fa

    I love lee soo man

  • Jonald Edano
    Jonald Edano Mese fa +1

    Still the best YG

  • Naeka for l7
    Naeka for l7 Mese fa +1


  • Sumina J Darai
    Sumina J Darai Mese fa

    Bang Shi Hyuk Hitman

  • Nsync Robot
    Nsync Robot Mese fa +2

    JYP, is that even a question.

  • Robins N
    Robins N Mese fa

    4 of them r cool but i will choose my choice,
    I m exo-l but i like JYP the most
    4 me the 1.JYP
    2. Bighit

  • 에리스elise
    에리스elise Mese fa +1

    the best “appa” (아빠) is park jin young (JYP)! he treats his artists like a real family, only cares about health, personality and attitudes, and is overall a kind and great person!

  • diska amara
    diska amara Mese fa

    Big hit ceo is just like actor kungfu from chinese

  • playing with Ghae 개

    I Love Cute Papa
    (*Bighit Entertaiment*)

  • Jennie Xoxo
    Jennie Xoxo Mese fa

    Honestly I love Bang Si Hyuk and JYP.

  • Mikhaela Santiago


  • Ligaya Melendres
    Ligaya Melendres Mese fa +1

    Who is the coolest appa? *'Whispers'* JYP
    "Shake that booty that booty booty"
    Can your appa do that? Ahhahaha just asking dont be offended

  • Аросто Аросто