Mazda6 (2019) PRODUCTION LINE - Japanese Car Factory

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  • Pubblicato il 30 mag 2018
  • 2019 Mazda 6 car factory
    Hofu Plant, Yamaguchi, Japan
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  • Matlab Engineer
    Matlab Engineer 2 giorni fa

    My Wife likes Mazda

  • Navy gurl
    Navy gurl 5 giorni fa

    Had the 3, cx5 and now I looovvveee my 6. Go Mazda😁. I miss the colorful interior lights in my 3 though.

  • Navy gurl
    Navy gurl 5 giorni fa

    Love my Mazda 6 ' I want the '19 😍

  • Jason
    Jason 5 giorni fa

    I've own an rx8 for 4 years now and it's been amazing car. Never get bored of it . People love hating that car but as an owner , it's what made me fall in love with Mazda , it's a special car, it's the heart and soul of mazda ( rotary) it's also why my new daily vehicle will be a Mazda 6 or 3 .

  • Jason
    Jason 5 giorni fa


  • lyovkin lyovchic
    lyovkin lyovchic 6 giorni fa

    Мазда не о чем Ваз рулить!

  • *_Nairdan_*
    *_Nairdan_* 6 giorni fa

    The robotic arms are kinda scary

  • Veil Side
    Veil Side 6 giorni fa


  • 野菜好
    野菜好 6 giorni fa


  • Andrey Ru
    Andrey Ru 6 giorni fa

    Miss my cx5. Great car. 0 failure within 4 years of daily usage.

  • Hacı aras
    Hacı aras 6 giorni fa +1

    Mazda will rust quickly.

    • day1971
      day1971 6 giorni fa

      Hacı aras not anymore old generation yes but they corrected the issue in 2010 models

  • Iwan44
    Iwan44 6 giorni fa

    W którym momencie dokładają gratis korozję ?

  • rakso rakso
    rakso rakso 7 giorni fa

    I own a Mazda 6 2.006 and is amazing (}) zoom zoom ..

  • Dylan White
    Dylan White 7 giorni fa

    I love the Japanese they build the most amazing shit. I'll never not own a Mazda they're unreal vehicle's

  • T Ys
    T Ys 7 giorni fa

    マツダ フェコトリの女性を 綺麗ですよね

  • Артём Деньщиков

    Много чего не засняли

  • Janitra Falvierna
    Janitra Falvierna 7 giorni fa

    The best Mazda 6 Design so far

  • Nguyễn Minh Vũ
    Nguyễn Minh Vũ 7 giorni fa

    In soldering line they use Kawasaki robot but in painting line they use ABB robot. Why ?

  • wreck'em tech
    wreck'em tech 7 giorni fa +3

    Still have my 2006 Mazda 3, 2.3! And I love it

    • wreck'em tech
      wreck'em tech 5 giorni fa

      +Bass Ackwards 223k miles!

    • Bass Ackwards
      Bass Ackwards 5 giorni fa

      How many km or miles? Had an 04 2.3 manual got rid of it at 215000km, needed a truck. One of my favourite cars though.

  • Tamas Mazanyi
    Tamas Mazanyi 7 giorni fa

    Na, ezért rohad olyan gyorsan a Mazda..!
    Mintha valami kimaradt volna?!😕

  • ROYLmusik
    ROYLmusik 7 giorni fa +1

    I have a Mazda 6. 2.5 (2008) till this day never had a problem and still the first clutch 🙏

  • magda kolek
    magda kolek 8 giorni fa

    no galvanizing

  • fsooolksa
    fsooolksa 8 giorni fa

    Nice car

  • Ripcu Lero
    Ripcu Lero 8 giorni fa

    bring back Rx-7

    MARC FÉNIX 8 giorni fa

    Not bad! But when will there be the new FORD PROBE III ?

      MARC FÉNIX 7 giorni fa

      +abcwarrior91 De gustum non est discutarum. Look at the pop-up headlights. Look at the timeless futuristic design. Look at the brand that has more experience than any other brand in the world. Look at the value for money. Ok. You drive your mx6 and I keep driving my wonderful Ford Probe II as long as I can. Have a nice day sir.

    • abcwarrior91
      abcwarrior91 7 giorni fa

      +MARC FÉNIX and yes I have driven a Ford probe before it was my friends also my bro use to own a mx6 and I drove that one too I prefer the mx6 cause its I think it looks nicer and also a bit lighter then the Ford I'm a big mazda fan but now I own a Honda lol

    • abcwarrior91
      abcwarrior91 7 giorni fa

      +MARC FÉNIX Ford probe is pretty much a mazda mx6 in a Ford body. The driver train is the same klde v6 but the Mazda has a better more powerful engine klze only in the jdm spec mx6 which no Ford probe has but u can swap the engine into the Ford I use to have a mazda 323 protege with a klze swap.

      MARC FÉNIX 7 giorni fa

      +abcwarrior91 Do you have ever driven a Ford Probe II?

    • abcwarrior91
      abcwarrior91 7 giorni fa

      Nah more like when will there be a new mx6

  • Hugo Arnaldo
    Hugo Arnaldo 8 giorni fa

    Qué forma más estresante de trabajar. Esa gente seguro se enferma mucho. La plataforma no se queda quieto y ellos tampoco. Es muy desgastante físicamente. Es insalubre y miserable ese tipo de forma de trabajo.

  • Мурат Мурат
    Мурат Мурат 8 giorni fa

    Оцинковки кузова так и нет по ходу. Хорошие машинки но гниюд быстро

  • N G
    N G 8 giorni fa

    Thats how you build a car!!

  • bli bla
    bli bla 8 giorni fa

    I love my 2005 mazda 6 combi 2.0

  • el mesias 666
    el mesias 666 8 giorni fa

    Sufre mucho de trasmisión

  • タイツァン
    タイツァン 9 giorni fa


  • Don King
    Don King 10 giorni fa

    I dont get it why they rust so bad...

  • may day
    may day 11 giorni fa +5

    I'd love to have one of these beauties.

  • Tek
    Tek 12 giorni fa

    in the meanwhile, the American assembly plants workers were pajamas and work without order while drinking.

    • Tek
      Tek 10 giorni fa

      +may day GMC, and Chrysler

    • may day
      may day 11 giorni fa


  • Onur Çet
    Onur Çet 14 giorni fa

    shit music, good video..

  • Oleg2728
    Oleg2728 14 giorni fa

    У меня такая есть!

  • Mgood Rya
    Mgood Rya 15 giorni fa

    واخر شي مشكله بل مكيف وفوق ذا جاحدين

  • tran quan
    tran quan 15 giorni fa

    Just FL not allnew. Old wine in the new bottles

  • thugminati T.O.P.
    thugminati T.O.P. 18 giorni fa


  • Wei Wang
    Wei Wang 18 giorni fa

  • TheAndyboy888
    TheAndyboy888 18 giorni fa

    I ordered my CX-3 in soul red color today!

  • Kytes93
    Kytes93 22 giorni fa

    Better than those german porks

  • Zx Spectrum
    Zx Spectrum 22 giorni fa +1

    Show Russian manufactory process 😂

  • ChrJahnsen
    ChrJahnsen 26 giorni fa +3

    I just LOVE LOVE LOVE my 6, model 2018 (with every bit of accessory :-)

  • juggernaut316
    juggernaut316 27 giorni fa +3

    Make sure to buy your Mazda from Japan, not Mexico

  • filsdedieu100
    filsdedieu100 28 giorni fa +3

    I love my Mazda 2019 :-)

  • Thomas The Tank Engine
    Thomas The Tank Engine 28 giorni fa +1

    0:48 I see Tony has decided to share his technology

  • Thomas The Tank Engine
    Thomas The Tank Engine 28 giorni fa

    Mazda's are so cheap but they are so nice and that interior way better than most cars that cost a fortune

  • marcin wicha
    marcin wicha 29 giorni fa

    Witam czy mazda nadal montuje nadal te skrzynie biegów AT? Ja mam MAZDĘ 6 2,5 benzyna z przebiegiem 90,000 tys i szarpie przy zmianie biegów .Auto jest na przedłużonej gwarancji CAR GARANTIE i nie chcą mi naprawić ,duży minus dla MAZDY nie polecam automatu w tym aucie :( i przedłużania gwarancji w CAR GARANTIE

  • Said Mahamad
    Said Mahamad Mese fa


  • Узбек Йигитиман

    Блядь всё до мелочей...

  • Matti Leinonen
    Matti Leinonen Mese fa

    Not like Tesla tent factory.

  • Luis Barbosa
    Luis Barbosa Mese fa

    I love my Mazda 6! I put some Continental DWS 06 tires on it and my baby drives like a dream!

  • Stop Teoriom Spiskowym

    In Poland Mazda lies it have a zinc not corroded layer. Selling with lies most important because profit must be.

  • Stop Teoriom Spiskowym

    At 6:30 it start rust. At 0:03 its not made and not corrosion

  • Alexis Solarte
    Alexis Solarte Mese fa

    Que chimba parce

  • El Torro
    El Torro Mese fa +1

    4:30 - manual transmission testing? Manual!?

  • mohammed
    mohammed Mese fa

    ماشاء الله بارك الله

  • ドンかちすけ


  • Άνθρωπος_Χ

    Japan! That says it all!

  • Buff Barnaby
    Buff Barnaby Mese fa +1

    Even the Japanese workers look like robots

  • Buff Barnaby
    Buff Barnaby Mese fa

    You've seen one car building video you have seen them all

  • Markus Ortmaier
    Markus Ortmaier Mese fa

    Nice looking cars.
    But the quality is not compareable to a Toyota or Honda.
    Espically rust is a big problem on salty roads in europe.

  • baha
    baha Mese fa


  • daniel h guerrero
    daniel h guerrero Mese fa +2

    WOOOW,,, that's why Mazda is definitely a more premium car,,, they attention to detail and quality is on point... 😉

  • owieczka 1974
    owieczka 1974 Mese fa

    Kocham swoja Mazde 6 💖🇵🇱

  • Galaxy Motor Corporation


  • 0O0O0
    0O0O0 Mese fa

    Why can't blacks and browns be like the east asians?


    rất thích mẫu xe này

  • Lars Krueger
    Lars Krueger Mese fa

    Ich fahre den dritten Mazda.
    Qualitativ die besten Autos. Der nächste Wagen wird auch wieder ein MAZDA

  • Kevin J
    Kevin J 2 mesi fa

    Mazda No1!

  • Janusz S
    Janusz S 2 mesi fa

    A co z warstwą ocynku?

    • Olaf Pl
      Olaf Pl 2 mesi fa

      Nie ma bo auto ma być biodegradowalne

  • tcampbell2186
    tcampbell2186 2 mesi fa

    the red paint is a 3 step process making it the most expensive color.

  • Mr M M
    Mr M M 2 mesi fa +4

    The best cars always comes from Japan 🇯🇵. MADE IN JAPAN 🇯🇵

  • Da Trevmeister
    Da Trevmeister 2 mesi fa

    There's no words.

  • Pyro OneExSeven
    Pyro OneExSeven 2 mesi fa

    Just imagine these nice, new, shiny Mazda's after 1 week in a Canadian winter... sand , salt, slush, ice, snow, rain, muck and drool... not so shiny anymore...

  • ahmed rajab
    ahmed rajab 2 mesi fa +2

    الفل منها مبالغ في سعرها

    • fsooolksa
      fsooolksa 8 giorni fa

      مو لازم تشتري فل

  • jjmzi ven
    jjmzi ven 2 mesi fa

    I love cars made by a japanese hand..and .not made outside japan...

  • Nigel Fletcher
    Nigel Fletcher 2 mesi fa +1

    There’s no bad person who drives Mazdas

    • N G
      N G 8 giorni fa

      Thank you!

  • Wilton Fernandes Fernandes

    Fantástico! Já se meu dinheiro desse compraria um sem pestanejar, estou apaixonado pelo novo Mazda,lindão!

  • Pixelcruiser
    Pixelcruiser 2 mesi fa +1

    Do Mazda cars still rust badly after just 3-4 years after leaving the factory? Nice paint job, but do they galvanize crucial bodywork and chassis components?

  • thegu whatthefuzk
    thegu whatthefuzk 2 mesi fa

    Design of Mazda look like MG or MG look like Mazda????????

  • Maximus Khan
    Maximus Khan 2 mesi fa +1

    Mazda Always BEAUTIFUL !

  • Thirumurugan R
    Thirumurugan R 2 mesi fa


  • Jaymate
    Jaymate 2 mesi fa +2

    Unlike a video I saw of Mercedes C-Class production, these people take their time and really try their best more. C-Class production showed everything being done a bit quickly and seemed quite rushed. Japanese striving for perfection!

  • Ronei Serrano
    Ronei Serrano 2 mesi fa


  • neil rich
    neil rich 2 mesi fa +8

    The 2019 Mazda 3 is one of the finest cars produced on the planet because that's what the company is trying to produce. Classy lines - sophisticated driving characteristics - luxury interior - when the new X engine arrives it will have the most sophisticated internal combustion power plant in the world. They are leading the world in automotive engineering.

  • Ambos
    Ambos 2 mesi fa +1

    Die deutschen Hersteller haben sehr nachgelassen. Die Autos sehen toll aus halten aber nicht mehr wirklich lange durch, sprich der erste Eindruck ist sehr gut danach gehts Berg ab. Der Mazda ist von der Langlebigkeit jedem neuen Mercedes oder BMW vorzuziehen. Eine Katastrophe wie hier mit den Kunden umgegangen wird...
    Nur noch Mazda ❤️ das beste oder einfach nichts ?! Dann Greif zum Mazda 😍✌🏼

  • Ambos
    Ambos 2 mesi fa

    Die deutschen Hersteller haben sehr nachgelassen. Die Autos sehen toll aus halten aber nicht mehr wirklich lange durch, sprich der erste Eindruck ist sehr gut danach gehts Berg ab. Der Mazda ist von der Langlebigkeit jedem neuen Mercedes oder BMW vorzuziehen. Eine Katastrophe wie hier mit den Kunden umgegangen wird...
    Nur noch Mazda ❤️ das beste oder einfach nichts ?! Dann Greif zum Mazda 😍✌🏼

    • Ambos
      Ambos 2 mesi fa

      Pixelcruiser ich denke mittlerweile ist das im Griff... lieber Rost als Steuerketten, Kettenspanner, AGR , DSG Probleme...

    • Pixelcruiser
      Pixelcruiser 2 mesi fa

      Alles schön und gut, solange die Mazdas nicht nach 3-4 Jahren durchgerostet sind.

  • louie s
    louie s 2 mesi fa

    I like how everything is Japanese.They have Nachi and Kawasaki robots.

  • Jorge Garcia
    Jorge Garcia 2 mesi fa

    Trabajan como chinos....

  • トイレの中から失礼します


  • Rankin
    Rankin 2 mesi fa

    Dat thin foil.

  • Wisnu Wirian
    Wisnu Wirian 2 mesi fa +1

    The Best Mazda😎

  • Dee Mac
    Dee Mac 2 mesi fa

    2018 Mazda 6 Sport loaded. Gas tank is too small, bad radio reception under bridges. It has been 3 months since purchase. Other than those things so far -no problems.

    BATMAN 2 mesi fa

    Mazda is shit best is german car

  • G Howard
    G Howard 2 mesi fa +1

    We bought a Mazda 6 in 2004. We keep it in the garage and it is still drives like new. It doesn’t know it’s 14 years old. Just rolled over 50k miles!
    I saw the 2019 M6 and the CX-9...WOW...Very impressive!

  • unions100
    unions100 2 mesi fa

    That really is a nice looking maZda 👌👌👌

  • TheMadarhorsev
    TheMadarhorsev 2 mesi fa

    ..but they made it in Mexico!