ELEAGUE FUT Champions Cup February - cross console final- tuga810 vs F2Tekkz live

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  • Pubblicato il 24 feb 2019
  • ELEAGUE FUT Champions Cup February - Semifinals - LIVE NOW
    PS4 Semifinals
    tuga810 VS pauloneto999
    FCB NICOLAS99FC VS RastaArtur
    ps4 final
    tuga810 VS FCB NICOLAS99FC
    XBOX Semifinals
    MegaBit vs F2Tekkz
    Rogue MSDossary vs The Royal
    XBOX final
    Rogue MSDossary vs F2Tekkz
    cross console final
    tuga810 vs F2Tekkz
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Commenti • 49

  • xNet Flow
    xNet Flow 2 giorni fa

    The one rec this has some trash ass wi fi

  • Ellis The g
    Ellis The g 3 giorni fa

    You Tesco wif

  • raGe Morgz
    raGe Morgz 7 giorni fa


  • Arber kaltani
    Arber kaltani 14 giorni fa

    i mean kane

  • Yxn9 Pr1nc3
    Yxn9 Pr1nc3 24 giorni fa +2

    And I thought it was my internet

    • Ozzy
      Ozzy 23 giorni fa

      Yxn9 Pr1nc3 me 2

  • LazTV
    LazTV 25 giorni fa

    i am a fifa channel pls add me and enjoy the channel its a channel with full rage only rage every game rage HAHA :D

    great video guys :D

  • liznx EZ
    liznx EZ Mese fa +1

    you literally have Tesco WiFi damb BOI

  • Alex Russell
    Alex Russell Mese fa

    Jeez the lag

  • Bravo Patty Andreita

    Grubby fucks

  • sSABAHh
    sSABAHh 2 mesi fa +2


  • king lloyd1st
    king lloyd1st 2 mesi fa +9

    Bro never record something like this again with that trash WiFi just stop u should delete your channel and this whole vid

    • Blooper Tron
      Blooper Tron 11 giorni fa

      Sameer Chowdhury thank you bro

    • Sameer Chowdhury
      Sameer Chowdhury Mese fa

      king lloyd1st motherfucker don't say shit bout fortnite when your fucking profile pic is a fucking victory royal how fucking sad can you get you disgrace of a failed abortion

    • king lloyd1st
      king lloyd1st Mese fa

      @Blooper Tron and your making Fortnite gameplay I think pankakes 1 up u

    • gamer suf
      gamer suf Mese fa

      king lloyd1st I’ll be honest his WIFI is trash but don’t get cheeky like that

    • Blooper Tron
      Blooper Tron Mese fa +2

      While you’re over here yelling at this kid when he was trying his best your over at your channel making pancakes

    VP NEMO DIMA882 2 mesi fa


  • ONLY1KINGKARZEL TheFruityMintxbox

    Terrible quality

  • Bob Roach
    Bob Roach 2 mesi fa +4

    i mean mbappe

  • Bob Roach
    Bob Roach 2 mesi fa +2

    they both have gullit wow and mmbapa neymar wow there good

  • fabiebruno Silva
    fabiebruno Silva 2 mesi fa

    Vocês comen coco?

  • Dj tradeos
    Dj tradeos 2 mesi fa +5

    B de

  • Blake Wood-Collins
    Blake Wood-Collins 2 mesi fa


  • trendy games
    trendy games 3 mesi fa +9

    Bro why is it always loading it's so annoying why can't u stop that

  • Ishaan Pulugurtha
    Ishaan Pulugurtha 3 mesi fa +3


  • Corneliu Buzila
    Corneliu Buzila 3 mesi fa +1

    Vvvv. Vc

  • Nick Kearney
    Nick Kearney 3 mesi fa

    chuboi commentating lets go!!!

  • Ryan Drouche
    Ryan Drouche 4 mesi fa +1

    ´´´ Nn.

  • huijuan lu
    huijuan lu 4 mesi fa +1


  • Wayne Coleman
    Wayne Coleman 4 mesi fa +2

    Commentary is cringe

  • Hhdhfj Hfjfhfhfj
    Hhdhfj Hfjfhfhfj 4 mesi fa

    The king Tekkz won. Lets go.

    CHEKA-SAN 4 mesi fa +7

    hard luck to the king Msdossary

    CHEKA-SAN 4 mesi fa +10

    the saudi players are strong

      CHEKA-SAN 2 mesi fa +1

      ​@BrigidC123 Saudi buy a saudi gamer... ​ BrigidC123 2019

    • BrigidC123
      BrigidC123 2 mesi fa +1

      CHEKA-SAN - A lot of Saudis have a lot of money so they can buy the best players.

  • Al O98
    Al O98 4 mesi fa +23

    It’s Mbappe not Mboppe. It’s Varane not Veron.

  • Al O98
    Al O98 4 mesi fa

    Typical Americans going over the top with everything, why do you need 4 dumb cunts on a massive table for a fucking Fifa tournament

    • Al O98
      Al O98 4 mesi fa

      Plus 2 dumb cunt commentators to go with them