nct foreign members vs. the korean language *part 2*

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  • Pubblicato il 9 feb 2019
  • another disclaimer!!1 this is not meant to make fun of the members! they're all very good at korean! anywho thx so much for watching!
    u can watch part 1 here if u want:
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  • Annett Tsvelykh
    Annett Tsvelykh 9 ore fa +1

    What did Shownu and Luhan do there?)

  • kimi nii
    kimi nii 9 ore fa

    johnny was about fed up with lucas 💀

  • azza A
    azza A 19 ore fa


  • Monica D
    Monica D 20 ore fa

    Where can I find the full video for 0:18???

    • Singing x Art
      Singing x Art 3 ore fa
      otherwise the show is called "Real Men"

  • Sunny
    Sunny 21 ora fa +3

    Fun facts: You can learn korean while watching nct

  • pilo b
    pilo b 22 ore fa +1

    I dont know any of these guys but i have so much fun watching these videos 😂

  • Tania Pena
    Tania Pena 23 ore fa +3

    3:24 chenle cute lil noise

  • hel lo
    hel lo Giorno fa

    I'm afraid the foreign members might leave. Many foreign members from SM left because of unfair treatment. I just hope they stay together.

  • Nicolette Laird
    Nicolette Laird Giorno fa +1

    I'm actually in love with Johnny...and this 6:55 if one of the reasons why😂💚

  • Lavender MSP
    Lavender MSP Giorno fa +1


  • Kpop Xoxo
    Kpop Xoxo Giorno fa +2

    They all are so cute, I wanna Stan them ^-^

    • Hoang Hoang
      Hoang Hoang 22 ore fa

      yes do it!!! you wont regret, these crackheads are chaotic as hell:))

  • aniangel07
    aniangel07 Giorno fa +1

    the first one with lucas in the army brought tears to my eyes. xD

  • Ckara9 Marua
    Ckara9 Marua Giorno fa

    Só tô vendo o vídeo por diversão pq entender n da muito não kkkkk

  • Ckara9 Marua
    Ckara9 Marua Giorno fa

    É ai que eu choro pq não entendo UMA CARALHA e pra mim é tudo igual. Se já é difícil só com uma língua imagina com duas

  • Mindy Tran
    Mindy Tran Giorno fa

    6:05 Lucas is a whole ass mood

  • Fariha Shad
    Fariha Shad Giorno fa +1

    Sorry guys I’m an just starting to get into Kpop and I am adoring these boys , I have most of there names down but I can’t seem to get the boy at 5:57 . Can someone please tell his name and sub unit he is part of ? I would really appreciate it

    • Sanemiⵣ
      Sanemiⵣ Giorno fa

      He's mark korean-Canadian and he's in NCT U and NCT 127

    IzzI LOVELY Giorno fa

    can i have all the shows in this video?

  • Tssu Aru
    Tssu Aru Giorno fa

    00:03?:( menamore

  • Holly Flight
    Holly Flight Giorno fa

    6:13 me during every single quiz/test/exam/final ever 😂

  • Shahd Rashed
    Shahd Rashed Giorno fa +2

    I think it would be more super funny if I understood Korean😂

  • lizzy yoongi Suga
    lizzy yoongi Suga 2 giorni fa +1

    they are so cute i really want to stan them but i'm so confused about the system 😂😂😂

    • Sanemiⵣ
      Sanemiⵣ Giorno fa

      Just Stan them as NCT, you'll love all the 21 members believe me😊

    • izahy
      izahy 2 giorni fa

      lizzy yoongi Suga Good luck to you!!💚💚 🌱🌱

    • lizzy yoongi Suga
      lizzy yoongi Suga 2 giorni fa

      +izahy i'm going to do that right now wish me luck 🦋

    • izahy
      izahy 2 giorni fa

      lizzy yoongi Suga find a unit you like and then suddenly you love all 21 of them because they hang out with each other a lot but all in all don't force yourself, and it will come naturally :)

  • jiminiexxi TM
    jiminiexxi TM 2 giorni fa +1

    damn lucas is so funny HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • jiminiexxi TM
    jiminiexxi TM 2 giorni fa +1

    I just died when winwin and lucas reading the menu lol

  • YAH!!!!
    YAH!!!! 2 giorni fa +1

    I dont why but i find jisungs reaction cute😆😆😆look how confuse he is just listening to foreign members😂

  • Lee Konhai
    Lee Konhai 2 giorni fa +1

    uri nct hy
    *hOt aNd yOuNg*

  • alx 12
    alx 12 2 giorni fa +1


  • johnny's collarbone
    johnny's collarbone 2 giorni fa

    anyone can you tell me what show at 4:34 is?????

    • johnny's collarbone
      johnny's collarbone 2 giorni fa

      +Nata thanks!!

    • Nata
      Nata 2 giorni fa

      look up "NCT in Osaka pick your roommate" on youtube

  • Classy Kassy
    Classy Kassy 2 giorni fa +1

    Lol I'm not an Nctzen but this vid series is funny I kent

  • honey chips
    honey chips 2 giorni fa

    "Musun daeGYO?!"

  • Adisty Savira
    Adisty Savira 2 giorni fa +1

    Already dying at the first lucas clip 😂😂😂😂

  • Anita Ryant
    Anita Ryant 3 giorni fa +1

    omg this is so funny 🤣 i can’t stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣 nct make my day
    Hv a good day everyone 💪🏻

  • ngajak ribut
    ngajak ribut 3 giorni fa +1

    whAT bridge?! AHAHA

  • Typical Foods
    Typical Foods 3 giorni fa +2

    Lucas always made my days. 😆😆
    What a unique personality dude

  • Jimin is a PRECIOUS BEAN


  • Tülin Saracoglu
    Tülin Saracoglu 3 giorni fa +1

    Please send help for NCT. Thank you!

  • Nyeac Nyeac Says Fetus Jun

    This happened to show on my recommendation and I'm not really familiar with them. Just the 1st second of it I'm already dying of laughter 😂 Gotta follow this series lmao

  • Namjoon’s Sexy Brain

    i’m sorry if you don’t like this type of comment on your video, but i just have one thing to say:
    who wants to help me and my friend fight for winwin’s rights to do his solo activities outside the company? he’s been mistreated for so long and i want to change that. i already have a plan, although it might not be the best. we’ll spam sm with threats to burn down the building if they don’t start treating winwin better by the time wayv has their next comeback (of course we aren’t actually going to do it but you’re welcome to if you want). if you’re worried about them getting the police involved, it’s likely that it isn’t going to happen as we’re using twitter which is a western app that they can’t reach. if you’re down, leave a comment to show your support. let’s do this for sicheng’s sake. fighting! 💞

  • Kixycat Meowmeowface
    Kixycat Meowmeowface 4 giorni fa

    Bless these babies they’re trying so hard. ❤️🤣

  • dab king markypoo
    dab king markypoo 4 giorni fa +2

    idk how but even non fans have watched this video and idk what to feel abt it

  • Ariane Prado
    Ariane Prado 4 giorni fa

    me vi total no winwin e no lucas kkk entendendo vários nada 😂 q fofos

  • BTS For Life
    BTS For Life 4 giorni fa +3

    Well it's time to learn their name and start stanning.

    • Fun with Everything
      Fun with Everything Giorno fa

      Singing x Art
      I just want to confirm the name of the units, they are NCT U, NCT DREAM, NCT 127 and WayV right? ^-^

    • BTS For Life
      BTS For Life 3 giorni fa

      Singing x Art wow that's a lot 😯 but I'm sure I can learn it fast 😂 thank you for welcoming me 😍

    • Singing x Art
      Singing x Art 4 giorni fa

      Welcome to the fandom!~ There are 21 of them in total, but don't get intimidated lol Start by units since they have 4 units as of now. It'll always add up though-
      If you have any questions, feel free :))

  • ωσɳωσσ
    ωσɳωσσ 4 giorni fa


  • Kunmun Mallick
    Kunmun Mallick 4 giorni fa


    ITS A FCKIN DAMN SHOT! 4 giorni fa +1

    I laugh so hard. I cry. 🤣🤣

  • jj jj
    jj jj 4 giorni fa +1

    "NCT HY" is so ♥
    sooo i just wanna share that i laughed for about 24 hours after watching this 😅

  • NaGa Las
    NaGa Las 4 giorni fa +1


  • seungmins forehead
    seungmins forehead 4 giorni fa +2

    I uwu’d way too much. 😔🥺

  • zynbw
    zynbw 5 giorni fa +1

    Lucas' accent is so funny to me 😂

  • Kathlee7n w
    Kathlee7n w 5 giorni fa

    Oh to yù

  • Kathlee7n w
    Kathlee7n w 5 giorni fa

    First question: name: immiediately confused

  • Kathlee7n w
    Kathlee7n w 5 giorni fa

    아 finally looked up what this means. Underwhelming.

  • Kathlee7n w
    Kathlee7n w 5 giorni fa

    In canadian we call everyone bro, you can use whatever tense or Dishonor you like, we have 1 whole alphabet, not 3!!? No stroke order. Also we have word spaces so you don't have to memorize character combos and root symbols.

  • Sophie Renne
    Sophie Renne 5 giorni fa

    I just love Lucas, thats it. His personality is perfect

  • Red Velvet αre the missing minions

    0:40 i laughed because of this man

  • moka chan
    moka chan 5 giorni fa +1

    The first clip got me into the fandom😂😂

  • Bal I
    Bal I 6 giorni fa +2

    What bridge? I know nothing

  • Bal I
    Bal I 6 giorni fa

    I'am sorry , i can't understand
    *Speaking chinese*
    I can understand korea

    Burst out of laughingg!!!

  • RAN96RIN
    RAN96RIN 6 giorni fa +2

    i believed on Johnny before 3:13

  • Mistress Horror
    Mistress Horror 6 giorni fa +1


  • Yellow Lemon
    Yellow Lemon 6 giorni fa +1

    1:39 only thing that matters

  • hae chan
    hae chan 6 giorni fa +2

    haechan’s mark lee tho awwwieie

  • hae chan
    hae chan 6 giorni fa

    i swear to god i always watch this video everytime it pops up because of how lucas looks in the thumbnail LMAOOO

  • John Doe
    John Doe 7 giorni fa +2

    Wait I just noticed this (sorry I’m new) who is this at 0:52

  • Tae Tae
    Tae Tae 7 giorni fa +5

    I just enjoyed their music but after these videos I realised that I'm totally gonna join this group quick as fuck

  • Jasmine Azurina
    Jasmine Azurina 7 giorni fa

    6:05 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sanemiⵣ
    Sanemiⵣ 7 giorni fa +3

    My favorite group everyone💖☺

  • Diana L
    Diana L 8 giorni fa +3

    i'm currently on the same level as lucas in korean

  • shopping cart
    shopping cart 8 giorni fa +1

    who is at 1:54 ? ü

  • Baekhyun 's
    Baekhyun 's 8 giorni fa +1


  • Sofia de baptistis
    Sofia de baptistis 8 giorni fa +14

    Bruh I don't speak korean and I still can tell Lucas has one hell of an english accent 😂😂😂

  • Bangtan Boys
    Bangtan Boys 8 giorni fa +1

    *wOo nAe kKaEBeoRiJi kKaEBeoRiJi*

  • Tenzin Putith
    Tenzin Putith 9 giorni fa +2

    Luka: I don't know anything.. how am I suppose to ans 😂😂😂

  • Tenzin Putith
    Tenzin Putith 9 giorni fa

    I thought mark was korean 😅

    • Sanemiⵣ
      Sanemiⵣ 7 giorni fa

      He's korean but born and raised in Canada

    • Nana •
      Nana • 7 giorni fa +4

      open your eyes He’s not mixed lol he’s fully Korean he was just born and raised in Canada

    • open your eyes
      open your eyes 8 giorni fa

      He's mixed

  • Shevi Jk
    Shevi Jk 9 giorni fa +2


  • k lol
    k lol 10 giorni fa +1

    to me the best one is on 3:21😂

  • karla seasonie orbit
    karla seasonie orbit 10 giorni fa


  • Emily Breunig
    Emily Breunig 10 giorni fa +1

    omg Lucas. lol. relatable.

  • KatarinaDreams
    KatarinaDreams 10 giorni fa

    reminds me of my Brazilian mission trip. the mom would sometimes speak to me in Portuguese like she expects me to understand and it's real awkward and we end up having to call her son, who speaks very good English, over to translate

  • 3llekc
    3llekc 10 giorni fa

    Sorry i dont know much about them, but who's the guy in 1:47 ? (such a cutie ._. )

    • 3llekc
      3llekc 9 giorni fa

      +Hoang Hoang thank you ! : D

    • Hoang Hoang
      Hoang Hoang 10 giorni fa +1

      that's Ten!

  • Eya Camacho
    Eya Camacho 10 giorni fa +6

    i randomly went over these videos and honestly it made me want to stan NCT

  • Maria Hurtado
    Maria Hurtado 10 giorni fa

    2:01 is me when I’m watch something and it has no English subs

  • TheDelikizzz
    TheDelikizzz 10 giorni fa

    what is the video around 3:09?

    • izahy
      izahy 10 giorni fa

      TheDelikizzz Nct Hot & Young :) I think it's ep 1 if I'm not mistaken but you can find it on YT with subs :)

  • yEoRoBuN luxurious
    yEoRoBuN luxurious 11 giorni fa +3

    *I uhh I uh um i*
    Nct: bAbY yOu dId aMazinG oMg👏👏👏

  • Kiki Lala
    Kiki Lala 11 giorni fa +5

    NCT korean members vs the English language ver. please

  • Yannieee Kim
    Yannieee Kim 11 giorni fa +3

    I wanna get to know them Omoo I don't know but I found myself watching their vids 😂 but I'm a little confused because I don't know their names 😂😭

    • Kiki Lala
      Kiki Lala 11 giorni fa +4

      Welcome! To get to know them I suggest watching guides (available for group, ships and individual)
      or crack vids.
      This is a pretty complete introduction (for NCT 127) : (got deleted)
      For NCT Dream:
      This is a more cracky intoduction:
      If you purely just want to know the members name first, search NCT Yearbook on IT-clip.
      To understand their concept, I suggest to watch the NCT teaching series from this channel:
      NCT also has their own channel. The content includes vlogs, online variety series, dance practice and etc.
      Some of them are subbed and some are not and some only subbed in the SMTOWN channel.
      They are usually subbed by shubp channel:
      They also have 3 new channels: NCT Daily (NCTzens are *very* well-fed) , NCT Dance and NCT Music.
      This is the channel for WayV :
      For offline variety content, please go through
      Neo Subs for NCT:
      If you would like a complete list of variety appearances :
      For the variety shows, I would suggest watching NCT Life and Weekly Idol first.

  • Loving Manga
    Loving Manga 11 giorni fa +3

    After this video, i watch about lucas facts video. I never know that he is HALF THAI. its funny that Ten is chinese ethnicity that born and raise in Thai while Lucas is half Thai that born n raise in China

  • Mujda Hakimi
    Mujda Hakimi 11 giorni fa +2

    I mean its so cute how they may not be able to speak but at least they call still communicate in different languages and help each other out.

  • DragonFirePlays
    DragonFirePlays 12 giorni fa +1

    Hyung, you're so *special*

  • KadenPOP
    KadenPOP 12 giorni fa +3

    the part where chenle gives up and just lays his head on the table is the BIGGEST MOOD I HAVE EVER FELT

  • Surangana Sircar
    Surangana Sircar 12 giorni fa +2

    Lucas:Hyung you are so special ❤

  • Azzy1798
    Azzy1798 12 giorni fa +2

    Lucas "what bridge" had me dying omg

  • Ma Katrisse Abby
    Ma Katrisse Abby 12 giorni fa +1

    "NCT HY: HOT AND YOUNG" Johnny-appa 😂 ur so smart! 😂💖

  • Hazza Tops
    Hazza Tops 13 giorni fa +1

    no se porqué no vi este vídeo antes, me reí como nunca. :')
    la parte cuando Renjun y Chenle se ponen a hablar en chino, Jisung estaba al medio con cara de: _aiuds pls_
    por eso los amo, siksi

  • Suzanne Nsimire élève
    Suzanne Nsimire élève 13 giorni fa +2

    6:04 to 7:09 this guy got me so dead that i was laughing for 1 minutes hes like what bring 😆😆😆😆

  • Suzanne Nsimire élève

    i just realized that NCT are the dumb korean boy group ever they dont understand shit but i still love themes from who they are lol

  • Suzanne Nsimire élève
    Suzanne Nsimire élève 13 giorni fa +1

    4:24 to 4:49 they dint not understand shit lol

  • alloo NCTzen here
    alloo NCTzen here 13 giorni fa


  • alloo NCTzen here
    alloo NCTzen here 13 giorni fa


  • blankiesnake
    blankiesnake 13 giorni fa +3

    is no one mentioning like aft one of the soldiers broke into laughter and like looked downwards like just more did the same thing in sync im yelling,,,,

  • jhdm
    jhdm 14 giorni fa +5

    Finally decided to watch this video that has been in my recommendation for a while... im happy i did