Drax Project - Woke Up Late ft. Hailee Steinfeld (Official Music Video) Starring Liza Koshy

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  • Pubblicato il 9 apr 2019
  • Here's the official video for "Woke Up Late ft. Hailee Steinfeld" Starring Liza Koshy out now!!
    Listen to the song on your favorite service here: ffm.to/wul-hs
    Director: Jonathan Singer-Vine
    Executive Producer: Colin Tilley
    Producer: Jamee Ranta, Dan Karp
    Production Co: Boy in the Castle, LLC
    Editor: Ernie Gilbert
    Colorist: Bryan Smaller
    Choreographer: WilldaBeast Adams
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    Woke up late
    Somewhere far away from home
    Pockets empty wallet gone
    The sun is streaming all on down on my face
    Layin' down on someones bed
    A girl that I had hardly met
    My head is spinnin' like I've been out days
    Now you're waking up too
    Lying next to me in your room
    Not quite used to someone so new
    Did ya catch my name, yeah
    Wonder how long I slept in
    I don't know where the hell I've been
    But I know that's all right
    Last night we met at one
    Drank till two
    Danced till four
    Walked you home
    Awake till dawn
    Slept till noon and
    Now I want more
    I got that taste oh
    It's in my mouth it's like I had too much last night
    It just felt so right
    Because of you, now
    I could go or I could stay 'cause I
    Got nothing planned today
    And I know that's all right
    Last night we met at one
    Drank till two
    Danced till four
    Walked you home
    Awake till dawn
    Slept till noon and
    Now I want more
    Why's it so, so easy with the lights down?
    Why's it so, so easy when the night's ours?
    Why's it so, so easy with the lights down?
    Why's it so, so easy yeahso, so easy oh...
    Woke up late
    Somewhere far away from home
    Pockets empty wallet gone
    The sun is streaming all on down on my face
    Yeah, last night was fun lets do it again
    We both know we're more than friends
    And I know that's all right
    Last night we met at one
    Drank till two
    Danced till four
    Walked you home
    Awake till dawn
    Slept till noon and
    Now I want more
    Last night we met at one
    Drank till two
    Danced till four
    Walked you home
    Awake till dawn
    Slept till noon and
    Now I want more
    Why's it so, so easy with the lights down?
    Why's it so, so easy when the night's ours?
    Why's it so, so easy with the lights down?
    Why's it so, so easy yea so, so easy
    Last night we met at one
    Drank till two
    Danced till four
    Walked you home
    Awake till dawn
    Slept till noon and
    Now I want more
    #DraxProject #HaileeSteinfeld #LizaKoshy
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  • Silixia
    Silixia 7 minuti fa

    producer: *ok so, how jealous do you want david to be?*

    liza: *yes*

  • Silixia
    Silixia 8 minuti fa

    Shhhhh, listen for a special flamethrower and special guest hidden.

  • Vivian Pospisil
    Vivian Pospisil 46 minuti fa

    My favourite song😍

  • Yondra Moore
    Yondra Moore Ora fa

    Hahah she said she need a pair of jeans fexable

  • Aileen Light
    Aileen Light 3 ore fa


  • Ella Mikula
    Ella Mikula 4 ore fa

    Liza is so pretty in this 🤗

  • sara grace
    sara grace 4 ore fa


  • tracylambdin
    tracylambdin 5 ore fa

    This needs to be on the radio!!!!!!!

  • Innocent Lie
    Innocent Lie 6 ore fa +1

    I saw liza in the thumbnail I got the message

  • YramYoj Asicrom
    YramYoj Asicrom 6 ore fa

    Murag adik ang babae. Cgeg sayaw habang ga lakaw 😂😂

  • lucy
    lucy 7 ore fa

    can i get an f in the chat for david

  • Jesryn Thomas
    Jesryn Thomas 7 ore fa

    Fuck all the people that put a thumbs down. I listen to this song literally all day. And this isn't the music I usually listen to but this is my favorite song ever it's so good.

  • tommy Littlejohn
    tommy Littlejohn 7 ore fa

    This kinda reminds me of a video I've seen 🤔 oh yeh the video they released a year ago

  • Kriselle Gonsalves
    Kriselle Gonsalves 8 ore fa +1

    420 Ikea tables were destroyed after the making of this video (by David).

  • April Love
    April Love 10 ore fa

    David has left the chat

    SIN TOXXIC 11 ore fa


  • Maaike Lek
    Maaike Lek 11 ore fa

    Why did they feel like it was necessary to add Hailey Steinfeld to this song... It was perfectly fine without her

  • Kimberly Cisneros
    Kimberly Cisneros 12 ore fa

    Wow when I realized this was in Highland Park I live there!!!!!! Wtf?!?!

  • Albert Kamran
    Albert Kamran 12 ore fa +1

    LIZA 😍😍😍😍

    • Albert Kamran
      Albert Kamran 12 ore fa +1

      Oh my mistake...I mean LIZZZAAA 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Fluffy Bangtan
    Fluffy Bangtan 14 ore fa

    the jeans looks perfect on liza 😍👌🔥💜

  • JoeMama
    JoeMama 15 ore fa

    I feel like they filmed Liza on the bus doing this and made a video centered around it

  • roudha _2020
    roudha _2020 15 ore fa

    I ship both of you idk why you are just a good team

  • Xenia Dupper
    Xenia Dupper 18 ore fa


  • khadija ahmed
    khadija ahmed 19 ore fa +1

    Isn't liza shimming a lot then usual...

  • khadija ahmed
    khadija ahmed 19 ore fa +1

    I thought David would be here first...
    U know cuz he should watch This first...
    And he is liza's ex...
    Oh I mean FRIEND friend friend. . .

  • Stealthy Muse
    Stealthy Muse 21 ora fa

    I adore how this is the exact opposite of a walk of shame

  • Chanel Jayasundera
    Chanel Jayasundera 22 ore fa +4

    Ear Drums? Satisfied
    Self Esteem? Low
    Hotel? *Trivago*

  • Erica Lai
    Erica Lai 23 ore fa

    So they did a re do to this song lol the nz version is better lol good to see a new Zealander getting out there

  • Isabelmae Vlogs
    Isabelmae Vlogs Giorno fa

    Get it liza

  • Kaitlyn Morales
    Kaitlyn Morales Giorno fa

    Okay I love this 🥺

  • rebecca bissonnette

    okay but this song is so good

  • Jared Wolever
    Jared Wolever Giorno fa

    Liza I thought you were looking for mayo and now a different guy

  • Denise Squad
    Denise Squad Giorno fa

    Liza dancing is me after my crush finally talks to me

  • ritamichele
    ritamichele Giorno fa +1

    Picture of Hailey in the store window @1:08

  • Payzlie Cervantes
    Payzlie Cervantes Giorno fa +1

    David: Runs over him
    David: Whoops there goes that guys bicycle!

  • Jessika White
    Jessika White Giorno fa

    Imagine actually being that energetic when you drink from 1 to 2 and dance to 4 in the morning

  • Naya White
    Naya White Giorno fa

    am I obsessed with this song? HELL YEAH

  • Rocío Arias
    Rocío Arias Giorno fa


  • Eliza Kiperman
    Eliza Kiperman Giorno fa

    David Dobrik has left the chat

  • Stephanie Cox
    Stephanie Cox Giorno fa

    are y'all dating

  • Victoria Melvin
    Victoria Melvin Giorno fa

    Calm down liza lol jk

  • ZattArt
    ZattArt Giorno fa

    You can't be in a bad mood when this song comes on.

  • Emma Bennett
    Emma Bennett Giorno fa

    Party on Liza

  • Tiaboo xo
    Tiaboo xo Giorno fa

    At the start it wasn't work it was David wanting to get back together😥😂

  • Lashaunda edwards
    Lashaunda edwards Giorno fa

    AWWW😭😭poor david

  • James Gorman
    James Gorman Giorno fa

    Is that Beto?

  • Madi Ann
    Madi Ann Giorno fa

    3:20 David shits his pants lmfao

  • Barbara Szczepanik
    Barbara Szczepanik Giorno fa +1

    I love this song 😍💘

  • Ramona Duran
    Ramona Duran Giorno fa

    Liza is not singing she is just dancing

  • Lilly Boat
    Lilly Boat Giorno fa

    My new ship! frick david now its drax's turn!

  • Zac The Emperor
    Zac The Emperor Giorno fa

    The original sounds better to be honest, but still a lovely song

  • Yiota Morfoniou
    Yiota Morfoniou Giorno fa +1

    I come here because of Jet /Liza.. 😂😂I love her personality...

  • Braylee’s Dream works

    This is AMAZING. I love it so much!

  • Jasmine Panesar
    Jasmine Panesar Giorno fa

    LOL how am I just seeing this now

  • Georgia Gill
    Georgia Gill Giorno fa +1

    David is as salty as my brother when his girlfriend had better friendship with his friends than him ( not in a cheaty way )

  • Dazza Howard
    Dazza Howard Giorno fa

    My favourite song at the moment, great sentiment.

  • Khatangoo Khangai
    Khatangoo Khangai Giorno fa

    I cant stand seeing Liza with someone else than David i know its a music clip but i cant handle this....

  • Victoire Sibomana
    Victoire Sibomana Giorno fa +1


  • Lilly Morgan
    Lilly Morgan 2 giorni fa +1

    Who else ships them...

  • Grendell White
    Grendell White 2 giorni fa

    I love this! 🙌🏾❤️

  • Analise Gutierrez
    Analise Gutierrez 2 giorni fa +1

    Can you and liza just date already, you guys would be so cute together ❤ like if you agree

  • Abby Forsmark
    Abby Forsmark 2 giorni fa

    Wait um... why are both of their wallets gone...? I'm concerned

  • Jessica Smith
    Jessica Smith 2 giorni fa

    I SHIP ITTTTT! ❤👩👨

  • Saira Sadhwani
    Saira Sadhwani 2 giorni fa

    if you pause at 1:35 you can see a store called Hailee's

  • Celina Abou-Abbas
    Celina Abou-Abbas 2 giorni fa

    You go Liza! Still David holds a place in your heart and you were meant to be. The only reason they broke up was that were living different lives.I still ship Diza and always will they were meant to be. NO hate just still ship them. If anyone disagrees, think of what I said "They were meant to be" and look at pictures of them when they were together and all there fan accounts that still ship them on instagram then come back and throw shade at me. David quietly sobbing in the background and then when she goes, on top of him, he starts crying and then leaves the chat . I don't ship Liza and David with anyone else but each other. When someone asks me which celebrity couple do you ship the most I say Liza and David (Diza) and it will always be (even though there not together). I still cry when I watch their break up video, like I was in the break up. #DIZA #DavidDobrik #LizaKoshy #DizaForLife #DavidandLiza

  • Lu Vlogs
    Lu Vlogs 2 giorni fa

    Love this song but i dont ship

  • Naphakade Madziba
    Naphakade Madziba 2 giorni fa

    I haven't seen songs like this one in a while

  • Zaneta Moss
    Zaneta Moss 2 giorni fa +1

    love the song. But if I woke up with my pockets empty(no phone) and wallet gone I'd have a panic attack.

  • lØner
    lØner 2 giorni fa

    Liza is getting some tonight 😂

  • Vizualzz YT
    Vizualzz YT 2 giorni fa +1

    It just feels so wrong...

  • Dynasty Star
    Dynasty Star 2 giorni fa

    Liza kills it!!

  • Eby thelofd
    Eby thelofd 2 giorni fa

    I just came cuase i saw liza

  • Cleopatra French
    Cleopatra French 2 giorni fa

    Dude I love Lizas energy

  • Nick Fuqua
    Nick Fuqua 2 giorni fa

    I don’t care that the bus is in LA, but there are never that many attractive people on a bus.

  • zainab azhar
    zainab azhar 2 giorni fa

    Now i think david doesn’t care cz he MARRIED JASON MOM OFFICIALLY TO BECOME HIS STEPDAD!?!!?!??! my life is a joke now

  • Unicorns Are cool
    Unicorns Are cool 2 giorni fa

    My favorite part is 1:44

  • bagoesdiemas
    bagoesdiemas 2 giorni fa

    I put my comment here on 20 may 2019 at 01:48am just to remind me next year that this video was one of my favorite

  • Ashley F
    Ashley F 2 giorni fa

    who else clicked for liza

  • Jonathan Corcoran
    Jonathan Corcoran 2 giorni fa

    Is no one going to mention how much this dude looks like Beto O' Rourke 😂😂😂

  • Lara Gorcenko
    Lara Gorcenko 2 giorni fa

    Dammmnnn Lizzaaa

  • Gweneth Pelaez
    Gweneth Pelaez 2 giorni fa

    I cant stop watching this video over and over again! 😍❤️
    This song is so addicting! Good job!👏👏❤️

  • Beth Minter
    Beth Minter 2 giorni fa

    bootiful song

  • kenzie jayde
    kenzie jayde 2 giorni fa +1

    x0.75: SO RELAXING!
    x1.25: I WANT TO DANCE!

  • Tyler Yoongi
    Tyler Yoongi 2 giorni fa +1

    I actually ship them, ahh❤️
    plusssss THIS SONG IS SO CATCHY!

  • Ciara Athene
    Ciara Athene 3 giorni fa

    2:28 isn't that Case Walker tho?😂

  • AnnaLee Lewis
    AnnaLee Lewis 3 giorni fa +1

    i am glad they didn't make liza act all serious

  • Grace H
    Grace H 3 giorni fa

    Anyone else not know this song came out a year ago?

  • Lulu L
    Lulu L 3 giorni fa

    Sorry..... but who only drinks for an hour?

  • • IceBerryLps •
    • IceBerryLps • 3 giorni fa

    liza: *cancels david*
    everyone: *shooketh*

  • Nataly ?
    Nataly ? 3 giorni fa


  • *destiny* *saye*
    *destiny* *saye* 3 giorni fa

    If u disliked this, drink bleach

  • *destiny* *saye*
    *destiny* *saye* 3 giorni fa

    Love this❤

  • Kayla Winsor
    Kayla Winsor 3 giorni fa

    Now whenever I hear this song I think of Liza koshy


    90% of the comments about David Dobrik
    7% of the comments about Liza
    3% about the actual vid

  • James Armijo
    James Armijo 3 giorni fa

    That girl can dance.💃🤸‍♀️🤹‍♀️

  • ëmilyx
    ëmilyx 3 giorni fa +1

    David close your eyes for 3 minutes 27 seconds..

  • purpleZebra54 321
    purpleZebra54 321 3 giorni fa

    Everyone’s talking about how David’s going to be rlly jealous but I was basically crying at the happiness in her eyes when she was dancing away from his house

  • IIzzy Time
    IIzzy Time 3 giorni fa

    I just can’t with the love between these two in the vid it’s David and Liza not this even if they are not together I have hope

  • Ava Wagner
    Ava Wagner 3 giorni fa

    David should recreate this with Jason' Mom (aka his wife)

  • Sophia Fineza
    Sophia Fineza 3 giorni fa

    and then david married jason's mom. coincidence? i think not.