Vlog Squad Answers The Web's Most Searched Questions (w/Corinna, Scott, Todd, Jonah) | WIRED Parody

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  • Pubblicato il 18 apr 2019
  • Part 2 of my WIRED Parody!! I'm performing standup in San Jose on April 28th, get your tickets here!!: improv.com/sanjose/comic/jason+nash/
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  • Jason Nash
    Jason Nash  4 mesi fa +2811

    I’LL BE PERFORMING IN SAN JOSE ON APRIL 28th!! improv.com/sanjose/comic/jason+nash/

  • MemeDojo
    MemeDojo 2 giorni fa

    I find it very ironically unappealing that Scott is wearing a shirt that says don’t be sad while nick is literally depressed sitting next to him

  • Josh Scholz
    Josh Scholz 3 giorni fa

    “Vegan Food is great”
    Me: What fucking Ice

    XXXTENTACION ! 3 giorni fa

    jonah owns my uwu idcidc 🥺✋🏼

  • Mrcrzy
    Mrcrzy 3 giorni fa

    Why am I getting only Trojan ads

  • sd leonie
    sd leonie 3 giorni fa

    I knew that she is German because of her last name. I was shocked when she spoke German bc I thought that she just is German but can’t speak it 😂

  • Arunima Shukla
    Arunima Shukla 4 giorni fa +1

    I literally feel so bad for Nick, like he seems so defeated and depressed. He deserves better.😭😭😭

  • Kristen Masters
    Kristen Masters 4 giorni fa

    I don’t like the way nick talks about himself. he really looks down on himself and his friends feed into it. ik they’re joking but jokes can hurt.

  • Stormi Foulks
    Stormi Foulks 4 giorni fa +1

    Dude hearing them joke and be hilarious without David adorably laughing is uncomfortable

  • Lizzy Grace
    Lizzy Grace 4 giorni fa +1

    *I keep forgetting Jason made this and not wired lol*

  • Ego Synth
    Ego Synth 4 giorni fa

    They all seem so depressed

  • nunsfuneral
    nunsfuneral 4 giorni fa

    I feel like scott hates jeff

  • DankCloudEntertainment

    Corina looks high af

  • Trevor Costelloe
    Trevor Costelloe 5 giorni fa

    Carly is really attractive but i cant tell if shes annoying or not. People always cut her out of the footage at the weirdest time

  • Beetlejuice Green
    Beetlejuice Green 5 giorni fa


  • Jessalyn Hoover
    Jessalyn Hoover 5 giorni fa

    Omg I thought I saw Nick in a Dollar Shave Club commercial I wasn't sure tho😂

  • ClaytonCliff
    ClaytonCliff 5 giorni fa

    Corina is a whore. It’s awesome

  • Coen Murphy
    Coen Murphy 5 giorni fa

    it just sounds like jonah wants to kill himself the whole time he’s up

  • sharks in the wøøds
    sharks in the wøøds 5 giorni fa

    she looks so good in ig but she doesn't here lol

  • IndianHead Logan
    IndianHead Logan 6 giorni fa

    I love how Jason keeps on coming up with new and original ideas!

  • IndianHead Logan
    IndianHead Logan 6 giorni fa

    Jason's laugh sounds like an angry German on helium.

  • Smoked Nublet
    Smoked Nublet 7 giorni fa

    I hate myself I was looking at her boobs the hole time😂🧔🏻🔫

  • Eden Vanacker
    Eden Vanacker 7 giorni fa

    Btw Scotty is my favorite

  • DankMonkey ,
    DankMonkey , 7 giorni fa

    Corrina is not vegan because he swallows meat

  • Steven Solos
    Steven Solos 7 giorni fa

    Wait. WAIT. I quite literally thought I was watching wired for the past 16 minutes until the outro song played.... I got jebaited.

  • Innsanee -
    Innsanee - 8 giorni fa

    U look like the chick from suicide squad and she is Australian. Do I think that’s we’re that answer came from

  • IThinkIm BoReD
    IThinkIm BoReD 9 giorni fa

    *Dreams always die*

  • Fitter M
    Fitter M 9 giorni fa

    They spelled Australian wrong

  • THAT1KID.13
    THAT1KID.13 10 giorni fa

    Who here is watching this while being high asf

  • XxsnipezxX Beast
    XxsnipezxX Beast 10 giorni fa

    All Irish aren't alcoholics

  • Cocoa butta jr
    Cocoa butta jr 10 giorni fa

    Some times I wonder if Jason bad is gay

  • jess
    jess 10 giorni fa

    oh shut this is jason’s video- i thought it was like buzzfeed💀

  • Big Papa
    Big Papa 10 giorni fa +1

    That’s not you big Niggas the least funniest in the Vlog

  • Liam Murphy
    Liam Murphy 11 giorni fa

    Kopf means head on German btw, Corinna Head... Corinna gives....

  • Daniel Van Buren
    Daniel Van Buren 11 giorni fa

    Yo what is this!!!!

  • Finnyzation
    Finnyzation 11 giorni fa

    good accent Jason

  • rhea alexander
    rhea alexander 11 giorni fa

    Australian was spelt wrong in Corinnas part.

  • AbstraktKooki
    AbstraktKooki 11 giorni fa

    Where is Jeff at 😭

  • Lauren Sinclaire
    Lauren Sinclaire 11 giorni fa

    damn jonah are you okay?

  • Assistant to the regional manager

    Jonah is gonna top himself soon. You saw it here first.

  • Flosch lp
    Flosch lp 11 giorni fa

    Her german sucks like hell

  • Th3Real JJ
    Th3Real JJ 11 giorni fa

    That cleavage tho

  • Alessandra Aviles
    Alessandra Aviles 11 giorni fa +1

    Im learning german and i understood everything Corinna said so gotta say I’m proud of myself

    • Alessandra Aviles
      Alessandra Aviles 6 giorni fa

      l l it’s pretty easy for me to learn languages just cause their really interesting to me and it helps when I am already bilingual but it can be easier either way as long as you try hard enough.

    • l l
      l l 6 giorni fa

      Alessandra Aviles Extremely good point. i started learning italian about a year and a half ago and i realized it was a lot easier for me to learn to read it than to speak it just because pronouncing the actual words of foreign languages is so challenging to me, but reading it and resembling what means what in my head (like, without having to say it out loud, just more of remembering what the word looks like) is so much easier for me for some reason

    • Alessandra Aviles
      Alessandra Aviles 6 giorni fa +1

      l l plus what Language isn’t complex to be honest

    • Alessandra Aviles
      Alessandra Aviles 6 giorni fa +1

      l l yeah it’s totally worth it. You just really need to try hard and practice everyday. It helps to hear it and stuff. So I watch tv shows in German and such.

    • l l
      l l 6 giorni fa

      Alessandra Aviles really? That’s pretty reassuring to hear! Maybe i’ll give it a shot after all

  • Ary Zárate
    Ary Zárate 12 giorni fa

    LMAO, I thought this was the WIRED channel the whole video

  • Kraum2
    Kraum2 12 giorni fa

    why are they calling jonah, nick?

  • Chomp Devil
    Chomp Devil 12 giorni fa

    Jonah - Dollar Shave Club
    David - ZEKE!

  • Zoey Durbinoffical
    Zoey Durbinoffical 13 giorni fa

    Jonah's is just depressing

  • Sâñdêsh S
    Sâñdêsh S 13 giorni fa

    I didn't know Corrina had such big boobs

  • Jacqueline González
    Jacqueline González 13 giorni fa

    Corrinas from Rolling Ghettos!!!!!!!!!!!!! Makes sense. lol 🧡

  • Graham B
    Graham B 13 giorni fa

    First 3 minutes is Jason staring at corinas boobs 😂

  • Chase Caruso
    Chase Caruso 13 giorni fa +1

    We all know the whole time this video was going jason was looking at her boobs😂

  • Sienna Evangrlista
    Sienna Evangrlista 14 giorni fa

    1:40 omfg pffhahaha I'm so glad you didn't say shrimp one day Barbie or a dingo took my baby and if u did I'll kill you

  • BUckY
    BUckY 14 giorni fa

    Wait Jason understands German?

  • chief 1 redwolf
    chief 1 redwolf 14 giorni fa

    Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added to you Jesus said to delight yourself in the lord and he will give you the desires of your heart and no good thing will he withhold from those who diligently seek him 👟❤️📖📖📖

  • A J
    A J 15 giorni fa

    Used to think the outro was "David, I... I need your love..."

  • Steph Gomez
    Steph Gomez 15 giorni fa

    I low key love Jason so much lol. I aprecciate very much the fact that he is like 75 and making youtube video yeahhhhhh🤘😎

  • Marc 0
    Marc 0 15 giorni fa

    "scott sold out a whole tour" not. "david sold out scotts tour"

  • Rather Not say
    Rather Not say 16 giorni fa

    I still surprised he hasn’t gotten sued😅

  • SetTrippin 760
    SetTrippin 760 18 giorni fa

    Took me 12 mins to realize this is on Jason Nash’s channel

  • Marisol
    Marisol 20 giorni fa

    “Absolutely not.” Scott is funny. I’m convinced the “not funny” thing is just a role he’s playing.

  • Fun with Kybugy
    Fun with Kybugy 22 giorni fa

    when scott said that’s why i’m not in the vlogs i cackled😂😂😂😂

  • freeek or unique
    freeek or unique 22 giorni fa

    i,love bread lady and her daughter

  • Trine rodriguez
    Trine rodriguez 24 giorni fa

    Scott got out depressed by Jonah

  • Lydia Mino_meh_name
    Lydia Mino_meh_name 26 giorni fa

    And Jonah? Wheres jason lol

  • Fuzzy Panda77
    Fuzzy Panda77 28 giorni fa

    I’m Australian and I’m offended lol love ya

  • disguisedp
    disguisedp 28 giorni fa

    omg the part with Jonah just broke my heart... why does everyone make fun of him like that :'( he's just so sad..

  • Frank Espinoza
    Frank Espinoza Mese fa

    How to help American native culture please the white supremacy is keeping us abreast

  • María Bebito
    María Bebito Mese fa +2

    Todd is a little slow

  • Talisa Marie Garcia

    I’ve literally googled “Jason Nash outro song” myself before lol

  • Annalynn Cameron

    Song at the end?

  • sumnerg
    sumnerg Mese fa

    No one: nothing
    Corinna: look at my breasts

  • amira robertson
    amira robertson Mese fa +1

    aw poor jonah idk if that was a joke but he looked so sad.

  • Peache s
    Peache s Mese fa

    This is gay

  • NG Lopez
    NG Lopez Mese fa

    Dude.... is Nick okay?

  • Dswizz96
    Dswizz96 Mese fa

    Corinna has a nice rack lmao