Dumbo | Arcade Fire "Baby Mine" Reveal

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  • Pubblicato il 4 mar 2019
  • Watch a sneak peek of Dumbo featuring a new version of “Baby Mine” recorded by Arcade Fire and see the film in theaters March 29.
    From Disney and visionary director Tim Burton, “Dumbo” expands on the beloved classic story where differences are celebrated, family is cherished and dreams take flight. A new trailer, images and poster are now available. The trailer features Colin Farrell, Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito, Eva Green, Finley Hobbins and Nico Parker.
    Circus owner Max Medici (Danny DeVito) enlists former star Holt Farrier (Colin Farrell) and his children Milly (Nico Parker) and Joe (Finley Hobbins) to care for a newborn elephant whose oversized ears make him a laughingstock in an already struggling circus. But when they discover that Dumbo can fly, the circus makes an incredible comeback, attracting persuasive entrepreneur V.A. Vandevere (Michael Keaton), who recruits the peculiar pachyderm for his newest, larger-than-life entertainment venture, Dreamland. Dumbo soars to new heights alongside a charming and spectacular aerial artist, Colette Marchant (Eva Green), until Holt learns that beneath its shiny veneer, Dreamland is full of dark secrets.
    Website: disney.com/dumbo
    IT-clip: it-clip.net/user/disneymovietrailers
    Facebook: facebook.com/DisneyDumbo/
    Twitter: twitter.com/dumbo
    Instagram: instagram.com/dumbo/
    Hashtag: #Dumbo
    U.S. Release Date: March 29, 2019
    Cast: Colin Farrell, Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito, Eva Green, Alan Arkin, Finley Hobbins, Nico Parker.
    Director: Tim Burton
    Producers: Justin Springer, Ehren Kruger, Katterli Frauenfelder, Derek Frey
    Screenplay by: Ehren Kruger
    Executive Producer: Nigel Gostelow
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Commenti • 447

  • Vikram Badiadka
    Vikram Badiadka Mese fa

    It's kind of dark all the way but I think the movie is good

  • Katherine Muñoz Villegas

    Tim Burton + Arcade Fire = Perfection

  • Lacey PowerPuff
    Lacey PowerPuff 2 mesi fa


  • Jade Love y’all mami

    Imma cry on that movie

  • Manny Villar
    Manny Villar 3 mesi fa


  • Alessandro Marzorati

    Dreamland more like horror land that should be a fun and scary 😱 for the kids

  • Dapper Dilanzo
    Dapper Dilanzo 3 mesi fa

    0:01 wtf sounds so weird

  • Primus Maximoff
    Primus Maximoff 3 mesi fa

    I gotta say dumbo looks great I can’t wait for this movie.

  • FOXTherron7 TM POE
    FOXTherron7 TM POE 3 mesi fa

    Not a musical, but looks better than Alice In Wonderland and FrankenWeenie

  • Dumbo trilogy
    Dumbo trilogy 3 mesi fa +1

    Cant wait for Toy Story 4.

  • Ozbully Morales
    Ozbully Morales 3 mesi fa +1

    🎶Well I done seen about everything when I see an elephant flyyyyy🎶

  • Toxic Banana
    Toxic Banana 3 mesi fa +1

    I'll be honest, I liked the version by Aurora better.

  • Kasim Bilal
    Kasim Bilal 3 mesi fa

    why are so many people saying "if they change anything it'll be ruined"
    i watched the original dumbo just yesterday for the first time and it was almost awful
    him beginning to fly was a sub plot in that story and came right at the end
    it was more about the circus and "look there is also an elephant" which became important in the end
    the story was also very weird. so anything they do with this one is going to be an improvement
    Edit: I loved all the characters but the story was just weird and rushed

  • Mariam Pakbaz
    Mariam Pakbaz 3 mesi fa

    came here for dumbo, stayed for arcade fire

  • Maribel Sacdalan
    Maribel Sacdalan 3 mesi fa

    when the mother stares at dumbo melts my heart

  • pixie power
    pixie power 3 mesi fa

    I hope Dumbo doesn't return to circus performance slavery and exploitation but flies off a free animal. X

  • Dani Elias
    Dani Elias 3 mesi fa

    What??? Where's AURORA?? I want AURORA singing this song not a band !

  • Wesley Whiteside
    Wesley Whiteside 3 mesi fa

    As much as I hate how Dumbo looks, at least Tim Burton goes to a different direction. It's not trying to mimic the original like Lion King and Aladdin are doing. So uh... good job maybe? Please just make more original movies.

  • Zooer
    Zooer 3 mesi fa

    Please let Dumbo be the main focus and not the kids/their dad Please let Dumbo be the main focus and not the kids/their dad Please let Dumbo be the main focus and not the kids/their dad Please let Dumbo be the main focus and not the kids/their dad
    Please let Dumbo be the main focus and not the kids/their dad
    Please let Dumbo be the main focus and not the kids/their dad

  • john93borg
    john93borg 3 mesi fa

    When is the full audio of this song going to be released?

  • Shirley Burns
    Shirley Burns 3 mesi fa

    Never seen the original animated version at all
    Very interested in it ....however i have seen the arcade fire twice...so naturally i will be going to see this remake once it hits the theatres in my home city

  • super staraptor
    super staraptor 3 mesi fa +1

    Aww the scene with Mrs jumbo looks like it will be adorable.

  • Claude Evolution
    Claude Evolution 3 mesi fa

    So glad my birthday will be March 29 see dumbo

  • Dirvinator
    Dirvinator 3 mesi fa

    Arcade Fire are great. I hope this introduces more people to their music

  • Alex McGillvrey
    Alex McGillvrey 3 mesi fa

    E.G. Daily should of sang Baby Mine for the Dumbo remake. She was in Tim Burton’s first movie, Pee-Wes’s Big Adventure.

  • Esparza Cartoons
    Esparza Cartoons 3 mesi fa

    I will give it credit for getting arcade fire to sing baby mine. Otherwise, I give a big NO to anymore live action Disney remakes.

  • LilacBeetle
    LilacBeetle 3 mesi fa +2

    Aurora was going to do this version tho?

    • Dani Elias
      Dani Elias 3 mesi fa +1

      I want AURORA singing this song 😭😭

    • LilacBeetle
      LilacBeetle 3 mesi fa +1

      @Naomi Blackford Yeah I really hope so too. No offense to Arcade Fire but her voice is more suited for a Disney movie tbh

    • Naomi Blackford
      Naomi Blackford 3 mesi fa +3

      I thought they were too but maybe not??? I hope Aurora does it, I like her better

  • Gaylene Morley
    Gaylene Morley 3 mesi fa

    Come on in memory of dumbo i wait for his movie i love that flying elephant indeed i rode one once it was fun

  • Isaac Mendoza
    Isaac Mendoza 3 mesi fa +1

    AURORA and Arcade fire??

  • Y u
    Y u 3 mesi fa

    Peter pan Live Action??

    • 1992disney
      1992disney 3 mesi fa

      Universal Studios already did that back in 2003.

  • Fellipe Henrique
    Fellipe Henrique 3 mesi fa +1


  • Jeremy Szczepanski
    Jeremy Szczepanski 3 mesi fa

    Wish Lana Del Rey sang the song instead, gives it more of a Tim Burton mystique.

  • Sarah Barker
    Sarah Barker 3 mesi fa

    Regardless of what you think about Disney's live action remakes, I think we can all agree that it's better than their old trend of making sub-par direct to video sequels back in the 2000s.

  • MephProduction
    MephProduction 3 mesi fa

    films looks great but who agreed to Arcade Fire's poor cover? ugh.. sorry Tim someone pulled the wool over your eyes if you signed them up.

  • Zombeastsqurl
    Zombeastsqurl 3 mesi fa

    Movie looks good, song sounds terrible sung this way.

  • Maaru
    Maaru 3 mesi fa

    So beautiful💕

  • Shot in the Heart
    Shot in the Heart 3 mesi fa

    I can't with this song

  • Pim Smets
    Pim Smets 3 mesi fa

    I have a feeling I’m going to like Eva Green’s character a lot.

  • This Single Mom
    This Single Mom 3 mesi fa

    Dumbo looks cute, but I wish it wasn't so dark. Glad they included the "Baby Mine" song

  • Dumbo trilogy
    Dumbo trilogy 3 mesi fa +1

    I think it was soposed to be a PG movie for adults sorry kids it is like Toy Story 4. This movie is for 20 years and older. More like 18 years because it was soposed to be Rated R like Toy Story 4 because Toy Story 4 was made thanks to Pixar. But we are getting a Disney vs Pixar crossover with Dumbo and Wall-e.

    • B Purcell
      B Purcell 2 mesi fa


  • Dumbo trilogy
    Dumbo trilogy 3 mesi fa +1

    Who will voice Mr Potato Head from Toy Story 4 ? 😓

  • Dumbo trilogy
    Dumbo trilogy 3 mesi fa +1

    Waiting for Dumbo 2.

  • Dumbo trilogy
    Dumbo trilogy 3 mesi fa +2

    VA Vandemere is the real villian.

  • Stuart Hays
    Stuart Hays 3 mesi fa

    "I seen a peanut stand,
    I heard a rubber band,
    I seen a needle that winked it's eye!
    But I be done seen 'bout everythin,
    when I see an elephant fly!!!"

  • Saúl Reyes
    Saúl Reyes 3 mesi fa +1

    Well, well, where is my AURORA's song?

  • Yourlocalbluntfriend
    Yourlocalbluntfriend 3 mesi fa +1

    Arcade Fire!!!

  • Justin Eves
    Justin Eves 3 mesi fa

    This looks very good and epic I can't wait to see it

  • Fluff31
    Fluff31 3 mesi fa

    It's Mrs.Jumbo and her Baby boy Dumbo!!!!!!!! Mother and Baby bonding Together. I like Dumbo and his mother Mrs. Jumbo and Dumbo's friends 2 Children and Children's Father and Colette Marchant too and other circus family too. Also this song is so Beautiful!!!!!!!! Right now I'm Crying!!!!!😢 😭

  • Chris Atherton
    Chris Atherton 3 mesi fa

    0:35 Pennywise

  • Princess Brianna
    Princess Brianna 3 mesi fa

    "Baby mine, don't you cry."

  • Dumbo trilogy
    Dumbo trilogy 3 mesi fa +1

    What about the fourth Toy Story 4 trailer.

  • XenoRaptor
    XenoRaptor 3 mesi fa +9

    Ditch the kids
    Add singing crows
    Add the mouse
    Add drunk scene

  • FrostySkyGirl
    FrostySkyGirl 3 mesi fa

    The voice cut in the beginning is soooo bad

  • Ford Wentey
    Ford Wentey 3 mesi fa

    WELLLLLLLL THEY ARE ONE OF MY FAVORITE BANDS SO I WILL GO SEE THIS BUT.... every live action disney movie has been an abomination and alladin looks no worse. somehow this looks good, yet i hold extreme reservations. the mary poppins returns trailer brought me to tears when they went into the 2D animation, I thought it was going to be a masterpiece. I have yet to see Hamilton so I don't know who this phoney imposter Lin Manuel Miranda is supposed to be, but when I saw Mary Poppins Returns in theatres that has to be the #1 WORST DISNEY MOVIE OF ALL TIME. I'm not including made for TV movies or straight to video sequels, but theatrical films. What an abomination that was. You know Mary Poppins is a masterpiece and one of Walt's proudest moments as a filmmaker and that's what you turn in. WORST MOVIE EVER. EVER. I don't even know where to begin. DISNEY HAS LOST IT THIS DECADE. They were on INCREDIBLE FIRE in the early 90's and THE ENTIRE 00's thanks to Pixar making a masterpiece every year. They've gone cruddy too, not as cruddy, but some of their stuff just isn't on that masterpiece level like it used to be.... I will see this and I hope it will be a masterpiece but honestly Disney, please FIRE EVERYONE. FIRE THEM ALL. GET THEM ALL OUT OF THERE. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! I'M A DISNEY FREAK AND I HATE THIS DECADE!!! FROZEN IS OVERRATED AS F!!!!!! Beauty and the Beast was TERRIBLE. This actually looks good but who knows!

  • Adam Nofal
    Adam Nofal 3 mesi fa

    I hate that animals are used for entertainment. Don't y'all agreed?

  • Ben V
    Ben V 3 mesi fa

    Calling it now, this will be better than Aladdin.

  • TigerGhoul Animations and speed paints

    Casey jr:All aboard the hype train

  • George Barbosa
    George Barbosa 3 mesi fa +1

    the reamke nobody asked, changes that make no sence (heck its a action rescue movie now?),
    you think Aladdin is going to be bad?
    people will at least remenber will Smith genie
    but Dumbo? nobody will remenber this remake after one month.

    • 1992disney
      1992disney 3 mesi fa

      The same thing will apply to the Lion King remake as well.

  • Shade's Insane Chamber


  • DisneyGal 011
    DisneyGal 011 3 mesi fa

    God....I'm gonna be crying...help.

  • javier castaneda
    javier castaneda 3 mesi fa

    Please release the version from the first teaser that was released.

    • craigpei
      craigpei 3 mesi fa +1

      That's for the body of the film. Arcade Fire did a full version for the closing credits.

  • Mateus Mamani
    Mateus Mamani 3 mesi fa +1

    And the 'Baby Mine' version by Aurora? :c

    • craigpei
      craigpei 3 mesi fa

      Body of the film. AF's is for the closing credits.

  • Mauricio Borbon
    Mauricio Borbon 3 mesi fa +1

    Okay but what about the Aurora version of Baby Mine?? Explain! Explain, Disney!!!

    • craigpei
      craigpei 3 mesi fa

      My understanding@Mauricio Borbon that it won't be released until end of the month when the film comes out

    • Mauricio Borbon
      Mauricio Borbon 3 mesi fa +1

      @craigpei that's fine. I just wish they'd release it already on Spotify. It's nowhere to be found.

    • craigpei
      craigpei 3 mesi fa

      That version is in the body of the film. Arcade Fire's is for the closing credits.

  • TheSpeedTrain
    TheSpeedTrain 3 mesi fa


  • Tori Fox
    Tori Fox 3 mesi fa

    Ummm....is it about Dumbo? I'm really confused how this is about a flying baby elephant.

  • Kooka Man
    Kooka Man 3 mesi fa +1

    Baby mine
    Don't you cry
    Baby mine
    Dry your eyes

  • Luan Fernandes
    Luan Fernandes 3 mesi fa +1

    And Aurora Music?

  • Talyta Barcelos
    Talyta Barcelos 3 mesi fa

    Arcade Fire💛

  • Anthony Anderson
    Anthony Anderson 3 mesi fa

    Fire Dumbo, Fire...

  • Hannah Horne
    Hannah Horne 3 mesi fa +1

    I can't wait for this Dumbo is cute

  • Abby B
    Abby B 3 mesi fa +1

    Why is there a designated bad guy in this movie? There doesn't need to be one!! The same can be said for Mary Poppins returns and that film had a bad guy and a car chase!! Mary Poppins doesn't need a villain or a car chase...the same can and will be said for Dumbo!

  • FlickTalk
    FlickTalk 3 mesi fa +1

    Wow this cover is really bad

  • SuzanaR
    SuzanaR 3 mesi fa

    The only Disney live-action movie I care about this year. It's not a 1:1 copy like TLK and doesn't look shit like Aladdin. And Dumbo will always be the cutest thing ever. Colin Farrell and Eva Green being in it doesn't hurt either :)

  • Victor Gonzalez
    Victor Gonzalez 3 mesi fa

    Is there going to be a bunch of black birds singing.

  • lonely leaf
    lonely leaf 3 mesi fa +2

    But what about AURORA's version?!!!

    • craigpei
      craigpei 3 mesi fa +1

      @Dani Elias can't give you a 100% that it's Aurora doing the song in the body of the film-- I just know that Arcade Fire's version is only for the closing credits and someone else is doing the song in the main part of the film. I work for Régine Chassagne's (Arcade Fire's woman vocalist) Haitian foundation KANPE so am up on what AF is doing.

    • Dani Elias
      Dani Elias 3 mesi fa

      @craigpei how do you know this? You're giving me hope

    • craigpei
      craigpei 3 mesi fa

      In the body of the film. AF's is for closing credits.

  • Datura April
    Datura April 3 mesi fa

    The crows song better be in there

  • Sunrise Alex
    Sunrise Alex 3 mesi fa

    We have one spoiler already: the guy will lose an arm ;/

    • Mauricio Borbon
      Mauricio Borbon 3 mesi fa

      @Sunrise Alex I just read an article that said in the movie, Colin Farrel plays a veteran who lost an arm in WWI and who's wife died while he was gone.

    • Mauricio Borbon
      Mauricio Borbon 3 mesi fa

      @Sunrise Alex yes, but you can have a finale scene and also just have one arm. He just happens to have one arm. He probably lost in a war or something. Michael Keaton isn't going to chop his arm off in some epic battle scene or anything.

    • Sunrise Alex
      Sunrise Alex 3 mesi fa

      @Mauricio Borbon but notice that he had one arm in the scene where he climb up using a rope while the circus burns. That does sound like a finale of the movie.

    • Mauricio Borbon
      Mauricio Borbon 3 mesi fa

      @Sunrise Alex yeah since the first trailer he has always had one arm

    • Sunrise Alex
      Sunrise Alex 3 mesi fa

      @Mauricio Borbon rlly?

  • Tony Queen
    Tony Queen 3 mesi fa

    Arcade fire 👌

  • Welington LJ
    Welington LJ 3 mesi fa +1


  • Joey Mannino
    Joey Mannino 3 mesi fa +2

    Why is everyone in the comments talking about the movie and not the fact that we get a new Arcade Fire song??????

  • Albert Baby
    Albert Baby 3 mesi fa


  • Christian MacCready

    This version of "Baby Mine" is way better than the one done by Aurora. Also, it sounds more like the version from the original movie.

    • Christian MacCready
      Christian MacCready 3 mesi fa

      @Mauricio Borbon I noticed that it's also a duet.

    • Mauricio Borbon
      Mauricio Borbon 3 mesi fa +2

      Disagree. Arcade Fire singing this is such a wrong fit. Some dudes voice singing from the point of an elephant mother? Why.

    • Christian MacCready
      Christian MacCready 3 mesi fa

      @lonely leaf True, but it sounds a little creepy too.

    • lonely leaf
      lonely leaf 3 mesi fa +1

      How??? AURORA brings a sweet innocent voice to a song that is supposed to be very feminine and motherly. Her version is so tender and heartachingly beautiful

  • A D I
    A D I 3 mesi fa +1

    Julie Andrews sweetie...

  • Dumbo trilogy
    Dumbo trilogy 3 mesi fa +1

    Its just a franchise.

  • Dumbo trilogy
    Dumbo trilogy 3 mesi fa +1

    Tim Burton's Dumbo is kind of dark like Toy Story 4.

  • Dumbo trilogy
    Dumbo trilogy 3 mesi fa +1

    Who will voice Mr Potato Head from Toy Story 4?

  • Bob Reynolds
    Bob Reynolds 3 mesi fa

    You know, that looks pretty good.

  • Klaus_Dark Phoenix
    Klaus_Dark Phoenix 3 mesi fa

    Wait to [MuLan] Live action movie 2020 find her 🎤👱🎵🎼 singing theme song Chinese ver. (一百萬個可能)

  • skinflutey
    skinflutey 3 mesi fa +2

    The story looks like garbage. Let’s face it Dumbo will be a side character.

  • Kanefan701
    Kanefan701 3 mesi fa

    "We get to soar on that elephants wings! Come with me to Dreamland!"

    Just hearing that is like he's telling us to come with him for the emotional ride that we're gonna have. Michael Keaton you're still gonna be one of the reasons this film will be a success.

  • Kanefan701
    Kanefan701 3 mesi fa

    After seeing what I've watched and how V. A. Vandevere (Michael Keaton) acts here, I'm getting this vision that Dumbo will step up and face him and perhaps fight him in order to show what outcasts can do even if they don't fit in with others. But then again, that Vandevere looks to be the bad guy here, I have a feeling that after Dumbo defeats him, he may changed his ways and learn his wrong doings and be a good guy. This is just rough idea to what I think we might see but then again we have to wait just a few more weeks until March 29 for all the answers and hopes and expectations that we've been waiting for 5 years.

  • Ryu Kusanagi
    Ryu Kusanagi 3 mesi fa

    am I the only one annoyed by those 1frame credits?

  • PainCausingSamurai
    PainCausingSamurai 3 mesi fa

    Baby mine is already the saddest Disney song, now you've got Arcade fire behind It?!?

  • Nicholas Go
    Nicholas Go 3 mesi fa

    Awwww, I cried when I heard the song the first time

  • david n
    david n 3 mesi fa +3

    what's happen with aurora version??

    • craigpei
      craigpei 3 mesi fa

      Main body of the film. AF's is for the closing credits.

    • Yok Moonwarrior
      Yok Moonwarrior 3 mesi fa

      david n I’m the one who’s curious too

  • Annaliese
    Annaliese 3 mesi fa +3

    This movie is a big yikes

  • Damiano Corvaglia
    Damiano Corvaglia 3 mesi fa


  • Dumbo trilogy
    Dumbo trilogy 3 mesi fa +1

    Hire Jack Nicholson who played Joker in Tim Burton's Batman to play the animal control officer still be called Jack the animal control officer in Dumbo 2. Milly will go by herself in New York City in Dumbo 2 with Dumbo talking.

  • Queensquirrl
    Queensquirrl 3 mesi fa

    No idea who Arcade Fire is. But the movie looks good.

    • craigpei
      craigpei 3 mesi fa

      @Queensquirrl Canadian Grammys. AF are Indie rock, although they do get airplay across the board.

    • Queensquirrl
      Queensquirrl 3 mesi fa

      @craigpei What's a Juno? Anyways I rarely listen to top 40 anything. If it dont make my ears bleed it's not on my radar

    • craigpei
      craigpei 3 mesi fa

      Hugely successful indie band originally from Montréal. Grammy Best album, bunch of Junos, Five #1 albums. Soundtrack music as well for Hunger Games, Her, Six Feet Under, and others. Band has raised several million dollars for Haitian foundation KANPE, which Régine Chassagne founded and puts a TON of work into along with husband Win.

    • Anson Hartzler
      Anson Hartzler 3 mesi fa

      Listen to Creature Comfort a few times

  • Hollie Parish
    Hollie Parish 3 mesi fa +2

    I thought the Norwegian singer was doing baby mine?