[MV] PENTAGON(펜타곤) _ Shine(빛나리)

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  • Pubblicato il 2 apr 2018
  • [MV] PENTAGON(펜타곤) _ Shine(빛나리)

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  • Luis Vilca Sagua
    Luis Vilca Sagua Minuto fa


  • Estela Daza
    Estela Daza Ora fa

    Like si no paras de escucharla ja

  • GD Dyno
    GD Dyno 2 ore fa


  • GD Dyno
    GD Dyno 2 ore fa +1


  • Sheyy Olaer
    Sheyy Olaer 4 ore fa

    I miss EDawn :'

  • Lisa Minha UTT
    Lisa Minha UTT 5 ore fa


  • Jay Garcia
    Jay Garcia 5 ore fa


  • Yesabell Syrmy
    Yesabell Syrmy 6 ore fa

    Esta canción desde que salió no me canso de escucharla, me encanta.Debería bailarlo en la escuela.

  • James Henry
    James Henry 7 ore fa


  • m benny
    m benny 11 ore fa

    I c o n i c

  • AnÔnima da net
    AnÔnima da net 11 ore fa

    vão dar view em sha la la

  • Divya Adheera
    Divya Adheera 11 ore fa +1

    Honestly KINO does the bestest ever "nununanna...gguggukaka" being in the centre and YET it's only in the MV. I mean Shinwon in center is cute too but THAT MOVE WAS MEANT FOR KINO LIKE IN THE MV.

  • M. Godwin
    M. Godwin 13 ore fa +1

    Just on Dicember the song had 115 Million views, and just a few days ago the video had only 140 Million, the song is still relevant, and it gains 5.2 Million a month

  • Hương Nguyễn Phan Minh

    2019 ???? May ???

  • Chhan sokunthika
    Chhan sokunthika 14 ore fa

    OmG E'DAWN is so cute and handsome!!!!*fangirls screech*

  • Isabelle M.
    Isabelle M. 14 ore fa

    When you start stanning Pentagon and choose E'DAWN as your utt/bias :'(

  • Dianny
    Dianny 15 ore fa

    2:21 who's voice is that?!?!?!

    I *love* it

    BTW I'm pretty knew here and I *love* this song but idk anyone's name.... Can y'all help me 😂 🆘

    • Sømeøne whø stands sø many grøups :3
      Sømeøne whø stands sø many grøups :3 13 ore fa +1

      00:00-1:17->E'Dawn; composer and rapper, he left the company
      0:26-2:35->Hui; leader and my bias uhuhu
      0:34-1:49->HongSeok; visual i think?
      0:36-2:19->Yeo One
      0:39-3:08->YanAn; chinese
      0:46-1:58->JinHo; oldest and main vocal, also shortest
      1:04-1:44->Kino; vocal and my other bias uhuhu
      1:31-1:55->WooSeok; maknae, rapper and vErY tAlL
      2:21-> Yuto; japanese and rapper
      1:08 - Kino and HongSeok
      2:45 Kino and JinHo

    • Sømeøne whø stands sø many grøups :3
      Sømeøne whø stands sø many grøups :3 14 ore fa

      2:21 is yuto's voice!!

  • Kaiotic Eli
    Kaiotic Eli 18 ore fa

    I dont know anything about this group but i really like this song..its really catchy

  • Danish Danish
    Danish Danish 19 ore fa +2


  • alejandro raul camacho

    3:11 “COME CACA” jajaja

  • Taexbby-乔伊
    Taexbby-乔伊 20 ore fa +2

    *I come back to this video everyday.*

  • Romillo Campos
    Romillo Campos 21 ora fa +1

    My crush send this song to me.

  • Siti nur nazurah mohd nazrul


  • Yariely Soria
    Yariely Soria Giorno fa

    Cool song❤❤❤

  • ๖ۣۜCɦลrlëşツ

    anh oi sao anh dep trai the

  • Kihla Jackson
    Kihla Jackson Giorno fa +1

    0:57 OMG I LOVE THIS PART❤️😭😭

  • Olivia Linn
    Olivia Linn Giorno fa +1

    First song by them I listened to and my reaction is:

  • Bluue Charky
    Bluue Charky Giorno fa +1

    This song caught my attention when they started doing the shoot and milly rock

  • •Shu-Chan •
    •Shu-Chan • Giorno fa

    분명히 그가 그룹에서 가장 유명한 E'Dawn을 빼앗은 것은 CUBE의 골짜기였습니다. 그는 kawaii와 veryv입니다.

  • Ana army love BTS
    Ana army love BTS Giorno fa

    Obrigada CUBE 😑

  • who's brian
    who's brian Giorno fa +1

    wait what 143 million views???? WHAT DID I MISS

    • M. Godwin
      M. Godwin 13 ore fa

      Yeah i know right, the M/V gained 3 Million out from nowhere in just a week

  • Emily Rainey
    Emily Rainey Giorno fa +1

    This was my favorite song of 2018. I'm STILL obsessed. So. Good.

  • Love Kpop
    Love Kpop Giorno fa +1

    I’m gonna go see Pentagon!!!! 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Skye Vasquez
    Skye Vasquez Giorno fa

    Wow it's been a year when this song came out that was quick

  • s t e p h.
    s t e p h. Giorno fa +1

    1:26 i high key love this hair on shinwon

  • s t e p h.
    s t e p h. Giorno fa


  • mina  deniz
    mina deniz Giorno fa

    I miss the invisible piano guy

  • 涵筱ღ
    涵筱ღ Giorno fa

    Jung woo seok u are so cute ur sound so beautiful

  • Lê Thị Phương Thảo

    05-2019. Who watch ?
    Love ❤️

    LAS NALGAS DE JIMIN Giorno fa +1

    mmmm .......mmmmmm .........penganton
    que deleite para mis ojos y oidos

  • LG 127
    LG 127 Giorno fa +1

    I miss E'dawn.... Huhuhuhuhu

  • JarBizz
    JarBizz Giorno fa +1

    Wesh Kenny !? 2:04

  • Macy Denton
    Macy Denton Giorno fa +1

    Who is the person at 1:45 ? I’m new sorry 😬😓

  • doan an
    doan an Giorno fa +1

    Edawn stills helps Pentagon attract more fans even though he left the group😂

  • Edric Lao
    Edric Lao Giorno fa +1

    E'dawn A.K.A the Invisible Piano Guy gets fired...
    Me: .... His piano wasn't that bad...
    Someone else: *E'dawn got fired cuz he was dating
    Me: ...Well I'll try doing the Invisible piano
    Crush: says yes

  • 伊風
    伊風 Giorno fa


  • Guido Fawkes
    Guido Fawkes Giorno fa +2

    I love you E'Dawn

  • tess 999
    tess 999 Giorno fa

    Views em SHA LA LA por favorzinho 🍓

  • Angel Rosas
    Angel Rosas 2 giorni fa +1

    Love Pentagon

  • Janea Nishka Manalo
    Janea Nishka Manalo 2 giorni fa +1

    When kino and hongseok said "baby im only yours oh oh oh.im only yours oh oh no.And when they also said "when i look to another girls nobodys like u" i felt blushy 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Natasha Enriquez
    Natasha Enriquez 2 giorni fa +1

    e' dawn & hyuna :3

  • Mhisma Vides
    Mhisma Vides 2 giorni fa


  • Mhisma Vides
    Mhisma Vides 2 giorni fa

    I love you

  • Mhisma Vides
    Mhisma Vides 2 giorni fa


  • Mhisma Vides
    Mhisma Vides 2 giorni fa


  • Mhisma Vides
    Mhisma Vides 2 giorni fa

    More views! Please!

  • Mhisma Vides
    Mhisma Vides 2 giorni fa

    Group Wonderful

  • Mhisma Vides
    Mhisma Vides 2 giorni fa

    Hit Gorgeous

  • content_and_content
    content_and_content 2 giorni fa +2

    Honestly Pentagon coulda grown so much if cube didnt fk everything up. This song was definitely the beginning of their boom

    • Blue Frost
      Blue Frost 10 ore fa +1

      +M. Godwin dating isn't something someone can be clicked out for it's actually the K fans that caused it by boycotting them & retaliating online

    • M. Godwin
      M. Godwin 13 ore fa

      It was pretty obvious that they were dating, even in Pentagon Maker E'Dawn calls Hyuna, and in Triple H they look like a couple, like bruh

    • Blue Frost
      Blue Frost Giorno fa +1

      +content_and_content true in all honesty YG's reputation is down in the dumps but they will still be there thanks to the remaining BIGBANG members, iKON, WINNER, BLACKPINK, AKMU, LEE HI, ANDA, 2NE1, GD, T.O.P TREASURE 13 and more amazing artists that they have but as a company they are DONE in the public's & fan's eyes but fans will continue to support their favorite artists so the company will survive but it won't be the same

    • content_and_content
      content_and_content Giorno fa

      +Blue Frost and yg getting kinda hurt after the scandal too 👀

    • Blue Frost
      Blue Frost Giorno fa

      +content_and_content exactly but at least their reputation won't be able to recover they are now one of the worst company's along with SM & TS

  • valentina chávez
    valentina chávez 2 giorni fa

    2019 igual de divertidos que super junior😀😀

  • Laura Vidal
    Laura Vidal 2 giorni fa +1

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  • LayLa ,
    LayLa , 2 giorni fa

    اغنية مميزة وتنطي بهجه
    ياريت اكو هواي اغاني هيج '(

  • sebastian sotelo
    sebastian sotelo 2 giorni fa

    00:26 el chico canta igual a luis fonsi

  • Eleanna Mx
    Eleanna Mx 2 giorni fa +1

    this maybe is a happy song but still hen im looking at e'dawn i wanna cry cause he is not here anymore :c

  • 나는 일본인GUCCI
    나는 일본인GUCCI 2 giorni fa +2


  • Madison Dow
    Madison Dow 2 giorni fa +1

    Cubes biggest mistake was...Kicking out E'Dawn and Hyuna

    CARL MATTHIEU 2 giorni fa +3

    *Who Is Watching This Mv Today?*

  • ümä army d3mentë
    ümä army d3mentë 2 giorni fa

    Jinho e a coisa mais fofa do mundo

  • angelica aa
    angelica aa 2 giorni fa

    I always go back to this song. I love this

  • Nur Batrisyia Raihana Roslan

    Do they sing this for universe?? Cause on 2:52 there are written "universe" on edawn's part

  • •Kim Jisoo
    •Kim Jisoo 2 giorni fa

    Who is at 1:51
    And the other boy at 1:55 (i need to know more about him i am soo in love with his voice)

    • Wanna Boe
      Wanna Boe 2 giorni fa

      •Kim Jisoo hongseok & wooseok

  • lina maria monroy
    lina maria monroy 2 giorni fa

    Me Encantó el vídeo y la canción

  • Cacau Araujo
    Cacau Araujo 2 giorni fa

    Pentagonn amo vcs

  • Edelyn Manansala
    Edelyn Manansala 2 giorni fa

    2019 May? Anyone?

  • Alice Lawlor
    Alice Lawlor 2 giorni fa

    So this is the group that does the 👉🏼👈🏼 dance

  • Chairul efendi
    Chairul efendi 2 giorni fa


  • Jannah Zahrah
    Jannah Zahrah 2 giorni fa

    0:13 anyone notice that this the same place when Gfriend make a Summer Rain Music Video?
    Oke just me 😅😅😅😁😁💞💞💞💞

  • BisTboy BRO
    BisTboy BRO 2 giorni fa

    빛나리 👍

  • Unicorn Lati
    Unicorn Lati 2 giorni fa

    The only exception for me dancing.

  • Melike İğde
    Melike İğde 2 giorni fa


  • Adelia Fanuel
    Adelia Fanuel 2 giorni fa

    My baby yanannnn

  • Emma Sephora Koucs
    Emma Sephora Koucs 2 giorni fa +1

    i don’t know how many times i’ll keep replaying this but it won’t stop now

  • mariel齉.
    mariel齉. 2 giorni fa +1

    *pentagon without edawn doesn't feel right*

  • 토깽이
    토깽이 3 giorni fa +1

    진호 카와이♡♡♡

  • Apricott
    Apricott 3 giorni fa +1

    the subtitles were supposed to say "nobody is like you" but it said "nobody likes you" ;w;

  • REDANT PofeNa Channel
    REDANT PofeNa Channel 3 giorni fa +1


  • nigole
    nigole 3 giorni fa

    lindos sou fa

  • Davina Francis
    Davina Francis 3 giorni fa +1

    Why am I crying , I can't stop crying. What is this emotion, I'm feeling

  • renoれの
    renoれの 3 giorni fa +1


  • Kiwi Time
    Kiwi Time 3 giorni fa +1

    When you're crush don't like you

    so you come here

  • Fergye Schaefer
    Fergye Schaefer 3 giorni fa


  • Maria Guevara
    Maria Guevara 3 giorni fa



    My song😍 Edawn .. Woseok😍

  • Eruptswag
    Eruptswag 3 giorni fa

    0:51 the best

  • Brenda kawaii ARMY- Jungkookie

    Amei essa música!

  • Ana Ester Feitosa
    Ana Ester Feitosa 3 giorni fa +1


  • Pusheen Lover
    Pusheen Lover 3 giorni fa +1

    they are underrated? but they got many views tho

  • Yarely Osorio
    Yarely Osorio 3 giorni fa

    Alguien me puede decir quien es el del minuto 1:25 plis es el chaqueta de cuadros verdes

  • kpop._. trash_got_7_bts_nctzens #4life

    E' Dawn's voice is everything😍

  • ShadowAplle
    ShadowAplle 3 giorni fa

    this emote is hype