"Topsy" Featurette | Mary Poppins Returns

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  • Pubblicato il 12 dic 2018
  • See Meryl Streep as Topsy in this new special look at Mary Poppins Returns. See the film in theatres December 19, and get your tickets now: bit.ly/MryPpnsTx
    In Disney’s “Mary Poppins Returns,” an all new original musical and sequel, Mary Poppins is back to help the next generation of the Banks family find the joy and wonder missing in their lives following a personal loss. Emily Blunt stars as the practically-perfect nanny with unique magical skills who can turn any ordinary task into an unforgettable, fantastic adventure and Lin-Manuel Miranda plays her friend Jack, an optimistic street lamplighter who helps bring light-and life-to the streets of London.

    “Mary Poppins Returns” is directed by Rob Marshall. The screenplay is by David Magee and the screen story is by Magee & Rob Marshall & John DeLuca based upon the Mary Poppins Stories by PL Travers. The producers are John DeLuca, p.g.a., Rob Marshall, p.g.a. and Marc Platt, p.g.a. with Callum McDougall serving as executive producer. The music score is by Marc Shaiman and the film features all new original songs with music by Shaiman and lyrics by Scott Wittman and Shaiman. The film also stars Ben Whishaw as Michael Banks; Emily Mortimer as Jane Banks; Julie Walters as the Banks’ housekeeper Ellen; Pixie Davies, Nathanael Saleh and introducing Joel Dawson as the Banks’ children, with Colin Firth as Fidelity Fiduciary Bank’s William Weatherall Wilkins; and Meryl Streep as Mary’s eccentric cousin, Topsy. Angela Lansbury appears as the Balloon Lady, a treasured character from the PL Travers books and Dick Van Dyke is Mr. Dawes, Jr., the retired chairman of the bank now run by Firth’s character.

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Commenti • 70

  • WickedFan
    WickedFan 5 mesi fa

    Donna’s alive?!

  • da96103
    da96103 5 mesi fa

    Miranda Priestley really let herself go.

  • Carly's Characters liverpool

    Your all amazing actresses and actors. Best film I have seen in such a long time.

  • Matty Moogaming123
    Matty Moogaming123 5 mesi fa +4

    OMG I love TURNING TURTLE I listen to it so much and I saw the film two days ago

  • Andrew Kerfoot
    Andrew Kerfoot 5 mesi fa +3

    Topsy (besides poppins of course) is my favourite character in the whole movie!

  • Haise_Ken02
    Haise_Ken02 5 mesi fa

    Jevil: I can do anything
    Topsy: I can fix anything

  • Vinnie W
    Vinnie W 5 mesi fa +1

    I loved Meryl's scene so much hahaha so funny!! I was just thinking today that if Meryl wasn't available that Bette Midler would have done a great job, but Meryl is still very current in movies and children know her

  • Ben Daniels
    Ben Daniels 5 mesi fa

    Funny how Meryl said she doesn’t want to be in sequels, but the two films she’s in this year are sequels 😂

    • EvaSofie
      EvaSofie 5 mesi fa +2

      She’s not repeating herself in this one, that’s the difference. You’d think people would get that’s what she means by not wanting to do sequels but...

  • imaginaryobserver
    imaginaryobserver 6 mesi fa +1

    When you've only seen Streep in Devil Wears Prada.😆

  • Gabriela R
    Gabriela R 6 mesi fa +2

    need the whole name of topsy!!

    • Gabriela R
      Gabriela R 5 mesi fa +1

      Thank you!!!@EvaSofie

    • EvaSofie
      EvaSofie 5 mesi fa +2

      Tatiana Antanasia Cositori Topotrepolovsky. 😉

  • alexandra jo
    alexandra jo 6 mesi fa +2

    The devil wears Prada reunion

  • kakak beradik
    kakak beradik 6 mesi fa

    I have marry Poppins returns bookmark

  • Joseph Faulkner
    Joseph Faulkner 6 mesi fa

    I honestly thought it was Kathy Griffin for a moment.

  • Lalotte red
    Lalotte red 6 mesi fa +9

    She looks like Madame Medusa's super nice twin sister

  • cecy chechu
    cecy chechu 6 mesi fa


  • wheelzwheela
    wheelzwheela 6 mesi fa

    I haven't seen the movie but I'm assuming the character is screen about 2 minutes and is completely unnecessary. Written in to give the actress a part as it would help sales go up a projected 1.7%.

    • Amira ASMR
      Amira ASMR Mese fa

      Actually the purpose of the character topsy, is to hint to the children that though their situation seems bad, they need too look at it from another point of view, so that they can see that everything is going to be fine. Having Meryl do it, is just a bonus...

    • EvaSofie
      EvaSofie 6 mesi fa +3

      Nope, the character is from the Mary Poppins books and has a song which is definitely longer than 2 minutes.

  • POTTERHEAD7 Fantastic Beasts

    I don't know how I feel about Blunt's accent.

  • svyproductions
    svyproductions 6 mesi fa +13

    Mary: This is my cousin.
    Topsy *sassy* Second Cousin.
    Mary: *rolls eyes*

  • Daniel Nikrasov
    Daniel Nikrasov 6 mesi fa +4

    Bringing Meryl to Disney again. Excellent!

  • Nawal Seddiki
    Nawal Seddiki 6 mesi fa


  • Reynald Kurniawan
    Reynald Kurniawan 6 mesi fa

    Ah yes, Miranda and Emily...

  • prathi sahrudh
    prathi sahrudh 6 mesi fa

    More like oopsie from pwediepie

  • karlaSinger
    karlaSinger 6 mesi fa +2


  • The HoneyQueen
    The HoneyQueen 6 mesi fa +2

    Looking forward to the movie.

  • Maaru
    Maaru 6 mesi fa +2

    Amazing ♥

  • Aruzhan Rouse
    Aruzhan Rouse 6 mesi fa

    Look forwed😍😍😍

  • Musicosis
    Musicosis 6 mesi fa +5

    No!!!! Why put her in this. She is over rated. Spoils a good thing like she did in into the woods.

  • Koral Davis
    Koral Davis 6 mesi fa +4

    Oh mom, you would have loved seeing this.

  • Koral Davis
    Koral Davis 6 mesi fa

    Topsy makes think of Miss Frizzle, Professor Frizzle from the magic school bus and the magic school bus rides again and my high school English teacher Mrs Rodgers. She was my favorite teacher so nutty and fun!

  • Bearbie216
    Bearbie216 6 mesi fa +14

    I'm OBSESSED with her song Turning Turtle I can't wait to see the movie!!

  • Joe C
    Joe C 6 mesi fa +11

    I love mary poppins but i dont agree with "when the world turns upside down. The best thing is to turn right around with it." I feel thats a very conformist way of thinking

    • Joe C
      Joe C 6 mesi fa

      @Share Site its gonna be in the theatre this weekend i can wait. My daughter is 6 she wont have the same experience watching a bootlegged version when there is a beautiful AMC right by my house

    • Maor
      Maor 6 mesi fa +1

      Well sure, if you choose to interpret it wrong.

    • André Camilo
      André Camilo 6 mesi fa +13

      I think she said that in a way of adapting to situations we are unable to change.

  • Ralph Cornelius Castro

    I hope this movie will receive nominations at the 91st Academy Awards such as:
    - Best Picture
    - Best Director for Rob Marshall
    - Best Actress in a Leading Role for Emily Blunt
    - Best Actor in a Leading Role for Lin-Manuel Miranda
    - Best Actor in a Supporting Role for Dick Van Dyke/Ben Whishaw
    - Best Actress in a Supporting Role for Meryl Streep/Emily Mortimer/Angela Lansbury
    - Best Adapted Screenplay for David Magee
    - Best Film Editing for David Magee
    - Best Original Score for Marc Shaiman
    - Best Original Song for "Trip a Little Light Fantastic"/"The Place Where Lost Things Go"
    - Best Cinematography for Dion Beebe
    - Best Costume Design for Sandy Powell
    - Best Production Design for John Myhre & Gordon Sim
    - Best Sound Mixing
    - Best Sound Editing
    - Best Visual Effects for James Baxter, Chris Suave, & Ken Duncan
    If you don't agree with me, please let me know I accept your opinions. 😄

    • Syauqi Abdurrahman
      Syauqi Abdurrahman 4 mesi fa +1

      this film get 3 nominee which is
      Best Costume Design
      Best Production Design
      Best Original Score
      Best Original Song
      'Place Where The Lost Thing Go'

  • Pesca Maravilhosa
    Pesca Maravilhosa 6 mesi fa

    muito top!

  • Dafne solis
    Dafne solis 6 mesi fa


  • Luciana Sadun
    Luciana Sadun 6 mesi fa +21

    Am I the only one who noticed today is the second Wednesday of the month? 0:26

  • Corey Messick
    Corey Messick 6 mesi fa

    Not to mention this implies Topsy’s time of the month. 🙂

  • Kim Jong-un
    Kim Jong-un 6 mesi fa +13

    Thank you Disney, very cool

  • TinyKittenKisses
    TinyKittenKisses 6 mesi fa +1

    i wanna see it now, hurry up!

  • gold leyed 1
    gold leyed 1 6 mesi fa

    What happen

    BELLA DE BELLA 6 mesi fa +1


    TMNT FAN 6 mesi fa +51

    I don’t care if there are critics not liking this movie. This movie looks so amazing!!!!! The cast, the story, the music, the scenery!!!!! This will be the best movie of 2018!

    • da96103
      da96103 6 mesi fa

      There were bad reviews?

    • Chaerul Imam
      Chaerul Imam 6 mesi fa +1

      i thought the critics loved it? i mean it was chosen as one of the top 10 best movies of 2018

    • TMNT FAN
      TMNT FAN 6 mesi fa +2

      I definitely agree with you Ralph!!! This looks like a beautiful movie!!!

    • Ralph Cornelius Castro
      Ralph Cornelius Castro 6 mesi fa +6

      True, I've seen most reviews and they weren't great, I hope this will smash Christmas box office records and receive record-breaking nominations at the 91st Oscars/Academy Awards!

  • Johannes Kstro
    Johannes Kstro 6 mesi fa +1

    Disney es de lo mejor

  • Sergio Avila
    Sergio Avila 6 mesi fa +6

    Meryl Streep is God

  • Sez Francis
    Sez Francis 6 mesi fa +67

    This is going to be a smash hit! ♥️

  • Jacob Kahler
    Jacob Kahler 6 mesi fa

    and I'm so excited

  • Sergio Avila
    Sergio Avila 6 mesi fa +13

    Meryl Streep ❤️

  • Jose Pérez
    Jose Pérez 6 mesi fa


  • Jacob Kahler
    Jacob Kahler 6 mesi fa +1

    I love Disney

  • Gabriella Katz
    Gabriella Katz 6 mesi fa +2

    So excited!!!!!😆😆

  • Y Noless
    Y Noless 6 mesi fa +1

    first one

  • Henry AMV
    Henry AMV 6 mesi fa