5 Foods You're Eating Wrong | The 10s

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  • Pubblicato il 16 mar 2019
  • 5 foods you're eating wrong.
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    5 Foods You're Eating Wrong | The 10s
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    • Lora Elizabeth Jones
      Lora Elizabeth Jones 2 giorni fa

      REACT #TheStruggleIsReal with the pineapple 🍍

    • Microsoft Edge
      Microsoft Edge 9 giorni fa

      +Suhaani Dhawan no

    • Derrek solomon
      Derrek solomon 11 giorni fa

      REACT when you eat the pineapple that way the best way to do it is to get the most ripped one the more orange-ish the more easier it is to pull/peel the pineapple and the more juices come out just letting you know

    • Enoch Wagers
      Enoch Wagers 12 giorni fa

      Austin was funny shut the front door

  • Gasil key
    Gasil key 17 ore fa +1


  • a google user
    a google user 17 ore fa

    just because you can doesn't mean you should

  • Ameri1238
    Ameri1238 17 ore fa

    I also do that to with my

  • Ameri1238
    Ameri1238 17 ore fa

    I have always eaten my cupcakes like that

  • neo's World
    neo's World 17 ore fa +2

    You are suppost to eat oreos with water not milk

  • Pug Hugs
    Pug Hugs 17 ore fa +2

    What do you do with the giant Toberone?

  • KittyKatArianna
    KittyKatArianna 17 ore fa +2

    6:06 you just have the wrong type of cupcake, you need cupcakes with soft icing, but you have cupcakes with hard icing and the cupcake needs to be a nice soft cupcake, but you have cupcakes that are bad and crumbley. 6:17 and you don't need to use a knife you can just rip it with your hand.

  • harder see
    harder see 17 ore fa +2

    Am i the only one that's eats the leafs from the strawberry

  • SpecStudies
    SpecStudies 18 ore fa

    "Boneless wings are just glorified chicken nugget" but you get more meat

  • neininger12
    neininger12 18 ore fa +1

    "Glorified chicken nugget"

  • Galaxymermaid432 1
    Galaxymermaid432 1 18 ore fa

    8:22 I do that to

  • Cookieちゃん
    Cookieちゃん 18 ore fa +1

    Im hungry now

  • kevin aviles
    kevin aviles 18 ore fa +6

    8:09 8:23 that’s what she said. Yikes!

  • Amara Koroveshi
    Amara Koroveshi 19 ore fa +1

    I do the cupcake one when I wanna bring a cupcake to school but I don't wanna get the frosting everywhere so I just do that

  • kelly811543
    kelly811543 19 ore fa

    Some of these people didn’t even try 😂😂😂😂

  • Stratos Tong
    Stratos Tong 19 ore fa +2

    There's actually two different breeds of pineapples. The one's shown in the video is called 凤梨 in Chinese, which literally translates to "phoenix pear". It is generally a better version of pineapple: it's sweeter and more aromatic, and doesn't have those "eye" thingys that you have to cut out of pineapple. However I couldn't find anything on Google that acknowledge such differentiation, so I guess it's only a thing around south-east Asia?

  • Chibi Cheesecake
    Chibi Cheesecake 19 ore fa

    I think people use the word extra are extra

  • Melibearrr H
    Melibearrr H 19 ore fa

    Pit in a strawberry??

  • Faith Dunn
    Faith Dunn 19 ore fa

    the cupcake one before at Girl Scouts because we had cupcakes that day and my troop leader did that for us!!

  • Ausliel 13
    Ausliel 13 19 ore fa +4

    Yo how the heck did Brandon legit do every hack successfully while everyone else sttuggled lmao

  • Yung Flex
    Yung Flex 19 ore fa +2

    "I did really like the cupcake one the most, but some of these other ones felt a little bit dumb because they require utensils" but the only two that requires utensils were the strawberry one and the cupcake one..... sooooooo????

  • Navia Cushingberry
    Navia Cushingberry 19 ore fa +2

    I always tear my cupcakes and eat them like that

  • Ash Brown
    Ash Brown 20 ore fa +3

    "Boneless wings are just glorified chicken nugget" ... true

  • Know Me
    Know Me 20 ore fa

    Who clicked this because of the pineapple?🍍

  • Jhon Erick Del Rosario

    The straw was the problem with the strawberry one

  • Lenald Salonga
    Lenald Salonga 20 ore fa

    PINEAPPLE 😅😅😅🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍


  • Ezra Wagner
    Ezra Wagner 20 ore fa +1

    I always new the cupcake one I don’t cut it I tear it like if u agree

  • Lightning Jake
    Lightning Jake 20 ore fa +2

    I always eat my cupcakes in sandwich form, especially the small store bought ones.

  • LazyxDarya
    LazyxDarya 20 ore fa +3

    wow, i learn more on the internet than school..

  • Klolo /Emery
    Klolo /Emery 20 ore fa +1

    Fun fact I knew about the cupcake hack 4 years ago

  • Goalie30 THEFIRST
    Goalie30 THEFIRST 20 ore fa +1

    The chicken bones are what make eating chicken fun

  • rachel chyann
    rachel chyann 21 ora fa +1

    “The strange woman’s way”

  • i Pumpkin
    i Pumpkin 21 ora fa +1

    3:09 that’s all you need to know

  • Winter_ Flamez
    Winter_ Flamez 21 ora fa

    The pineapple was too ripe I'm pretty sure :b

  • Noura
    Noura 21 ora fa +3

    Next episode: you are breathing in a wrong way

  • Kitty Kayla
    Kitty Kayla 21 ora fa +2

    Save the turtles SKAKSKAK they have medal straws i had to say it

  • The House Of The Gucci’s Reality Show

    Tori is a whole mood

  • DMODifier Hernandez
    DMODifier Hernandez 21 ora fa +1

    The pineapple you’re using is too flat to try that trick

  • Joseph Percy
    Joseph Percy 21 ora fa +1

    I remember my sister taught me the cupcake sandwich one, except without the knife. She just sticks her fingernail halfway down and then peels it off.

    • Sampada Gurung
      Sampada Gurung 20 ore fa

      Joseph Percy lmao I guess

    • Joseph Percy
      Joseph Percy 21 ora fa

      +Sampada Gurung Well not literally fingernail, I don't know why I said that. But you get what I mean, right?

    • Sampada Gurung
      Sampada Gurung 21 ora fa

      Joseph Percy 🤢🤢🤢 fingernail? That’s disgusting

  • Joseph A
    Joseph A 21 ora fa +3

    @4:30 tori that quote made me so happy 😂

  • French Fries
    French Fries 21 ora fa +1

    At the end of the vid Tori confused me, she was like all the other ones are stupid because they used utensil, sis the cupcake one used utensil, only strawberry and the cupcake one used utensils.

    • Sampada Gurung
      Sampada Gurung 21 ora fa

      French Fries no she said SOME of the other ones were stupid not all

  • Rakhyl Poncee Doctor

    The eyes of pineapple should be more pointy to be pulled..

  • Johnny Lopez
    Johnny Lopez 21 ora fa +1

    U guys know u can just plop a strawberry in your mouth with the leaves on it . They are totally safe to eat

  • Calvin Merril
    Calvin Merril 21 ora fa

    Brandon is so right. Boneless chicken wings are chicken nuggets. They don't even taste the same. And I do that cupcake thing ever since I was little

  • Om Turakhia
    Om Turakhia 21 ora fa +2

    I like how everyone was like me and didn't care about this video until now

  • Mellisa Anderson
    Mellisa Anderson 22 ore fa +1

    What if you’re eating one of those bigger Toblerone’s???

  • Happy Chocolate
    Happy Chocolate 22 ore fa +2

    The toblerone one was smart i didnt think of that

  • neptune
    neptune 22 ore fa +2

    So many people are commenting rn it's kinda confusing

  • Cris Lmao
    Cris Lmao 22 ore fa +2

    Yo!!!! You know how inconvenient all these shits are !!!😤🤦‍♂️

  • Joe-Ram Magtanong
    Joe-Ram Magtanong 22 ore fa +1

    What's happening? Why just now??

  • oof Rowlet
    oof Rowlet 22 ore fa

    I did the strawberry thing till now

    I mean did this when I was little

  • Pusheen Ghost BC
    Pusheen Ghost BC 22 ore fa +3

    Lol I love how everyone is commenting just now

  • iridosiklitis Gang
    iridosiklitis Gang 22 ore fa +4

    *I just bite the pineapple raw*

  • FHOKI Oki
    FHOKI Oki 22 ore fa +2

    Why now

  • The Beest
    The Beest 22 ore fa +5

    Bruh did was made a month ago but people have comments right now

  • Sir Buggs
    Sir Buggs 22 ore fa +2

    I already eat cupcake sandwiches

  • King _jaay53
    King _jaay53 22 ore fa

    Instead of taking the bone out of chicken wings why won't you get boneless chicken wings like they said u can fry both of them the same way

  • Alex Ramirez
    Alex Ramirez 22 ore fa +4

    That pineapple is green asf

  • hefty husky
    hefty husky 23 ore fa +4

    Oh oh no see messy free bruh in the video they didn’t say play with it STOOPID 6:03

  • Sora
    Sora 23 ore fa +4

    These are just different way to to your food, not the correct way. You can eat your food anyway you want

  • Hector Perez
    Hector Perez 23 ore fa

    When they say its silly that you need to more work to do thats stupid

  • Zeya Bloodfang
    Zeya Bloodfang 23 ore fa +2

    Ya'll need riper pineapples

  • cloverskull101
    cloverskull101 23 ore fa +2

    I never had a Toblerone

  • Youngdabber 710
    Youngdabber 710 Giorno fa +13

    That one negative girl needs to go lol she’s always gotta say something negative I hate it

    • Jayden Garrett
      Jayden Garrett 23 ore fa

      tori isin't being negative she is just saying how is it different

    • Shane Matthew
      Shane Matthew 23 ore fa

      +Jose G the black one

    • Safiya Hussain
      Safiya Hussain 23 ore fa

      +Jose G o think he's talking about the one @ 8:12

    • Jose G
      Jose G 23 ore fa

      Youngdabber 710 Which one?

  • Snoogle
    Snoogle Giorno fa +2

    Pineapples supposed to be cold.

  • Lily Gaming
    Lily Gaming Giorno fa +3

    I’d only be in this video for the food

  • Cover Girl
    Cover Girl Giorno fa

    i do the cupcake one😂😂

  • brian martin
    brian martin Giorno fa +7

    8:21 That's what I'm talking about. I like her !! 😂

  • YtEva
    YtEva Giorno fa +1

    I use the strawberry thing and the normal way but you have to center it where the leaves ade

  • KaChowKaPow
    KaChowKaPow Giorno fa +5

    I’ve been using the Cupcake sandwich method for a while

  • I Smile You Run
    I Smile You Run Giorno fa +2

    I freeze my toblerone

  • Hey People
    Hey People Giorno fa +4

    You don’t need to cut the bottom of the cupcake just rip it off and put it on top

  • DnX I Draft
    DnX I Draft Giorno fa +2

    I personally dont think that people are eating it wrong but in a different way that everyone is used to

  • IJoke
    IJoke Giorno fa +1

    *Likes cupcake one because doesn't use utensils and eat it the normal way* ,*uses knife to cut cupcake*

  • TalkinqsFN
    TalkinqsFN Giorno fa +2

    I just squish the bottom of the cupcake off and est the top

  • Galactic Rayn -
    Galactic Rayn - Giorno fa +4

    These idiots cut the pineapple wrong 😒🤦‍♂️

  • Blossom Godlover
    Blossom Godlover Giorno fa +1

    React to boy with luv by bts and Halsey

  • Cyborgalbatross
    Cyborgalbatross Giorno fa +1

    The strawberry one removes a lot of meat

  • rottenavocados
    rottenavocados Giorno fa +3

    3:04 am i the only one who wanted him to eat that chicken wing ...?

  • Cassie H
    Cassie H Giorno fa +5

    Moral of the story: PEOPLE ARE LAZY!!!!

  • Noelle Lynn
    Noelle Lynn Giorno fa +6

    There’s a certain pineapple you do it with tho

  • park jimin
    park jimin Giorno fa +5

    Lady: 5:00
    Me: I do😳

  • Nadia Sabbah
    Nadia Sabbah Giorno fa +3

    I have done the cupcake thing before but I don’t cut it

  • Tigris
    Tigris Giorno fa +4

    8:08 *mood*

  • Daniel
    Daniel Giorno fa +1

    Bij een tompoes haal je de bovenkant eraf en plak je die aan de onderkant. Geen probleem.met je leven te hebben gered

  • ArtistChibi
    ArtistChibi Giorno fa +4

    Everyone doing that cupcake sandwich don't understand. Lick that frosting off then eat the cake.
    And I've been doing that Toblerone trick for years.

    • ArtistChibi
      ArtistChibi 23 ore fa

      Then use a fork. It's a bloody cup cake.

    • GachaPotato
      GachaPotato Giorno fa

      Some people like eating them both at the same time

    • RedChampagne _
      RedChampagne _ Giorno fa

      Ew no. Sometimes frosting is much to sweet for people and they like to eat the cake along with the frosting in order to even out the flavors

  • Ezekiel Norling
    Ezekiel Norling Giorno fa +4

    I eat the entire bottom of the cupcake and then eat the top because I love the frosting 😅

  • Aliya's Ideas
    Aliya's Ideas Giorno fa +12

    Most of them were given pineapples that weren't even ripe 😂

  • Charlotte Hawkyns
    Charlotte Hawkyns Giorno fa +3

    Vegemite should be on this list

  • Deniz 6108
    Deniz 6108 Giorno fa +3

    6:56 😂😂😂😂

  • /AFellow Weirdo\
    /AFellow Weirdo\ Giorno fa +4

    “Boneless wings are just glorified chicken nuggets”
    Now as a boneless fan I’m offended, but I can see what he means. But not everyone puts mild buffalo sauce on their nuggets do they?

    • /AFellow Weirdo\
      /AFellow Weirdo\ 23 ore fa

      Limelight Hey I don’t mean to be an upsetting sally here but I’m just serious when it come to wings man!!

    • Limelight
      Limelight Giorno fa +1

      It 👏 was 👏 a 👏 joke 👏

  • Angelo Dato
    Angelo Dato Giorno fa +6

    Awww they're so frustrated because they were given the wrong kind of pineapple haha.
    Also a great example of why you need short nails to be able to do stuff.

  • Cheesy Panda
    Cheesy Panda Giorno fa +8

    I just watched the 2nd episode, now the first

  • Hema Mojindra
    Hema Mojindra Giorno fa +2

    3:49 this dude look like he opening a bottle of soda!

    Like if you agree

  • Spork
    Spork Giorno fa +2

    the strawberry one is meant for for cooking straw berries

  • Brandon
    Brandon Giorno fa +4

    The chicken wing one is so wrong, you should only use one hand to eat wings so your other hand is free from sauce/grease, so you can grab your beverage without transferring the sauce on it. So with one hand grip the edge of the wing making sure you get a good pinch on both bones from the wing tip end, stick the whole wing in your mouth bite down and use a racking motion with your teeth and this will stripe away the meat leaving two clean bones.

  • Charlie Jamison
    Charlie Jamison Giorno fa +5

    Wtf is a toblerone

  • mukesh chejarla
    mukesh chejarla Giorno fa +7

    That pineapple was not ripe enough

  • Sabaw
    Sabaw Giorno fa

    Tori reacting perfectly