CHILD'S PLAY Official Trailer #2 - (2019)

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  • Pubblicato il 18 apr 2019
  • Time to play. The full trailer for Child’s Play is finally here. From the producers of IT comes a modern reimagining of the horror classic. Child’s Play hits theaters June 21. 🔪 #ChildsPlayMovie
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Commenti • 21 564

  • Megan Reed
    Megan Reed 2 ore fa

    Hollywood is in trouble

  • Julia Yohe
    Julia Yohe 2 ore fa

    Alright the voice, the voice is ON POINT. They could not have done a batter job. But, WHY DOES HE LOOK LIKE THAT?

  • Enry Cabello
    Enry Cabello 3 ore fa

    Chucky has a Justin Bieber face!!!

  • iiiunixphi xx
    iiiunixphi xx 3 ore fa +1

    How many times did Chucky die? Lol

  • Kemuel Maldonado
    Kemuel Maldonado 3 ore fa


  • Laotian
    Laotian 3 ore fa


  • Butterd Toast
    Butterd Toast 3 ore fa

    Wait wait wait so now he’s “Buddi” not even spelled right and looks like a pervert..

  • Jake White
    Jake White 3 ore fa

    I can't believe they dropped the massive "we're in the endgame" type cliffhanger of Cult of Chucky with every character coming together for a final showdown for a generic shitty reboot. Weren't horror reboots done with in the 2000s?

  • Aiden Arnold
    Aiden Arnold 4 ore fa

    Is that tome frome friday the 13th

  • Shameka Grant
    Shameka Grant 4 ore fa

    Doesn't seem that interesting, the originals were more appealing

  • Gaibu Chan
    Gaibu Chan 4 ore fa

    Oh hell nah.

  • Me
    Me 4 ore fa

    It isn’t even chucky anymore,
    It’s buddi now...

  • Leebo McClelland
    Leebo McClelland 5 ore fa +1

    child's play is just like 'IT'

  • Renteria Nathaniel

    The design on this chunky honestly sucks. It’s not scary at all.

  • Joss ValadeZ
    Joss ValadeZ 5 ore fa

    Esta bien culero ese Chocky , vuelvan o pongan al muñeco original Boooo !!

  • Christian Russell

    Three well at sick there

  • Rachael Riley Junior

    This just doesn’t look good.. I wish they could leave good movies alone.

  • Ellie Lovegood
    Ellie Lovegood 6 ore fa

    I only want to see it for mark hamill

  • Kirb
    Kirb 7 ore fa

    I hope this movie is more of a horror movie than a comedy

  • The Sitcom Youtuber

    how come this look like it aint gon be all that good

  • Chantel Passmore
    Chantel Passmore 7 ore fa

    I like the Modern Day feel to It

  • Cleo Judd
    Cleo Judd 7 ore fa

    Who tf is that...

  • Dynamic Lizard
    Dynamic Lizard 8 ore fa

    The new Toy Story looks great!

  • Sketchcook81
    Sketchcook81 8 ore fa

    This crap is NOT Chucky.

  • teamacecaptain
    teamacecaptain 8 ore fa

    So he isnt a possessed doll anymore its technology killing people? Cause thats the vibe im getting here

  • Brooke Russell
    Brooke Russell 8 ore fa

    Child's play suks... the original model is better

  • AA King
    AA King 8 ore fa

    My illusion's of seein this movie droped death when i saw chucky face wat a shame :-(

  • Derik Murray
    Derik Murray 9 ore fa

    Chuck went Hollywood with the plastic surgery. Watch out Kardashians

  • Touhou_ _cultist#0001

    0:10 weird kid gets bullied and then avoids them cliche

  • Jim Crane
    Jim Crane 10 ore fa

    Looks like Team America lmao. Wow they really messed up Chucky.

  • Leah Ryan
    Leah Ryan 10 ore fa

    To everyone complaining about Chucky’s appearance not being scary, maybe that’s the point. Maybe the point is for him to appear innocent so no one suspects anything at first, and then maybe later on in the film, he looks more sinister and gruesome.

  • IchimonjiBlade
    IchimonjiBlade 10 ore fa

    Fuck this! Not again!

  • Steven Willhoite
    Steven Willhoite 11 ore fa

    What kid his age would want a doll my daughter is 8 and she does not evan play with dolls movie was dumb when it first came out

  • J. F.G
    J. F.G 11 ore fa

    Its going to be interesting to see Aubrey play as someone who isn't a passive bitch.

  • Dont Fuck With Me Youtube

    They literally just finished making the last movie like 2 years ago and it's already being remade. Like omg is it time to remake Get Out yet? I feel like these people just calculate the lowest amount of time they can wait before a movie comes out to remake it without too much public backlash
    "According to our calculations, time has sufficiently passed to allow the remaking of movie x with a 6.4% profit margin"

  • Zenhorse
    Zenhorse 11 ore fa

    I've had a life-long fear of Chucky. He has been my nemesis since I was a kid. I saw Child's Play 2 and haven't seen another Chucky movie since. Way too afraid. I'm determined to see this in theaters. I do admit, this does not look that good. I don't like Chucky's design. He looks too much like Foggy from Daredevil. The Buddi app and all this technology take away from his appeal. Should have made it more simple. This looks more like a generic teen horror flick with a touch of Stranger Things than a genuine horror classic like the original.

  • Dawn Giffors
    Dawn Giffors 11 ore fa

    Look out Andy chucky has new toy

  • Brockton Lazarus
    Brockton Lazarus 12 ore fa

    Too bad Brad Dourif isn't voicing chucky

  • Kate Swan
    Kate Swan 12 ore fa


  • Christopher Lee
    Christopher Lee 12 ore fa

    This is disgusting chucky would kill the people that made this garbage

  • Cici Beckford
    Cici Beckford 12 ore fa

    Damn chunky's back somebody get the lighter again and burn this nigga get the army force and the national defence on this nigga

  • parisite99
    parisite99 12 ore fa

    Can we get a remake of something worth a shit....Puppet Master would be nice. Just don't make the puppets look androgynous please. Lol

  • Steve Ardila
    Steve Ardila 13 ore fa

    Chucky's back b!+¢h€$

  • Yuyu Terashima
    Yuyu Terashima 13 ore fa

    What the fuck is this, what did you do to my man Chucky you ruined his face what the fuck

  • Dequan Mikell
    Dequan Mikell 13 ore fa

    The 90,s Chucky movies look more real then this generation of Chucky movies

  • J.T. Rouse
    J.T. Rouse 13 ore fa

    Thanks for ruining a great movie. Should’ve been left alone.

  • Gary Smith
    Gary Smith 15 ore fa

    I will say.. ‘Halloween’ and ‘Chucky’ should have never been remade. Everything else was okay. I grew up while the originals was being made. The writers had more imagination and had just the right touch to the movies and characters. This on the other hand looks horrible..

  • Rick Jones
    Rick Jones 15 ore fa

    There's no originality anymore. We have like 50 fucking Marvel movies. We got like 50 fucking DC movies. They're all the same. There's remakes of movies that totally shit on the original movie. I'm glad I'm old and will be dead soon

  • Rick Jones
    Rick Jones 15 ore fa

    Quit making remakes. What in the fuck. Chucky is Chucky. You can't change the face. You can't change the movie. This movie is a fucking rip off of the original. The people who made this movie are greedy fucks that need to be shot in the fucking head by Chucky. The real Chucky

  • Ata -chan
    Ata -chan 17 ore fa

    The boy's name is Andy? Oh boy, Toy Story sure got more modern and darker than what I remembered.

  • Prudie S.
    Prudie S. 19 ore fa

    Holy shit, Orion! Flashback.

  • TheobbyGOD !
    TheobbyGOD ! 20 ore fa

    Everybody shut the fuck up alright he’s fine to me ok am just here to see the kills all you people where bitching about how Chucky was only really based on the Comedy but now it’s going to be based on the kills now you guys are bitching still give them a break

  • Zr iCloud
    Zr iCloud 20 ore fa

    Kinda looks good no lie

  • andijoanne
    andijoanne 20 ore fa

    So Chucky is no longer a Good Guy doll? Now he’s a Buddi? So stupid!

  • Roman King
    Roman King 20 ore fa +1

    why.... this is completely unnecessary ... nothing beats the original first movie

  • Rusty 1787
    Rusty 1787 20 ore fa

    well this movie dosent look fucked up at all 🤤

  • MoRiellyMoProblems
    MoRiellyMoProblems 21 ora fa

    I didn't even realize Orion Pictures was still in business. Has MGM always owned them?
    Also, I don't understand this version of Chucky. Is he now powered by both voodoo and a computer chip? The former is what gives him life and allows him to hide in plain sight. Being able to control smart devices seems superfluous.

  • Sugondese Balls
    Sugondese Balls 21 ora fa

    **Sees old chucky**
    Me : Thats Creepy Shit
    **Sees New Chucky**
    Me : Ultron? What are you doing?

  • The Art Yeti
    The Art Yeti 21 ora fa

    This movie looks almost as bad as the new sonic movie

  • G I A L L O
    G I A L L O 21 ora fa

    Nigga what is this

  • RJ TP
    RJ TP 22 ore fa

    Chucky can control technology? Damn. I'm watching this.

  • David ii
    David ii 22 ore fa +1

    Like in zombie movies. Why in movies about killer or haunted dolls no one has heard about them?

  • Christopher Rodriguez

    Bruh, wtf. This movie did not need a remake. Just leave it alone

  • ThePOKOkitty
    ThePOKOkitty 22 ore fa

    A robot toy killing children? Danganronpa 4 looks great.

  • rminitials
    rminitials 23 ore fa

    I was bored before the midway point. The acting looks shit, the story looks shit, chucky looks like shit... why even remake the original?? As much as sequels suck, go ahead and keep making them but to remake a GOOD original movie is just stupid. Case in point Ghostbusters 2016. Literally one of the WORST movies of all time.

  • Frostboy X
    Frostboy X 23 ore fa +1

    Damm chucky looks like Anakin skywalker

  • daphne birchfield
    daphne birchfield Giorno fa

    I hate the way Chucky looks.

  • Dru Sheekateelo
    Dru Sheekateelo Giorno fa


  • Lia Luongo
    Lia Luongo Giorno fa +1

    Me: *sees ad*
    Also me:Aw hell no, not chucky, I was scared of chucky since childhood..... HELL NO I AINT GOING BACK TO THAT

  • itzz blesiv
    itzz blesiv Giorno fa

    this was not what i was scared of w t f .

  • AGENT L94
    AGENT L94 Giorno fa


  • Nuke GV
    Nuke GV Giorno fa

    Who else was hoping for the next part to the ACTUAL chucky series like after the cult of chucky

  • Isaac Yanez
    Isaac Yanez Giorno fa

    This boy too damn big for a doll

  • Teniyah Santiago
    Teniyah Santiago Giorno fa

    Wow on my birthday really I’m gone bro

  • Luke Morrissey
    Luke Morrissey Giorno fa

    is this a reboot??

  • Jaleel Robertson
    Jaleel Robertson Giorno fa

    So is this nigga name Buddi or Chucky?

  • Gacha Wrold
    Gacha Wrold Giorno fa +1

    Is it me or is it kinda cute?

  • Mr. David
    Mr. David Giorno fa +1

    This is horrible

  • Choppa '
    Choppa ' Giorno fa +1

    0:44 that guy isn't andy that's pugg i think.

  • Chronic
    Chronic Giorno fa +1

    Looks like he takes over the world now .

  • DerryTune
    DerryTune Giorno fa

    IT but its chucky

  • Tayla Tate
    Tayla Tate Giorno fa +1

    My birthday June 21

  • Pyt Kenzie
    Pyt Kenzie Giorno fa

    Why would they give him technology?!

  • Pサボテン
    Pサボテン Giorno fa


  • yaruto _
    yaruto _ Giorno fa +8

    is chucky even a doll being possessed anymore or just a robot i'm hella confused???

    • Hind Gamer
      Hind Gamer 3 ore fa

      yaruto _ I think he’s a robot now and their changing the whole story because from the original one there was Andy and they only did one movie with him so now their making another one with Andy and changing up the whole story line I believe

  • Tony Bland
    Tony Bland Giorno fa

    Chucky with technopathy? For some reason I'm into it.

  • Stephanie Hardy
    Stephanie Hardy Giorno fa

    Chucky looks a lot different than I expected

  • viper legendry
    viper legendry Giorno fa

    Why are they remaking the old movies

  • Dilek Yılmaz
    Dilek Yılmaz Giorno fa

    I don't like new Chucky

  • Alan Orange
    Alan Orange Giorno fa

    It makes sense that April Ludgate is in this for some reason. Movie looks like it'll blow like a midsummer wind storm though.

  • Red Dinero
    Red Dinero Giorno fa

    Why tho this movie is ass I can already tell

  • ZombieTex
    ZombieTex Giorno fa

    I kind of liked that the original Chucky was an evil voodooist.

  • *•*TherealdealDJ*•* II

    We all know this movie is gonna be full of gore 🤣🤣🤣🤣 well it’s chunky of course it’s full of gore!!!

  • Isaac Rodriguez
    Isaac Rodriguez Giorno fa

    Oh I can't wait!!

  • michael rodriguez
    michael rodriguez Giorno fa

    Completely not needed for this to be made over again.

  • WRECK 215
    WRECK 215 Giorno fa

    Yeah me and my son going to see this jawn👍😉

  • Lone Dinosaur
    Lone Dinosaur Giorno fa

    “Introducing your new best friend”

    Dam this is why I hate dolls.

  • Syxko _
    Syxko _ Giorno fa

    Ik this is a chunky trailer but can I get 200 subs ? 😂

  • Talsedoom
    Talsedoom Giorno fa

    Well... it sucks. Even trailer sucks.

  • Magic
    Magic Giorno fa

    I thought orion was done?