Seungri | All the lies and all the hints from Big Bang we should have known

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  • Pubblicato il 25 mar 2019
  • As a VIP since 2009... I defended him at first. I was like "Wth SBS trying to do this time to bring down Big Bang and YG?"
    I told myself "No way he could be like that, he's innocent just like Park Bom!"
    But now all that left in me is a disappointment. I feel betrayed. I'm speechless. Can't imagine how his family and Big Bang members feel right now....
    Hi guys, I can't no longer upload on this channel due to copyright (again 😭😭😭)
    So I created a new one:
    I'll upload new videos there from now on. Thank you for supporting me 😘😘😘

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  • Relaxfying
    Relaxfying  4 mesi fa +934

    This is how your Kpop idols are secretly dating!

    • Minsung Gotthefeels
      Minsung Gotthefeels Mese fa

      Is is your right! I respect you man! Most people say that their only theirs. I almost just started crying

    • Minsung Gotthefeels
      Minsung Gotthefeels Mese fa

      iM mEgA tRigGeReD! They should be allowed to date🌚

    • Dye hater04
      Dye hater04 Mese fa

      Is funny how you wanna kick big bang when they are down I bet you are a big fan of bts that is what this come to now I bet bts have secret to only matter of time everything comes out

    • Isis
      Isis 2 mesi fa +2

      They are not "mine"

    • .m 。
      .m 。 2 mesi fa

      Truth honestly you’re completely right. i still love xxxt even before he died despite him abusing his girlfriend and honestly i wouldn’t know what i would do if i was a big bang stan especially seungri biased

  • Hi-Lo
    Hi-Lo 2 ore fa +1

    SEUNGRI IS INNOCENT. *shots fired*
    I don't care. Imagine being in AUGUST and still thinking he's guilty of things he never did. Get with the times everyone and get over it. Your collective hatred was misplaced. Jung Joon Young and Choi Jong Hoon are on trial for their crimes but most of you don't know that or care because it's not about Seungri. Smh. Hypocrites.

  • Sabeen A.
    Sabeen A. 3 ore fa +1

    Ngl i dont think he did almost anything yall are accusing him of

  • Prescilla Sabalbarino

    When I see Gd. I thought why is Xiumin's not with his EXO members? Then I realized its GD, lol!

  • Clandestined Affair

    this is terrible. terrible and damn ridiculous. smh seungri. you fucked up.

    • Hi-Lo
      Hi-Lo 2 ore fa

  • t i n t i n
    t i n t i n 5 ore fa

    *idk why but i pity him :( like does he lack love? that's why he needs the girls to fill his needs? he doesn't even felt guilty, you can clearly see it on how he talks about it, even his friends are getting worried but look at him STILL throwing some party! that's crap! i can see that even blackpink was uncomfortable with him tsk tsk even your own friends & co-workers don't trusts you (i'm still disappointed amd angry at him, he just lose his chance on being the next TOP TOP kpop star, yes i know bigbang is already big but as a soloist? nah he wouldn't be as big as BIGBANG*

  • _pinkpetals0417
    _pinkpetals0417 14 ore fa +1

    People around him had gave him warnings but his greed blocked that

  • Emmy Jones
    Emmy Jones 15 ore fa +1

    If you still support seungri, you’re disgusting and you need to stop being delusional. He did awful things and nothing he does will ever be redeemable

    • Emmy Jones
      Emmy Jones 2 ore fa

      Anyways, continue to get all your information from allkpop 🤪

    • Emmy Jones
      Emmy Jones 2 ore fa

      You’re really going to believe allkpop, as a reliable news source..... 🤡

    • Hi-Lo
      Hi-Lo 2 ore fa

    • Hi-Lo
      Hi-Lo 2 ore fa

      Oh please. How does it feel to be stuck in March? The worst accusations have long been disproven. Update yourself before embarrassing yourself. He never did anything to any women. The ones who did that are detained and on trial.

  • amy why
    amy why 17 ore fa +2

    So glad the other members called him out

  • himari riku
    himari riku 18 ore fa +1


  • kisses & petals
    kisses & petals 19 ore fa +1

    Big Bang is going to do fine without him. Regardless of how he has soiled the YG name, they are an extremely talented group of artists who cannot be denied. I look forward to their next comeback as a 4 member group as GD predicted.

  • Sogol Atefi
    Sogol Atefi Giorno fa +1

    entertainment industry is always dirty all over the world.why we cant deal with seaungri.anyway he was talented and made good memories for us.

  • Dhang Felicia
    Dhang Felicia Giorno fa

    This is what will happen if you don't listen to your hyungs. He can get what he wants bcuz of money, cars, buildings, girls, name it. I don't know why YG artists keeps having a scandal. I love Hanbin and TOP anyway.

  • Hey Nyli
    Hey Nyli Giorno fa

    That future from bigbang was 😱. They knew the possibilities of Seungri ending up bad.

  • Angie Bak-A
    Angie Bak-A Giorno fa

    omg how can they let him approaching Blackpink?

  • AneESh AneEsh
    AneESh AneEsh Giorno fa


  • κωννΑ
    κωννΑ 2 giorni fa

    I dont know much about Bigbang but could you please tell me if the other members except Seungri are fine ?

  • Ma ru
    Ma ru 2 giorni fa

    I always found TOP husband material lol ! He is the perfect serious and mature guy and not materialistic at ALL ! Never showing off or trying to be the center of attention, while he was the most popular member in bigbang back in the days. His solo career was a hit ! but never did too much. He never continues the success , he just stops and enjoys his life. He did it, succeed , was the best in it then ciao! And life goes on, never runing after fame or money

  • strawberry_shortcake4life

    You could see @ 6:01 Seungri was embarassed and uncomfortable already with what his hyungs are saying 😑😑😑 So awkward.

  • Jieho Receive
    Jieho Receive 3 giorni fa +1

    Whenever I saw some vids related to Seungri's Scandal, I cant help but sighed and feel so ashamed for what he had done. Especially to the HYUNG's who cared (and most likely covered his mistake) for his sake.

    • Hi-Lo
      Hi-Lo 2 ore fa

  • natsu dragneel
    natsu dragneel 3 giorni fa

    When your hyungs know you so well that they predict your future.....

  • Elena Lim
    Elena Lim 3 giorni fa +1

    Hyungs in 2019 to seungri : this is what you get for not listening to us

  • "popo" means "butt" in german

    14:28 bruh thats the fakest laugh I have ever heard... maybe GD was joking, but Seungri was nervous af, he knew what was coming for him

  • :
    : 3 giorni fa +1

    I don't even know what to believe in anymore lmao... I'm so confused?? 🤔 I first believed that he was guilty, yet there was no full evidence he was and I also wanna believe he isn't but some of the people defending him are so toxic and obnoxious... Honestly so confused. Does anyone have a really good reliable source for charges made against him, or his innocence?? Because if he's really innocent, then it would just make me guilty in the future, but if he's guilty and I think he's innocent.. dang

    • :
      : 3 giorni fa +1

      @Hi-Lo alright. Thank you for the advice!

    • Hi-Lo
      Hi-Lo 3 giorni fa +1

      Then it's probably best to stay neutral until the final verdict or if the prosecution drops the case. They seem to be struggling with the evidence. I think, if it wasn't so high profile they would have dropped it long ago.

  • littlebitofrachel
    littlebitofrachel 3 giorni fa

    I love T.O.P.

  • Kpop Cover
    Kpop Cover 4 giorni fa

    Seungri-yah, there are lots of evidences and proofs here. This is the time I shoul turn my back on you. Your hyungs warned you already but you're too greedy and didn't listen to them. I hope you'll learn your mistakes when you're in prison. A real fan doesn't tolerate these kind of actions of an idol. We're sorry, we tought you're a humble king but the truth is you're full of greed. You live for money, and not for music. That is not YG's artist like, that is not what BIGBANG is. It's only you who's like that. Mianhe, annyeong I don't sarang you anymore. 😌😔

  • Megu X
    Megu X 4 giorni fa +1

    seungri ruined big bang, period.

  • M. C.
    M. C. 4 giorni fa

    He’s so short and frankly....unattractive!

  • namjackbeom kimwangim
    namjackbeom kimwangim 4 giorni fa +1

    I just found KPOP at the beginning of this year & started listening to bigbang then all of this happened . I still don't understand what fully happened because it didn't really show in my country . But hope goes well ?

    COOKIEMONSTER 5 giorni fa

    they were exposing him like LITERALLY but in a lowkey and a good way, they still gave him advices but.. yall know he look pissed by the time were TOP were explaining something @ 3:00 or something.

  • AlexIsModded
    AlexIsModded 5 giorni fa

    I never paid that close attention to them outside of their music, but holy shit, he is a creepy dude!

  • Sophie Tipper
    Sophie Tipper 6 giorni fa

    Seungri’s lines in F*ck It are extremely disturbing especially after this came out. I honestly feel queasy thinking about those lyrics What he did to those women was absolutely awful but also the effect it had on the rest of Big Bang was very heartbreaking. When will he get his long awaited sentencing??? Seungri deceived his group, his friends, the public, basically the entire nation but his company are hailing him king of everything 😭😭🙄🙄 GD, Taeyang, T.O.P and Daesung have tried their hardest and put their heart and soul into their careers and genuinely cared about each other especially caring about Seungri meanwhile Seungri swans off to sell multiple young women into prostitutes and illegally films them with hidden cameras while some random guy is having sex with them and then it’s posted onto a group chat where Seungri and his so called “friends” are laughing about it 😭 just so disrespectful, it’s a CRIME when will immature 12 year olds stop defending him and saying “it was a mistake” ???

  • Sir Nutcracker
    Sir Nutcracker 6 giorni fa +2

    15:13 *but you are.*

  • GD-RM
    GD-RM 6 giorni fa

    13:33 omG it amaze and scares me at the same time how BIGBANG4 was so accurate in this clip like what the fuck😳

  • melfestejo
    melfestejo 6 giorni fa +1

    Uhm, this compilation of clips actually says Seungri is not a liar because everything is true albeit some of them are over exaggeration and misleading conclusions. It's true Seungri is the most extrovert in the group obsessed with building his brand outside of Big Bang. That was evident since his training days when he was reading books about finance and leadership. That's why he became a linguist. His generosity to his friends made him vulnerable to questionable financial decisions. And yes, he can be portrayed as a playboy but no one has ever come forward and claimed they were maligned or mistreated by him in any way shape or form. And no, he is not nor was he ever a pimp. People should know the definition of the word before even throwing it at him. The police can't even let that stick so they're going for embezzlement and illegal gambling instead.

  • DR. Vince
    DR. Vince 6 giorni fa +1

    I hope this is not a bigbang hater who made this video
    Im not justifying/protecting seungri actions coz i dont know whats the real truth but u cant just say he lied about those charities he donated to

  • cy park
    cy park 7 giorni fa

    He had wronged his members and family the most. Watching this makes me think abt whats left behind, now, the man is retired. But the effect still is upon the others whose left. His BIGBANG members did their roles in snapping him out of his mind though he didnt listen.
    The clip at 4:30 of GD scolding him. If that aint sincere i dont know what is.

  • cy park
    cy park 7 giorni fa

    Top's acandal w Marijuana aint even close to what we call a scandal in the States coz there its pretty usual as it is legal. Seungri, however, matches up.
    Its scary how society changes a person.

  • n e
    n e 7 giorni fa

    I dont like seungri from the first time i saw him

  • tupak169
    tupak169 7 giorni fa +1

    His hyungs tried to protect and advise him. He’s a piece of shit. Let the mf rot. Being a Korean American, he has disgraced our people and the kpop industry. Hate this piece of shit.

  • kozuki karin
    kozuki karin 7 giorni fa

    I am not superstition but it becomes real

  • Wiw Wao
    Wiw Wao 8 giorni fa


  • Lovely Conde
    Lovely Conde 9 giorni fa

    When GD wanted to celebrate seungri’s birthday 😢

  • Lovely Conde
    Lovely Conde 9 giorni fa

    I feel so bad for his parents, they must be hurting badly because of everything.

  • park sooyoung
    park sooyoung 9 giorni fa

    Gd even wrote a song about seungri's friend that's so messed up

  • Aziza Naseri
    Aziza Naseri 9 giorni fa

    And all this time, I though T.O.P was the youngest member, but anyways, I feel bad for Seungri's parents

  • A_I_R_S_3001
    A_I_R_S_3001 9 giorni fa +1

    Okay i know my comment is late but I noticed something fishy with what Seungri said to Blackpink.
    I'm not a blink but imo it's weird how literally only months later, recently, Jennie was involved in a dating scandal O_O (I'm probably just over thinking this...)

    • Sash Wool
      Sash Wool 8 giorni fa

      Is there a video of it

    BTS MUSIC ADMIRER 9 giorni fa

    I wish someone will make seungri as a movie or documentry..!! woww he just turned out beast from beauty !!!

    BTS MUSIC ADMIRER 9 giorni fa +1

    Seungri'nim it seems you had too much of fun in life now its time to have too much of fun in jail.. ANnyooo

      BTS MUSIC ADMIRER 4 giorni fa

      @Hi-Lo yea thats right... Only poor's go to jail. . .

    • Hi-Lo
      Hi-Lo 4 giorni fa

      Lol you really think he's going to jail. You poor thing.

  • faleazn
    faleazn 10 giorni fa +5

    the way he talks to sejeong makes me so uncomfortable. really makes you think about how much stuff female idols go through

  • 707 X
    707 X 10 giorni fa

    The end part with bigbang, his members always know well...

  • ThePeaceweapon
    ThePeaceweapon 12 giorni fa

    Seungri is YG's true son

    • Elena
      Elena 8 giorni fa

      Yeah trash from trash

    • Soru7
      Soru7 11 giorni fa

      innocent like yg still is, yes we know...a fact you degenerated and disgusting piece of shit cant accept...

  • officiallykpopped
    officiallykpopped 12 giorni fa +1

    Everything about this animal just sickens me. I literally get goosebumps just from hearing his name.

    • Elena
      Elena 8 giorni fa

      @Soru7 you're literally like the people you stan🤪karma will catch you soon or later

    • Soru7
      Soru7 11 giorni fa +2

      and for you disgusting and worthless piece of shit too, he is still completely innocent, as he always was.
      try to stick to official reports and facts and not some bullshit spread by your fellow trash...

  • kimjonginsfeet
    kimjonginsfeet 12 giorni fa +1

    the fact that he lied about giving the money recolted at the party to an association disgust me so much,like how can you lie about this ???

    • Soru7
      Soru7 11 giorni fa +1

      seeing how you even have fun here to spread lies and hate even on daesung, just shows that youre another disgusting and worthless human waste, attacking innocent celebrities just for some attention, that you dont get in your miserable and worthless life...

    • kimjonginsfeet
      kimjonginsfeet 12 giorni fa +1

      anyway,daesung is next💀💀

  • MemyselfandI 123
    MemyselfandI 123 12 giorni fa

    Why are people calling BigBang(Besides Seungri’s scandal and Ik about Daesung’s scandal) criminals what did the rest of the group members do?

    • i ma dyselicx
      i ma dyselicx 6 giorni fa

      Soru7 ohhhh so you stupid stupid huh...

    • Soru7
      Soru7 11 giorni fa

      fun fact, none of them are criminals. the one and only member who broke a law was top with smoking weed, which only happened once, therefore even he is not even a criminal...
      especially not seungri who is still completely innocent and only wrongly accused to divert the attention away from the sopa case, where the really powerful people are involved...same with daesung.

      the worthless trash who attack the whole group are fake armys, who just want to ruin the kings of kpop out of jealousy...

  • MemyselfandI 123
    MemyselfandI 123 12 giorni fa

    Why are people calling BigBang(Besides Seungri’s scandal) criminals what did they do?

  • MemyselfandI 123
    MemyselfandI 123 12 giorni fa

    Why are people calling BigBang(Besides Seungri’s scandal) criminals what did they do?

  • Hiyori Iki
    Hiyori Iki 13 giorni fa

    He's not even laughing at 3:22 , he looks annoyed that his hyungs knows what's up and trying to br a good brother to him but he didn't listen.

    • Soru7
      Soru7 11 giorni fa

      nothing to know, he is still completely innocent and no one "knew" something before. they always teased seungri like this, absolutely always when they were in front of the camera.

      try to stick to facts and not some bullshit spread by your fellow piece of shits...

  • iiclinqueii MSP
    iiclinqueii MSP 13 giorni fa

    This is way off topic but at 5:44 who’s the one with the yellow hair?

  • thedancing ofjoyandvlogs

    Anyone know what was seungri saying to blackpink?

    • Soru7
      Soru7 8 giorni fa

      its a comedy documentary, where seungri is acting a role of an annoying version of himself, and many other yg artists acting in it too, ACTING as if theyre annoyed by him.

      in fact they all respect him a lot, especially blackpink, winner etc, because the past few months, when every other bigbang member was in the military, he worked very hard for his own promotions and especially promoted blackpink and winner a lot everywhere he could.
      and that wasnt even his job, he still did it and supported his junior artists a lot.
      theres still not a single thing he ever did wrong to them or anyone else, just baseless accusations, where he already disproved the worst ones a long time ago, meaning there are no victims in his case anyway, so no matter what, he doesnt deserve any hate.

    • thedancing ofjoyandvlogs
      thedancing ofjoyandvlogs 8 giorni fa

      @Soru7 oh dang I see, I didn't know it was.a Netflix series 😮😮

    • Soru7
      Soru7 11 giorni fa +1

      its from a netflix series and scripted...hope you arent as degenerated as too many others here, who try to use a scripted scene to justify their hate for an innocent celebrity, which seungri still is.

      he got wrongly accused to divert the attention away from the sopa case, where the really powerful people are involved and used the media against seungri to make him a scapegoat.
      he already disproved the worst accusations and the remaining ones are still completely baseless, so dont just blindly believe any baseless accusation.
      if you want to worry about the members, then worry about him more, because he suffered the most with the wrong accusations and especially because of all the disgusting and worthless piece of shits attacking him harshly, just for some attention, while not even caring about the truth at all...

  • thedancing ofjoyandvlogs

    I heard about the scandal of seungri but Me watching this now, omg seungri ur the maknae of the group and why would you do this to the members of big bang and yourself! Come on seungri get ur head together! The members of big bang care about you a lot seungri and they are your family but you didn't listen to them and it breaks my heart of the way you treated your parents seungri

  • Le SoulCrayon
    Le SoulCrayon 14 giorni fa

    Everything is lie in seungri life. He just overlap on Bigbang popularity. All bigbang member cover his mistake but he just cant realize it.

  • tôi sẽ kiện anh, park mèow à.

    you claimed that you'd stanned my boy for 10 years and now you turn your back toward him? 10 years are much more valuable and significant than you think. you can't love someone for such a long time and then leave them so soon without hesitation just like that. if you're truly a VIP, you're supposed to trust him and wait for the police to finalize their investigation and officially state their conclusion. fine, my baby doesn't need shitty fans like you. once you leave this fandom don't ever regret your decision and come back.

    • Soru7
      Soru7 11 giorni fa +1

      @nidese wrong, he was accused for it, but there was never any evidence and thats over 4 months now, meaning all the accusations are false, meaning he is completely innocent, if you disgusting human waste likes it or not.

    • nidese
      nidese 12 giorni fa +3

      dude he was into human trafficking pls get your head out of your ass

    • timmies universe
      timmies universe 13 giorni fa +2

      And trust me I'll happily never come back

    • timmies universe
      timmies universe 13 giorni fa +3

      I will turn my back gladly on this piece of shit why would i continue to support this asshole who abused women and joked about it.i can't believe i actually looked up to this sorry excuse of a human being your just as repulsive and ignorant as him for supporting him.

  • crying in the club
    crying in the club 14 giorni fa

    4:28 i used to be a vip back until 2014 and up until then i have never seen jiyong yell at seungri like that. Seungri wasnt like this. He didnt used to be like this. I hope justice is served. I'll support bigbang as 4. I hope they can continue as 4. Their legacy is too big for them to disband. I hope jiyong, big seunghyun, youngbae, and daesung are okay.

  • IStoleHisJamz hEh
    IStoleHisJamz hEh 15 giorni fa

    Awww it was quite nice of him when the guy goes, this is the vvip section but Seungri pulls him in

  • justananonymousperson anonymous

    When Taeyang ask "is that problem solved?". Seems like Bigbang members also have super powers to see the future 🤔

  • Marjah K
    Marjah K 15 giorni fa

    I'm confused .. did Seungri do something?

    • Soru7
      Soru7 12 giorni fa +1

      yep, hes still completely innocent. just baseless accusations with no evidence whatsoever and that was over 4 months ago, meaning he is still completely innocent.

    • Marjah K
      Marjah K 14 giorni fa +1

      @Hi-Lo Thanks! I'll check him out. Appreciate it

    • Hi-Lo
      Hi-Lo 15 giorni fa +2

      @Marjah K Just be careful about believing things straight away. Everything is a jumbled mess and lots of misinformation. If you are interested theres a lawyer on youtube who talks about it based on the facts. His channel is called Fresh Illumi :)

    • Marjah K
      Marjah K 15 giorni fa

      @Hi-Lo ahhhh okay! I'm only just catching up now and am up to videos and articles posted from March 2019... so many of my faves involved 😖😖

    • Hi-Lo
      Hi-Lo 15 giorni fa +3

      No. He's just been witch hunted by media and netizens for 6 months. But they still have nothing on him 🤷

  • Patricia K
    Patricia K 15 giorni fa

    I always wonder how is he gone look his hyungs after they all come back from military?

  • danx20
    danx20 16 giorni fa +7

    And now all the truth of ksk is coming out and videos like this look very unvalid at this point

  • Gladys Lawliet
    Gladys Lawliet 17 giorni fa

    This just made me sad. In some way I feel bad for how bad Seungri turned out to be and now he might end up being in prison for many years. I seemed sweet at first but I got bad vibes from him when he started talking about money and women and I knew he wouldn't be in BIGBANG anymore. He lost everything. Thinking he would never get caught? That was his mistake. And not listening to what his hyungs were telling him. I hope no other kpop idol does ANY of this shit. Even if I love them and what not, they will be dead to me if they snoop this low like Seungri. I feel bad for his parents, fans and former band members... Karma always gets you.

  • seungri love
    seungri love 17 giorni fa

    i prefer not to judge someone without a final veredict. And that didnt happen yet. If he's guilty I hope he gets the punishment He deserves but I cant judge someone who could be an innocent without a final veredict. because his name is already dirty. people just like to talk and even of he is indeed innocent no one will believe it and say he just paid to be free. Some suspects can be using his name and fame to stay away themself of the spotlight.
    But we cant know. No one know. I just want to wait to judge him because i dont want to judge someone who could be innocent. If he did ot I hope he gets the punishment he deserves.

  • SparxSo
    SparxSo 17 giorni fa

    In Sejeong’s clip isn’t that JJY sitting next to her? When I noticed it I had a full body shudder of disgust oof.

  • Samantha
    Samantha 18 giorni fa

    at 1:46 how the hell did we miss that

  • Too Much To Handle
    Too Much To Handle 18 giorni fa +1

    This mofo has a sister but still manages to treat women like objects.

  • doung thida
    doung thida 19 giorni fa

    Form what i think, seungri does all of that just because want to be famous or maybe popular than other member, i mean he does everything to be stand out and more people recognize him. I used to heard from him said when they all debut all four members has all their talent but for him is not preparing yet. From what he maybe thought he just only a young maknae, he can be famous not by himself but only by title of the group. That's why he need to do some kind of other member doesn't have. He's really want to be man not a boy. Okay Now you got what you want, Seungri!! !!