PENTAGON(펜타곤) - '청개구리(Naughty boy)' (Choreography Practice Video)

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  • Pubblicato il 14 set 2018
  • PENTAGON(펜타곤) - '청개구리(Naughty boy)' (Choreography Practice Video)
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  • Its Candy
    Its Candy Giorno fa

    * relieved that Jinho’s cute lil legs can handle this choreography-*

  • 404 Not Found
    404 Not Found 2 giorni fa

    I'll pretend I never knew the translation cause the lyrics is a bit mysterious and sounded super bad news.

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    404 Not Found 2 giorni fa


  • bhea marie villacora
    bhea marie villacora 2 giorni fa

    stan pentagoooooon❤❤❤

  • Trashy Tiff
    Trashy Tiff 3 giorni fa

    it's weird that the title and song lyrics don't even match the title is "naughty boy" and i legit thought that this song is about them being bad but instead it's mostly about frogs😂

    ELIZABETH RIVEROS 3 giorni fa +1


  • kitten
    kitten 4 giorni fa +1

    Awwwww I just love it when they wiggle their legs

    Disclaimer: I know that sound weird lol

  • Teguh Nugroho
    Teguh Nugroho 5 giorni fa

    From the very first, I couldn't take my eyes of YeoOne. He's wearing blue anyway. His happy charm gets me!

  • JIis4KOOKonly
    JIis4KOOKonly 5 giorni fa

    I heard this on speed and found out that this is too cute. Then looked for it to found out that it is that slow but it didn't change the fact that it makes me smile. The choreography is so cute and looking at them i know they are having fun!
    Edit: I'm not even a fun but i like them😍

  • Elizabeth Hernandez
    Elizabeth Hernandez 7 giorni fa

    I really enjoy the vibes that you transmit!!! PENTAGON its a great group

  • simplysimmer
    simplysimmer 11 giorni fa

    fuck i love this song and i love the dance even more

  • Jenny TV
    Jenny TV 12 giorni fa +1

    The Best dancer was the frog he deserves a award

  • frappuccino please
    frappuccino please 12 giorni fa +1

    the one in the black bucket hat is so smol and adorable uwu

    • Satanic PizzaZ
      Satanic PizzaZ 8 giorni fa

      Yes please love my smol muffin he deserves the world

  • goyangiwonu
    goyangiwonu 16 giorni fa +1

    I'm not a fan but seeing this makes me happyyy the choreo is so upbeat and lol they're talking about frogs

  • blackgirlmagic
    blackgirlmagic 16 giorni fa

    Kino is fine. Shinwon is sexy. Yuto is daddy.
    Kino- bias
    Shinwon- bias wrecker
    Yuto- ultimate bias

  • Pandita Queen xd
    Pandita Queen xd 17 giorni fa

    Es epicooooooo

  • 이름
    이름 17 giorni fa

    0:19초 에 난구? 당구?? 하는거 무슨말이에요!??

  • fullsun's sunflower
    fullsun's sunflower 19 giorni fa


  • 샛님
    샛님 19 giorni fa

    안무 누가 만들어요? 되게 잘 만든다.. 그리고 조회수 3,333,389 ㄷㄷ

  • envious worm
    envious worm 19 giorni fa

    this just in im in love with kino

  • Many Tebane
    Many Tebane 19 giorni fa

    Não importa quantas vezes assisto eu sempre vomito arco-íris (灬º‿º灬)♡

  • Dani
    Dani 21 giorno fa

    Kino and Hui has my heart I stan both of them but all I can think about is Stray Kids Felix (1:30) and his knees when he did orange justice

  • Hobi Sprite
    Hobi Sprite 23 giorni fa

    I really love the meaning after the lyric XD

  • Lord Kaileez
    Lord Kaileez 23 giorni fa

    Cute babies :)

  • Карина 06
    Карина 06 24 giorni fa


  • S/n e S/r
    S/n e S/r 24 giorni fa

    "Cinco mais cinco é nove"
    "Cachorros fazem oinc oinc"
    "Hm frango.."

    BONGIOCJ 27 giorni fa +1

    Dance ends:
    Hui: I need air pls

  • StuckStudent 41
    StuckStudent 41 Mese fa +1

    Is it just me or you also think this choreography is cute and blends perfect with the lyrics and music?

  • Oliver Rain
    Oliver Rain Mese fa

    Y’all help me out,, can you tell me their names??

  • Kinoable
    Kinoable Mese fa +1

    The sharpest dance

  • Apenas Eu
    Apenas Eu Mese fa


  • Tina Martina
    Tina Martina Mese fa +1

    Yang suka pentagon like ya

  • さぼてん
    さぼてん Mese fa


  • Shikama .jeehani

    They be looking cute

  • don't touch my face u


  • Debora Leandro
    Debora Leandro Mese fa


  • Mauh
    Mauh Mese fa

    So so cute!!

  • ms ultmilk
    ms ultmilk Mese fa +1

    still can’t keep my eyes off kino..

  • madbaby foryou
    madbaby foryou Mese fa lovely. 😆💖💖💖😭

  • *Chiken Nugets*
    *Chiken Nugets* Mese fa +1

    Oh my hecjing goch i just realised the prange justice in the choreography im choking.

  • jin jims
    jin jims Mese fa +1

    This is the cutest dance I've seen so far

  • Anne
    Anne Mese fa

    that ‘i stan pentagon for their talents’ THIS IS FOR YA BANDWAGON STANS UH

  • Soobunnie
    Soobunnie Mese fa +1

    *i like froggie*

  • Lourdes Occ
    Lourdes Occ Mese fa

    I see you froggy

  • ZZ AA
    ZZ AA Mese fa +4

    I don't understand why everybody is talking like edawn died? I am sure they still friends. they are just not working together anymore.

  • I do not like nct, I like donghyuck's bitch

    Me encanta 😶😶😶😶😶😶 no puedo dejar de derlos

  • Princess Consuela banana hammock

    Awesome energy by hui.perfect example for a great leader

  • Princess Consuela banana hammock

    I hate that hongseok is always behind kino in the choreo.its completely blocking my view of him

  • Delfin Dela Cruz jr

    Im looking for Jinhon.. then I saw the smallest, Oh that was Jinhon 😍😍😍

  • Pandaemonium ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Who is the guy in blue (not with dyed hair)?

  • BtsLover
    BtsLover Mese fa +1

    0:41 oh god who let them watch dame tu cosita

  • Choco Vanilla
    Choco Vanilla Mese fa

    i'm not saying u have to watch this vid i made of pentagon's naughty boy mash-up with hey julie! by kyle but that's exactly what i'm saying.. support my channel!!

  • Nx Minho
    Nx Minho Mese fa

    1:49 why do I uwu every time

  • Chon kookie
    Chon kookie Mese fa +1

    Soy la unica que escucha "hago lo que quiera!" ?

  • sarangichae
    sarangichae 2 mesi fa +1

    0:58 hyewon and nanami(minami)?

  • Pandaemonium ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Which guy is Yanan? I'm new. Also, who is the guy in the black bucket hat at 0:20 far right

    • Abcedie 123
      Abcedie 123 2 mesi fa

      Pandaemonium ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ the guy in the black bucket hat is Jinho, main vocal and the oldest in the group
      Yan an was not able to participate in this comeback due to health reasons.

  • Phương Anh Nguyễn

    5+5=9 😀😀😀😀??????

  • Fifi Fairoz
    Fifi Fairoz 2 mesi fa +2

    I love you😍😘😘😘💋💋💖👍👍💘💗👏👏👏👏

  • Laura
    Laura 2 mesi fa +4

    Depression: *Cured*
    UWUs: *Spent*
    Life Support: *Disconnected*
    Hotel: *Trivago*

  • Ryan Liew
    Ryan Liew 2 mesi fa +1

    y do i keep hearing Mexican?

  • Ya Lee
    Ya Lee 2 mesi fa +1

    I like your song it was good and gold

  • Katie cat
    Katie cat 2 mesi fa +1

    OOF I love this..

  • cj marfil
    cj marfil 2 mesi fa +2

    who's that guy wearing green ? he's so charming omg his smile is so attractive and cuteeee uwu

  • Tentastic
    Tentastic 2 mesi fa +1

    The subtitle wrote blue frog omg🤣

  • ً thal.
    ً thal. 2 mesi fa +3

    i keep coming back to this video because they're serving happiness and cuteness and talents aaaa i love pentagon

  • Awcool Crew
    Awcool Crew 2 mesi fa +1

    ok so i wanted to learn this then i realised this is so hard

  • BTS ARMY!!!!
    BTS ARMY!!!! 2 mesi fa +1

    It's so cute 😀

  • Margareth Gail Fernandez

    The chorus always makes me jams to it haha

  • Bangtan's girl
    Bangtan's girl 2 mesi fa +2

    Orange shirt

  • Prdsdef.taeil
    Prdsdef.taeil 2 mesi fa +2

    Who has the white hair?

  • Tamara 10
    Tamara 10 2 mesi fa +1

    La re concha bailan re bien

  • chan
    chan 2 mesi fa +2

    There's something about Shinwon's body proportion that is so attractive not being creepy or anything

  • Legacy Infinity
    Legacy Infinity 2 mesi fa

    Mute this and put Shine over it.

    Prepare to be wowed.

  • tarah 7u7
    tarah 7u7 2 mesi fa

    1:19 um poio un poio um poia? XD tenía que decirlo

  • Yanelleh
    Yanelleh 2 mesi fa

    Who's the guy with orange shirt?

    • Yanelleh
      Yanelleh 2 mesi fa

      @비투비BTOB Oh okay, he is amazing😍...thanks for answering🙏

    • 비투비BTOB
      비투비BTOB 2 mesi fa

      Kino the main dancer

  • Asuna Lazio
    Asuna Lazio 2 mesi fa

    The subtiles give me anxiety

  • Kanna _ XoXo
    Kanna _ XoXo 2 mesi fa +2

    *The serious leg work tho*

  • Ngamnad Buntha
    Ngamnad Buntha 2 mesi fa

    เหมือรแต่งให้อีดอนอ่ะ 😅😅😅

  • The Tears of Jungkook


  • Speedy Painter
    Speedy Painter 2 mesi fa +2

    I guess I’m the only one from TXT.

  • Rubyisunique
    Rubyisunique 2 mesi fa

    My favorite song ❤
    But I put the captions it was funny lol

  • Kookies & Tae
    Kookies & Tae 2 mesi fa

    Pretty sure 5+5= 10 and a dog goes woof lol😂😂

  • Aaliyah Marshmallows

    I thought i saw some ripped pants... 😂😂😂

  • xx_ ibunny
    xx_ ibunny 2 mesi fa

    I miss you guys:"(💚💛

  • soft edits
    soft edits 2 mesi fa +3

    Pentagon: "Five plus five is nine."
    Me: uhmm
    Pentagon: "Dogs go oink oink"
    Me: are u okay?

  • -love, k-music
    -love, k-music 2 mesi fa

    i appreciate who ever did the captions

  • npdr
    npdr 2 mesi fa +2

    so whos the dude with the green shirt

  • murk music
    murk music 2 mesi fa

    I see joker

  • DuvetSlug
    DuvetSlug 2 mesi fa

    sUCH A MEME ... hail these lords wtf.

  • Insanii Lanii
    Insanii Lanii 2 mesi fa +2

    What is that green frog doin?

  • Noa Knows
    Noa Knows 2 mesi fa

    1:21 his face 😂😂😂 love you mean it😅💜

  • r a i n y w o l f
    r a i n y w o l f 2 mesi fa

    who put the captions lmaoo

  • I Purple Suga Kookie
    I Purple Suga Kookie 2 mesi fa +50

    Your telling me that they were hiding eight grown men behind that one umbrella? Wow…?

  • BTS IS MY LIFE taetaev

    What a beautful vibes
    I mean they are talented and know how enjoy specialie in this chorégraphie,
    Wah wah respect respect

  • Min Yoonie
    Min Yoonie 2 mesi fa +1

    who are the ones in the orange and green shirt? they're adorable

  • Min Yoonie
    Min Yoonie 2 mesi fa

    this choreo makes me so happy and i dont even stan (yet?)

  • rhoby lynnn
    rhoby lynnn 2 mesi fa

    who's the guy using orange shirt?

  • Stephanie
    Stephanie 2 mesi fa +2

    The one in green is so cute and energetic!!! I cant stop smiling, their choreo is so cute too!

  • Jae B
    Jae B 2 mesi fa

    this dance is so cute!!! it makes them seem so young! also damn I miss having hair like Hui lol

  • Kawaii Doggo
    Kawaii Doggo 3 mesi fa +1

    Stan Pentagon + turn subtitles on whoever did that is forever blessed