I built a GIANT MEATBALL in Minecraft (emotional) - Part 16

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  • Pubblicato il 18 lug 2019
  • We build redstone epicly in minecraft
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  • Krystina
    Krystina 4 ore fa

    I named my cat felix lol

  • Rothanak's Entertainment Vidz

    I Lik3 wauter sheep mor3 Than jumb0 meetBall

  • HyPe_ X
    HyPe_ X 6 ore fa


  • HyPe_ X
    HyPe_ X 6 ore fa

    15.59 there was dinnerbone

  • Uranus !
    Uranus ! 6 ore fa

    R.I.P watersheep 😣

  • Mariel Caparas
    Mariel Caparas 6 ore fa

    We want a water sheep merch

  • ChromoCore
    ChromoCore 10 ore fa

    One, Two, Three, Four... Sven!!

  • Groundhog0phil
    Groundhog0phil 10 ore fa

    Bruh when he had the cult with the chickens to bring back water sheep i laughed so hard

  • Ya Boi, Kari
    Ya Boi, Kari 10 ore fa

    Moldy meatball

  • Ya Boi, Kari
    Ya Boi, Kari 10 ore fa

    But no Jurassic Park music?

  • Ella Brinsden-Rolfe

    'Italian leather exterior, all handcrafted by one Scandinavian Swede'

  • Niamh Walls
    Niamh Walls 13 ore fa

    You can make a bubble water elevator 👍🏻

  • Paolo L. Prota D'.
    Paolo L. Prota D'. 14 ore fa

    Pewds you can make an elevator in like 2 seconds. Look up soul sand elevator

  • The Mob Master
    The Mob Master 16 ore fa

    Try using a hacker to bring back jeb. Pay him a $1000 to bring him back.

  • alexzander moraga
    alexzander moraga 18 ore fa

    can you make sven a dog house plsssssss

  • Anthea Tan
    Anthea Tan 19 ore fa

    build a water elevator those are sick

  • dioscoro IV militante

    Did pewds really made that meatball?

  • Sum Buddy
    Sum Buddy 23 ore fa

    Pigman is the best therapist

  • Lainey Winkler
    Lainey Winkler 23 ore fa

    No one:
    Felix: meatball

  • mr yeet
    mr yeet 23 ore fa


  • Simon Xyooj
    Simon Xyooj 23 ore fa

    R.I.P jeb__

  • Chobane
    Chobane Giorno fa

    i dont get it didnt he torture and kill water sheep?

  • Alexanders VeryOwn
    Alexanders VeryOwn Giorno fa +1

    *When you realize pewdiepie knows more about minecraft then you do even though you played minecraft since you were 12*

  • Sarah Bouw
    Sarah Bouw Giorno fa


  • Apple Artsy fart
    Apple Artsy fart Giorno fa

    U ok bro? 11:23

  • Adam McAbee
    Adam McAbee Giorno fa

    is it boat cow or water cow felix jeez make a decision

  • Jose Carrasco fernandez

    Me play Minecraft since 2013 can't even builld a home

  • Hitanshu S
    Hitanshu S Giorno fa +1


  • ForisTeam
    ForisTeam Giorno fa

    Pewdiepie and Water Sheep has a really weird relationship

  • Axel Thebrownsofa
    Axel Thebrownsofa Giorno fa

    You did not build the meatball. Hands down!

  • xGemx
    xGemx Giorno fa

    I want puffer merch

  • Kizaro 87654
    Kizaro 87654 Giorno fa

    All italian will be' so proud for the meatball

  • EyePatch
    EyePatch Giorno fa

    Probably the best feelings ever when he found joergen #2 😭🤭🤣😂

  • william edward
    william edward Giorno fa

    Salam PewDiePie zona Depok

  • Bahar Topak
    Bahar Topak Giorno fa


  • Arunav Agarwal
    Arunav Agarwal Giorno fa +4

    felix: he was like a FATHER to me
    also felix : he was like a SON I NEVER HAD!!!!

    i worry about his relations with his father

  • Santiago Rico Dias
    Santiago Rico Dias Giorno fa



    Me: Mom can we go IKEA tmr? I miss their meatballs.
    Mom: Did you know that their meatballs are from horse meat?
    Me in my mind: JJJJOERGEN

  • Random Katt
    Random Katt Giorno fa

    Yoooooooo! He has found JÖERGEN!

  • Gaming Demon
    Gaming Demon Giorno fa

    Seed?? Tell me plssss :DDDDD

  • Christopher Savignon

    Damn... This makes me realise how refined Dragon Quest Builders 2 really is. I bet you'd love to have some magnet blocks for that elevator.

  • MuffinGoss
    MuffinGoss Giorno fa

    I'd like to see T-series try and suck on that Swedish meatball

  • Barnabas Hidvegi
    Barnabas Hidvegi Giorno fa

    we miss you water sheep

    SYKOU Giorno fa

    PewDiePie : Alright, let's stop playin around, we got real stuff to do.
    **A few moments later**
    PewDiePie: We're here to summon water sheep. **Bell noises**

  • • Violett •
    • Violett • Giorno fa +1

    But like IS NO ONE GOING TO TALK ABOUT THE REDSTONE?? THAT IS LITERALLY SUPER IMPRESSIVE WITHOUT CREATIVE. He’s learning really fast for someone that hasn’t played in years.

  • Mr. Hasbr
    Mr. Hasbr Giorno fa

    I love it when Sven and the Chicken were looking at Felix when buikding the Memorial

  • Rhea A
    Rhea A Giorno fa

    Felix: WaAAat you never play tuber simulator?
    Me: how dare you assume I don’t play tuber simulator.

  • tâløň ùčhîhâ
    tâløň ùčhîhâ Giorno fa +1


  • Zoe M
    Zoe M Giorno fa

    Are we just gonna ignore the fact that he used red stone to create a summoning circle for water sheep an joergen😂

  • puglord 493
    puglord 493 Giorno fa

    I actually always loved water sheep

  • MinecraftCatMaster
    MinecraftCatMaster Giorno fa

    The ritual summoned an ad for me

  • Kamal Rifka
    Kamal Rifka Giorno fa +1

    The elevator is fucking awesome

  • Nikiya Jones
    Nikiya Jones Giorno fa +2

    12:48 omg Sven was sad too😩😩😫😫😞😞💔💔
    A Loyal and fullhearted dog🙌💗🐶

  • Osama Alzamareeh
    Osama Alzamareeh Giorno fa

    i know how to get water sheep back just say the magical words and pay mojang 10 dollers the magic words are hipity hopity bring back my property

  • Private Sweaty
    Private Sweaty Giorno fa

    :( it-clip.net/video/s931EyGtY98/video.html

  • Billy B0i
    Billy B0i Giorno fa

    Why hasn’t IKEA been sponsored?

  • Leo Miller
    Leo Miller Giorno fa

    Wonder what Felix would do if Sven was jewish

  • Ivar W
    Ivar W 2 giorni fa

    Make a video with Mumbo Jumbo :D

  • Crazy Antics
    Crazy Antics 2 giorni fa

    Jöergen the movie:Ran away who else wants that

  • Paprikan
    Paprikan 2 giorni fa +1

    Felix: Yes i found you Joergen!
    Joergen: No how?! Not again

    I Mean he escapes all the time.

  • Nora O'Connor
    Nora O'Connor 2 giorni fa

    Rip water sheep. You will be missed...

  • Abigail Ramirez
    Abigail Ramirez 2 giorni fa

    Rip water sheep😭😭

  • Marie Gåsvik
    Marie Gåsvik 2 giorni fa

    Next time i play minecraft i will bring back water sheep AKA jeb_

  • карманов кирилл

    Бьюди пай пидр

  • Manvirgameing 456
    Manvirgameing 456 2 giorni fa

    Sheep meet water ball

  • Manvirgameing 456
    Manvirgameing 456 2 giorni fa

    You should but 1m sheep’s and water in the meet ball

  • Leah Jaxon
    Leah Jaxon 2 giorni fa

    It goes.. 1,2,3,4.... SVEN!!!

  • M S
    M S 2 giorni fa +1

    This man has too much time in his hands

  • Princess Aniel Cupat
    Princess Aniel Cupat 2 giorni fa

    wow, this guy builds a emerald grave for a fiction animal that he loves in minecraft i hope he will build a face with it in a wall with redstones and a tower of animal around it it would be nice in a near future. keep it up guy

  • Wonder Gacha
    Wonder Gacha 2 giorni fa

    Which water sheep are you talking about? There were three...

  • Cube Motion4494
    Cube Motion4494 2 giorni fa +2

    The title of your video was wrong... built= builD

  • Sebuuuh Boi
    Sebuuuh Boi 2 giorni fa

    but Felix started building the giant meatball before water sheep died...

  • GraniteYogi
    GraniteYogi 2 giorni fa

    Felix: (talk about friendship whit water sheep)
    Also Felix couple epizodes ago: you are so annoying water sheep.

  • Bryne Josava
    Bryne Josava 2 giorni fa

    You could've made the elevator with soul sand and water dude