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  • Pubblicato il 18 ago 2019
    00:04 How to survive in wildlife
    02:08 How to make a water filter
    03:08 Fire starter hacks
    04:21 Clever camping hacks for you to try
    04:50 Into the wild kitchen
    06:49 Waterproof matches
    08:54 Use an egg carton to start a fire
    09:16 Use tampon to stop bleeding
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Commenti • 172

  • Mariana GG
    Mariana GG 23 giorni fa

    2:04 the fish way too big to get inside

  • OhNo ShesEmo
    OhNo ShesEmo 23 giorni fa +2

    2:06 how did the fish even get in that ?

  • Ava Peitsch
    Ava Peitsch 26 giorni fa +3

    3:18 I can’t waste namen noodles on a fire I just can’t

  • ازهر السويعدي


  • Molly Driscoll
    Molly Driscoll 27 giorni fa

    Who tf wears sandals camping especially ones like those I understand if your by a lake to swim in but my parents always said either wear water shoes or be barefoot

  • May free
    May free 27 giorni fa

    how do you even get these stuff your in the wild and why are you gonna bring so many stuff that almost sees you as camping not surviving

  • v Khonishy v
    v Khonishy v 27 giorni fa

    Quien seria el animal que creeria esto

  • Berfin Aykutlug
    Berfin Aykutlug 27 giorni fa

    2.05 o balık oraya nasıl girdi be ????

  • Baljit Chauhan
    Baljit Chauhan 27 giorni fa

    2:05 how did the fish fit inside that

  • Vivianne Santoss
    Vivianne Santoss 28 giorni fa

    Cm foi esse peixe entrou nessa garrafa ??

  • الحياة حلوة
    الحياة حلوة 28 giorni fa +2

    مين هون عربي

  • Veronica Boyer
    Veronica Boyer 28 giorni fa

    Cuz i carry coffe, a filter, some cream and sugar with me on the day i got lost in the wild, luckily, i also brought some pepsi! now i can make me some coffee

    this channel makes no sense but i love it

  • Peanutbutter Bear
    Peanutbutter Bear 28 giorni fa

    If ur wondering how the fish got in?

    *he was just giving an example*

  • Romaysa Ali
    Romaysa Ali 28 giorni fa

    At 2:00 how a big fish can come inside that little bottle

  • Taloob Alshugas
    Taloob Alshugas 28 giorni fa +1

    If you don’t have a knife 🔪 what can you do 🤔

  • Kimia Hasan
    Kimia Hasan 28 giorni fa

    I never go in the wild..so why I am watching this.....:-(

  • Abdallh Alshaban
    Abdallh Alshaban 28 giorni fa


  • farah faryal
    farah faryal 28 giorni fa +1

    انت تكذب أن الفتحة صغيرة و السنكة كبيرة 👺👺👺👺👺

  • Оленик Елена

    посмотрите минуту 2:04 там от бутылки горлышло узкое а рыба огромная
    Заметьте плиз

  • Rage Gaming
    Rage Gaming 28 giorni fa

    2:06 how did the fish fit in the small hole🤔

  • Tabby Cat
    Tabby Cat 28 giorni fa

    Good research for a book I'm writing, saw the title for this video and was like YASS XD

  • Thiangi Pachuau
    Thiangi Pachuau 28 giorni fa

    I try this but i cannot do 👎

  • 18 Maria Mobin Abdullah

    5 minute crafts need to stop repeating because they are making money from youtube without really trying
    They sometimes put different names for videos and have the same things in them as other videos they make and just add few more hacks.

    FFFNNN NNNFFF 28 giorni fa

    Je sais que vous parlez pas français mais comment le poisson a fait pour rentré dans la bouteille avec un si petit trou

  • حنش وحبوشة
    حنش وحبوشة 29 giorni fa


  • Foxle X3Kn
    Foxle X3Kn 29 giorni fa

    I hate this fake channell

  • Foxle X3Kn
    Foxle X3Kn 29 giorni fa +1

    Noway a big fish like that gets in there u sickers

  • Poonam smart kitchen
    Poonam smart kitchen 29 giorni fa


  • Jayanta Borah
    Jayanta Borah 29 giorni fa

    You could use the plastic instead the noddles to lit fire

  • Jayanta Borah
    Jayanta Borah 29 giorni fa

    The insects bite after putting rotten leaves inside shirt

  • kaylani William
    kaylani William 29 giorni fa

    ? U had thse in antoher video and why do we need this halp??

  • Vikash Prasad
    Vikash Prasad 29 giorni fa

    How did that big fish got in there

  • Элина Харисова

    2:04 ну конечно типо такая большая рыба в маленькое отверстие пролезит😆😆😆

  • Nowsheen Tarek
    Nowsheen Tarek 29 giorni fa +1

    Why would we have a knife in the forest???

  • Cotton Wolf
    Cotton Wolf 29 giorni fa

    2:05 how do you get that big of a fish in that?

  • lightfuture rollbox
    lightfuture rollbox 29 giorni fa

    The fuck is the fish is a magic fish

  • Sameera Shabbir
    Sameera Shabbir 29 giorni fa

    5 min craft is waste

  • Haynayer 15
    Haynayer 15 29 giorni fa

    Do you know how many bugs and ticks could be in those leaves?

  • ថ្នាំពន្លូតកំពស់ High Speed


  • PriceKrispies 79
    PriceKrispies 79 29 giorni fa +9

    0:11 goog luck having rashes and spiders down your top 🙄

  • bithy bristy
    bithy bristy 29 giorni fa +1

    why they 5min craft never reply anyone comment beacause they always busy to making fake videos right

  • angel the English Shepard

    Yes, because if I’m stuck in the wild I certainly have water bottles, frying pans, markers, and ramen with me

  • علي القريشي
    علي القريشي 29 giorni fa

    اني طالبه وسوالي غريب منو يعرف مدرسه اسمها ست رشا

  • Sofia Di Lernia
    Sofia Di Lernia 29 giorni fa

    Le cose che fanno nn funzionano tranne alcune ma sono imbarazzanti

  • MOST 10
    MOST 10 29 giorni fa

    it-clip.net/video/MgzhKfcgHOQ/video.html just views plz

  • amal essa
    amal essa 29 giorni fa

    0:13 I feel itching😫

  • nehir ve Ailesi
    nehir ve Ailesi 29 giorni fa +1

    İyi geceler

  • nehir ve Ailesi
    nehir ve Ailesi 29 giorni fa +2

    Ayı ısırınca batmasın diye sandım roblox ta cath yazdı kedi sandım balıkmış

  • COCO art&craft
    COCO art&craft 29 giorni fa +40

    Whoever is reading this have a blessed week filled with happiness and good luck

    Smile and be happy
    Good regards from an art and craft channel

  • Razan Mohamad
    Razan Mohamad 29 giorni fa


  • Ruby Spearing
    Ruby Spearing 29 giorni fa +6

    11:40 Who carries a hot glue gun around with them
    And you need a phone to survive?

  • Cheryl LaFleur
    Cheryl LaFleur 29 giorni fa +4

    Like if they should do pool hacks

  • Delvin Ali
    Delvin Ali 29 giorni fa


  • Mark Yoey
    Mark Yoey 29 giorni fa

    Tidak masuk akal langsung. Macam bodoh sangat.. mother fucker.

  • Mark Yoey
    Mark Yoey 29 giorni fa

    Stupid. Small hole but can get big fish.

  • sternen regen
    sternen regen 29 giorni fa

    Wenn jemand deutsches den Kanal schau lass mal ein Like da bidde 😢😢😢

  • Cindy 08
    Cindy 08 29 giorni fa


  • Silky-Kids
    Silky-Kids 29 giorni fa



  • Pinki Tirck
    Pinki Tirck 29 giorni fa


  • janet mworia
    janet mworia 29 giorni fa

    They have got a lot of bottles😂😂😂😂