I Tried Following A Bob Ross Tutorial Using Frosting!

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  • Pubblicato il 16 feb 2019
  • I followed a Bob Ross Painting tutorial using FROSTING instead of Paint!!
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    I hope you enjoy today's #Painting with #Frosting #BobRoss video! I have never painted anything before and had no idea it was possible to do something like this with frosting! I grew up watching Bob Ross and he was always such an inspiration to me. Not only did he make painting fun and accessible, he had such a positive outlook on life.
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Commenti • 39 076

  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino  3 mesi fa +22644

    I hope you enjoy today's video! Have you ever followed a tutorial video? How did it go? 😊🎨🏞💕

    • Asad Sardar
      Asad Sardar 13 giorni fa

      You are a amazing artist
      BTW love you

    • Caitlin IH
      Caitlin IH Mese fa +1

      It was amazing!!🎨🎨

    • K9-Non-Copyrighted Music
      K9-Non-Copyrighted Music Mese fa +1

      It went horrible

    • Anaya Carroll
      Anaya Carroll 2 mesi fa +2

      Your picture looked almost identical to Bob Ross’s

    • 1_direction61
      1_direction61 2 mesi fa +2

      I just recreated one of his tutorials by ur videos, it turned out better than I expected!

  • Kawaii_UwU _007
    Kawaii_UwU _007 8 ore fa

    What a coincidence Im telling watching this in a rainy day

  • aljn tnd
    aljn tnd 8 ore fa

    Actually im shooked how good ro's painting is 😍😍

  • Elizza Stone
    Elizza Stone 9 ore fa

    If that painting is painted with frosting, will it go bad? 😂

  • Mrs. Blurryface
    Mrs. Blurryface 9 ore fa

    Dude that is the best thing. I strangely don’t even want to lick it anymore 😂

  • Bart Dostoyevsky
    Bart Dostoyevsky 10 ore fa

    This was so fun to watch and it turned out great! Just a question, which kind of buttercream did you use and what ratios to get the right consistency?

  • damn daniel
    damn daniel 10 ore fa

    bob is my god.

  • Elena Meehan
    Elena Meehan 12 ore fa

    Omg so good

  • Caleb Dobbins
    Caleb Dobbins 13 ore fa

    OMG that’s amazing

  • Kevin Sandstrom
    Kevin Sandstrom 13 ore fa

    But tell me Ro, do the Snozberries taste like Snozberries?

  • Kainan Thornton
    Kainan Thornton 13 ore fa

    One of my favorite videos ever probably. Love it. Love you Rosanna 👍💘

  • katelynn pike
    katelynn pike 14 ore fa

    You should do that on a cake.

    BELIEVE 14 ore fa

    can u do another one of these types of vids?

  • wwe vids
    wwe vids 14 ore fa

    well it sucks thet roaches will come if u keep it.. it turned out so good

  • twinsDOPE
    twinsDOPE 14 ore fa

    Incredible !! Wow ur amazing!!

  • Alex Jacobsen
    Alex Jacobsen 15 ore fa

    Rosanna proving once again that she can do anything with baking food

  • CaT V
    CaT V 15 ore fa

    This is a rlly cute video

  • mauro garih
    mauro garih 17 ore fa

    Viva españa, Viva españa COÑO

  • Selegina Sparrow
    Selegina Sparrow 17 ore fa

    I so shook...

  • Tony Films335
    Tony Films335 17 ore fa

    They make Bob Ross marshmallow canvas’s now. So with the frosting you can paint a picture on a marshmallow canvas and then eat it.

  • deathlouis888
    deathlouis888 18 ore fa

    Truly incredible, I'm speechless!!

  • Axel von Elern
    Axel von Elern 18 ore fa

    Remember what Bob sed about painting.
    That we do happy mistakes when we are painting.

  • xandrya jonson
    xandrya jonson 18 ore fa

    Scorpios o be no set yours looks better if you think it's horrible! And this is coming from a person who's a beginner in ART!🎨🎴👍👌

  • Reese Serley
    Reese Serley 18 ore fa +1

    That looks so fricking good!

  • Kelly's # life X
    Kelly's # life X 19 ore fa

    Wow 😲

  • Sadie Barker
    Sadie Barker 20 ore fa

    I thought she was licking paint on the thumbnail

  • Shannon Victoria
    Shannon Victoria 21 ora fa

    Honestly it looks so gorgeous! Bob would be so proud of you ☺️

  • Gamarleton
    Gamarleton 22 ore fa

    you made it so good omg! (literally too haha)
    amazing job with frosting!

  • Foxay Periwinkle
    Foxay Periwinkle 23 ore fa

    Maybe the bushes could’ve had a bit more contrast but overall, wow!

  • y
    y Giorno fa +1

    That looks soooo good!

  • Rí Ná
    Rí Ná Giorno fa

    It looks amazing

  • RosieXxx _
    RosieXxx _ Giorno fa

    Hermione?. Is that you?

  • Justin Ansako
    Justin Ansako Giorno fa

    Cooking is art

  • Justin Ansako
    Justin Ansako Giorno fa

    You’re beautiful

  • Amazing girly Yay
    Amazing girly Yay Giorno fa +1

    The one IT-clipr who doesn’t clickbait

  • Maryam Kazi
    Maryam Kazi Giorno fa

    You did a panting better then me and I paint allot

  • donald mike gideon
    donald mike gideon Giorno fa

    Cool, that worked out really well.

  • Candy Life
    Candy Life Giorno fa

    That looks really good

  • Zeina Al Banna
    Zeina Al Banna Giorno fa


  • Deeksha Raj
    Deeksha Raj Giorno fa

    You totally nailed it

  • akeames
    akeames Giorno fa

    This is actually pretty good. Good job!! 👍👍🎂🎨

  • Lauren Bramley
    Lauren Bramley Giorno fa

    no way

  • adithyan vinayan
    adithyan vinayan Giorno fa

    "Mistakes are delicious"-
    Rosana Pansino 2019

  • Chasidy Blake
    Chasidy Blake Giorno fa

    Absolutely in love with the "painting" and I love that it was dob=ne with frosting talk about a baker's first love

  • Sophie Lang
    Sophie Lang Giorno fa

    This is insane

  • I am Not anonymous
    I am Not anonymous Giorno fa

    I would put that on a cal instead and sell for a thousand bucks
    If I had the talent

  • Peridot Universe
    Peridot Universe Giorno fa +2

    I keep forgetting is icing and not paint, but every time she licked or ate it I freaked out a bit 😅😆

  • J. Rhodes
    J. Rhodes Giorno fa

    Bob Ross would be so proud and happy! You did amazing!!!

    RexTheBUDGIE BUDDY Giorno fa +1


  • potterroxabc
    potterroxabc Giorno fa

    She doesn't even lick the canvas:(

  • stefani
    stefani Giorno fa

    You're a painter now😍❤

  • dragonfly desoto
    dragonfly desoto Giorno fa

    She did better than bob ross

  • Amanda Medina
    Amanda Medina Giorno fa

    That came out amazing!!!

  • 2k 2trash
    2k 2trash Giorno fa

    This is great

  • Eitan Robbins
    Eitan Robbins Giorno fa

    Omg 😮 to ur amazing

  • Kieli Hauber
    Kieli Hauber Giorno fa

    I wanna start off by saying I love you Bob Ross but I actually liked Ros a little better

  • Camilo Cowo
    Camilo Cowo Giorno fa

    Wow that's beautiful

  • MamaGibbs5
    MamaGibbs5 Giorno fa +1

    My 7 year old said "rosanna pansino more like artist/baker champion."🌹anna 🍳sino 🎂🐼."

  • Chiara Messina
    Chiara Messina Giorno fa

    can you make a bab ross inspired cake. PLEASE

  • Reya M.
    Reya M. Giorno fa


  • MamaGibbs5
    MamaGibbs5 Giorno fa +1

    My 11 year old said "you did so well, Its like they're twins. I cant paint a decent stick dog. you=🏅💙✔. me=💩💀🚽"

  • Britzy leal
    Britzy leal Giorno fa

    I didn’t know that you were in “nailed it’’ season 3

  • Kisha Beltrano
    Kisha Beltrano Giorno fa

    You should have done it on a large cake

  • Joettaadair brown
    Joettaadair brown Giorno fa +1

    Did anyone else catch the Drake comment? 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kiley Barrett
    Kiley Barrett Giorno fa

    This is honestly the best following Bob tutorial I've seen, and you aren't even using paint!!!

  • Esther Lin
    Esther Lin Giorno fa

    Woah ur rly good at painting

  • XxEmilyxX xNguyenxX

    Oml ur hair is curly like Bob Ross

  • Chloe Fjdhdhebs
    Chloe Fjdhdhebs Giorno fa

    She could make this a career

  • Chloe Fjdhdhebs
    Chloe Fjdhdhebs Giorno fa

    Amazing job Ro! You did better with frosting than I could have done with actual paint... luv u

  • Ella Tabudlong
    Ella Tabudlong Giorno fa

    I have watch Bob Ross and do some rainbow popsicles

  • Lucy Leo
    Lucy Leo Giorno fa

    You r an artist

  • Meredith Barney
    Meredith Barney Giorno fa

    Please do another one of these or another type of painting video! For never having painted before, you did amazing!

  • Psycho Bird
    Psycho Bird Giorno fa

    Yours looks more relalistic

  • Alexa Chaidez
    Alexa Chaidez Giorno fa

    It looks so good almost too good

  • NotLivelt 1
    NotLivelt 1 Giorno fa

    Will it expire since it’s food?

  • colourmycosplay
    colourmycosplay Giorno fa

    I've painted, I've drawn, I've baked but geez! How?!

  • Keidi DiKay
    Keidi DiKay Giorno fa

    Ro! You did an amazing job! Wow! You are very talented on everything! 🙌🏼👏🏼😍❤

  • racha antaki
    racha antaki Giorno fa

    I think she tried to do the video more than once because when she was walking back I saw another board with yellow

  • Golden Nails
    Golden Nails Giorno fa

    яσ συя ραιитιиg ιѕ вєттєя тнαи вσвѕ

  • Alexa Adamos
    Alexa Adamos Giorno fa

    Bruh... You made that with frosting?!?! What kind of painting skills is that?! 😃

  • zeyneb mestofa
    zeyneb mestofa Giorno fa

    You go ro 🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨

  • Purple Bonbon
    Purple Bonbon Giorno fa

    You're so adorable!😁 I'm in love with your positivity and your overwhelming talent!🌈🎨

  • Daniel Williams
    Daniel Williams Giorno fa

    8:35 Jurassic park is calling

  • 《PattiRose》
    《PattiRose》 Giorno fa

    Holy heck
    That looks amazing

  • Rodeo Pro
    Rodeo Pro 2 giorni fa

    Are we just going to ignore how beautiful her hair is...?

  • Alan Gaming
    Alan Gaming 2 giorni fa


  • Dee M Blanc
    Dee M Blanc 2 giorni fa

    A series of happy little accidents

    ALICE YUNIATY 2 giorni fa

    God, that is gorgeous

  • Larsmallow !
    Larsmallow ! 2 giorni fa

    Actually you are better with frosting than with other youtubers that paint with paint 🎨 😆

  • AGuyNamedKane
    AGuyNamedKane 2 giorni fa +11

    As an art fan, your painting looks amazing! I'm impressed that you actually did that using buttercream frosting. Truly stunning and a wonderful job. Please, please, please do more of these for us. I was absolutely obsessed with watching each and every stroke! Thank you.

  • Liyau_Is_Great_2Day :3

    This is legendary

  • Kay Saly
    Kay Saly 2 giorni fa

    Bob Ross was a legendary painter and great teacher. He made it easy for anyone to follow, all his videos are basically tutorials. So, dont feel so down or discouraged. Ro did an amazing job and so can you! As quoted by a great man, 'Take care my dudes and God Bless!'

  • Taylor Rowcliffe
    Taylor Rowcliffe 2 giorni fa

    Yours is nicer than bobs

  • Abbey Ryan
    Abbey Ryan 2 giorni fa

    Won’t it go off

  • Tiege R.C.
    Tiege R.C. 2 giorni fa

    2:48 he is dead now😭

  • koko_txt
    koko_txt 2 giorni fa

    6:41 and i-

  • The Brookelynn's Paige!

    Your painting looks amazing it's better than what I can do. I wonder what your painting would look like without frosting 🤔

  • Mukti Biswas
    Mukti Biswas 2 giorni fa

    The music was so good RO

  • Fennella Balberia
    Fennella Balberia 2 giorni fa

    you are so good!!!

  • isabella rose
    isabella rose 2 giorni fa

    No omg ro i am amazed that is a beautiful picture