I Tried Following A Bob Ross Tutorial Using Frosting!

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  • Pubblicato il 16 feb 2019
  • I followed a Bob Ross Painting tutorial using FROSTING instead of Paint!!
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    I hope you enjoy today's #Painting with #Frosting #BobRoss video! I have never painted anything before and had no idea it was possible to do something like this with frosting! I grew up watching Bob Ross and he was always such an inspiration to me. Not only did he make painting fun and accessible, he had such a positive outlook on life.
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino  Mese fa +20537

    I hope you enjoy today's video! Have you ever followed a tutorial video? How did it go? 😊🎨🏞💕

    • Anaya Carroll
      Anaya Carroll 23 ore fa

      Your picture looked almost identical to Bob Ross’s

    • 1_direction61
      1_direction61 12 giorni fa

      I just recreated one of his tutorials by ur videos, it turned out better than I expected!

    • Annalis and Family
      Annalis and Family 27 giorni fa

      You are ROCKING that hair due🤘💇

    • Moonlight Aestheticz
      Moonlight Aestheticz 29 giorni fa

      I enjoyed the video
      I tried a tutorial on how to do an ariel and I ended up on my face and cried myself to sleep🤣

    • William Carriveau
      William Carriveau 29 giorni fa

      That’s actually an amazing art peice wow

  • Mia Loves Horses
    Mia Loves Horses 29 minuti fa

    After seeing the vid of Mo and Ro making a princess Anna and Elsa cake :’D

  • Rio Gardner
    Rio Gardner 38 minuti fa

    I love this Bob Ross video can you pretty please do another one

  • Jennifer Fuhrman
    Jennifer Fuhrman 2 ore fa

    True piece of art. 👏

  • Antoinette Martienz

    Beautiful work! My hero

  • Daisy Omg
    Daisy Omg 2 ore fa

    How did she do that I think it looks nicer than the actual painting he did

  • Gigi
    Gigi 3 ore fa

    It went awesome and your video is awesome

  • Smooth OG
    Smooth OG 3 ore fa

    My sister won so many art contests. Lets see if she wins against you

  • Denisa Girboan
    Denisa Girboan 3 ore fa

    Wow she's talented😮

  • Little Bats
    Little Bats 4 ore fa

    I was just skipping through this and forgot she was using frosting. “We’re just gonna pick em up and eat em” me- :O !!

  • Eagle _ XO
    Eagle _ XO 4 ore fa

    Your painting is like an HD version of Bobs painting😂

  • Vera Bertilsson Almcrantz

    It is so beautiful!😻

  • Lemon Lee
    Lemon Lee 5 ore fa


    sorry I wrote in caps its just soooo perfect

  • afua serwaa
    afua serwaa 5 ore fa


  • beast boy
    beast boy 6 ore fa

    Wow so you are a great artist 😃😃😃😀😀😀

    AMMARA SAIF 6 ore fa

    You are very talented

  • Donald Thompson
    Donald Thompson 6 ore fa

    It looks so good

  • Starlight P
    Starlight P 7 ore fa +1

    This was amazing the picture looked like the original 🙀🙀

  • Nyx Anarchy
    Nyx Anarchy 8 ore fa

    holy sheit that's awesome!!

  • liam adler
    liam adler 9 ore fa

    Very very good....you have a true inner artist love ya!!!

  • chloexox
    chloexox 9 ore fa

    did anyone realise that lots of youtbers followed bob ross tutorial but with something like how ro did she did it with frosting and guava juice did it with slime you know what i mean

  • amie_ 2002
    amie_ 2002 10 ore fa

    Beautiful omg

  • Oana Petre
    Oana Petre 10 ore fa

    part 2

  • khakan quraishy
    khakan quraishy 10 ore fa

    I loved your painting 😍🤩

  • Catherine Howieson
    Catherine Howieson 10 ore fa

    Is Ro actually Bob Ross?? 😱

  • Cl Yg
    Cl Yg 11 ore fa

    SOoooooo talented!!!! This is amazing - it looks just like a real painting!!!😱

  • Yogini Patel
    Yogini Patel 11 ore fa

    OMG 🙀 this is soooooooo good

  • Habiba Abou Ahmed
    Habiba Abou Ahmed 11 ore fa


  • Habiba Abou Ahmed
    Habiba Abou Ahmed 11 ore fa

    So good

  • Habiba Abou Ahmed
    Habiba Abou Ahmed 12 ore fa

    I love you so much place took to me

  • blueblue 31
    blueblue 31 13 ore fa

    Hi Rosanna or Ro,
    I was wondering where you got those brushes because I wanna be an artist when I grow up and I just need new brushes so I was wondering where you got them Thanks!

  • Dijo Lak
    Dijo Lak 14 ore fa


  • Piggy The llama corn

    I dare you to lik the canvas

  • Ye Bish
    Ye Bish 16 ore fa

    ThE aNtS?!

  • Its the family gaming channel

    These Bob Ross tutorials are so populare on IT-clip now!!

  • Shoumita Chatterjee

    Wowwwww !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Floofy Lola
    Floofy Lola 18 ore fa

    I’m bien so honest u should be an artist like omg that beautiful

  • John Booher
    John Booher 21 ora fa

    the new bob ross is........

    Ro!!! Your frosting painting is amazing!!!!😊💕😮

  • Victoria Graham
    Victoria Graham 21 ora fa

    omg it looks so alike

  • Desi Beemer
    Desi Beemer 21 ora fa

    I am I painter and I can't paint this good, like what!

  • Desi Beemer
    Desi Beemer 21 ora fa

    If she can do this with frosting imagine what she can do with paint it would be amazing #roisgoodateverything

  • Willow H
    Willow H 22 ore fa +1


  • atisha rogers
    atisha rogers Giorno fa

    that looks so much like a bon Ross panting

  • Whitebunny 242
    Whitebunny 242 Giorno fa

    U r really good at painting with frosting

  • Timiki Salinas
    Timiki Salinas Giorno fa

    This is so stunning! And inspirational! I'd love to see more things in this vein! Maybe trying to recreate some iconic paintings. Jackson Pollock could be fun? Anyway BEAUTIFUL WORK! Thank you for putting so much work into it! A true ARTIST ❤️

  • Caitlin Cracroft
    Caitlin Cracroft Giorno fa

    To be honest the final result for Ro looks super realistic.

  • LD Pham
    LD Pham Giorno fa +1

    HAHA a Commercial about the finger painting artist came up before I watched this XD Lol

  • Jasmine Goodman
    Jasmine Goodman Giorno fa

    Drink every time she says frosting lol

  • Rudellys Shalom foe

    I am offended how good it came out

  • Ara Rose
    Ara Rose Giorno fa

    Please please do more of these with real paint 🎨 wow 😮 like that really beautiful

  • Aj Days
    Aj Days Giorno fa

    Your one is so good!

  • Alex Bradburn
    Alex Bradburn Giorno fa

    So cool

  • Taz Maniac
    Taz Maniac Giorno fa

    Do you have any experience doing this?

  • O s h a O s h a
    O s h a O s h a Giorno fa

    Do you have a merch

  • Alex Caby
    Alex Caby Giorno fa

    It look so pretty I wish I could draw like you

  • Natalie Loise
    Natalie Loise Giorno fa

    Wow Rosanna your drawing is amazing your like my fav a 100Persent my fav

  • Emerson Dent
    Emerson Dent Giorno fa

    Her art skills are on point 🙌🏼

  • Izabella playz rolblox

    Rosanna: " *YES BOB* "
    Me: 🤣🤣🤣🤣 *dies of laughter*

  • Js
    Js Giorno fa

    Omg well done ro its so beautiful

  • Nirmal Bodwal
    Nirmal Bodwal Giorno fa

    Bob Ross will be very happy you did a great job

  • Randy Villamor
    Randy Villamor Giorno fa

    im amazed that you made a masterpiece

  • Nisa Isma
    Nisa Isma Giorno fa

    This is so good 😂

  • Nirmal Bodwal
    Nirmal Bodwal Giorno fa

    Plz do part 2

  • Thyagarajan Arumugam

    To are you an artist ?

  • General Cadabra
    General Cadabra Giorno fa

    Omg this is so good your bob ross

  • DeterminedMango
    DeterminedMango Giorno fa +1

    :Plot Twist:
    She Is Bob Ross In A Disguise

  • Gesa Marie
    Gesa Marie Giorno fa

    Wow 😮

  • Marissa_Awesome
    Marissa_Awesome Giorno fa


  • Suhana maliyat
    Suhana maliyat Giorno fa +1

    Amazing ro it looks so similar to Bob Ross painting

  • manya pandey
    manya pandey Giorno fa

    U just painted like Bob Ross oh my god I love it

  • James Huntley
    James Huntley Giorno fa

    I hope she hung that up it was soooooooo good

  • Makaylla Alexander
    Makaylla Alexander Giorno fa

    Bob would be proud Ro

  • DIY Darlings
    DIY Darlings Giorno fa +4

    Next time you should try to do a bob rose painting on a cake

  • Marie Garrett
    Marie Garrett Giorno fa


  • Jennifer Cabrera
    Jennifer Cabrera Giorno fa

    This is maybe the best one♡

  • Hardin Long
    Hardin Long Giorno fa

    Oh my gosh ro can paint

  • Jason T.
    Jason T. Giorno fa

    IT-clip brought me here and I loved it. The picture looks amazing. SUBSCRIBED!

  • Alex _Currie07
    Alex _Currie07 Giorno fa

    U do better than me when I paint with normal paint😭😭😭

  • Jon Hetherton
    Jon Hetherton Giorno fa

    That's so good for frosting!!!!!😲🧐

  • Some Loser
    Some Loser 2 giorni fa

    Seems like different mediums of art translate to one another

  • Joey Vallessevilla
    Joey Vallessevilla 2 giorni fa

    If I were you I would put Mod Podge on top of that just so no creature eats it

  • Alaba Laughs
    Alaba Laughs 2 giorni fa

    #Gentledrag lol

  • Tori Corfits
    Tori Corfits 2 giorni fa

    honestly that is VERY impressive for frosting!!! Great job!!! i hope you hang that up somewhere!

  • Ashley Lorena Lopez
    Ashley Lorena Lopez 2 giorni fa

    So cool

    L1LD3M0N GROWTOPIA 2 giorni fa

    You're an a😀😁😂🤣😃😄😅😆😉😊😋😎😍😘😗😙😚☺🙂🤗🤩rtist

  • Kiwigacha
    Kiwigacha 2 giorni fa

    You just earned a new sub! 👍😊

  • all painted alk
    all painted alk 2 giorni fa

    Does anyone know the name of the music at 15:00

  • all painted alk
    all painted alk 2 giorni fa

    "Mistakes are delicious" (wink)
    Omg that was the cutest thing ever

  • Pamela Berrezueta
    Pamela Berrezueta 2 giorni fa

    I’m your # one Fanny omg I’ve sopported you from your number one video omg I was too nerves to comment but now I did it omg your my background

  • 2Bjaded1
    2Bjaded1 2 giorni fa

    What do you do with the painting now? Hang it or put it in the fridge?

  • Ameera Memon
    Ameera Memon 2 giorni fa


  • Hugh Vo
    Hugh Vo 2 giorni fa

    *See an art ad,
    ItS tHe YouTuBe alGoRithM

  • Jacob Lozier
    Jacob Lozier 2 giorni fa

    Ro is actually SO good at painting!!!

  • Olivia
    Olivia 2 giorni fa

    Message for Rosana: derek gerard texted me and asked me to ask you if you guys could date he rlly likes you you should like eachother

  • Olivia
    Olivia 2 giorni fa

    Did anyone notice that the rain stoped for like 1 min and was rlly sunny

  • drago9053
    drago9053 2 giorni fa

    If people don't watch this they would think that it is something that Bob drew and not frosting

  • Sharifah Nor Kamilia
    Sharifah Nor Kamilia 2 giorni fa +1

    She cam cooking, she can painting wow amazing and the painting are really same with the tutorial. Fantastic 🤩😍

  • Kevin Sagala
    Kevin Sagala 2 giorni fa

    Ro isn’t just a wonderful baker, she is also a wonderful artist

  • Nitya Kaki
    Nitya Kaki 2 giorni fa +1

    Why does Ro's look better than Bob's?

  • Tom Maxwell
    Tom Maxwell 2 giorni fa

    I can't even draw a heart lol never mind this 😂