Awesome DIY RECYCLE HACKS That Transform the World !

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  • Pubblicato il 14 apr 2019
  • Awesome DIY RECYCLE HACKS That Transform the World !
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    Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to Awesome DIY RECYCLE HACKS That Transform the World !

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    DAN MANS FOOD TV 36 minuti fa

    Azzy: love you!
    Me: (looks around) love you too!

  • Lily Catucci
    Lily Catucci 4 ore fa

    The neighbor is holographic #don't disrespect HOLO like that

  • Canaan Deanne
    Canaan Deanne 7 ore fa

    My school has those water fountains

  • Generaltofu and tibby

    isn't that pretty much every school?

  • Michael Lawrence fun

    My school has that water fountain

  • Pug And Space Gamers

    PANDASSsSSS 🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼

  • Vicky Latham
    Vicky Latham 13 ore fa

    I love your video

  • Hannah Gee
    Hannah Gee 17 ore fa

    I step on LEGO’s and it dose not Hirt I’m invincible

  • Mariaangela Kartika

    I love to play buble rap sooooooo muce

    EVIE KANE Giorno fa +1

    i love this

  • Pagan pride wolfbite

    I love tha wild save it

  • Kathy Wood
    Kathy Wood Giorno fa

    I know that pink circle it’s called a gumdrop

  • Natari Hamu
    Natari Hamu Giorno fa

    With all the gum, I learned about that people made a company about gum. The factory would melt gum to make straws, boots, rulers, pencils and many other things. Letting you know that!

  • xXWolfy GirlXx
    xXWolfy GirlXx Giorno fa

    anybody watching this in 2026?

  • Gaming with Eva
    Gaming with Eva Giorno fa

    Go to 0:28 and put on captons you'l be shocked

  • Orinta Does
    Orinta Does Giorno fa


    This is HOLO

  • Orinta Does
    Orinta Does Giorno fa

    6: 20 Whyyyyyy?😆

  • DJ Dave
    DJ Dave 2 giorni fa


  • Supreme_kaiya Litt
    Supreme_kaiya Litt 2 giorni fa

    I have the same water fountain at school

  • roblox gamer
    roblox gamer 2 giorni fa +1

    0:30 it sharpie how is it going to come of. But i love the idea. Keep up the good work azzy. 💛

  • Arturo Maturino
    Arturo Maturino 2 giorni fa +1

    Mine too at school for the water thingy

  • Amila Hudson
    Amila Hudson 2 giorni fa

    Azzy I love azzyland

  • Keniyah Smith
    Keniyah Smith 2 giorni fa

    When u were talking about pandas and bomboo i was watching tv that was showing pandas and bamboo

  • P Dyer
    P Dyer 2 giorni fa


  • abtwitch
    abtwitch 2 giorni fa

    My school has that water fountain and me and my friends just wasted water so a number can go up😂

  • gabriella Art
    gabriella Art 2 giorni fa

    This happy 😃👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Hot Milkxx
    Hot Milkxx 2 giorni fa

    0:47 We Have Those Water Fountains Too

  • love heart
    love heart 2 giorni fa

    You know I had to write article about recycling gum and it's said that sometimes gum can be used for pencils cups and even boots

  • Gördis Södermark
    Gördis Södermark 3 giorni fa

    Ven ajm skerd yuo mejkmi happi sor iif it isinat god ajm 9 jers old aziland

  • gacha_whitefang
    gacha_whitefang 3 giorni fa +2

    Puts legos right in front of her*.
    The LEGO: hewo
    Azzy : AHHHH!!!!!!!

  • Hyma Patel
    Hyma Patel 3 giorni fa

    The old cds are holographic


  • lucky cat
    lucky cat 3 giorni fa +1

    0:48 my school has that to

  • Eunice Beltran
    Eunice Beltran 3 giorni fa

    Did anyone notice the weird captions?

  • What Dreams May Come By Kim


  • Julia Picado
    Julia Picado 4 giorni fa

    I have one of those water things in my school

  • {m e l o Tea}
    {m e l o Tea} 4 giorni fa

    At 3:37, Azzy says legos are her mortal enemy, but I've practically become immune to them because of my brother!

  • Weird Galaxy
    Weird Galaxy 4 giorni fa

    I hate Lego they hurt my feet so badd

  • Taylor Chez
    Taylor Chez 5 giorni fa

    My school has the same water fountain

  • sharron bott
    sharron bott 5 giorni fa +3

    Hahah the national geographic magazine that you showed I read today 😂😂🤣🤣

  • christinagreekct
    christinagreekct 6 giorni fa


  • christinagreekct
    christinagreekct 6 giorni fa


  • Gabi Demartino
    Gabi Demartino 6 giorni fa

    They probably made the soap with holes for boys

  • IAmLena
    IAmLena 6 giorni fa


  • yes queen boss
    yes queen boss 7 giorni fa

    azzy calm down

  • Alyssa McDoom - Burnt Elm PS (1478)

    0:46 that's my school

  • Claudia Holguin
    Claudia Holguin 7 giorni fa +3

    Wow,the subtitles are rude :/
    Swearin' in da hous

    AMY PUPO 8 giorni fa

    do more videos like money please I would be so happy if you did

    • AMY PUPO
      AMY PUPO 8 giorni fa

      you hated it but I loved it once I saw it I subscribed 💖

  • Francis Bennett
    Francis Bennett 8 giorni fa

    But that's a sharpie

  • LIL TACO1028
    LIL TACO1028 8 giorni fa

    My school has the same exact water fountin

  • joy upton
    joy upton 8 giorni fa

    roses are red
    violets are blue
    if you dont recycle
    ill take away your food!!!

  • Natalie the cute koala

    I invented cereal straws

  • Amanda Hopton
    Amanda Hopton 8 giorni fa

    Crys no bubble rap

  • Snowflake Guy
    Snowflake Guy 9 giorni fa

    watch the language in the subtitles

  • Musical_Haileys 2
    Musical_Haileys 2 9 giorni fa

    0:54, My school has the same thing, I guess it isn't any different ey?

  • Gray Wolf.
    Gray Wolf. 9 giorni fa

    .. I want to buy this dress !
    n - no it’s to much money !
    w - what..? cmon... ;(
    *sees trash bag*
    ... wait i have an idea :’j

  • valeria Suazo
    valeria Suazo 9 giorni fa

    i wove you a lot

  • Thegalaxy person
    Thegalaxy person 9 giorni fa

    Azzy do you know that people make Legos out of candy too😱

  • stephanie miller
    stephanie miller 9 giorni fa +1

    You can't make azzy out of stuff

  • abraryn
    abraryn 9 giorni fa

    My school has the water bottle filler. There's only 1 in the whole school so on hot days it will be busy

  • Sarah S. Crawford
    Sarah S. Crawford 10 giorni fa

    Love you azzyland

  • Finn Knight
    Finn Knight 10 giorni fa

    I have that water fountain in my school

  • Srinivas Pocha
    Srinivas Pocha 10 giorni fa

    I have thatwaterfountain at school

  • THE WEIRDO Angel
    THE WEIRDO Angel 10 giorni fa

    That picture was taken in San Antonio
    I know because I live there btw they change colors they are under the bridge

  • 18 neoN
    18 neoN 10 giorni fa

    2:30 AZZY DA PANDA

  • Alvin Lewis
    Alvin Lewis 10 giorni fa

    0:51 my school has that too

  • Jessica Mendez
    Jessica Mendez 11 giorni fa

    U make stuff with gun

  • Atticus6 Gaming
    Atticus6 Gaming 11 giorni fa

    rude captions

  • Glitch 00Z00Z
    Glitch 00Z00Z 11 giorni fa

    I love your channle.😍😍😍😍😍

  • Jered May
    Jered May 11 giorni fa

    LOL 😝

  • Shane Miller
    Shane Miller 11 giorni fa +1


  • Kina Gacha_Playz
    Kina Gacha_Playz 11 giorni fa

    0:47 my school just recently added those! :3

  • amsrait
    amsrait 11 giorni fa

    I have the same waterfontein at my school

  • Ava G
    Ava G 11 giorni fa

    At 0:54 my school has that! It’s so cool! Kids enjoy watching the numbers go up so it is used frequently.

  • Justin Crowley
    Justin Crowley 11 giorni fa

    One time i had a lego stuck in my shoe and i was trying to find that lego for my set and i didnt find my lego for 2 years and yes i was wearing those shoes for all of that period of time so every time i put on my shoes it would hurt.My dog also swallowed a lego once it was a tough time.

  • Zenia Murillo
    Zenia Murillo 11 giorni fa

    That was me at the waterfoten

  • Nevi the -cookie!
    Nevi the -cookie! 11 giorni fa

    I have the same water fountain

  • Christiane Miller
    Christiane Miller 11 giorni fa

    That's my school

    JACK WYNNE 11 giorni fa

    Roses are red violets are blue I know this is click bait and so do you.😶😰😰

  • Lizzie Times
    Lizzie Times 12 giorni fa

    Cds are holo 💿

  • Sonu2731 Singh
    Sonu2731 Singh 12 giorni fa

    the captions are really rong azzy

  • Guinea Pig
    Guinea Pig 12 giorni fa +3

    Rose's are red violets are blue sugar is sweet and Kevin is to. BTW if you play fortnite R.I.P Kevin the cube from season 6

  • Helen Oesterreich
    Helen Oesterreich 12 giorni fa

    Hi azzy

  • Kaeli Dagg
    Kaeli Dagg 12 giorni fa

    0:53 that is at my school... no joke, swear on my LIFE

  • M L
    M L 12 giorni fa

    My school uses that water bottle thing

  • Puppy lover 8972 31
    Puppy lover 8972 31 12 giorni fa

    That water machine is at my school

  • Izuku midoryia
    Izuku midoryia 12 giorni fa

    When Azzy said" stop making legos ."

    We were watching the lego movie lol

  • Rae Paquin
    Rae Paquin 12 giorni fa

    Hay my new school has the waters future and I live in Gallup in new Mexico .My school is called Lincoln Elementary .

  • Linda Ponce
    Linda Ponce 12 giorni fa

    I have that

    JACK WYNNE 12 giorni fa +12

    I think they get a straw then mold fruit loop on it .😅😆✌😆😂

  • Kiki Engleheart
    Kiki Engleheart 12 giorni fa

    You should react to StoryBooth, Actually Happened, and Minute stories. These channels animate true stories for everyday people.

  • japnaam singh
    japnaam singh 12 giorni fa

    I live in Canada 🇨🇦 like u

  • Jessikah Quint
    Jessikah Quint 13 giorni fa

    Is your just me or when it was at the pool table with the car it said "four Mustang"??

  • Jazz Master
    Jazz Master 13 giorni fa

    Love you too you are my friend I don't know why but I want to meet you 😎

  • tamarahead333
    tamarahead333 13 giorni fa

    Omg the one with the waterbottle thing is me at school

  • Xxgammingwithunicornxx Charlie

    My school has that 00:55

  • Courtney Luce
    Courtney Luce 13 giorni fa

    At my school it counts how many water bottles have been wasted

  • Dulce Chagolla
    Dulce Chagolla 14 giorni fa

    I till my bother goes in the water just to get a golf ball

  • Mick Gorro
    Mick Gorro 14 giorni fa


  • Mick Gorro
    Mick Gorro 14 giorni fa

    Errr... What's up with the non-existent captions?

  • Jamie Aksamit
    Jamie Aksamit 14 giorni fa +21

    Roses are Red
    The like button turns blue
    If you press it
    So please do