Amber's Glam Beauty Tutorial | IRENEISBEAUTY

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  • The Loon
    The Loon 3 giorni fa

    What girl isn't proud when their friend starts getting into make up 🤣

  • Blackbangtan LoVe
    Blackbangtan LoVe 9 giorni fa

    She’s so pretty

  • •전린•
    •전린• 9 giorni fa


  • aj xxiv
    aj xxiv 10 giorni fa

    Amber be like collecting free sample hahahaha very me

    WHERE IS THE SANHA 10 giorni fa

    If Amber and Liza ever do a colab together I'd died❤️

  • mae •
    mae • 11 giorni fa

    Baby GLLAMA is shining 👀🌟

  • bella bella
    bella bella 12 giorni fa

    I like the way you make it so simple and biautiful , love it , you are the best

  • Katy Guerrero
    Katy Guerrero 13 giorni fa

    Amber is Beautiful! 💞💞❤👏👏👏
    Is perfect!

  • MayaThePsychic *
    MayaThePsychic * 14 giorni fa

    Am I the only person that thinks that Amber and Youngjae from GOT7 look similar??

  • Ad B
    Ad B 14 giorni fa

    Oh my god both of them are so pretty and cute like jeezus

  • Mayeesha Maleeha Sneha
    Mayeesha Maleeha Sneha 14 giorni fa

    tell me why I relate to her so much. I act masculine. I dont care about makeup but at the same time I know every-fucking-thing there is about makeup.

  • Yawa Aswa
    Yawa Aswa 16 giorni fa

    5:50 she is just peeking...and i knowwww she will lookkk beautiful😍😍😍😍😍

  • Ella Fifiyana
    Ella Fifiyana 16 giorni fa +1

    With krystal jung please 😍

  • Delilah syifa
    Delilah syifa 17 giorni fa +5

    Irene: See, you have like really long lashes
    Amber: i got it from my daddy
    Me too😅 i love you dad❤

  • naufal tegar rahmani
    naufal tegar rahmani 18 giorni fa

    Channel make up set.. i can't related

  • Samank Pol
    Samank Pol 19 giorni fa

    I would die internally of wanting to kiss her. ~lesbian suffer in silence~

  • choi hana
    choi hana 21 giorno fa +2

    Even amber looks beautiful already without makeup 💜

  • Shekeena Riveral
    Shekeena Riveral 21 giorno fa

    Free samples 😂and amber's make up bag is BMO from adventure time

  • cypher jimin
    cypher jimin 23 giorni fa

    is she the one who met bts?

  • Indubala Ashem
    Indubala Ashem 23 giorni fa +1

    Amber is beautiful

  • Fairy Mavis
    Fairy Mavis 24 giorni fa

    I See Jisoo
    Amber look like jisoo in that makeup

  • imdone ppl
    imdone ppl 24 giorni fa

    i love how amber loves her makeup xdd

  • imdone ppl
    imdone ppl 24 giorni fa

    when amber flips her imaginary long hair hahahaa shes so cuute

  • Hasya Wani
    Hasya Wani 25 giorni fa

    i didn’t expected that amber look pretty ❤️

  • Nur L. A.
    Nur L. A. 25 giorni fa

    Amber’s so pretty 😍

  • Kim Seok Jin
    Kim Seok Jin 28 giorni fa

    Amber i love u

  • Fukai Kurayami 深い暗闇

    Gorgeous as always 😘😊

  • •``•공찬KiyoChan
    •``•공찬KiyoChan 28 giorni fa

    Amber it so cute:3

  • Aby Lagarde
    Aby Lagarde 29 giorni fa +2

    No entiendo nada de lo que dijeron pero sólo vi el vídeo por Amber 😍😍❤

  • Just ignore me
    Just ignore me 29 giorni fa

    That rainbow chair

  • Hwang
    Hwang Mese fa

    I agree with Amber, make up fells really good

  • SuperMili100 SuperMili100


  • eva gabriela cg
    eva gabriela cg Mese fa

    that chair is so gay, I want it... my mom probably are disagree with the poor chair


    that one part you looked at the camera you looked like Jackson

  • Doménica Iturralde

    oh, look. I'm gay. such surprise. much wow.

  • Imyarila Imchen
    Imyarila Imchen Mese fa

    Amber is lookin beautiful😍💓😘💞

  • Fox B
    Fox B Mese fa

    I seriously have never met anyone brand loyal enough to have their entire make up bag consist of nothing but one brand (and the bag looks to be Chanel too). I probably have make up from every road shop brand in Korea... And don't get me started on Sephora. But somehow I haven't tried Chanel's make up yet, at least I don't think so. Might have to pick some up.

  • Alejandro Aguilar


  • Twinkline _
    Twinkline _ Mese fa

    Tell me she looks like JEONGYEON. IM NOT EVEN JOKING

  • thandi mfula
    thandi mfula Mese fa

    these two are so cute

  • Jenar Pratiwi
    Jenar Pratiwi Mese fa

    I wish i can have irene's hair and skin

  • Ally Byun
    Ally Byun Mese fa +3

    I love the way amber do hair flip with that face 😂😂😂 yo gurl amber do know setting powder😆

  • Weny Simpati
    Weny Simpati Mese fa

    ambers like so beautiful with make up

  • 아레나
    아레나 Mese fa

    Amber looks like jisoo in that makeup

  • nity ahir
    nity ahir Mese fa

    9:34 amber is so beautiful 😊😁❤️

  • Shield 4
    Shield 4 Mese fa

    I love you Amber eonnie

  • Bethanie Hwang
    Bethanie Hwang Mese fa

    Ambers make up bag kinda looks like a lunch box

  • Living Each Moment

    Hi irene ...hope you remenber BEulah home...this is one of the student of BH
    So proud of you

  • Ilove Chimchim
    Ilove Chimchim Mese fa

    You are so pretty❤😭

  • Meanie Mini MinMin
    Meanie Mini MinMin Mese fa +1

    Amber looks like a baby while getting her makeup onnnn🤧😭💜💜

  • koala child
    koala child Mese fa

    9:18 she is the cutest bean

  • Mraihan Febri
    Mraihan Febri Mese fa

    So beautiful... Cuteee.

  • Ann-toni Vaughan

    Omg I just realized how much I love Amber

  • Eye M. Me
    Eye M. Me Mese fa +1

    8:58 Dalagang Pilipina Challenges 😂
    Love yah Amber & Irene💖💖💖

  • Be The Best Version Of Yourself

    Amber ... So pretty 😍😍😍

  • Neo Don't Got My Back

    The sample.... From etude house. Monster amber, did u dont have any micellar?! Good. I luv u

  • Alejandro Aguilar


  • Nimnim Moh
    Nimnim Moh Mese fa

    Gril you don't need make up you are all ready beautiful

  • 死の花zey,
    死の花zey, Mese fa

    5:23 o-m-g.

  • tia2307 gachaaa
    tia2307 gachaaa Mese fa +1

    Kaya jisoo blackpink😂

  • K POP SEVENTEEN ikon nct got 7 winner bi ng bang

    Amber en argentina2019? X por favoooooor

  • kryber4ever Amberholic

    #ireneisgood always support our llama 💜

  • Rova Rasolofo
    Rova Rasolofo Mese fa

    Amber, it suit you

  • Nerd Convencido
    Nerd Convencido Mese fa


  • 호하호하
    호하호하 Mese fa

    엠버 사랑해

  • Bela Kloss
    Bela Kloss 2 mesi fa

    amber is soooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee omgggggg
    love from brazil

  • Choi_ Nana
    Choi_ Nana 2 mesi fa

    Irene looks like Amber

  • li je
    li je 2 mesi fa

    So beautiful Amber :)

  • diba m
    diba m 2 mesi fa

    your beautiful 😍

  • anjuri madhu
    anjuri madhu 2 mesi fa

    Amber cannot pout. But still amber is damm pretty after makeup

  • Jordin Robinson
    Jordin Robinson 2 mesi fa +2

    When Irene mentioned Liza, I immediately thought of how awesome an Amber and Liza collab would be

  • Marsha Q
    Marsha Q 2 mesi fa

    I would love to see Amber totally girlified. . make up clothes and hair

    • Tamara Smith
      Tamara Smith Mese fa

      Watch her newest collab with a group called Fyke. Their song is called Get Myself & Amber joined in on the song & then co-directed the video. She does makeup, wig, a revealing top, fitted skirt & high heels all at once.
      She's done wigs for a comedy skit & a funny in-costume dance on a show a long time ago, & Irene got her to try on a couple of skirt looks & practice in high heels for future model work during their trip to NY for fashion week a couple years ago (on IT-clip look up Irene x Amber New York Story, it has 6 short episodes) but there's also a picture from Irene's Instagram with a pic of Amber in a really cute blue & red striped dress with high heels. There's also when she was on Real Men & during her last episode had to wear the women's formal uniform for her ceremony.

  • Annisa Kayla
    Annisa Kayla 2 mesi fa

    I love this😆

  • Libby Stabile
    Libby Stabile 2 mesi fa

    Missed a golden opportunity to call her GLAMber

  • princess a
    princess a 2 mesi fa +1

    Amber chair has rainbow on it

  • maryl Yong
    maryl Yong 2 mesi fa

    Amber is so pretty in this make up. Like a Diva

  • Firdha Nur Marizan
    Firdha Nur Marizan 2 mesi fa

    Amber you're so pretty ♥

  • Josephine Samuella
    Josephine Samuella 2 mesi fa

    So prettyyy.. you look good amber. ^^

  • thaynara freitas
    thaynara freitas 2 mesi fa

    Amber is sooo cute♡ you are pretty too Irene ''3 ♡

  • Sherry Berry
    Sherry Berry 2 mesi fa

    Omggggggg you're so beautiful !!!!!!!!!

  • Sherry Berry
    Sherry Berry 2 mesi fa

    Amber you are beautiful with or without ahhh 😍 😭😭😭 😭 .... 😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😘😘

  • Rembulan siang
    Rembulan siang 2 mesi fa

    Is so flawless

  • Melanie_
    Melanie_ 2 mesi fa +1

    Es hermososa de cualquier manera con y sin maquillaje.

  • quoxchi
    quoxchi 2 mesi fa +2

    Idk y but Amber's smile reminds me of nong nong's smile 😂😂😂 anyone watch IP100???

  • Aya Alouadi
    Aya Alouadi 2 mesi fa

    she lools so cute i love it

  • full moon
    full moon 2 mesi fa +1

    she looks BEAUTIFUL as always

  • Sarah APP
    Sarah APP 2 mesi fa +2

    Omg amber look beautiful and cute. I think she looks like jeongyeon twice🤣

  • Khaliesah Alim
    Khaliesah Alim 2 mesi fa

    Amber looks so prettyyy! 😍😍😍

  • Death Panda
    Death Panda 3 mesi fa

    Amber is so beautiful

  • nurma lita
    nurma lita 3 mesi fa

    Amber just looks like Song Jihyo

  • bela tova
    bela tova 3 mesi fa

    Amber so pretty 💞

  • 夏目わさび
    夏目わさび 3 mesi fa


  • sakinah hassan
    sakinah hassan 3 mesi fa

    Amber are so beautiful!!!!

  • има ли българи ?

    6:39 *TECHNOLOGY*

  • Risma Prihatini
    Risma Prihatini 3 mesi fa


  • Lovely Bubble
    Lovely Bubble 3 mesi fa

    I like amber but she's awkward.

  • Lalisa Manoban
    Lalisa Manoban 3 mesi fa

    i can see jeongyeon and seulgi in you

  • bangtans noona
    bangtans noona 3 mesi fa

    9:26 amber looks like jisoo xD

  • Karen Di Lauro
    Karen Di Lauro 3 mesi fa

    Wow Amber quedó muy bonita 💜💓❤💝😍

  • Asmaa Bz
    Asmaa Bz 3 mesi fa