H.E.R. - Slide (Official Video) ft. YG

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  • Pubblicato il 17 ott 2019
  • “Slide” feat. YG Out Now! smarturl.it/zSlide
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  • Capitan Castrol
    Capitan Castrol 18 ore fa

    I'm in to your music

  • Queen Jay
    Queen Jay 20 ore fa


  • maurice barkus
    maurice barkus 22 ore fa

    Town shiiit West Oakland 🤘🏾🤙🏾🤟🏾

  • Grashaun no name
    Grashaun no name 23 ore fa

    Travis Scott Feat Justin Bieber Young Thug Skyfall

  • Grashaun no name
    Grashaun no name 23 ore fa

    Kendrick Lamar Love ft Rich Homie Quan Young Thug Skyfall

  • Grashaun no name
    Grashaun no name 23 ore fa

    C. AKE

  • Grashaun no name
    Grashaun no name 23 ore fa

    C. AKE

  • Grashaun no name
    Grashaun no name 23 ore fa

    C. AOE

  • Grashaun no name
    Grashaun no name 23 ore fa

    Peg Plus acat

  • Grashaun no name
    Grashaun no name 23 ore fa

    Jimmy Jacob

  • Jennifer Glam
    Jennifer Glam 23 ore fa


  • Tony Manu
    Tony Manu Giorno fa

    0:10 - when song starts
    0:28 - when song rlly starts
    Pls drop a like if i helped!!!
    Ps im only 10 sooo

  • Terry Fleming
    Terry Fleming Giorno fa

    Valley Joe stand up... Something in the water there produces greatness!

  • Tamae Thomas
    Tamae Thomas Giorno fa

    Baby when we gone slide... just a whole vibe❤

  • DJ
    DJ Giorno fa

    The Coast is repsresented well on this here

  • PureRebounds
    PureRebounds Giorno fa

    I seen Buds burgers and I was like oh yeah this was shot in the V🤣

  • Heather Wright
    Heather Wright Giorno fa

    She is amazing. The voice!! It stays on replay

  • Escada Latina
    Escada Latina Giorno fa

    remember when she was a kid singing on like Maury and stuff??? GABBY

  • MightyYoda06 06
    MightyYoda06 06 Giorno fa

    Dude at first I hated the song then the main part of the song came on and that shit was hard af then yg came on and holy shit
    I just can’t explain how good this song is good it’s good by itself but yg takes up another level dude it’s SO FUCKING GOOD ITS STUPID GOOD

  • Sumthnblu ?
    Sumthnblu ? Giorno fa

    I dont believe this

  • Karina Jenny isabel

    Issa vibe 😍😍



  • bobby bradley
    bobby bradley Giorno fa

    H.e.r. hey how u doing can't wait to see u come to New York City on _18

  • Theo Amethyst
    Theo Amethyst Giorno fa

    R&B 🔥 is hereeee love this song & this one 😈 it-clip.net/video/ofh2leYviXs/video.html

  • Tarik B
    Tarik B Giorno fa

    I need this song to play at my funeral, or i aint slidin up to jesus..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Miriam Eclipse
    Miriam Eclipse Giorno fa

    YG messed it up

  • Felipe Pulgarin
    Felipe Pulgarin Giorno fa

    el comentario en español que buscabas gang latin

  • Ashley .S
    Ashley .S Giorno fa +1

    sis, done unleashed her "G" side. Love It!!!!! Having Everything Revealed, for real!!! love you + your music, sis.

  • Il’yas Shalifu
    Il’yas Shalifu Giorno fa +1

    🙌🙌 respect...

  • Jai Gross
    Jai Gross Giorno fa

    I love that she's showin us her Cali side.. LOVE IT!

  • Nathnael Tesfaye
    Nathnael Tesfaye Giorno fa

    This Song was Released on My Birthday, Great Gift H.E.R

  • Eric Adair
    Eric Adair Giorno fa

    yg could stomp me for a min anyday

  • Sama Fazil
    Sama Fazil Giorno fa

    This song is BOMBB 💯💯🔥🔥🔥

  • Josie Cruz
    Josie Cruz Giorno fa

    Love this song!🔥

  • Iesha Weaver
    Iesha Weaver Giorno fa

    Whose house it? I can’t understand lol

  • Shawn Ikott
    Shawn Ikott 2 giorni fa

    Her and YG killed this track

  • Jose Perez
    Jose Perez 2 giorni fa

    H e r 🔥🌹

  • Ana Ceja
    Ana Ceja 2 giorni fa

    H.E.R is a whole mood 🥶🥶🥶🥶👑🍒

  • Rachel Moten
    Rachel Moten 2 giorni fa

    H.e.r is my spirit animal

  • Ajmal Ahmed
    Ajmal Ahmed 2 giorni fa

    Soo good 🤯

  • Ty'Ese Martinez
    Ty'Ese Martinez 2 giorni fa

    My whole vibe love this song

  • j. maya
    j. maya 2 giorni fa

    YG ruined the song tbh

    • gtoss chddy
      gtoss chddy 2 giorni fa

      Anyone know where I can get her tracksuit from I love it 😍

  • Royal Royal
    Royal Royal 2 giorni fa

    #🎤🔊🔥♨️❣️ #🔊💓🔊💕🔊💞🔊🔂✅🔊🔐🔊🏁🔊🏆🔊🎉🔊🎆🎇

  • milli BANG
    milli BANG 2 giorni fa

    This my shit but i gotta fast forward through YG’s trash ass verse

  • Newton Warries
    Newton Warries 2 giorni fa

    these two's sounds just blends well together

  • Randy Floss
    Randy Floss 2 giorni fa

    this shit go!!!

  • Sweetie Pie
    Sweetie Pie 2 giorni fa

    Buds Burgers!

  • Rodnesha Jones
    Rodnesha Jones 2 giorni fa


  • Krazy Angel
    Krazy Angel 2 giorni fa


  • Lerato Matlaila
    Lerato Matlaila 2 giorni fa

    Why Y.G stepped in.. I understood why the beat is this fire 🔥✨

  • Yan Campos
    Yan Campos 2 giorni fa

    Yg is that highlight of the song.

  • Yan Campos
    Yan Campos 2 giorni fa

    Video clip is wak... But song is bomb

  • Xoxo4life Ovo
    Xoxo4life Ovo 2 giorni fa

    Yesss girl

  • Emma Cxxl
    Emma Cxxl 2 giorni fa


  • Mario Saenz
    Mario Saenz 2 giorni fa

    Dumb ass song. They just let anyone make a piece of shhh song.

  • Themba Moloi
    Themba Moloi 2 giorni fa

    She's fire bruh🔥🔥🔥... Finally, I understand why my girl likes her.

  • Maribel Maldonado
    Maribel Maldonado 2 giorni fa +1


  • Paige Mcmanamon
    Paige Mcmanamon 2 giorni fa

    Anyone know where I can get her tracksuit from I love it 😍

  • w best TOP up
    w best TOP up 2 giorni fa


  • PhAnToM StRaNgEr
    PhAnToM StRaNgEr 2 giorni fa +2

    Got the biggest crush on H.e.r, her voice, looks, style, personality, she straight up wifey material