John Lennon- "Imagine" Live 1975 Last TV appearance (Reelin' In The Years Archive)

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  • Pubblicato il 27 mar 2018
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Commenti • 765

  • Antonio Vottariello

    Che bella

  • るるる
    るるる 14 ore fa

    what did he say?

  • Joe Carpino
    Joe Carpino Giorno fa

    Great song and idea Lennon was brilliant and definitely the best Beatle

  • MV Agusta 675
    MV Agusta 675 Giorno fa

    Imo the 70s was the end of having a Fabulous time to say the least. It also represents everything good.
    We didn't need to develop any further, think about that. John left us because the 80s was the official beginning of The End of the World as we knew it.

  • Dan Cover
    Dan Cover 2 giorni fa

    Overrated song from a drugadict.... Every time he bought drugs he helped to kill an inocent person of some poor country..... Fucking hipocrit....

  • Максим Левычкин

    Честор Бенингтон ,э то то что должно бы было быдь

  • Andrew Turner
    Andrew Turner 2 giorni fa

    Something tells me John would have been a remainer.

  • johnny7
    johnny7 2 giorni fa

    Notice his killer Mark Chapman in the front row!! 1:18 ...Bastard.

  • NickVegas
    NickVegas 3 giorni fa

    American's will forever suffer the shame of having murdered him.

  • heady
    heady 3 giorni fa

    why he get shot? revenge? anyone can explain?

    • Zimmar
      Zimmar 2 giorni fa

      His murderer was a fan and wanted forever to be associated with Lennon. So he shot him.

  • Pat Brennan
    Pat Brennan 4 giorni fa +5

    imagine if he could have lived longer. your love will never die john.

  • Paul LaBarbera
    Paul LaBarbera 4 giorni fa

    He was unbelievably

  • Graham Whittle
    Graham Whittle 4 giorni fa

    Why why why

  • Range Man
    Range Man 5 giorni fa

    Wonderful performance... wonderful rack on that Brunette at 2:29

  • Peter Grahame
    Peter Grahame 5 giorni fa +1

    Imagine seems laughable today

  • Yvonne Wheeler
    Yvonne Wheeler 5 giorni fa +1

    The pain of the day you were taken away I remember it so well tears in my eyes.growing up in the sixties with the Beatles music was amazing 😢♥️
    RIP sweet soul John Lennon .😢♥️

  • focus2016
    focus2016 6 giorni fa +1

    Imagine bell bottoms make a return

    • heady
      heady 3 giorni fa

      it will return in 5-10 years time. fashion is like a circle

  • Jesse Lopez
    Jesse Lopez 6 giorni fa

    Swampy music. Imagine all the Peoples smoking Crack living thier life in Crack.

  • ray bridges
    ray bridges 6 giorni fa +2

    Surely one of the best songs ever written!

  • myemail1679
    myemail1679 6 giorni fa

    One love peace🌍

  • JonPlopp
    JonPlopp 6 giorni fa +1

    It's not just a song is it John. I wonder if 'WE' will ever take heed.

  • Nicky Killen
    Nicky Killen 6 giorni fa

    John looks very uncomfortable here imho... like he always did when his Beatle brothers weren't backing him.

  • Miami SWL Radio
    Miami SWL Radio 6 giorni fa

    See the guy nodding his head back and forth in disapproval when Lennon sang "no immigration too?" Clearly a rich and prosperous person that feels Lennon's Imagine is a travesty and has a strong Communist message. Plenty of people like that around at the time that resented so called "hippies" like Lennon.

  • Robert Buck
    Robert Buck 7 giorni fa +1

    Today, there is no music that can soothe my soul, I am embarrassed for our Nation.

    December 8, 1980, the world stopped for a second when John Lennon died. I went out and bought the "Double Fantasy" album the next day, I had to wait four days to get it. I played the album over and over for a few days, this is my favorite song.

  • jeff smith
    jeff smith 7 giorni fa +3

    No possessions? Woe to anyone who tried to take his

  • Tommaso Urbisci
    Tommaso Urbisci 7 giorni fa +2

    Wish people mentioned that David Bowie co wrote this song with John.

    • Tommaso Urbisci
      Tommaso Urbisci 6 giorni fa

      @Reckoner VR Oh fuck my bad, they wrote Fame together.

    • Reckoner VR
      Reckoner VR 6 giorni fa

      Do you have a source on that?

  • Nancy Bean
    Nancy Bean 7 giorni fa +1


  • El Rey Breton
    El Rey Breton 7 giorni fa

    Thanks forever Jhon Lenon

  • Jhon Cabrera Moreno
    Jhon Cabrera Moreno 7 giorni fa +7


  • D B
    D B 7 giorni fa

    Image if David Chapman was aborted.

  • thesilful
    thesilful 7 giorni fa +2

    Such a shame that he got shot 😢

  • S P
    S P 7 giorni fa

    sad, godless cult

  • joseph
    joseph 7 giorni fa

    A truly GREAT SOUL who spoke of our highest self worth. If our political leaders were half as great, they would be remembered as HEROS.

  • Betty Smith Scott
    Betty Smith Scott 8 giorni fa

    I have always loved this song. it is my favorite song of all songs that John Lennon has sung

  • It's Candy Time Boys and Girls

    Didn't know Rush started as a John Lennon tribute band.

  • d2post1
    d2post1 8 giorni fa

    that was one of the happiest days of my life, when this happened to this asshole
    we went out and celebrated that night. Imagine that?

    • kevin macdonald
      kevin macdonald 7 giorni fa

      you are an asshole and lucky for you I wasn't there when you said it

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan 8 giorni fa

    sorry no open BORDERS

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan 8 giorni fa


  • dirk Daniëls
    dirk Daniëls 8 giorni fa

    Great ! Gitarists wearing a mask (2.30) looking backwards. Indeed what to do with this kind of audience ?

  • dirk Daniëls
    dirk Daniëls 8 giorni fa

    Hi, what about the one in the front left ? 1.05+ & 2.50+ what about his head angle ? 180° twist ?

  • LiLu Pacific
    LiLu Pacific 8 giorni fa

    Его творчество, это подарок всем нам✌

  • Hc Milan
    Hc Milan 8 giorni fa +3

    I live very far in Slovakia and if I Had lived I would have gone to see him and would have embraced him.

  • R J
    R J 8 giorni fa

    May have had the native americans in mind when he wrote up the lyrics. It fits...

  • Hc Milan
    Hc Milan 8 giorni fa

    Poor john 😔😔😔

  • Anton Alimin
    Anton Alimin 8 giorni fa

    Yes Happy Birthday John......

  • Antemax
    Antemax 9 giorni fa +1

    1:08 "It's in his pocket!"

  • wayne montgomery
    wayne montgomery 9 giorni fa

    peace to the world ....someday

  • Nancy Miller
    Nancy Miller 9 giorni fa +4

    I'm a dreamer, and I do imagine. I miss you JL.

    • Nancy Miller
      Nancy Miller 5 giorni fa +1

      @Robbie Frentz So true Robbie. He's in all of our hearts and minds.

    • Robbie Frentz
      Robbie Frentz 5 giorni fa

      Nancy Miller sad day when he was killed for no reason. But he still lives on

  • Rejean Tremblay
    Rejean Tremblay 9 giorni fa

    good memories

  • This is Ireland
    This is Ireland 9 giorni fa +1

    Imagine, someday, everyone will realize, that this is an anti Christ song.

  • Philip Croft
    Philip Croft 9 giorni fa +2

    Despite all his bravado, apparent dissrespect for anyone and any institution ( and why not) he was extremely naive about the evil opposition forces, to his ideals, values , and hopes. Had he not been ,who he was, ''they'' would have took no notice of him.

  • zulkiflee othman
    zulkiflee othman 9 giorni fa

    Wow...John Lenon...Very Best Vokal...Penang, Msia....

  • Keybraker
    Keybraker 9 giorni fa

    yoko ono wrote this version

  • free fire
    free fire 9 giorni fa +3

    Legend never die.....

  • Geoff Gyro
    Geoff Gyro 9 giorni fa

    Glad Yoko didn’t wreck the song

  • Edward Anthony
    Edward Anthony 10 giorni fa

    What TV show was this?

  • SoundMuzak
    SoundMuzak 10 giorni fa +1

    My favourite song of all time.

  • JamesNathanielVlogs
    JamesNathanielVlogs 10 giorni fa

    Heroin crack head

  • Sandy White
    Sandy White 10 giorni fa +3

    It's so cute that hes chewing gum and singing at the same time!😋. He was my favorite Beatle!

  • Octavius 500
    Octavius 500 10 giorni fa +1

    I thought it's Geddy Lee on the thumb nail