Maroon 5 - Memories

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  • Pubblicato il 8 ott 2019
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    Music video by Maroon 5 performing Memories. © 2019 Interscope Records (222 Records)
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  • Kate Allred
    Kate Allred 10 ore fa

    I was listening to this on the radio and I didnt know what the song was called so I searched memories and found it!!! Btw it is my favorite song 💕

    PETER KING EZEH 10 ore fa

    Oh I love this

  • hosny hilali
    hosny hilali 10 ore fa

    older stronger life goes on nothing last years go fast we don't forget what give us a dream to run behind. Memories 💔.........

  • The23Sanset
    The23Sanset 10 ore fa

    ..and Even Adam listens to Pachelbel - Canon In D Major...Adam one of us

  • فاطمه رجب احمد


  • Thiago Campos
    Thiago Campos 10 ore fa

    Que maravilhoso ❤️

  • Lobo Grizzly
    Lobo Grizzly 10 ore fa

    Como son los años cuánto ya ha pasado antes tenía cabello ahora barba

  • Tray B
    Tray B 10 ore fa

    For Ebbie... 8.27.19 😺 Love Maroon 5 🎶🎶❤ And I won't watch The Voice without Adam.

  • Yash Raut
    Yash Raut 10 ore fa


  • Amjad a
    Amjad a 10 ore fa

    toast to the ones that we lost on the way...

  • Allegian -
    Allegian - 10 ore fa

    Don' t know why i' m cryin :"

  • Santiago Pinedo
    Santiago Pinedo 10 ore fa


  • ReFlex SGM
    ReFlex SGM 10 ore fa

    Do you know why you feel like you heard before cus this has a similar tune as canon in piano tiles

  • Megan Rhian
    Megan Rhian 10 ore fa

    Who misses 2002 Maroon 5...
    I bloody do

  • Kyle Logan
    Kyle Logan 10 ore fa

    And , woman found this face attractive? LOL.
    Looks like drew from shortland street, fckn dickhead lol. I'm guessing this songs about the memories you had when you were super famous cause of the deal you made but times running out... Wait till the next, episode, your gonna regret

  • Byun Halla
    Byun Halla 10 ore fa

    Who else came after hearing it in the memories of iphone ? 😹

  • Luiz Antonio Costa Santos

    Cadê os BRs pra dar aplausos a esse show de música??? 👏🏻🥺

  • IMEX
    IMEX 10 ore fa

    Holly f**** 1M likes in just 5 days😳🔥

  • xeno Jeff
    xeno Jeff 10 ore fa +1

    He looks like baldur in God of War lmao

  • Karma Wangchuk
    Karma Wangchuk 10 ore fa

    My man be looking like Kratos

  • Mc Adam
    Mc Adam 10 ore fa

    Canon in D

  • Legendary
    Legendary 10 ore fa

    *Toast to the ones that we lost on the way.*


  • Zizou Charaf
    Zizou Charaf 10 ore fa

    كاش عرب هنا ؟؟؟

  • Leonel Tiago Augusto

    this brings my memorie of Miley Cyrus Wreckin Ball.

  • Ronak Dedhia
    Ronak Dedhia 10 ore fa

    Listening this song for thousands of time and that is also a memorie for me

  • apple fa
    apple fa 10 ore fa

    Mandela Effect?????

  • Moosa Makhalima
    Moosa Makhalima 10 ore fa

    Musa Juca from South Africa is in lv this ur music guys #Power

  • Legendary
    Legendary 10 ore fa

    *When you see that your idol is getting old* :'(

  • Marcin
    Marcin 10 ore fa

    My neighbors threw a brick into my window so they can hear it better

  • Glenn Chatulistiwa
    Glenn Chatulistiwa 10 ore fa

    -kratos or u call him "adam levine"

  • Hannes Kinyango
    Hannes Kinyango 10 ore fa

    Beard Gang!!

  • nicole wanjiku
    nicole wanjiku 10 ore fa

    Wow this song is so beautiful.Thank you for that guys I love you

  • Wahyu Sr.
    Wahyu Sr. 10 ore fa +2

    Memory springbeet (penyimpanan tempat tidur) org indo like

  • Aljoscha Luca Preuß

    He looks like a skinny kratos

  • PETROLEF France
    PETROLEF France 10 ore fa

    Terroriste selon CCastaner

  • jawad aleidanii
    jawad aleidanii 10 ore fa

    الأغنية عجبتني مع اني ما فهمت شي منها 😂

  • Carry Me or GG
    Carry Me or GG 10 ore fa +1

    The beginning sounds like

  • mash hudha
    mash hudha 10 ore fa

    Love at first 🎶

  • Catherine Wang
    Catherine Wang 10 ore fa +1

    this could be played in a movie

  • 獨孤浮遊
    獨孤浮遊 10 ore fa

    stand with hong kong ,fright for freedom

  • Goles_es
    Goles_es 10 ore fa

    Cheapest song, highest gain

  • Edman Ruizávila
    Edman Ruizávila 10 ore fa

    ¡Qué hermosa letra! Muchos identificados en 3, 2, 1... 💔

  • Vinsha Damar Septianda

    I thought that it was Kratos at first

  • josephshaji
    josephshaji 10 ore fa +1

    Deserves More Views *

  • Legendary
    Legendary 10 ore fa

    Drinks bring back all the memories,
    The memories bring back you

    *Drinks => Memories => YOU*

  • updale danger
    updale danger 10 ore fa +1

    Top 2020

  • gfredrick123
    gfredrick123 10 ore fa

    That one hair on his lip! Can’t take my eyes off of it!

  • Cristiane freitas
    Cristiane freitas 10 ore fa

    Linda musica,💖13/10/2019🇧🇷

  • Hermawan Naomy
    Hermawan Naomy 10 ore fa

    Simple but its good song

  • sweety_ girl
    sweety_ girl 10 ore fa

    Soooooo lovelyyy

  • Shuaib 37
    Shuaib 37 10 ore fa

    And i thought i couldn't be more sad

  • ايناس القطعاني

    Who is better?
    1/ *Maroon 5* = *Like*
    2/ *Ed sheeran* = _comment_

  • Clara Beck
    Clara Beck 10 ore fa

    That moment when you google the sense of this song and start crying because you understand the lyrics clearer😭 great song❤️

  • muhammed Faheem.k
    muhammed Faheem.k 10 ore fa

    Magic voice

  • Hardeep Singh
    Hardeep Singh 10 ore fa

    While listening this song All good memories are back now,but why my eyes are wet.

  • Ffireflies
    Ffireflies 10 ore fa

    I love how this 🎶 makes me feel right now...❤️

  • Hardeep Singh
    Hardeep Singh 10 ore fa

    While listening this song All good memories are back now,but why my eyes are wet.

  • Casper Frank-Stender

    Why oh why didn't they remove the grey hair in the mustache that sits in front of the mouth... couldn't focus on anything else the entire video :-S

  • that's epic
    that's epic 10 ore fa

    for a moment i thought he looked like messi

  • Vergel Chua Cruz
    Vergel Chua Cruz 10 ore fa +2

    The saddest part of life is when the person who gives you the best memories became a part of those memories too.