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  • Pubblicato il 11 dic 2018
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    Holy throwback! Sit back and watch us get awkward as we react to out Smosh auditions.
    Noah Grossman
    Keith Leak Jr.
    Courtney Miller
    Olivia Sui
    Shayne Topp
    Produced by Josh Mattingly
    Cam Op: Daren Girdner
    Editor: Michael Green
    Post Supervisor: Brett Noborikawa
    Production Assistant: Kristin Sanchez
    SMOSH: it-clip.net/user/smosh
    Smosh Games: it-clip.net/user/smoshgames
    Shut Up! Cartoons: it-clip.net/user/shutupcartoons
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Commenti • 2 517

  • Honey Jordan
    Honey Jordan 23 ore fa

    You must be searching for 9:31 🤔

  • GameDog
    GameDog 4 giorni fa

    10:33 TBH I was pretty scared when Courtny raised her shirt

  • Adja Gueye
    Adja Gueye 4 giorni fa

    did they get the job

  • Aggroburn
    Aggroburn 4 giorni fa

    What happened to the real smosh 😪

  • xd CRAZiiMAN
    xd CRAZiiMAN 6 giorni fa +11

    Bro Keith is literally Chris rock and Kevin hart mixed

  • Lithian
    Lithian 8 giorni fa

    1:23 That explains a lot

  • kaidan nguyen123 roblox

    Olivia kinda looks like Mari in the audition

  • coldicesa .v
    coldicesa .v 12 giorni fa

    3:51 they blurred keith’s name

  • Beanie Eyelash
    Beanie Eyelash 13 giorni fa +1

    Who else just watched this for Noah

  • The Mxthod
    The Mxthod 15 giorni fa

    shane is high as shit

  • Sara M
    Sara M 16 giorni fa +1

    Ok but now we need Jason on a smosh vid

  • BxbaTeaxxx
    BxbaTeaxxx 16 giorni fa

    Noah is the cutest 😂🥰

  • Dallas Kaiser
    Dallas Kaiser 17 giorni fa

    U has Mac

    Stop trying to hide it

    I know it's hard to not have windows

  • Emma Angelee
    Emma Angelee 18 giorni fa

    I need someone that loves me like Keith loves Noah

  • camdotcom
    camdotcom 18 giorni fa

    okay why are noah's eyes so big??

  • Collin Bellamy
    Collin Bellamy 19 giorni fa

    5:53 why did the bleep his name out

  • Chloe Tickner
    Chloe Tickner 19 giorni fa +1

    I know u have done this in the past but can you react to TikTok compilations again plzzzzzzz I would really appreciate it thank you for reading this if you did

  • That Juh
    That Juh 20 giorni fa

    I wish my friends complimented me like this

  • Vivien Yeow
    Vivien Yeow 22 giorni fa

    Lose the glasses Noah!

  • caitlin lepore
    caitlin lepore 22 giorni fa +8

    i’m sorry i’ll leave

  • DisGruntLed MX
    DisGruntLed MX 22 giorni fa

    hi my names...CLARISSA!! and today i’m gonna talk to you about PEEING!!

  • Colin Williams
    Colin Williams 23 giorni fa

    Olivia kinda looks like a gerbil

  • Karlina Maples
    Karlina Maples 24 giorni fa


  • Joey Place
    Joey Place 25 giorni fa +1

    Courtney and shayne whisper to each other :they will never know what happened to the auditions Muahaha

  • Sherquan Jn Baptiste
    Sherquan Jn Baptiste 26 giorni fa

    Olivia is so pretty I love looking at her

  • Samuel Benson
    Samuel Benson 27 giorni fa +1

    Smosh: What That Mouth Do?

  • Entertained2036
    Entertained2036 27 giorni fa

    Shayne did not like his crush to randomly flash the internet 10:33

  • Nelson Ramos
    Nelson Ramos Mese fa

    What them eyes do though
    Also Courtney I'm here whenever you're ready for marriage okay? Okay aha

  • Padilliopadal
    Padilliopadal Mese fa

    11 minutes and a half minutes of Keith gushing over Noah

  • Kat K
    Kat K Mese fa

    Keith is... the lyin lion

  • Usv Utsav
    Usv Utsav Mese fa

    I love you Olivia 😘😍

  • Bucky deserved better


    Keith to Noah: I love you you're beautiful, you have a nice mouth

  • trista m
    trista m Mese fa

    They bleeped out Keith's name 😆

  • Baiyang Montano
    Baiyang Montano Mese fa

    Olivia is so beautiful

  • SaruCharmed
    SaruCharmed Mese fa

    I love how lovey dovey Noah and Keith are.

  • it's me EILEEN
    it's me EILEEN Mese fa

    Did you see how Shayne looked at Courtney when she said Noah was cute

  • Key
    Key Mese fa

    Noah is so stinking adorable!

  • Daisy Elms
    Daisy Elms Mese fa

    nobody gonna mention how depressed courtney looks at the beginning

  • JT Browning
    JT Browning Mese fa

    Does Olivia have a mustache

  • Sloth Coffeee
    Sloth Coffeee Mese fa

    Shaynes jealousy Laugher at 9:27 was- Oof

  • Maximum Beepus
    Maximum Beepus Mese fa

    I would love to audition for smosh

  • Serenity Dahy
    Serenity Dahy Mese fa +5

    Noah’s whole audition tape Keith was just fanboying over Noah’s mouth 😂

  • Grace Bretherton
    Grace Bretherton Mese fa +3

    This was posted on my birthday and I’m so proud 😂💞🌻

  • Shandy Leng
    Shandy Leng Mese fa

    Noah’s features are GOD SENT

  • Ana :3
    Ana :3 Mese fa +3

    9:30 I can’t stop watching this omg 😂😂
    I love Noah so much 😂❤️

  • kayla boyd
    kayla boyd Mese fa

    the softest shit ever i cry

  • The Weird Bruh Of Dumsvile

    Keith looks like lil nas x

  • Sadie Bentea
    Sadie Bentea Mese fa

    In the audition Noah looks 13 😂

  • armenianply
    armenianply Mese fa

    And Noah was at first one of the most famous smosh members with his own show. Even before Shane’s science show.

  • Onion toaster Sam


  • LargerOyster !
    LargerOyster ! Mese fa +1

    I want to work at smosh

  • Macey Bond
    Macey Bond Mese fa

    How come i just saw this vidddd?!?!?!

  • Unknown XD
    Unknown XD Mese fa

    Noah's laugh at 7:45 😍

  • Lost Archive
    Lost Archive Mese fa

    Audition audio is unheareble.. :(

  • Patrice Tremblay
    Patrice Tremblay Mese fa +1

    0:15 Reacting to our AUDITON tapes

  • Raz Raz
    Raz Raz Mese fa

    In the audition oliva looks like she could beat your ass

  • Randy Montague
    Randy Montague Mese fa +19

    Smosh: so we’re hiring Chris rock?

  • Eesah Hussain
    Eesah Hussain Mese fa

    4:22 Olivias eyebrows tho

  • Romaan Laskonis
    Romaan Laskonis 2 mesi fa +14

    noah and keith’s bromance is freaking everything!!

  • Feliz Zamoranos
    Feliz Zamoranos 2 mesi fa

    9:15 Shayne looked at Courtney after she said Noah was cute 🤔🤔😏