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  • Pubblicato il 30 mag 2019
    00:41 Hack with shaving foam
    01: 04 Ketchup cleans oxidized metal
    01:22 Avocado hack
    03:19 Stone breaks in the microwave
    04:11 Using dental floss instead of a knife
    05:22 Lemon removes highlighter
    05:51 Tomato + toothpaste, will it work?
    07:14 Spoon for smokey eyes
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Commenti • 170

  • Devinder Carrier
    Devinder Carrier 10 giorni fa

    I like this video 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • Seema Banola
    Seema Banola 12 giorni fa

    Your video is fake because first you didn't open the bottle with eyelash curler

  • Who Carez
    Who Carez 16 giorni fa

    6:54 sorry but I have seen you guys do that hack before saying it worked

  • Mikayla S
    Mikayla S 19 giorni fa

    basically showing u that half their hacks they’ve shown us DO NOT work 😒

  • Krew Fan
    Krew Fan 23 giorni fa +1

    First of all, you took those spaghetti straps with your own hands without any gloves.
    Second of all, you spread that shaving cream with your hand without gloves?
    *_- _**_0:48_**_ -_*

  • Dino_Playzz_YT
    Dino_Playzz_YT 26 giorni fa

    6:11 she looked like she was gonna cry

  • Elsie May Enrico
    Elsie May Enrico 29 giorni fa

    3:21 Some stone! It looks more like a potato!

  • Taisen's Cool Stuff

    You're saying these hacks are fake, woah

  • Tiffany Anderson

    if anyone wanted t know the song, its El fuego

  • 「• Snow Winterflake •」

    I guess my favorite of all is (2:06)

  • Riska Ms
    Riska Ms Mese fa

    Valeri jenel biki selem

  • Boby Babu
    Boby Babu Mese fa

    didn't you showed us these hacks?
    and now you're saying its fake.🤨🤨

  • Cool Empire
    Cool Empire Mese fa +1

    I think they are roasting themselves and try to prove blossom is wrong

  • Random Stranger
    Random Stranger Mese fa

    At 5:55 I thought she was crying xD

  • Mike Games
    Mike Games Mese fa

    Uuuggghhh haters (^_^)

  • Tem-sama
    Tem-sama Mese fa

    they busted themself....Lol

  • A Colorful World

    So this channel makes money off stupid hacks and off busting their own hacks

  • น้องนุ่น ' นะคะ

    Hgddlpoo Wijyfpo Thgasriu

  • Honey’s Studio

    Next video you need to do when you spill white out on the leather sofa you can’t use spray deodorant to wash it off but u gotta scrub :3

  • Gweegy Heard
    Gweegy Heard Mese fa

    Hey guys I think 5 minute crafts not teens ripped you off they stole your exact video changed the music and posted it.

  • Flávia Vieira
    Flávia Vieira Mese fa


  • Lari moo
    Lari moo Mese fa +1

    The only place you can find vital hacks is on your channel so your just busting yourself for views

  • x MilkTeaa
    x MilkTeaa Mese fa

    Whats tne songs name

  • Tarun Verma
    Tarun Verma Mese fa +2

    6:13 😂

    • Tarun Verma
      Tarun Verma 26 giorni fa

      @Dino_Playzz_YT Sorry I didn't mean that.

    • Dino_Playzz_YT
      Dino_Playzz_YT 26 giorni fa

      Tarun Verma why is it funny? It looked like she was about to cry

  • destiny love
    destiny love Mese fa +1

    So make your breast look bigger just wear a tons of bra????? F that im happy to be a loli

  • BlossomsVlogsAnd MORE

    Nice how you try your own hacks to prove that SOME DON’T WORK
    6:55 like this one DOESN’T WORK!!!!!!!!!! Like you put

  • Rapid
    Rapid Mese fa

    Is the fist hack how to get pregnant or how to be porn star

  • Leny Spears
    Leny Spears Mese fa

    Good stuff and what song is that

  • Arnabi Goldar
    Arnabi Goldar Mese fa +7

    Seriously they say and finally they only prove that their hacks are fake, 😁😅😅🤭🤭

  • galaxy rose
    galaxy rose Mese fa +7

    I love it how they are saying some of their hacks don’t work. Amazing isn’t it?

    • caitlin klocke
      caitlin klocke Mese fa +1

      Maya Fish if the hacks don’t work why do they still put it in the video?? Why are we watching useless hacks ?

  • aspen editz
    aspen editz Mese fa +2

    Everyone knows toothpaste burns your face

  • Tioko Rae
    Tioko Rae Mese fa +1

    0:05 Wow!!! Um ok.

  • Life as Lilpoofy
    Life as Lilpoofy Mese fa +1

    Anybody peep the lady that looks like she wanted to cry🥺!

  • Samantha Arias
    Samantha Arias Mese fa +1

    Of course you are going to put every hack you've done and say that it works like wtf exposed

  • Elena Pawli
    Elena Pawli Mese fa +1


    • Elena Pawli
      Elena Pawli 26 giorni fa

      Dino_Playzz_YT because if you look at it and first is not that many skin then when she puts more bras and then there's more skin

    • Dino_Playzz_YT
      Dino_Playzz_YT 26 giorni fa

      Elena Pawli how is it fake?

  • Ryuu Kira
    Ryuu Kira Mese fa

    the steam actually works, it's just that you need to get your hands involved too

  • And I Ou-
    And I Ou- Mese fa +6

    Safe to say 1:10 actually works👏🏽👏🏽

    You just have to leave it on for a couple hours😎

  • hager channel
    hager channel Mese fa

    6:11 she is crying.. Why 😭

    • Gacha Fan
      Gacha Fan Mese fa

      Maybe because her eye hurt or something?,or the product she put in her eyes :^

  • Katie MB
    Katie MB Mese fa

    Steaming clothes while in the shower DOES work!! I’ve used it many times-dance costumes, dress shirts, most types. Just make sure the shower is hot, and don’t use a fan.

    SWATI TIWARI Mese fa

    No I have tried this but it never works even it erases the words that is written on books but tearing it👿👿👿 FAKE FAKE FAKE

  • Nancy Meza
    Nancy Meza Mese fa


  • Maggie Beaudin
    Maggie Beaudin Mese fa +1

    You're the ones who posted the fake hacks

  • shykrystal batchloer

    Some of the hacks don't work do not try them😤😑

  • Stefany nohemi Medina orellana

    Español??? Alguien

  • ZEFF Y
    ZEFF Y Mese fa +18

    Some of these “doesn’t work” ones have been shown on their channel before🤔

  • Sarah Weaver
    Sarah Weaver Mese fa

    So there finally being honest

  • Merry Noelle
    Merry Noelle Mese fa

    Guys the one did work With the spaghetti stain it said grease not the sauce

  • Krew Fan
    Krew Fan Mese fa

    I love how you guys not censor the brand because that is kind of annoying for me, doesn't mean sponsored too right? 😁

  • Rani Rehman
    Rani Rehman Mese fa +9

    At 1:25 the avocado doesn't make a bright pink a kind of pink
    So, we can say it's works👍👍👍👍

    • Rani Rehman
      Rani Rehman Mese fa

      @Tanvi Agrawal if we put them in the water not in the shirt so,it doesn't leave a stand💟

    • Tanvi Agrawal
      Tanvi Agrawal Mese fa +1

      But it left stains (green stains)

  • parisah reaz
    parisah reaz Mese fa

    Wait aren’t half of these hacks yours so you are busting your own hacks

  • Janvi Gupta
    Janvi Gupta Mese fa

    Not good😭😭😕😵😣😣😣😣😣😣

  • Ferdous Ara Muntaha


  • Marley
    Marley Mese fa

    honestly i find it kind of dissapointing how they have to check their own hacks, and some of them don't even work

  • Shinigami
    Shinigami Mese fa

    The music please ❤❤❤❤ im tinisien

  • Ralph WR600
    Ralph WR600 Mese fa

    Bro im not putting 6 bras on for bigger boobs thats insane

  • Depression
    Depression Mese fa +13

    Don't they know they're debunking their own hacks/crafts???

  • Md s ali
    Md s ali Mese fa +9

    5:58 oh god😂🤣😂I thought she hadn't slept for last 2 months

  • Гульнара Васильева

    Сами себя проверять решили!

  • Meu mundo bagunçado

    loved it

  • Keanu Ramadhan
    Keanu Ramadhan Mese fa

    Yes it is cool

  • Aamir Parwez
    Aamir Parwez Mese fa

    I love you

  • Aamir Parwez
    Aamir Parwez Mese fa +2

    What you do first one i. Like it too

  • Unicorn_ Cappuccino Gang

    Your just roasting yourself 🤦

  • Unicorn_ Cappuccino Gang

    This is stupid

  • Jiglli Puff
    Jiglli Puff Mese fa +1

    How lame this guyss are!! These are the same hacks they have been showing and now they're proving whether they're applicable or not!! ARE YOU GUYSS OKAY!?? Or i guess u need to see your therapist!!

  • Seema Narang
    Seema Narang Mese fa

    I tried the first hack

  • Sajeeb Khan
    Sajeeb Khan Mese fa +1

    beyadop.osovvo hacs pathay

  • sapna patel
    sapna patel Mese fa +137

    Wait... You were the ones who showed these fake hacks first now you're doing a reality check?? Wtf

  • Two Top Girls
    Two Top Girls Mese fa +1

    0:16 Bruh they were two different shirts the one’s cut was deeper that’s why it “worked”😂😂🤦‍♀️

  • Okanlawon Aminat

    5 minute crafts is the best