"Master in the House" ITZY Cut Full Version (Ep 60, 61)

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  • Pubblicato il 20 mar 2019
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Commenti • 833

  • Dain Nam
    Dain Nam Ora fa

    3:05 did I see something wrong on Sungjae's jacket?

  • Fitri Kurnia Sari

    Just in case you guys didn’t realize,
    They really wrote ‘JYP’ on a papper on seunggi’s shirt to hide the brand.
    I can’t help but laugh when I look at it lol😂

  • Jocelyn Rodriguez
    Jocelyn Rodriguez Giorno fa

    Really love the group but I never like the debut song idk why...no matter how many times I listen it doesn’t just suit my taste

  • Kai
    Kai 2 giorni fa

    I love teachers like JYP. I never saw any comments saying JYP Was mean. But imma still say i can assure you he is not. This is common with asian teachers. I have a Korean teacher for graphic designs. She is just like this. She is strict and will flat out say "This is horrible work" she doesn't say that to be MEAN she says it because she KNOWS i can do better. And it encourages me to do better. Then i feel WAYYY more achieved when i get her praise on something. It feels good because its not common (Like with a teacher who holds your hand all the time). It's not mean. Same for this JYP isn't mean he just wants his artists to be the best that they can be...

  • Mina's Hair-Extensions

    7:26 omooo that smileee

  • AlexAlex Yooos
    AlexAlex Yooos 4 giorni fa

    3:55 thats stupid ehy they have to match with a span of a second like its more better if they enjoy dancing not thinking they have to be the same

  • Asok2Siam
    Asok2Siam 5 giorni fa

    한국에선 설현 스타일이 인기가 좋구나. 류진은 피부만 좀 더 하얀 설현이네. ㅋ

  • Haidy Robles
    Haidy Robles 6 giorni fa

    JYP is really different from other Entertainments. That's why people love their Artists. ❤️💯🙏☑️😘🤟

  • Cookie Kyung
    Cookie Kyung 7 giorni fa +1

    I like how JYPE is a friendly company but whenever I think about Twice and how overworked they are with 8 comebacks last year, can't help but be pissed off at the company too. The years overwork is now showing with Mina being unable to attend the rest of the world tour due to high pressure, stress and so little time to relax and enjoy.

  • Fahreza Gunawan
    Fahreza Gunawan 8 giorni fa

    Jyp put soo much effort at itzys dance skill.

  • Bibi Sufiya
    Bibi Sufiya 9 giorni fa

    (I regret posting this but I am posting this anyway)

  • Kpop Jhazie
    Kpop Jhazie 10 giorni fa

    To everybody that says JYP is mean and strict.... as an asian, that's just how things are. Our parents get strict, and sometimes, unreasonably mean, and yes, we do hate it and we cry because of it but then after all the tears, we realize that they just want us to be better versions of ourselves. And JYP treats them like his daughters

  • WINWIN dong sicheng Lvr
    WINWIN dong sicheng Lvr 12 giorni fa +4

    Oof Jyp with his artists in general he is like a father he treats them like family and gives them advice but when it comes to BUSINESS, aka THE THING THEY NEED TO BE GOOD AT he gets strict and tries to bring out the best in his artists

  • Karina Wang
    Karina Wang 12 giorni fa

    Ur back cracked. Lol

  • Bueno Obra
    Bueno Obra 13 giorni fa


  • Jung Kook
    Jung Kook 14 giorni fa


  • Hope Kayeye
    Hope Kayeye 15 giorni fa

    This is why jyp is my favourite

  • K.A. TheTwighairedgenius

    Wait!! Chaeryoung looks sooo cute!

  • Jane Sullano
    Jane Sullano 15 giorni fa

    Can any people subscribe to my channel plaese

  • leessang gatsby
    leessang gatsby 17 giorni fa +1

    If YG did what JYP does, there would be no Jennie Lazy Scandal!!
    So strict, thumbs.

  • yoonsbin
    yoonsbin 17 giorni fa +1

    but like, what do they eat to be this tall?? 😭

  • jesk Once
    jesk Once 19 giorni fa

    Bom elas tão passando pelo que twice já passou, ele investe nelas então nada mais justo querer um bom desempenho. Mais estão indo no caminho certo

    BLACK PINK FOREVER 19 giorni fa +1

    Sungjae is so cute

  • Snoopy love
    Snoopy love 20 giorni fa

    I really

  • That Person
    That Person 22 giorni fa +2

    Literally NOBODY:
    JYP: *back cracks*

  • Sem David Timothy Sitanggang

    Why all of boys looking at jyp like that 🤣🤣🤣

  • Maliyah Jackson
    Maliyah Jackson 25 giorni fa +2

    now imagine if blackpink was under jyp..... Jennie’s ass would be grass ..... with that sorry ass dancing😂 don’t get me wrong i love blackpink

  • Shaoorky
    Shaoorky 25 giorni fa

    Jyp is so scary lol

  • yoongi suga
    yoongi suga 26 giorni fa

    Ahhh park Don young

  • yoongi suga
    yoongi suga 26 giorni fa

    Ahhh park Don young

  • Name
    Name 27 giorni fa

    Yeah character and attitude are extremely important. Even if an idol is perfect but has a shit personality, it will turn the audiences away after a while.

  • Vincelle1516 Pasion
    Vincelle1516 Pasion 27 giorni fa

    Isnt that guy with galsses angle eyes guy??

  • Pia Lo
    Pia Lo 28 giorni fa +1

    Omg it’s Lee Seungi, from a Korean Odyssey.

  • Hiro Ciko
    Hiro Ciko 28 giorni fa

    she love seung gi until kim soo hyun come...lol

  • I am Not Verified TV
    I am Not Verified TV 28 giorni fa

    here's the got7 comment you're looking for hahahahaha

  • Bts7lover_armys
    Bts7lover_armys Mese fa

    And there's my ryujin jhope/jimin's girl~♡♡♡

  • Rosiefrappe
    Rosiefrappe Mese fa +1

    2:55 No waaaaaayyy, i loved that drama too♥️♥️♥️

  • Shirley Damaris
    Shirley Damaris Mese fa

    a mi no me engañan, seungri las vendió ¡FELICES LOS CUATRO! xd

  • Meripoustime Jenquette

    So many girl crushes here 🤣 i cant choose

  • Sai Silver
    Sai Silver Mese fa

    I'm so proud of ITZY and I admire their dedication. JYP is super tough but they are very good and don't slack on focus.
    I will say that this is slightly reminiscent of my TKD Master (also Master Park) who was the exact same when it came to practice, and slacking.

  • anonymou s
    anonymou s Mese fa

    Zed is actually the right way to say Z that's how we say it in England

  • Archiachi Magus
    Archiachi Magus Mese fa +3

    He was scary like a teacher. But you'll understand him. He just want the best.

  • DatBoyPanda
    DatBoyPanda Mese fa

    What about that famous half air half sound motto lolol

  • vkook 1997
    vkook 1997 Mese fa +1

    2:41 que tierna chaeryong 😂💖

  • Hazfa hazfa
    Hazfa hazfa Mese fa

    If JYP suddenly get quiet... You know shit about to get down.

  • loonarmyluvieonceblinks follow me

    yall calling jyp mean like yg doesn't exist

  • rara lee
    rara lee Mese fa

    Ngakak asli

  • Valber Patrick
    Valber Patrick Mese fa +1

    *0:24** Chaeryeong is really Seungi's fan, look his eyes* 😳

  • Christina J
    Christina J Mese fa

    I just realized they're in the same clothes in their dance practice vid lol did they do everything the same time 😂

  • Rena Lyn Buen
    Rena Lyn Buen Mese fa

    JYP is just so good with his Artists, he even monitors it personally. Anyway, Seung Gi's so handsome!! He looks more mature and manly ❤ I'm a fan

  • ITZY Yeji Lia Ryujin and yuna

    Wtf chaeryoung is way uglier than I thought

  • Hi Yeoboseyo ツ

    They cant beat Twice

  • Jenni siagian
    Jenni siagian Mese fa

    Why chaeryoung's shoot on their perfomances so quickly . That' s unfair

  • Lucie X
    Lucie X Mese fa

    Lia’s eyes are so charming ❤️

  • momo's bangs
    momo's bangs Mese fa

    Jyp is my true oppa sksksksks

  • Silo Green
    Silo Green Mese fa +2

    I think JYP noticing little things and making sure they fix them is really smart. Us, as fans, we don’t see a lot of the technical parts of the dance. We just watch it and think “oh that’s cute or that looks hard”. That’s why I don’t think any kpop dance is ever too simple or has too little choreography because there’s a lot of corrections and small things that go into making every dance look great. JYP is making marketable performers and there’s more to that than just being cute or having a catchy song. Just it looking good in a video isn’t enough. They need to look good on stage and wherever they perform.

  • Canola Oil
    Canola Oil Mese fa +11

    It's cute that JYP treats them right. we stan caring CEO. *cough* take note YG *cough*

  • Nguyễn Hà Thiên Di

    When I see Lee Seungi(sr i don’t know how to write) i thinking about Chaeyeon?.?

  • hjbhjbhjb
    hjbhjbhjb Mese fa

    why does Yuna always wear the same thing for dance practices lmao

  • Idonotsleep55 :D

    I’m so shock with yuna visual 😮 she’s too beautiful ☺️

    FBI OPEN UP. Mese fa

    7:27 BITCH LIA

  • Lia Salah
    Lia Salah Mese fa +1

    I love Ye Ji 😍😍

  • GA7
    GA7 Mese fa

    Honesty, diligence and humility... GOT7 is a perfect example of this

  • John Paul Arroz
    John Paul Arroz Mese fa +7

    remember the three words guys:
    Honesty, Diligence and Humility

    EVAN JJ Mese fa +3

    2004 isn't it its the day i was born

    • Kai
      Kai 2 giorni fa

      2004 isn't a day....it's a year

  • Mhiel Palma
    Mhiel Palma Mese fa

    *did something break*

  • Vivi Lian
    Vivi Lian Mese fa +2

    Yeji 😍😍😍

  • Mary Shannen
    Mary Shannen Mese fa +3


  • Reet Sidhu
    Reet Sidhu Mese fa +70

    i don’t stan itzy but their dancing is the most synchronized thing I’ve seen in my life

    i now stan.

    • AlexAlex Yooos
      AlexAlex Yooos 2 giorni fa

      reynaldo reyes yeah but everyone to be in sync at nano seconds isnt right everyone has one move ir more were they do it diffrenttly they dont have to be 100% at the same pace

    • reynaldo reyes
      reynaldo reyes 2 giorni fa

      AlexAlex Yooos i like how they dance the same but like they always won’t dance exactly the same look at twice for example they individuality I think a couple more comebacks and the girls will be able to dance more freely

    • AlexAlex Yooos
      AlexAlex Yooos 4 giorni fa +1

      Nora K ikr thats what I think too , i think its stupid for all the girls to dance the same , everybody has their dancing style

    • Nora K
      Nora K 27 giorni fa +4

      But I think that's also how you kill off their creativity and style. Like in BTS, Jimin is modern dance style and J-hope is hip-hop off the street. The way they approach dancing is different. Maybe lift their arms or legs at a different angle, or more waves, or a bit slower. It gives them individuality in the group. Obviously, I don't blame the girls at all and applaud them for the dedication. I've seen Chaeryoung in Sixteen and it's a shame to see her trained like this.

  • Ar Rm
    Ar Rm Mese fa

    chaeryong looks so much better irl videos than in the music video. Didn't notice her until now.

  • park chimmyfication

    Jyp is great and all, but why tf did you kick out Yoon Seobin that easily T^T

  • 天恩
    天恩 Mese fa

    Ohh the girl in black top is pretty 😍

  • Kim Dahyun Is a amazing Tofu

    the best of the best. JYP knows how to treat his artist well thats why other people that wants to be a artist in korea chooses his company because of his good disciplinary and treats his artist like a family.💓
    stan jypnation for a better life.💓

  • Audrey Brigitta
    Audrey Brigitta Mese fa

    actually, the rule of only accepting nice kids is a really good rule, not only because of conscience itself but also because it means that there will be fewer scandals regarding their attitude (which is one of the worst scandals to have btw)

  • Fatima Rahman
    Fatima Rahman Mese fa +1

    I went to be a Kpop singer like blackpink and ITZY

  • Kim Taehyung
    Kim Taehyung 2 mesi fa

    lol jyp plays spot the difference everyday ahaha

  • tamara kashour
    tamara kashour 2 mesi fa

    JYP is a very nice sweet caring person but when it comes to MUSIC he’s very restricted 💚💚 LEADER IN ENTERTAINMENT 👑but I hope he takes care more of GOT7 👌🏻💚

  • Kayli vue
    Kayli vue 2 mesi fa

    was it like this with twice?

  • Kim _Gelo
    Kim _Gelo 2 mesi fa

    Lee sang yoon as a guest💕

  • Mnemosyne Blythe Zoyle

    The only artist Jyp doesn't put his eyes on is StrayKids. Not because he didn't care but because he he puttee SK as independent group, he knows they can do it. So either songs or choreo he doesn't meddle all he do is approve if the new creation of 3cha is good.
    JYPE is a good company, and his artist may not be the best but his artist personality are not to be drag down. Do not sya JYP was strict. Lol the way he corrected itzy is not even half to the way he judge his artist on their survival show such as sixteen and SkT

    JODY GOROSPE 2 mesi fa +5

    I think I've found out the reason why I'm so attached to JYP artists, it's because they've been brought up with good values. Personally, Honesty, Diligence and Humility are one of the values I really uphold in my life, and seeing JYP artists living out these values just puts me at ease.

  • Moon
    Moon 2 mesi fa

    7:06 wow Yuna’s visuals

  • fairy tail
    fairy tail 2 mesi fa +3

    seunggi must've been surprised to see chaeryeong LOL who's an exact copy of chaeyeon xD

  • Juvilyn Monter
    Juvilyn Monter 2 mesi fa

    Why sungjae is there...

  • Akpop Channel
    Akpop Channel 2 mesi fa

    JYP know best when its about girl group!! Looking forward for next itzy comeback, not stanning them yet but kinda look their potential there.

  • Nurul Fazri Adha
    Nurul Fazri Adha 2 mesi fa

    Jewaypeh seremmmm

  • Adventure Time
    Adventure Time 2 mesi fa

    Ryujin my Baby 😍

  • Mark anthony Duka
    Mark anthony Duka 2 mesi fa +1

    Is this legit that itzy will comeback in july?

  • Rizel Tan
    Rizel Tan 2 mesi fa

    I hope this time, JYP will not disregard their stableness in live in terms of vocals. Lia is lacking (I must admit that, even though I know that she's a very good singer when it's not live) I hope JYP will do something about that because his artists are really strong performers on stage.

  • Rizel Tan
    Rizel Tan 2 mesi fa +3

    You'll know how well JYP train his artists when the groups already perform like non-rookie group when they debut. Their stage presence is so good, no stiff and akward image. And the most important thing is that the girls are very well-mannered and respectful. Very professional.

  • VMIN 1330
    VMIN 1330 2 mesi fa


  • Ree
    Ree 2 mesi fa

    Seung gi is that old 😂

  • Kepala Sekretariat
    Kepala Sekretariat 2 mesi fa

    Jyp is gonna go bankrupt

    (English is not my first language btw)

  • Gwinneth Frozen
    Gwinneth Frozen 2 mesi fa

    Not to say this but I think he's only strict on TV, behind the scene he just doesn't really bother as there are lots of idols in the company. He can't be watching all of them lol

    FRESH AVOCADO 2 mesi fa +4

    Lia looks like a sloth when she smiles ♡♡♡♡
    Yeji looks like a dragon from how to train your dragon ♡♡♡♡

  • i dont know why i have 8 subs yeah

    Visit REDVELVET too please with Sungjae

  • Donamay osorio
    Donamay osorio 2 mesi fa

    chaeryoung ❤️

  • Athena Rodriguez
    Athena Rodriguez 2 mesi fa +1

    I miss ITZY

  • Blue Fox
    Blue Fox 2 mesi fa +3

    8:18 hairology
    The practice of not getting your hair stuck in your face

  • 黒川ひかり
    黒川ひかり 2 mesi fa