A Wrinkle in Time Official US Trailer

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  • Pubblicato il 20 nov 2017
  • On March 9th, be a warrior. Watch the brand-new trailer for Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time.
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    From visionary director Ava DuVernay comes Disney’s “A Wrinkle in Time,” an epic adventure based on Madeleine L’Engle’s timeless classic which takes audiences across dimensions of time and space, examining the nature of darkness versus light and, ultimately, the triumph of love. Through one girl’s transformative journey led by three celestial guides, we discover that strength comes from embracing one’s individuality and that the best way to triumph over fear is to travel by one’s own light.

    Directed by Emmy(R) winner and Oscar(R) and Golden Globe(R) nominee Ava DuVernay from a screenplay by Oscar winner Jennifer Lee based upon the beloved novel by Madeleine L’Engle, “A Wrinkle in Time” stars: two-time Academy Award(R) nominee Oprah Winfrey, Oscar and Emmy winner Reese Witherspoon, Emmy nominee Mindy Kaling, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Michael Peňa and introducing Storm Reid, with two-time Emmy winner Zach Galifianakis and Emmy nominee Chris Pine.

    Produced by Jim Whitaker and Catherine Hand with Doug Merrifield serving as executive producer, the film also boasts an impressive creative team featuring some of the most talented artisans working today, including: Tobias Schliessler, ASC as director of photography, Naomi Shohan as production designer, Oscar(R)-nominee Spencer Averick as film editor, two-time Academy Award(R)-nominee Paco Delgado as costume designer and four time Emmy(R) nominee Ramin Djawadi as composer.
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Commenti • 10 205

  • Brock Stud muffin5
    Brock Stud muffin5 17 ore fa

    Charles Wallace in this movie is so retarded

  • Brock Stud muffin5
    Brock Stud muffin5 17 ore fa

    Charles Wallace in this movie is so retarded

  • I_ Flekzz
    I_ Flekzz 19 ore fa +1

    I hate this movie so much it was such a wast of money😒

  • louis robert
    louis robert Giorno fa

    Thanks Oprah, this was one of the biggest box office bombs in history of movie making. Up to $131,000,000.00 in losses. Her ego took a hit.

  • Go Go Go
    Go Go Go 3 giorni fa

    The world most bullshit movie ever

  • LilBelleBlue YT
    LilBelleBlue YT 5 giorni fa +1

    This movie is like the worst movie ever

  • 548vikings
    548vikings 6 giorni fa

    Colin Flaherty brought me here. Had to glimpse what all the fuss was about. Couldn’t even finish the trailer.

  • menckencynic
    menckencynic 7 giorni fa

    This is GREAT! Leftist movies ADVERTISE the fact now! Yay! Now NO ONE will have to accidentally see one!

  • Mike Garner
    Mike Garner 9 giorni fa

    I can not say anything about the book but from my kid a young white Male under 6
    My son said he didn't like it
    Me o dont get the pace and normal children dont react the way the main character dose
    The story is no were to be found and exicuted with so little care all the focus was on visual cgi
    Oprah is a joke and lives a lie telling women how to fix a marriage while she's in a fake one herself

  • Reign K
    Reign K 9 giorni fa +1

    Just watched it, every single character was so annoying

  • Ahmad Rza
    Ahmad Rza 10 giorni fa

    it was a very bad movie

  • Terrill Goodwine Jr
    Terrill Goodwine Jr 10 giorni fa

    Ava duvernay director and the co writer making the dc new gods movie

  • Metal knight
    Metal knight 14 giorni fa

    Not surprised how this movie turned out, since it was directed by an anti-trump supporter of course.

  • A.Z. B.
    A.Z. B. 15 giorni fa

    Sooo...each time they remake this movie they also remove some of the white characters and replace them with colored ones. Guess a few more remakes and it will turn into a real black comedy

  • Priscilla O
    Priscilla O 15 giorni fa

    It was a great movie. Loved it!

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown 15 giorni fa

    Awesome! Fantastic! Outstanding! This movie went beyond the scope of interpretation. Unbelievable is the only word to use. Oprah is out- there and this movie shows it.

  • Jay Bee
    Jay Bee 15 giorni fa

    So was this movie as bad as it looks? I just now heard about it and thought I'd check it out. But a few things bothered me:
    1. The whole thing about folding space and time has been done, almost word for word, in a wide variety of TV shows and movies. Yawn.
    2. The whole 'father isn't dead, he just disappeared' thing has also been done a million times. It's been done with brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, too. It even happened to the late Robin Williams in "Jumanji". It's one of the most over-used tropes out there.
    3. Oprah?!? I'm sorry but trying to ignore that Oprah is Oprah and not some odd looking 'god' is all but impossible. She's unique in that way.
    4. I LOVE Mindy Kahling. She's an absolute comedic genius. "The Office" was never the same after she stopped writing for it as well as acting in it. She's such a brilliant person and I have more respect for her than anyone else in Hollywood but this is not a good role for her unless she actually is playing a cornballish 'god' that the previews don't show.
    5. The kids seem OK from what I can see. The lead girl, Storm Reid, seems quite believable and likable.
    6. The effects look like they're out of a 2008 video game but they're not bad in a SyFy channel sort a way.
    7. And lets not forget Reese Witherspoon. 1:13 That has got to be some of the worst acting by her I've ever seen. Oh man is that bad.

    So, am I being too harsh based solely on a 2 minute preview?

  • TDN 71
    TDN 71 17 giorni fa

    Why does EVERYBODY think they can be an actor these days? Oprah?? You're a damn, toot your own freakin horn, glorified female Jerry Springer!! Go back to that! You are a terrible actor!! TERRIBLE!! Rihanna, 50 cent, and all you other so called singers/rappers, go sing/rap, NONE OF YOU CAN ACT!! Embarrassing! People get ahold of money for having no talent, then think they have a talent for everything. YOU DON'T!! Bunch of Satan worshipping IDIOTS!

  • xultsu
    xultsu 17 giorni fa

    it’s such a massive fucking shame that this was the worst movie of 2018 far and away

  • Kyle The gamer
    Kyle The gamer 18 giorni fa

    For people that are the office fans like me as soon as I saw the Indian girl I was like. KELLY

  • Jah the Child Eater
    Jah the Child Eater 19 giorni fa +2

    i mean, i thought it was okay...

  • Marlen Zapata
    Marlen Zapata 20 giorni fa +2

    I just found out that Kelly from the office is ms.who

  • swing _
    swing _ 21 giorno fa

    why did they turn the white horse thing into lettuce

  • D. Bezt
    D. Bezt 22 giorni fa

    Y’all are so annoying. In the comments is the movie good or not? Y’all try so hard to be comedians dumb asses

  • Reza Shirdel
    Reza Shirdel 29 giorni fa

    It wasn't as good as it's trailer

  • Phoebe
    Phoebe Mese fa

    In the real book that was actually written by Madeleine L’Engle the characters were white. Mrs Which Mrs Who and Mrs Whatsit looked completely different than what they looked like in this film. Stop doing this for diversity! This was a horrible movie, like most ripoffs smh

  • Joao 2008
    Joao 2008 Mese fa +1


  • astik murmu
    astik murmu Mese fa

    Where I can get all Disney movies?

  • Aisyah Nassim
    Aisyah Nassim Mese fa

    where can i watch this?

  • Roma Uli
    Roma Uli Mese fa +1


  • 罗念
    罗念 Mese fa

    Wrinkle in quality film.

  • AryelAngel Ramos
    AryelAngel Ramos Mese fa +3

    Brie Larson brought me here...

  • Kenshin YT
    Kenshin YT Mese fa

    PewDiePie is Murry

  • Green Pixel
    Green Pixel Mese fa

    i think i am too old for this one

  • Conservative Crusader

    I was going to rent this movie for my kids to watch until Brie Larson informed me that this movie wasn’t made for me, so I’ll spend my money elsewhere I suppose.

  • jd.0980
    jd.0980 Mese fa

    Good film but reeks with agenda and Oprah’s god complex.

  • Batman
    Batman Mese fa

    Shut up Meg.

  • White Phoenix of the Crown

    And the only one who can stop it, is u

  • Murk Shahzad
    Murk Shahzad Mese fa +4

    In my school we are reading this chapter's novel

  • Precious Onyemelukwe

    I Absolutely LOVED the movie!! It was AMAZING! And what was even better was that I watched it on my birthday

  • Cozy Crimson
    Cozy Crimson Mese fa

    I’ve read the book dozens of times and it’s amazing but this movie is actually trash the most important parts of the books aren’t included, the characters look nothing like how they are written and the storyline is all screwed up

  • Gamespark
    Gamespark Mese fa

    With this one i am sure disney cant make sci-fy.

  • Mr R
    Mr R Mese fa +11

    Brie was right, it's not made for me.

  • Myusernameis This

    Hold up
    Where is fortinbras

  • Myusernameis This

    Looks like charles whips his hair alot

  • Mr Anonymous
    Mr Anonymous Mese fa

    Is it just me or is the book better?

  • jimmy just jeremy
    jimmy just jeremy Mese fa +5

    And to think this movie was mentioned in Avengers Endgame... really tho

    • Simon Ackerman
      Simon Ackerman Mese fa +1

      jimmy just jeremy I guess they mentioned it because Disney own Marvel.

    Dan LAUWERS Mese fa

    The trailer clearly shows that it is only for people who A) are taken themselves very seriously and B) have been lobotomised by strong (preferable U.S. American) indoctrination.
    And no beautiful quote will make this different… or will it?

  • Caitlyn Davidson

    I just don’t wanna read the book in school

  • Franz Sela
    Franz Sela Mese fa

    This movie lacks genuine connections despite its stellar cast. Storm Reid’s acting is underwhelming and so is Deric McCabe’s. Ophrah and Mindy look horrible as fairy godmothers. Levi Miller should have been in the title role.

  • FallenSoul OwU
    FallenSoul OwU Mese fa

    I watched this movie 3 times already.

  • Pool Noodle
    Pool Noodle Mese fa

    should have been good.glad i never saw it by these comments though

  • Kosmetical
    Kosmetical Mese fa

    I can’t be here either I’m a white/black male
    Which means I’m not black enough

  • BottsoRatchet-YT -

    A Wrinkle in Time

  • Marvin Guigar
    Marvin Guigar Mese fa

    This is a new Age movie New Age religion

  • W H E A T
    W H E A T 2 mesi fa

    I watched this movie in class with my other classmates (after reading the book) and we said this movie was similar in some places but definitely not all

    All the girls (including me) thought calvin was hot tho XD

  • Kamal Mehrotra
    Kamal Mehrotra 2 mesi fa +1

    The book was way better

  • Chidera Lilian
    Chidera Lilian 2 mesi fa

    I read the book last year..... I lost more than half of my brain cells.
    I watched the movie and I can tell you that my brain doesn't function well anymore.
    Thank you for ruining my life.

  • Gulfara Naregeyeva
    Gulfara Naregeyeva 2 mesi fa

    I love this movie

  • mollkatless
    mollkatless 2 mesi fa

    very easily one of the worst movies I have ever suffered through, I would have enjoyed a root canal so much more. For the longest time during this movie the horrible acting obscured the fact that the writing was just terrible, at best amateurish - ugh, I need a drink!

  • FOXTherron7 TM POE
    FOXTherron7 TM POE 2 mesi fa

    There's a reason why Japan does not release this Disney movie lmao

  • Green Pixel
    Green Pixel 2 mesi fa

    got bored watching trailer, probably i am getting old

  • Y Tube
    Y Tube 2 mesi fa

    Wtf is this?

  • Aivan M. Vaughn
    Aivan M. Vaughn 2 mesi fa

    Based on a very average and basic plot executed very very poorly. Not much good to say about this movie, I think Zach stole the show

  • Sanghoon Lee
    Sanghoon Lee 2 mesi fa

    A film written by a woman, directed by a woman, featuring an African-American teenage girl protagonist gifted in quantum physics who goes in search of her white adoptive father with the help of a trinity of goddesses two of whom happen to be black... Christ, this movie is about as subtle as an evangelical Christian movie, just with a different message. Propaganda rarely makes for good storytelling.

  • iseejanuarie1788 UNHL217A3

    THe only one who can stop it is YOU everyone is a YOU we all depand on YOU YOU are the only? ONE like EVERYONE all for One One For ALL.

  • FOXTherron7 TM POE
    FOXTherron7 TM POE 2 mesi fa

    It looks amazing for me

  • Lord Darth Vader
    Lord Darth Vader 2 mesi fa

    just found out this movie existed and had tons of money poured into it because of the male controversy thing with brie larson sad how I didn't do well

  • Janine Reformado
    Janine Reformado 2 mesi fa

    I just watched this movie now and I can't even finish it. It's terrible. So I went and find the IT-clip trailer to see how others reacted to this coz, u know, I might be "wrong " in my assessment. But wow! So far, I haven't read any good review from the comments. And there's this repetitive comments about brie larson and this movie, oh well. I felt the same actually with capt marvel. It didn't even made Me realize I was watching a marvel hero movie. 😪 it was boring.

  • Destiny Manyana
    Destiny Manyana 2 mesi fa +1

    Jesus is the light > become the light

  • Izzy
    Izzy 2 mesi fa

    1:38 Kim Kardashian wants to know your location

  • \\ 3xcalibur \\
    \\ 3xcalibur \\ 2 mesi fa

    Joseph William Morgan and Position Music brought me here

  • Anna Briggeman
    Anna Briggeman 2 mesi fa +4

    honestly, call me crazy but i actually liked this movie

  • Harmonyy M
    Harmonyy M 2 mesi fa

    I just realized some parts in the trailer aren’t in the movie

  • andre gribble
    andre gribble 2 mesi fa

    Is it just me, or everytime they make a movie out of a book it ends up being trash?

  • Jazlyn ozuna
    Jazlyn ozuna 3 mesi fa

    😂 this is not the same as the book

  • Adam Kern gaming
    Adam Kern gaming 3 mesi fa

    This movie sucks

  • Marcus Flynt
    Marcus Flynt 3 mesi fa

    ophrah looks hideous

  • Kay Spears
    Kay Spears 3 mesi fa

    Stop hating this movie give a important message a could really help all y’all stanky ass haters

    • Amelia Crowder
      Amelia Crowder 2 mesi fa

      Kay Spears Maybe it gives an important message, but it was horrible. It was based ON A BOOK, and it barely followed the book at all. The script was also terrible, and not everything has to be political or have to give some sort of socially acceptable message.

  • Juan Sintierra
    Juan Sintierra 3 mesi fa

    So Brie... ¿what I was not allowed to say about this movie?

  • Isaac Smith
    Isaac Smith 3 mesi fa +1


  • David Langheier
    David Langheier 3 mesi fa +1

    Madeleine L'Engle
    is rolling in her grave right now.

  • Amanda Vasquez
    Amanda Vasquez 3 mesi fa


  • Seth Larcomb
    Seth Larcomb 3 mesi fa +3

    I never heard of this... until Captain Marvel... this shit must of flopped HARD. LOL

  • Sug Madic
    Sug Madic 3 mesi fa +1

    The sequel: A blip on the radar

  • Toni Capone
    Toni Capone 3 mesi fa

    This movie sucked. Forcefully diverse.

  • sam grey
    sam grey 3 mesi fa

    oprah and reese look terrible

  • Yasmin McEwen
    Yasmin McEwen 3 mesi fa

    The similarities of Mindy Kaling's outlandishly dressed character hand sewing those weird quilts with those awful glasses, plus her long dark ponytails, just felt strange to me since I hand sew my own quilts that look very nice and take my nice glasses off to hand sew plus I wear my hair like that. Maybe not anymore :(
    Because it's as if the Costume Designer took an exact picture of me and made it ugly. I will never forget that nice Turquoise sheer jumpsuit I used to run around in way back in highschool, with my super long dark hair and high ponytail and gold band somehow looking an awful lot just exactly like Princess Jasmine, in Aladdin. I guess if you put exact pictures of me and sketch them into Disney Cartoons or garish costumes then I should...not care? Kinda like the cartoonists did to me when I was a Columnist. Drew such garish humiliating cartoons of me next to my columns.
    Goal: ultimate humiliation. Kinda like that. It's really too bad their aren't any Lawyers out there who want to represent me because I have a damn good case.

  • Cynical Scorpio
    Cynical Scorpio 3 mesi fa

    This movie was good. FIGHT ME

  • Việt Đỗ Tú
    Việt Đỗ Tú 3 mesi fa

    when you have tons of money and you decided to through out just for fun. Good job Disney

  • Donald E Davis Art
    Donald E Davis Art 3 mesi fa +1

    MOVIE QUOTE: "Your dad wanted to touch the stars." CERN decoding the wall/veil which separates dark matter from our realm; Revelations 9:1 And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a STAR fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit. The star in this passage of scripture is Satan.

    FLiFe RJEWLZ 3 mesi fa


  • hockeypromike11
    hockeypromike11 3 mesi fa +11

    amazing cast, terrible plot. - white dude

  • Mobin92
    Mobin92 3 mesi fa +10

    To be honest, those silly ugly costumes ruined it mostly. The story has more of a drama vibe to it, but then the main characters are 3 clown goddesses or something? Why?
    Disclaimer: I'm a 26yo white male.

  • wutang6020
    wutang6020 3 mesi fa

    Total garbage

  • Tyy
    Tyy 3 mesi fa

    I’m just checking in making sure there’s no white people around. Everything seems clear. Remember, NO WHITES ALLOWED! And it’s not racism because reverse racism doesn’t exist.

  • Curiosity Unlimited

    What a rubbish...

  • Xeon Nightfall
    Xeon Nightfall 3 mesi fa

    I'm fine, this movie isn't for me. brie can have it.

  • jackson bhat
    jackson bhat 3 mesi fa +2

    After Captain marvel controversy 😂😂

  • Diana Frida
    Diana Frida 3 mesi fa

    was that james turrell installation i saw at 1:08 ?