J.Y. Park X Mnet "슈퍼인턴" Teaser 4

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  • Pubblicato il 21 dic 2018
  • J.Y. Park X Mnet "슈퍼인턴" Teaser 4
    Find J.Y. Park(박진영) "Still Alive" on iTunes & Apple Music
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  • Jeanne Emedi
    Jeanne Emedi 4 mesi fa

    Where can I watch this show

  • 조성만
    조성만 4 mesi fa

    직원을 오디션으로 뽑는 제이왑 클라스

  • Bao Nguyen
    Bao Nguyen 4 mesi fa

    sorry to say this but just watched 2 eps, some people are just a joke , seriously they interview for staff position, not for idols, do they need to dance, sing and rap.... luckily for them, this is tv show, if they dance, sing, for staff position in real life, they will get kicked out...lol

  • 최수정Krystal
    최수정Krystal 5 mesi fa

    Can a foreigner who can’t speak korean be employed in jyp?

  • 쀼닉
    쀼닉 5 mesi fa

    제왚..남자아이돌도 좀 챙겨줘요..

  • vil con
    vil con 5 mesi fa

    what kind of challenge do you think he will gave to them? like maybe he will let that contestant to manage one of his group for a day then monitor how he/she will do it

  • moonxiu subliminals

    JYP is older than my fricking mum but he's still as handsome as a 39 year old

  • Rocio o
    Rocio o 5 mesi fa

    Yo sé que es para encontrar más empleados pero seguro que lo voy a mirar igual

  • Exoar
    Exoar 5 mesi fa

    Weird flex

  • Blue Palette
    Blue Palette 5 mesi fa

    Are you a K-Pop fan? It's your time to be with your idols. Apply now! JYP Survival show for staffs and managers.

  • C I A
    C I A 5 mesi fa

    theese people copyright claimed me

  • 기쁨
    기쁨 5 mesi fa

    박진영씨에게 전하는말 it-clip.net/video/hRPyZgp8HVk/video.html

  • 莉央。
    莉央。 5 mesi fa


  • Kim Waji
    Kim Waji 5 mesi fa

    Mv yes or yes. Like ohh ahh, and likey?

  • fun ui
    fun ui 5 mesi fa


  • -_- a
    -_- a 5 mesi fa

    오오 당연히 아이돌 관련 영상이겠거니 하고 들어왔는데.. 취업이라니!!👀👂👍

  • Multifandom right here!


  • STAY Igot7 ONCE Army
    STAY Igot7 ONCE Army 5 mesi fa +1

    This will be the first show for staff.... As fast as I remember
    And If you all do remembers PRODUCE 101 was inspired by sixteen....
    Jyp relation with mnet is the best among other company

  • 빅파이
    빅파이 5 mesi fa

    나도 제왑에서 일할랭

  • HyujinTzuyu Leeknow

    wow Tzuyu will be guest 😍😚😲
    I am really excited to see her😍

  • 2 min
    2 min 5 mesi fa

    I know its for managers and staffs but


  • Its Wafi
    Its Wafi 5 mesi fa

    Ini mksd nya apa y? W baru bangun tidur:-)

  • Alex Darum
    Alex Darum 5 mesi fa

    Staff survival show 😂😂😂

  • 유종현
    유종현 5 mesi fa

    난 박진영이 왜 이렇게 웃기지 ㅅㅂ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 제발 uv 랑 한번만 더 찍어주라

  • m f
    m f 5 mesi fa

    No no no , please no more with mnet

  • Starlight ent
    Starlight ent 5 mesi fa

    Jyp truly king of survive K-pop dream

  • positive negative
    positive negative 5 mesi fa

    서사성 나도강조하는데

  • LiA
    LiA 5 mesi fa

    Working with a snake I see?

  • Bread Once
    Bread Once 5 mesi fa

    I wanna be Twice or Stray Kids manager XD

    SOLA XIUMIIN 5 mesi fa

    So when is this gonna be aired? Or released?

  • Mochi Army :3
    Mochi Army :3 5 mesi fa

    JYP da um descanço pro Twice!!!!!!

  • Mochi Army :3
    Mochi Army :3 5 mesi fa

    JYP da um descanço pro Twice!!!!!!

  • 아벨
    아벨 5 mesi fa

    I need subtitle eng

  • りんちゃんアンモナイト

    どゆこと? わかる人教えて〜

  • twaiseu bbang
    twaiseu bbang 5 mesi fa

    Happy 11M subscribers to JYPE!

  • Andrea Vett
    Andrea Vett 5 mesi fa

    안녕하세요 my Name Is Andrea and I want to say something, I'm from Spain and I want auditions here. I don't know but I think that any company made any audition here and I want an opportunity for me and for the people in Spain that have talent. I know that you are not going to read my message but I had to try it

  • Jose Costa
    Jose Costa 5 mesi fa

    *JYP ent , please read this for ur next girl group:*
    IT-clip page and official name: release on February 1
    1st member video: release on February 8
    2nd member video: release on February 15
    3rd member video: release on February 22
    4th member video: release on March 1
    5th member video: release on March 8
    Dance cover: release on March 22
    New GG TV: from March 25 to April 22
    Teaser 1: release on April 29
    Teaser 2: release on May 1
    Teaser 3: release on May 3
    *Debut* : Debut track in May 6
    New GG TV: release on July 29- August 26
    Comeback Teaser 1: released on September 2
    Teaser 2: release on September 4
    Teaser 3: release on September 6
    *Comeback* : New title song & 1st full album in September 9
    Special cover stage: release on November 11

  • ネコ愛してる
    ネコ愛してる 5 mesi fa +1

    타케시마는 일본땅

    • day27 c
      day27 c 5 mesi fa

      매 맞아본적 있어요?

  • Rifki Ridha
    Rifki Ridha 5 mesi fa +1

    I would do if I'm graduate but this don't match with my background lol

  • LALALA -
    LALALA - 5 mesi fa +1

    Why does everything have to be an intense competition lol

  • V1ncent Draven
    V1ncent Draven 5 mesi fa +1

    Aqui tamo comiendono un manguito clasico maracatone

  • レッドウィング
    レッドウィング 6 mesi fa +1


  • Pr'ex. alvin
    Pr'ex. alvin 6 mesi fa

    Omg i can't understand someone explane to me

  • Sunny Yellow
    Sunny Yellow 6 mesi fa


  • Jell Yasted
    Jell Yasted 6 mesi fa +1


  • LeonelK
    LeonelK 6 mesi fa

    New group?

  • tman ba
    tman ba 6 mesi fa

    와 jyp 댓글 글로벌한거봐라 다른데도 이런가? 완전꿀잼 방송기다려집니다요

  • メルエム
    メルエム 6 mesi fa +2


  • edward collin
    edward collin 6 mesi fa

    Can I be a kpop idol Sir Jyp
    I'm from Philippines
    My name is April Kailey M. Mina
    And I want to be a kpop idol

  • Yara A
    Yara A 6 mesi fa +98

    JYP is serious in launching JYP 2.0. He is inviting all aspiring staff, managers, etc... Each JYP group will have a dedicated team to micromanage the group (publicity, tours, comebacks, etc). They have tried it on Twice and it worked so this will be implemented agency-wide. Best company indeed!

  • Teff3333•
    Teff3333• 6 mesi fa

    No entiendo nada, alguien me explica we

  • 하지이름 뭐로
    하지이름 뭐로 6 mesi fa +1

    한국인이 없어

  • 뉴트스캐맨더
    뉴트스캐맨더 6 mesi fa +2

    ㅇㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ또 개털리는사람들 많이나오겠네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 팝콘각

  • Lia Kiminatozaki
    Lia Kiminatozaki 6 mesi fa

    I want to being a Kpop member aww😍😭😭

  • 대마왕라면
    대마왕라면 6 mesi fa +8

    사람을 기계처럼 부려먹는 악덕사장을 데리고 이런 프로그램을 하네.

  • KimS. Min
    KimS. Min 6 mesi fa

    Cold hearted to make bestfriends battle against eachother instead of splitting the groups making seperate others.

  • 야히
    야히 6 mesi fa +1

    지금 이 시즌에?올ㅋ

  • Julia Carrasco
    Julia Carrasco 6 mesi fa

    Y para cuando las audiciones mi jyp, quiero ir:"u

  • クロコウガ
    クロコウガ 6 mesi fa +1


  • 마리《マリ》
    마리《マリ》 6 mesi fa +1

    TWICE 休ませてあげてーーー😭😭

  • Jeon Taetae
    Jeon Taetae 6 mesi fa

    Any armys

  • A列車の親方
    A列車の親方 6 mesi fa +3


  • jhangelgurl
    jhangelgurl 6 mesi fa

    I’m to old to be an idol and of course don’t have the singing talent. So this is interesting as an adult who is in the workforce and seeing a different countries way even if it’s through a competition.

  • Grace Leo
    Grace Leo 6 mesi fa

    Is JYP trying to make even his staff famous?

  • yongbokiwi
    yongbokiwi 6 mesi fa

    Que dijo ahre

  • viska oktariza
    viska oktariza 6 mesi fa

    ini apa lagi sih

  • Youre right
    Youre right 6 mesi fa

    Did i hear daehwi?

  • Maria Das Graças
    Maria Das Graças 6 mesi fa +1


  • تُسّوٰي ٓوٰ،، كْيْــمٰ

    شسالفه خوان؟😂😂

  • Moi
    Moi 6 mesi fa +1

    No se que vergas dice pero hahaha sisisi ahuevo enseñales quien manda papi
    Posdata: no mandes a la verga a twice plis

  • トロイやね。
    トロイやね。 6 mesi fa

    take a break twice

  • Monologeeks
    Monologeeks 6 mesi fa


  • 🍑APEACH🍑
    🍑APEACH🍑 6 mesi fa +127

    When there's a show for picking new staff/managers😂😂😂

    • Crystal Chen
      Crystal Chen 5 mesi fa +21

      🍑APEACH🍑 jyp family is extra. Jyp himself is just as extra.

  • Timothy Ree
    Timothy Ree 6 mesi fa

    anyone confused this is a interning program where applicants regardless of sex, age, background, social status and connections can apply and based on the SWOT analysis they choose the employees to under ago a 6 weeks internship to become a full pledged employee at JYP entertainment

  • yowwwlowww bleed
    yowwwlowww bleed 6 mesi fa

    English pleasw

  • BY Any 2010
    BY Any 2010 6 mesi fa

    Why delete? 😅
    but I still Wait watch program this!
    Finding employees come on to working with jyp company of J.Y. Park X Mnet "슈퍼인턴"

    jypentertainment uploaded: J.Y. Park X Mnet "슈퍼인턴" Teaser 4
    Dec 13, 2018

  • ricardo espinosa
    ricardo espinosa 6 mesi fa

    new group or not

  • karenとぅぶ
    karenとぅぶ 6 mesi fa +1


  • Sonick Oficial
    Sonick Oficial 6 mesi fa

    Hay mas raza mexicana :v o sera que youtube, ya sera como facebook y solo mostrara comentarios de la región


    Go asian pride. Make us proud. JYP is the best. I love being asian. Please hired only asian. JYP Fighting.

  • joe rock in
    joe rock in 6 mesi fa

    just release the new Girlgroup..
    i want that GG to defeat Twice..

    • yuri nam
      yuri nam 6 mesi fa

      joe rock in No one can defeat twice

  • SiZu 22
    SiZu 22 6 mesi fa

    Con sub en español y puedo morir feliz

  • Leee Sun-Hee
    Leee Sun-Hee 6 mesi fa

    Me gustó....y eso que no entendí un pomo

  • Millaray Pizarro
    Millaray Pizarro 6 mesi fa


  • Haylin Arnett
    Haylin Arnett 6 mesi fa +2

    Dream job 😭

  • Jivika Dhara
    Jivika Dhara 6 mesi fa

    Don't know Korean but people on comment saying its a reality show for staffs.
    Hmm.. Interesting 🤔 I always wanted to know how staffs work and there duty. Now I can see it.

  • Remy Chan
    Remy Chan 6 mesi fa +1

    This is a copy of Japanese concept from Yasushi Akimoto creator of AKB48 and Sakamichi series. In Japan 2018 a unisex group of men an women debut early with the name Yoshimotozaka46 is a different kind of group because is for women and men of different ages and incorporate Comedy too.
    Good move Korea but still a copy...

    • tin nguyen
      tin nguyen 6 mesi fa

      Lol don't talk if you don't understand it. Does some research before.

    • Bumpkin
      Bumpkin 6 mesi fa +1

      @Remy Chan no, he's just trying to find useful interns that'll contribute to JYPE as a company

    • Kecamatan Sembilan
      Kecamatan Sembilan 6 mesi fa +2


    • Remy Chan
      Remy Chan 6 mesi fa

      Lau Gutiérrez - maybe is not about a "group", but the concept is pretty much alike so yeah the same words that he uses now was the same words from Akimoto for that group to attract people , so this can become in something else. What is the reason of this anyway? That employers will be the Comedy of the show?

    • Lau Gutiérrez
      Lau Gutiérrez 6 mesi fa +5

      Are you sure its a copy??? Dude, JYP is searching for staff, he's not debuting any group in this show

    LOVE TWICE 6 mesi fa

    트와이스도 보고 좋겠다...나이가 음 미쓰

  • Hazwani Nadhirah
    Hazwani Nadhirah 6 mesi fa +1

    Any award show should add one more daesang which is BEST COMPANY OF THE YEAR. With the sales, their artists success, artist management JYP will win this award !!!

  • Min Suga Chiminiie
    Min Suga Chiminiie 6 mesi fa

    Não entendi nada, mas tô anciosa, é isto!! 🇧🇷

  • Celeste Portal
    Celeste Portal 6 mesi fa

    Jyp Esta buscando talento oooh yo soy todo lo que buscan ahr😂😂

  • Blue Frost
    Blue Frost 6 mesi fa

    Can't wait for this JYP Sr. you are AWESOME

  • Jennie kim
    Jennie kim 6 mesi fa

    Alguien que hable español? Nadie? Ayuda? 😂😂 Spanish? People? 오빠 ? 안녕하세요👋 Ok no bye :vv

  • Gin
    Gin 6 mesi fa

    The survival show that everyone should watch.
    JYP searching for staff members.

  • Jennie kim
    Jennie kim 6 mesi fa

    No sé lo que dice pero se ve interesante :o

  • Snaedis Rae
    Snaedis Rae 6 mesi fa

    Really excited for this. I'm so curious to see how they cast interns and the qualifications you need to be qualified for that. It's so interesting and new. As expected of JYP.

  • Myeonnigot7
    Myeonnigot7 6 mesi fa

    Well shiet if only foreigners could apply 😂🙃 does being able to speak English Chinese Japanese help? Damn once I learn Korean I might become useful 🤔😬

  • yesenia viot guerrero

    No entendí ni madres, pero me encanto, esa canción de fondo me llamo la atención.

  • Farid Multimedia
    Farid Multimedia 6 mesi fa