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Sana, "Kangnam's Happy Together accent is a Korean accent" [Happy Together/2016.07.21]

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  • Pubblicato il 22 lug 2016
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Commenti • 721

  • 하영연화
    하영연화 2 giorni fa

    the *DO NOT FEED HENRY* sign is very accurate actually

  • Daniel Jo
    Daniel Jo 2 giorni fa

    I am actually living in nz but I dont think that "neck slice" is used often

  • Daniel Jo
    Daniel Jo 2 giorni fa

    InJapanese, is together pronounced tugeza or tugyaza? I'm confused

  • Quilan GNTAT
    Quilan GNTAT 3 giorni fa +1

    Canadian eh?

  • Junior Livingroom
    Junior Livingroom 3 giorni fa

    I first saw Henry in Oh My Venus, he was so hilarious hahahha! He brings good vibes

  • Stephen Nacua
    Stephen Nacua 3 giorni fa

    It feels so weird seeing John stuttering and having a hard time speaking English when I just saw him speak fluent English a while ago while watching the latest episode of Restaurant on Wheels:USA

  • Hasana Kushadi Ratnasari

    gangnam and john park as usual. they're easily got bullied

  • l o n e l y
    l o n e l y 11 giorni fa

    Why is Lisa not there?

  • Shut da hell up
    Shut da hell up 13 giorni fa +1

    i died laughing at "Happy together"

  • Alegriaa
    Alegriaa 13 giorni fa

    4:30 why they getting so frustrated about who's accent is the best? lmfao.

  • Brazil G Jr.
    Brazil G Jr. 14 giorni fa

    Kangnam is fucking annoying.

  • 이도이거꾸로해도

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅅㅂ 편집 공부하는데 너무 웃긴거아니냐곸ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 하앙

  • n1c0l328
    n1c0l328 27 giorni fa


  • lina chhem
    lina chhem Mese fa

    Please bring bambam and Jackson

  • vnccc_
    vnccc_ Mese fa

    May i ask what is the title of the song or bgm that goes "turut tut tut turut tut" like whenever there is some romantic thingy that is goin on HAHAHAHA like I've been looking for it HAHAHA


    I’m here bc of “PLAYBOY” 💕

  • Arima Satou
    Arima Satou Mese fa +1

    5:59 sana like"wow"😂🤣😂

  • Alexa Henderson
    Alexa Henderson Mese fa +1

    I wish they invited nichkhun in this episode

  • Mr yoongi
    Mr yoongi Mese fa

    Kangnam has been in Korea too long

  • 【josie】
    【josie】 Mese fa +1

    i hope sorn gets more recognition soon! she can speak three languages and has a youtube channel! also her voice is amazing. she’s so kind to all her fans

  • Nacy Vang
    Nacy Vang Mese fa

    I'm Kangnam, I swear when my friends take forever to do something lol

  • Willtun Cabrera
    Willtun Cabrera Mese fa

    Henry killed it 😂😂

  • Jimin’s Wifeu
    Jimin’s Wifeu Mese fa

    0:00 Manny Pacquiao 😂

  • takaa e
    takaa e Mese fa

    what a flirt.. yuck

  • Labyrinth Atelier

    Beware of Henry.. looks like this guy is a playboy hahaha

  • 지아라
    지아라 Mese fa

    1:09 why do i hear kai's voice? yas girl

  • OhHi Oh
    OhHi Oh Mese fa

    7:15 no its not.

  • OhHi Oh
    OhHi Oh Mese fa

    3:49 well played

  • OhHi Oh
    OhHi Oh Mese fa

    im just glad there are subtitles

  • Subash Chandra
    Subash Chandra Mese fa

    John always looks so clueless in these!

  • Kkaebsong is a legend

    Kai's "playboy" had me dying lol

  • Are De Lauve
    Are De Lauve Mese fa

    Kangnam with henry is fuckin hilarious we just need to toss jackson in then it will chaos 😂

  • skystar lee
    skystar lee Mese fa +1

    Kangnam and Sana were so funny and lovely 😂😂💕💕

  • 꿈돌이
    꿈돌이 Mese fa

    일본어에는 모음 ㅓ ㅕ 발음이 없다 그래서 투게더는 투게쟈로 또는 서울은 소우루로 발음한다
    그래서 강남발음은 후로꾸야~~~

  • MyBellaBella
    MyBellaBella Mese fa +2

    Henry is such a flirt 😂 but this is hilarious 😂😂

  • Dayle
    Dayle Mese fa

    Jaesuk was saying all their pronunciations were good but it’s their native language ????

  • JessieAndEmma1
    JessieAndEmma1 2 mesi fa

    As someone who lives in America, I've never heard the term "neck slice" used casually lol. What are you on about, Henry?

    BTS ARMY FOREVER 2 mesi fa

    Chinese and Korean are similar so Chang Xiao prob learned really fast. I’ve been learning Chinese for a little less than I year and I’m Korean American (born in Korea, came to America and lived in America literally all my life) so I understand.

  • kwfown
    kwfown 2 mesi fa

    Anyone else think the blond guy looks like Kimura Takuya?

  • deb beenna
    deb beenna 2 mesi fa

    who is John?? lol

  • KaiSoo’s Suga Sweet Kookie and a cup of Tae

    *Ive seen this 2 years ago and realised that Sorn and Sana Minatozaki looks so young!*

  • superioryena
    superioryena 2 mesi fa

    they literally invite popular, pretty female idols while they talk about themselves.. poor girls sitting there for their views, wtf is this stupid show

    • Jason Bone
      Jason Bone 24 giorni fa

      Don't watch !
      We don't need hear ur criticism

  • kanji kanta
    kanji kanta 2 mesi fa


  • r a
    r a 2 mesi fa +1

    i love how 90% of this episode was just them all clowning kangnam and john

  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood 2 mesi fa

    Why are they talking about the pronunciation they are both Japanese!!! They SHOULD obviously know how to speak their mother language correctly, and it may sound different because they are not from the same city. That happens in every country with different cities 😂

  • i am shooketh
    i am shooketh 2 mesi fa

    It sounds British when Sana said *"hAppY ToGeDAaa"*

  • miss dreamer
    miss dreamer 2 mesi fa

    Like here who found this video make you laugh hard 😂

  • My husband is a chaebol heir.

    📲 Hello, Amber? Yes, Henry’s doing it again.

  • Chim Chimney
    Chim Chimney 2 mesi fa

    omg they wrote kangnam is a cosplay Japanese and sana is an original that's so funny

  • Babs Wayne
    Babs Wayne 3 mesi fa

    For a show called happy together they sure spend a lot of time dissing one another

  • Sean Hand
    Sean Hand 3 mesi fa

    12:21 hello camera man XD

  • Zakia Sultana
    Zakia Sultana 3 mesi fa +2

    S A N A

  • Muhammad Abdul Hakim
    Muhammad Abdul Hakim 3 mesi fa +1

    Happy TOGEZAA

  • J hope223 Kpop forever

    I think Henry likes sana lmao

  • 「 유」
    「 유」 3 mesi fa +1

    sana looks like sailor moon

  • Kpop trash
    Kpop trash 3 mesi fa

    I mean Kangnam is Japanese still his Japanese is not good?!!!!

  • Marshallow
    Marshallow 3 mesi fa

    4:52 Sana's accent tho

  • Gemma Barcelon
    Gemma Barcelon 3 mesi fa

    Jusmeyo Henry. 😆😆💝

  • snow
    snow 3 mesi fa

    sana sounded british after saying "together"

  • Dairen Deligos
    Dairen Deligos 3 mesi fa

    Sana 5:00 😍😍😍

  • banana milk
    banana milk 4 mesi fa

    Sana looks like she is cosplaying a sailor moon girl😂😍

  • Charmaine CHAN
    Charmaine CHAN 4 mesi fa

    IM speak cantonese oof and im half canadian what the hay

  • I Love Math
    I Love Math 4 mesi fa

    Came here for sana

  • peachy pachi
    peachy pachi 4 mesi fa

    LMFAOO the shy shy shy sounds exactly like twice's fan chant in live performancess

  • peachy pachi
    peachy pachi 4 mesi fa

    a thai special variety seems fun lol, i heard the thai idols, starting from nichkhun who's the most senior, bambam, lisa, sorn have a group chat LMAO imagine the tea

  • 土矣-house dust-
    土矣-house dust- 4 mesi fa


    • Tahey Gine
      Tahey Gine 3 mesi fa

      そう日本人です。 カンナムの両親は日本人と韓国人です。

  • KuPuteh Puteh
    KuPuteh Puteh 4 mesi fa

    I laugh so much... i regret ignore this link too long now. Which episode this clip?

  • Inquisitve m
    Inquisitve m 4 mesi fa

    One of the best all time episodes of this show

  • mim mera
    mim mera 4 mesi fa

    The women behind henry freaks me out 12:21

  • Zain
    Zain 4 mesi fa

    4:24 cute moments

  • bx3
    bx3 4 mesi fa


  • xShiro Nekox
    xShiro Nekox 4 mesi fa

    Lol in 1 seconds i just heard manny Pacquiao

  • Diana Trash
    Diana Trash 4 mesi fa +1

    John is actually really good, maybe he might not know much words in English anymore but his pronunciation is REALLY good like he probably could do an impersonation of Obama lol😂

  • Yunis Rajab
    Yunis Rajab 4 mesi fa

    Sana is definitely right

  • park gigi
    park gigi 4 mesi fa


  • Meh Kookie
    Meh Kookie 4 mesi fa

    Henry is such a flirt I can’t

  • May Shin
    May Shin 4 mesi fa

    i hate japanese bitches

  • austinzzt
    austinzzt 4 mesi fa

    I laughed out lot when i heard Kai say "playboy" HAHAHAHHAHA

  • Devin Regular
    Devin Regular 4 mesi fa

    Idk if they call it slice in Canada, but I’m pretty sure he meant chop. Lol

  • xue rui_ikonic
    xue rui_ikonic 4 mesi fa

    Did u also notice the guy at 12:21 behind of henry.. At 1st it looks creepy.. But when i rewind it again "oh maybe he is 1 of a staff".. Im just saying.. Hihihi

    BTS TWICE 4 mesi fa

    Im living for Sana's "Together"

  • Julia Tiemi
    Julia Tiemi 4 mesi fa

    0:39 Sana hating man hahahahha omg she's so gay 😂😂😂

  • Jeff Hwang
    Jeff Hwang 4 mesi fa

    No Sana, no life

  • imdone ppl
    imdone ppl 4 mesi fa

    why doesnt cheng xiao have a phone??

  • Karina Heiker Thomasen

    Who's the blond guy?

  • JD Decemlicht
    JD Decemlicht 4 mesi fa

    This Henry guy is smooth AF HAHAHAHAHA

  • Tzuyoda 995'
    Tzuyoda 995' 4 mesi fa

    Did you know that Sana is an Accent Queen?
    She is good even in Chinese, her accents are so on point

  • Tzuyoda 995'
    Tzuyoda 995' 4 mesi fa

    Sana pronunciation is Cuteeeeeeeeeeee!
    Happy TogeTHer !

  • Tzuyoda 995'
    Tzuyoda 995' 4 mesi fa

    Squirrel Sana

  • Felicie Zhang
    Felicie Zhang 4 mesi fa

    I have never in my life heard someone say neck slice

  • Andrea L-A
    Andrea L-A 4 mesi fa

    1:09 Kai? are you here ?

  • Juan M
    Juan M 4 mesi fa

    You could edit and leave only Sana moments

  • しのむのひのがの

    sana is right.

  • VictoriQueen De Blois

    1:08 -> I can hear Kai's voice
    Hey, Playboy~

  • Yellow Calx
    Yellow Calx 4 mesi fa

    henry is unbearable

  • Chemicalist
    Chemicalist 4 mesi fa

    John Park's funny lel

  • Blackarot2001- Animation, Gaming, Entertainment

    11:42 why was she worried about being seen as biracial?

  • Kokoro T
    Kokoro T 4 mesi fa

    awwwwww sorn!!!!!

  • PokeMe
    PokeMe 4 mesi fa

    lol sana foundation is too light for her face

    BTS ARMY FOREVER 4 mesi fa

    I’m still learning Chinese, and I have to say Cheng xiao is learning fast because those two languages are similar. Also, Korean is a very easy language to learn and pronounce.