Tungsten Thor's Hammer (World's HEAVIEST)

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  • Pubblicato il 23 mag 2019
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    We've created the WORLD'S HEAVIEST 1:1 scale replica of Mjolnir! Watch the video to find out how heavy it is!
    There are many other "heavy" mjolnirs out there, but not many are 1:1 scale replicas! The "heaviest" is probably How Ridiculous' BUT their hammer is also a good 2X bigger than a real mjolnir!
    The only way to make this heavier would be to make it ENTIRELY out of Tungsten, or spend millions on Osmium -- the densest metal available!
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    || Project design ||
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    ► James "the Hacksmith" Hobson
    ► Dave Bonhoff
    || Cinematography ||
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    ► Owen Lynch ( lystudioso.wixsite.com/lystudios )
    || Video Editing ||
    ► Evan Morrison ( vimeo.com/344945311 )
    ► James "the Hacksmith" Hobson
    Produced by Hacksmith Entertainment © 2019
    Directed by James “the Hacksmith” Hobson

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  • the Hacksmith
    the Hacksmith  2 mesi fa +6585

    - Why didn't you melt tungsten?
    Because it's got the highest melting point of any metal - no mold could hold it!
    - How Ridiculous has a heavier one!
    Yes... But it's also like twice the size. We have the heaviest 1:1 scale replica
    - Use Osmium, it's denser than tungsten!
    It would cost $3.2M if you could even find enough.
    Other questions can likely be answered by watching our original video on the lead filled version, don't forget to check out all seven of our different thor hammers!
    Thanks for watching!

    • TheGreenOps
      TheGreenOps 2 giorni fa

      You have 6m subscribers and 8 million views on this video and an entire team behind you yet a IT-clipr working on his own made an exact replica out of a solid tungsten core which is better quality and heavier but only got 12k views and you don’t even give him credit in your video and still claim yours is the heaviest?

    • The Vapor diaries
      The Vapor diaries 3 giorni fa

      Why not Platinum ? High densitiy and would be looking awesome 🤟

    • william chaffin
      william chaffin 9 giorni fa

      why didn't they use a cement-sand mix to take shape of the hammer then melting the tungsten then pouring it in the mold that they did earlier...it would've been so much faster...I've seen people do the cement-sand mix before and instead of them taking 7 days doing it...it took them only like 1-2 hours

    • Muhammad Reza
      Muhammad Reza 10 giorni fa


    • treerexaudi Official
      treerexaudi Official 10 giorni fa

      I scrolled through all the comments hoping to see someone mention the board of wood would've snapped in the thumbnail, but no one noticed?

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    live the life 11 ore fa +1

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  • Félix wildsan
    Félix wildsan 17 ore fa

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    kedcast Giorno fa

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  • ɮʀօֆᏦɨ zz
    ɮʀօֆᏦɨ zz Giorno fa

    I always wonder how to cut strongest metal on earth??

  • Jovien Elipane
    Jovien Elipane Giorno fa

    Thor:this is the heaviest hammer in the universe
    Hacksmith:Am i JoKe tO You

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    BEARNS Giorno fa

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  • Eric Mould
    Eric Mould 7 giorni fa

    The Mjolnir isn't heavy it just can't be lifted by unworthy humans. So that whole elevator skit on the Avengers is funny but it's not Lifting the hammer. It's simply on the floor as the floor itself elevates. Some nerd trivia for them peeps. Pretty sure it only feels about 5-20 pounds as a big hammer if you're worthy.

    • the Hacksmith
      the Hacksmith  7 giorni fa

      So watch our other 6 videos exploring that lol

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    pianotm 12 giorni fa

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