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  • Pubblicato il 4 set 2018
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  • Amy Dolan
    Amy Dolan 4 giorni fa +1

    noah: i was born-
    Keith: by the river
    noah: ( somewhere in California) second one I was born by the river
    Me: dies of laughter for a solid 30 seconds

  • Abigail Elder
    Abigail Elder 6 giorni fa're gonna get wet..quit whining.
    he gets to blast Noah as hard as he wants then acts like a little kid. booo.

  • Kaelynne Smiles
    Kaelynne Smiles 6 giorni fa

    OMG I live in West Virginia

  • Sharon Fricke
    Sharon Fricke 15 giorni fa

    Where is Noah’s axe?He got to chop some wood 😂

    Get it? ok...
    I’m just saying he looks like a person that chops trees with dem straps on the pants I forgot what they’re called

  • Gabriel De Santis
    Gabriel De Santis 19 giorni fa

    Pretty sure Keith lied on some of those, he's just a sore loser, can't take a joke but it's the first one to go all in when the joke is on another member. He was complaining like a wus when Noah hit him sofltly on the hair and nips while he was going straight out in the eyes full force.

  • Jacob Martin
    Jacob Martin 20 giorni fa +1

    When Noah gets sprayed his reaction is great. He just starts tweaking

  • Artzy Fartzy
    Artzy Fartzy 21 giorno fa


  • BCLT470
    BCLT470 21 giorno fa

    They should bring a girl on this show

  • Dount slime Tay I love slime

    How you get born by the river make a video about Noah telling how he was born by the river

  • Pure_ Ven0m
    Pure_ Ven0m 23 giorni fa

    i actually dont like keith

  • Brooke Shulski
    Brooke Shulski 23 giorni fa

    i can’t breathe noah is insane wow

  • Gregory Gallegos
    Gregory Gallegos 26 giorni fa

    If chris rock passes away, at least we know that we have keith

  • Kam Fam
    Kam Fam 28 giorni fa

    bro that hypotenuse tho

  • NOSCOP33
    NOSCOP33 29 giorni fa

    Noah: what kind of magazines?
    Kieth: playboy...

  • BloodMoonDaughter
    BloodMoonDaughter 29 giorni fa

    How many flipping ads does this 13 minute Video need ?!

  • taylor loves anime

    no one:
    nobody at all:
    not a single soul:
    keith: hey nekked

  • ‘Tis Life?
    ‘Tis Life? Mese fa

    I love these videos! :) Can you do one with Olivia and Courtney?

  • Friday th13 jasonplays Aze

    What noah is wearin kinda reminds me of the old days

  • Simply Erica
    Simply Erica Mese fa +1

    Keith: West Virginia? Why were you there?
    Noah (quietly): *who knows?*

  • Kaylee’s YouTube


  • RyPe
    RyPe Mese fa

    Bro I feel bad for Noah. Dude was only spraying a little bit and Keith was scared and sprayed a shit ton even when he didn’t have to.

  • TinyTreeMan
    TinyTreeMan Mese fa

    Is Noah Dwight Shrute!?

  • 994523.1410127186

    When he was only wearing the overalls without his shirt and the jacket, Noah flat out looked like a Male stripper

  • Eddie Hannon
    Eddie Hannon Mese fa


  • KoKo Pesch
    KoKo Pesch 2 mesi fa

    My name is very uncommon so it's weird hearing people saying it over and over again haha.

  • Classix 1331
    Classix 1331 2 mesi fa

    keith seems like such a sore loser

  • Britha Arulmuni
    Britha Arulmuni 2 mesi fa +1

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  • R Gazsy
    R Gazsy 3 mesi fa

    How would you know if your weight changed since the last time you weighed yourself? If it was the last time then you have not checked since.

  • Aiden Domino
    Aiden Domino 4 mesi fa

    wait wait wait... so what is the hypotenuse of Noah's ass??

  • Tobin Carlino
    Tobin Carlino 4 mesi fa

    Keith is such a little whiney bitch sometimes, like he is just irritating and makes the video annoying to watch

  • Carter Bynum
    Carter Bynum 4 mesi fa

    Coco's in town

  • Justin Rossiter
    Justin Rossiter 4 mesi fa

    The fuck does Noah even wear

  • exit
    exit 4 mesi fa

    lmao Noah, are you wearing a garbage bag?

  • Neko Bell
    Neko Bell 5 mesi fa

    My boy Noah sexy widdout dem nerd shades.

  • Yum Beanz
    Yum Beanz 5 mesi fa

    Keith is such a bitch lol

  • abbeyylope aj
    abbeyylope aj 5 mesi fa

    my hair gON’ *ŠHRĮÑK!!!!!*

  • Reghan Carson
    Reghan Carson 5 mesi fa +1

    All my WV peeps

  • Honey Crisp
    Honey Crisp 5 mesi fa +1

    Is Keith trying to blind Noah even more?

  • Nyomi Mattio
    Nyomi Mattio 5 mesi fa

    8:47 just wait until Keith says “open your mouth” and does the lip thing!

  • Dark Leaf
    Dark Leaf 5 mesi fa

    Why do I have the feeling Noah might be gay.....BUT IF HE IS IM HAPPY CAUSE CELEBRATE DIVERSITY

  • Alyssia Halliday
    Alyssia Halliday 5 mesi fa

    And kieth

  • Alyssia Halliday
    Alyssia Halliday 5 mesi fa

    Me and u get naked, and see what happens,NOAH!!!!! 😈😈😈😈😈😇😇😈😍😍😍😍😛😎😎😎😎😎

  • Alyssia Halliday
    Alyssia Halliday 5 mesi fa


  • Daddy Baldi
    Daddy Baldi 5 mesi fa

    every time Keith said take it off i thought of expensive girl

  • C. Bennett
    C. Bennett 5 mesi fa


  • Galactic Puppy
    Galactic Puppy 5 mesi fa +1

    Why does keith sound like marty from Madagascar.

  • Harley Taylor
    Harley Taylor 5 mesi fa

    (the wettest 2 truths 1 lie water challenge) real name of the video(keith and noah messing with each other)

  • Royal Gaming
    Royal Gaming 5 mesi fa

    crank dat soulja boy is still the lituation 🤣

  • itz_Natalieflower gachagirl

    When they took off the shirts and jackets i just looked at noah i was mad WHY DID HE TAKE IT OFF HE MADE ME BLIND CAUSE HE SO CUTE DUDE

  • Yvonne poh
    Yvonne poh 5 mesi fa

    Keith collects sh*t

  • Birdy No
    Birdy No 6 mesi fa

    I didn’t mean to do that

  • PraieWa Pw
    PraieWa Pw 6 mesi fa

    How old r y’all ?

  • skylar
    skylar 6 mesi fa

    ok so i have an obsession with noah he is the cutest funniest person in the world.

  • Nina Davis
    Nina Davis 6 mesi fa

    Keith is such a brat in this one..

    • Nina Davis
      Nina Davis 6 mesi fa

      He didn't prepare. He forced Noah to be unprepared with him. He was a wuss about getting sprayed but than fucking triple sprayed Noah? Not cool dude, kinda makes you a piece of shit that day man. Not all the time, but that day you were a shit.

  • David Dobrik
    David Dobrik 6 mesi fa

    Haha they were generaly pissed at each other at the end! 😂

  • Stifftail Duck
    Stifftail Duck 6 mesi fa

    I once ate two steaks in 1 sitting, are people not supposed to be able to do that?

  • Chelsea Lucky
    Chelsea Lucky 6 mesi fa


  • Cayley Jones
    Cayley Jones 6 mesi fa

    i did the math from my own butt- Noah Grossman 2018

  • xWolfSandwich :GAMES

    8:07 IS Killing ME

  • Awesome Squad
    Awesome Squad 6 mesi fa

    As Keith yells at Noah to TAKE IT OFF, and I'm like YES PLEASE

  • Keara. b
    Keara. b 6 mesi fa

    Me and noah r the same we r tall and long ass leg so we cant Touch your toes

  • Kaytie Miller
    Kaytie Miller 6 mesi fa

    I was also born by the river the Ksb hospital was by the river

  • Madison Swartzendruber

    When Keith said “dink-dink,” the Spaceballs dink dink song immediately cane to mind.

  • michelle bui
    michelle bui 6 mesi fa

    we need one of noah and olivia!!

  • michelle bui
    michelle bui 6 mesi fa

    imma be one to say, but noah’s lowkey hot when he “got nekkid” 😂😂

  • Sky Juan
    Sky Juan 6 mesi fa

    I was hoping that after the hypotenuse question that Noah would say something like “No but it’s actually like 7 inches” or something like that

  • Jet Plane
    Jet Plane 6 mesi fa

    I don’t want to be rude but Noah did not complain the whole time but every time Keith got sprayed he complained the whole time.

  • Frozen Tacos
    Frozen Tacos 6 mesi fa

    6:55 lol

  • Lauryn’s Wallflower

    Who’s coco

  • Some Awkward Guy
    Some Awkward Guy 6 mesi fa

    The last time he would’ve weighed himself would’ve even the most recent time, meaning he wouldn’t know how many pounds he lost.