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  • Pubblicato il 17 mar 2019
  • Project Torque
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    * flip kit - goo.gl/YDzixE
    * drop shocks - goo.gl/u5FG5K
    * Canon 80D - goo.gl/iMTLYh
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  • Freddylsx
    Freddylsx  Mese fa +33

    🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑Guys check out the website and pick up some gear 👉🏼 projecttorque.bigcartel.com

    • Jack Pack
      Jack Pack Mese fa

      Freddylsx leave that silver piece in the bumper silver all black trucks with that silver part look niceeee👌🏽

    • Romualdo Diosdado
      Romualdo Diosdado Mese fa

      You should get colored match towing mirrors too!

    • Cristian Cayetano
      Cristian Cayetano Mese fa

      Freddylsx sell me your front bumper

    • Jose Landeros
      Jose Landeros Mese fa

      What happened to your c10

    • Noel BELTRAN
      Noel BELTRAN Mese fa


  • gllego
    gllego Giorno fa

    I glazed you lol

  • Juan Locochon
    Juan Locochon 13 giorni fa

    Dam boy ... Almost a year and that z71 at the shop still? 😒

  • Finikera Vlogs
    Finikera Vlogs 16 giorni fa

    Sub to my channel for goodluck for the rest of your life

  • CHAVA 951
    CHAVA 951 17 giorni fa

    Putasaso nomas tronaba

  • Fracisco Juan
    Fracisco Juan 17 giorni fa

    Omg what insurance you had taking too long

  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez 23 giorni fa

    You ready for the next canelo fight? Lol

    THESEASONS 25 giorni fa

    You can tell they get tired of each other.....Bad relationship

  • Ricardo Pedraza
    Ricardo Pedraza 26 giorni fa

    Donde esta ese tren abandonado?? Esta con ganas pa ir a verlo

  • Arturo F
    Arturo F 26 giorni fa

    Llevale la blanket...inche wuerco lol

  • LatinoHeat
    LatinoHeat 27 giorni fa

    OMAR! Ill sell you my front clip the same as Freddy's so youll both have the same front clip. All bolts on. You use the same fenders

  • silbrezzy 661
    silbrezzy 661 28 giorni fa

    Ay bro Im from Cali and I be watching yo videos cuz they bad ass ha

  • Jonathan Oubre
    Jonathan Oubre 29 giorni fa

    Can’t wait until “de C71” is back 😂😂

  • fernando Lopez
    fernando Lopez 29 giorni fa

    Omar aint no bitch he took that beating 😂😂😂

  • Santiago Marroquin
    Santiago Marroquin 29 giorni fa

    Freddy message me I wanna order a T-shirt but having some trouble

  • Chris Rodgers
    Chris Rodgers 29 giorni fa

    Ya esta? Puro payasos. But i do like the sibgle cab.

  • Chris Rodgers
    Chris Rodgers 29 giorni fa

    Cam it = you are retarded

  • Chris Rodgers
    Chris Rodgers 29 giorni fa

    Bro the z71 aint s+.. My bmw 750li will kill it. Just post the old school single cab

  • Michael Lopez
    Michael Lopez 29 giorni fa

    Dam Freddy can move for a big boy 😂them classes been helping

  • 2Throwed214
    2Throwed214 Mese fa

    What happened to the wrap??

  • NickV.Media
    NickV.Media Mese fa

    Bro.... All that time in that shop and you didn't show us that Chevelle.... ugg hahaha

  • Mc Gromin
    Mc Gromin Mese fa

    Lol “hit me in the meat don’t hit my bone”

  • Shots by Juan
    Shots by Juan Mese fa

    You dumb fool you would of have it total loss u wasted way more money on rebuilding it u gonna have accidents reported on your truck and everything but ig

  • trevor m
    trevor m Mese fa +1

    What happened to the translation of Spanish to English?

  • Finikera Vlogs
    Finikera Vlogs Mese fa

    FUCK YEAH CAM IT loll, billets one day?

  • Miguel Ruiz
    Miguel Ruiz Mese fa

    Come to Midwest truck invasion

  • ivan reyes
    ivan reyes Mese fa

    Leave the chrome front looks clean as fuck

  • Ernestina Armendares

    Z71 is badass truck Chevrolet

  • The Rich channel

    Yall guys are too funny man yall love eachother too much lol.. Bruises for both of yall jaja..

  • DJ SLT
    DJ SLT Mese fa

    Ayye im in Houston rn for spring break

  • Stock 345
    Stock 345 Mese fa +1

    Te pasas con omar lmao pobresito

  • Carlos Morales
    Carlos Morales Mese fa

    tell Omar que ya no se este rascando las nalgas y que se ponga aser mas videos pal channel 😂🤣 😂

  • Barely Legal
    Barely Legal Mese fa

    Nigga I forgot you had that Z71 lol that hoe been in the shop for 5 years

  • Cristobal Arredondo

    That last part was funny😂you bullying him nd him wanting more but cant take it😂

  • Jaay G
    Jaay G Mese fa

    omg my lil v6 pontiac again

  • Damian Rivera
    Damian Rivera Mese fa

    that boy Omar got skills with that camera

  • Brian Calderon
    Brian Calderon Mese fa

    Best part is when u guys fucken argue😂

  • J.A.R. II
    J.A.R. II Mese fa

    5:00 me when my teacher has some high ass expectations for an essay😂

  • Chase
    Chase Mese fa

    Yo, any goonsquad viewers in here?

  • Allen Johnson
    Allen Johnson Mese fa

    Get new side steps

  • JonathanP863
    JonathanP863 Mese fa

    You should put the led light changing color on dash cluster there some videos on IT-clip

  • Chino DeLa5.3
    Chino DeLa5.3 Mese fa

    Freddy you lookin pumped up like in your head you’re saying “Pegame mas duro cabron” lol 😂 y Omar saying “just get it over with” lol

  • Antonio Fugate
    Antonio Fugate Mese fa

    Dammit Omar your making us skinny guys look bad haha much love

  • Marcos Sandoval
    Marcos Sandoval Mese fa

    Omaha NE, 402

  • Giovanni Balcazar
    Giovanni Balcazar Mese fa +1

    15 Front End Looks A lot Better Tbh 🥶 LMAOO poor Omar 🤣

    • Des Gutierrez
      Des Gutierrez Mese fa +1

      Foreal , I like that it looks like an obs.

  • Jafar Muslemi
    Jafar Muslemi Mese fa

    Too much monster

  • Eric Garcia
    Eric Garcia Mese fa

    😂😂😂 that ending was on point....Omar said " I need fat " ... dile que coma mas tacos...y asunto arreglado 🤣🤣

  • Victor TN
    Victor TN Mese fa

    Go wit all leds for the rock lights to they look cleaner

  • Victor TN
    Victor TN Mese fa

    High country front end 🥵

  • David
    David Mese fa


  • Eddie Cabrera
    Eddie Cabrera Mese fa

    Bro you should be a boxer


    sick video brotha...by any chance do you got any extra sticker that i can have for my truck to rep here in cali..i would appreciate it if so..thanks brotha

  • Gerardo G.
    Gerardo G. Mese fa

    So you pay to have everything done to trucks or you do it yourself?

  • Cesar Vazques
    Cesar Vazques Mese fa

    Ported intake manifold, headers and a dyno

  • Miguel Angel
    Miguel Angel Mese fa

    Aki ando en Dallas viejones 💯 en sixflags 🔥Omar let’s 🥊🥊 😂😂 golpes de nena 👧🏼

  • Dorito Armendariz

    That funny

  • Miguel Rosales
    Miguel Rosales Mese fa

    Heck yea Freddy ya le vas a pegar 100k!

  • 21 Savage Green Card


  • Jason Garibo
    Jason Garibo Mese fa

    Hay va la z71, looks good Freddy👌

  • Aldo Vicencio
    Aldo Vicencio Mese fa

    Where can I pick up a shirt bro

  • Alexis Perez
    Alexis Perez Mese fa


  • Sn eak
    Sn eak Mese fa

    Fredy trokiando y con air pods 4:19

  • King Luna5
    King Luna5 Mese fa

    2 weeks for that?

  • Gage Hunter
    Gage Hunter Mese fa

    Where’s the list vlog when your girl was going into labor

  • Thee OGTRIPLE6
    Thee OGTRIPLE6 Mese fa

    Dammmmmn pah it came out badass better than before three trucks is my goals

  • Carlos Robles
    Carlos Robles Mese fa

    Cam the Z71

  • Trucha Vato
    Trucha Vato Mese fa

    Were da fords at

  • JonathanP863
    JonathanP863 Mese fa

    On the grill

  • JonathanP863
    JonathanP863 Mese fa

    Should of done Black Chrome

  • Jason Jason
    Jason Jason Mese fa +1


  • Jose 5.3
    Jose 5.3 Mese fa

    Leave it chrome so it can stand out

  • Ulises Diaz
    Ulises Diaz Mese fa

    When are the project torque hats dropping online?

  • SidewayZ Mafia
    SidewayZ Mafia Mese fa

    😂😂😂 Freddy over here beating him up

  • NAVA sc
    NAVA sc Mese fa

    lol dat freddy a bully get Mayito next lol hahah

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez Mese fa

    Hit up @jcastpics instagram.com/jcastpics?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=1ujz89whtfpzt for your Amber delete/color match

  • Johnny Martinez
    Johnny Martinez Mese fa


  • Cronus Vector
    Cronus Vector Mese fa

    2015 to 17??

  • Juancho Biggz
    Juancho Biggz Mese fa

    Next time play bloody knuckles

  • Juancho Biggz
    Juancho Biggz Mese fa

    Puro pinche gorditos 😂

  • Low Chevyy
    Low Chevyy Mese fa

    That front end 🤤

  • Ls Trckin
    Ls Trckin Mese fa +1

    Check out my cammed silverado on my channel

  • Luis N
    Luis N Mese fa

    Wtf wait a minute wasn’t the Front diffident 😑🧐🤨

  • Roberto E. Sanchez
    Roberto E. Sanchez Mese fa +4

    Dope truck but did you notice the hood it's a little higher on the right side

    SMS XXX Mese fa

    Leave the chrome on the front that shit looks beautiful like that 😍 but obviously whatever you think is the best for your style

  • Trill Steeez
    Trill Steeez Mese fa

    Dont go overboard with the edited either

  • Tlaloc Reyes
    Tlaloc Reyes Mese fa +1

    In pretty sure you spelled watching wrong at the end of the video💀

  • One 2569
    One 2569 Mese fa +1


  • Roberto Garcia
    Roberto Garcia Mese fa +1

    I’ve seen your channel grow bro, puro pa delante. Saludos desde el rgv 956. ✌🏽Love the channel bro. Keep it coming. 🤙🏽💯😈

  • Jcr_
    Jcr_ Mese fa

    Texas gave you too much to eat 😂😂😂😂

  • V&S Vlog
    V&S Vlog Mese fa +1

    Poor Omar is this why he left ? Lol

  • Hermen Lomas
    Hermen Lomas Mese fa

    So did y’all two bitches finally make up ? Reminds me of a old married couple !

  • Kevin Garza
    Kevin Garza Mese fa +21

    Shits been in the shop so long a new body style already came out fam

      CRISTO LEAL 21 giorno fa

      Been in for like 4 or 5 months and they barely started working like 2 or 3 months ago

    • Jose Grimaldo
      Jose Grimaldo 23 giorni fa +1

      They look like f-150s in the front and tundras in the back

    • Chino DeLa5.3
      Chino DeLa5.3 Mese fa +1

      TNP _ Alv i see im barely seeing the new ones lol daammnnn my bad

    • TNP _
      TNP _ Mese fa

      +Chino DeLa5.3 hes being sarcastic, because the new Silverado supposedly look like tundras.

    • Chino DeLa5.3
      Chino DeLa5.3 Mese fa +1

      Edgar Heredia bro dont you mean silverados??? Lol

  • tvtv tvtv
    tvtv tvtv Mese fa +1

    Omar got something against fat people

  • Billy Morales
    Billy Morales Mese fa

    😍😍😍🥰 great seeing progress soon to hit the streets

  • AdriAn_C
    AdriAn_C Mese fa +1

    This shit reminds me of regular show when mordecai and rigby would play pinchies and rigby always used to get destroyed by mordecai and Omar is rigby lmaooo

  • Amanda MTZ
    Amanda MTZ Mese fa


  • Amanda MTZ
    Amanda MTZ Mese fa