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  • Pubblicato il 17 mar 2019
  • Project Torque
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    New Tail lights- goo.gl/2btqgx
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    Old HEAD LIGHTS =goo.gl/W9R9ma
    VORTEC MAX EMBLEM -goo.gl/WPoQ86
    GMC HD GRILL -goo.gl/pWP7e6
    * 3" inch drop springs -goo.gl/W6rC13
    * 2" inch drop spindle - goo.gl/FHhpWQ
    * 2" inch drop shackles - goo.gl/cdJrdb
    * flip kit - goo.gl/YDzixE
    * drop shocks - goo.gl/u5FG5K
    * Canon 80D - goo.gl/iMTLYh
    * RODE MICROPHONE - goo.gl/wd3GdU
    * CANON WIDE ANGLE LENS - goo.gl/r5xMUQ
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  • Freddylsx
    Freddylsx  3 mesi fa +34

    🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑Guys check out the website and pick up some gear 👉🏼 projecttorque.bigcartel.com

    • Jack Pack
      Jack Pack 3 mesi fa

      Freddylsx leave that silver piece in the bumper silver all black trucks with that silver part look niceeee👌🏽

    • Romualdo Diosdado
      Romualdo Diosdado 3 mesi fa

      You should get colored match towing mirrors too!

    • Cristian Cayetano
      Cristian Cayetano 3 mesi fa

      Freddylsx sell me your front bumper

    • Jose Landeros
      Jose Landeros 3 mesi fa

      What happened to your c10

    • Noel BELTRAN
      Noel BELTRAN 3 mesi fa


  • Angel Rojas
    Angel Rojas 13 giorni fa

    Freddy what happened with the z71

  • Carlos Quintero
    Carlos Quintero 17 giorni fa

    Omar bro you should just front end swap your front end in yo truck to like an 18’front end

  • Edgar Costilla
    Edgar Costilla 20 giorni fa

    Any updates?

  • Victor Estrada
    Victor Estrada Mese fa

    A wanna be high country

  • gllego
    gllego 2 mesi fa

    I glazed you lol

  • Juan Locochon
    Juan Locochon 2 mesi fa

    Dam boy ... Almost a year and that z71 at the shop still? 😒

  • Finikera Vlogs
    Finikera Vlogs 2 mesi fa

    Sub to my channel for goodluck for the rest of your life

  • CHAVA 951
    CHAVA 951 2 mesi fa

    Putasaso nomas tronaba

  • Fracisco Juan
    Fracisco Juan 2 mesi fa

    Omg what insurance you had taking too long

  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez 3 mesi fa

    You ready for the next canelo fight? Lol

    THESEASONS 3 mesi fa

    You can tell they get tired of each other.....Bad relationship

  • Ricardo Pedraza
    Ricardo Pedraza 3 mesi fa

    Donde esta ese tren abandonado?? Esta con ganas pa ir a verlo

  • Arturo F
    Arturo F 3 mesi fa

    Llevale la blanket...inche wuerco lol

  • Dead End Heat
    Dead End Heat 3 mesi fa

    OMAR! Ill sell you my front clip the same as Freddy's so youll both have the same front clip. All bolts on. You use the same fenders

  • silbrezzy 661
    silbrezzy 661 3 mesi fa

    Ay bro Im from Cali and I be watching yo videos cuz they bad ass ha

  • Jonathan Oubre
    Jonathan Oubre 3 mesi fa

    Can’t wait until “de C71” is back 😂😂

  • fernando Lopez
    fernando Lopez 3 mesi fa

    Omar aint no bitch he took that beating 😂😂😂

  • Santiago Marroquin
    Santiago Marroquin 3 mesi fa

    Freddy message me I wanna order a T-shirt but having some trouble

  • Chris Rodgers
    Chris Rodgers 3 mesi fa

    Ya esta? Puro payasos. But i do like the sibgle cab.

  • Chris Rodgers
    Chris Rodgers 3 mesi fa

    Cam it = you are retarded

  • Chris Rodgers
    Chris Rodgers 3 mesi fa

    Bro the z71 aint s+.. My bmw 750li will kill it. Just post the old school single cab

  • Michael Lopez
    Michael Lopez 3 mesi fa

    Dam Freddy can move for a big boy 😂them classes been helping

  • 2Throwed214
    2Throwed214 3 mesi fa

    What happened to the wrap??

  • NickV.Media
    NickV.Media 3 mesi fa

    Bro.... All that time in that shop and you didn't show us that Chevelle.... ugg hahaha

  • Mc Gromin
    Mc Gromin 3 mesi fa

    Lol “hit me in the meat don’t hit my bone”

  • Shots by Juan
    Shots by Juan 3 mesi fa

    You dumb fool you would of have it total loss u wasted way more money on rebuilding it u gonna have accidents reported on your truck and everything but ig

  • trevor m
    trevor m 3 mesi fa +1

    What happened to the translation of Spanish to English?

  • Finikera Vlogs
    Finikera Vlogs 3 mesi fa

    FUCK YEAH CAM IT loll, billets one day?

  • Miguel Ruiz
    Miguel Ruiz 3 mesi fa

    Come to Midwest truck invasion

  • ivan reyes
    ivan reyes 3 mesi fa

    Leave the chrome front looks clean as fuck

  • Ernestina Armendares

    Z71 is badass truck Chevrolet

  • Rich Entertainment
    Rich Entertainment 3 mesi fa

    Yall guys are too funny man yall love eachother too much lol.. Bruises for both of yall jaja..

  • DJ SLT
    DJ SLT 3 mesi fa

    Ayye im in Houston rn for spring break

  • Stock 345
    Stock 345 3 mesi fa +1

    Te pasas con omar lmao pobresito

  • Carlos Morales
    Carlos Morales 3 mesi fa

    tell Omar que ya no se este rascando las nalgas y que se ponga aser mas videos pal channel 😂🤣 😂

  • Barely Legal
    Barely Legal 3 mesi fa

    Nigga I forgot you had that Z71 lol that hoe been in the shop for 5 years

  • Cristobal Arredondo

    That last part was funny😂you bullying him nd him wanting more but cant take it😂

  • Jaay G
    Jaay G 3 mesi fa

    omg my lil v6 pontiac again

  • Damian Rivera
    Damian Rivera 3 mesi fa

    that boy Omar got skills with that camera

  • Brian Calderon
    Brian Calderon 3 mesi fa

    Best part is when u guys fucken argue😂

  • J.A.R. II
    J.A.R. II 3 mesi fa

    5:00 me when my teacher has some high ass expectations for an essay😂

  • Chase
    Chase 3 mesi fa

    Yo, any goonsquad viewers in here?

  • Allen Johnson
    Allen Johnson 3 mesi fa

    Get new side steps

  • JonathanPerez863
    JonathanPerez863 3 mesi fa

    You should put the led light changing color on dash cluster there some videos on IT-clip

  • ChinoDeVenomous Nation

    Freddy you lookin pumped up like in your head you’re saying “Pegame mas duro cabron” lol 😂 y Omar saying “just get it over with” lol

  • Antonio Fugate
    Antonio Fugate 3 mesi fa

    Dammit Omar your making us skinny guys look bad haha much love

  • Marcos Sandoval
    Marcos Sandoval 3 mesi fa

    Omaha NE, 402

  • Giovanni Balcazar
    Giovanni Balcazar 3 mesi fa +1

    15 Front End Looks A lot Better Tbh 🥶 LMAOO poor Omar 🤣

    • Des Gutierrez
      Des Gutierrez 3 mesi fa +1

      Foreal , I like that it looks like an obs.

  • Jafar Muslemi
    Jafar Muslemi 3 mesi fa

    Too much monster

  • Bobby Zarate
    Bobby Zarate 3 mesi fa


  • 09Sierra
    09Sierra 3 mesi fa

    😂😂😂 that ending was on point....Omar said " I need fat " ... dile que coma mas tacos...y asunto arreglado 🤣🤣

  • Victor TN
    Victor TN 3 mesi fa

    Go wit all leds for the rock lights to they look cleaner

  • Victor TN
    Victor TN 3 mesi fa

    High country front end 🥵

  • David
    David 3 mesi fa


  • Eddie Cabrera
    Eddie Cabrera 3 mesi fa

    Bro you should be a boxer


    sick video brotha...by any chance do you got any extra sticker that i can have for my truck to rep here in cali..i would appreciate it if so..thanks brotha

  • Gerardo G.
    Gerardo G. 3 mesi fa

    So you pay to have everything done to trucks or you do it yourself?

  • Cesar Vazques
    Cesar Vazques 3 mesi fa

    Ported intake manifold, headers and a dyno

  • Miguel Angel
    Miguel Angel 3 mesi fa

    Aki ando en Dallas viejones 💯 en sixflags 🔥Omar let’s 🥊🥊 😂😂 golpes de nena 👧🏼

  • SlipStreamMA
    SlipStreamMA 3 mesi fa

    That funny

  • Miguel Rosales
    Miguel Rosales 3 mesi fa

    Heck yea Freddy ya le vas a pegar 100k!

  • DankBooger
    DankBooger 3 mesi fa +1


  • Jason Garibo
    Jason Garibo 3 mesi fa

    Hay va la z71, looks good Freddy👌

  • Aldo Vicencio
    Aldo Vicencio 3 mesi fa

    Where can I pick up a shirt bro

  • Alexis Perez
    Alexis Perez 3 mesi fa


  • Sneak 23
    Sneak 23 3 mesi fa

    Fredy trokiando y con air pods 4:19

  • King Luna5
    King Luna5 3 mesi fa

    2 weeks for that?

  • Gage Hunter
    Gage Hunter 3 mesi fa

    Where’s the list vlog when your girl was going into labor

  • Thee OGTRIPLE6
    Thee OGTRIPLE6 3 mesi fa

    Dammmmmn pah it came out badass better than before three trucks is my goals

  • Carlos Robles
    Carlos Robles 3 mesi fa

    Cam the Z71

  • Trucha Vato
    Trucha Vato 3 mesi fa

    Were da fords at

  • JonathanPerez863
    JonathanPerez863 3 mesi fa

    On the grill

  • JonathanPerez863
    JonathanPerez863 3 mesi fa

    Should of done Black Chrome

  • Jason Jason
    Jason Jason 3 mesi fa +1


  • Jose 5.3
    Jose 5.3 3 mesi fa

    Leave it chrome so it can stand out

  • Ulises Diaz
    Ulises Diaz 3 mesi fa

    When are the project torque hats dropping online?

  • Statik Rey
    Statik Rey 3 mesi fa

    😂😂😂 Freddy over here beating him up

  • NAVA sc
    NAVA sc 3 mesi fa

    lol dat freddy a bully get Mayito next lol hahah

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez 3 mesi fa

    Hit up @jcastpics instagram.com/jcastpics?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=1ujz89whtfpzt for your Amber delete/color match

  • Johnny Martinez
    Johnny Martinez 3 mesi fa


  • Cronus Vector
    Cronus Vector 3 mesi fa

    2015 to 17??

  • Juancho Biggz
    Juancho Biggz 3 mesi fa

    Next time play bloody knuckles

  • Juancho Biggz
    Juancho Biggz 3 mesi fa

    Puro pinche gorditos 😂

  • Low Chevyy
    Low Chevyy 3 mesi fa

    That front end 🤤

  • Ls Trckin
    Ls Trckin 3 mesi fa +1

    Check out my cammed silverado on my channel

  • Luis N
    Luis N 3 mesi fa

    Wtf wait a minute wasn’t the Front diffident 😑🧐🤨

  • Roberto E. Sanchez
    Roberto E. Sanchez 3 mesi fa +4

    Dope truck but did you notice the hood it's a little higher on the right side

    SMS XXX 3 mesi fa

    Leave the chrome on the front that shit looks beautiful like that 😍 but obviously whatever you think is the best for your style

  • Trill Steeez
    Trill Steeez 3 mesi fa

    Dont go overboard with the edited either

  • Tlaloc Reyes
    Tlaloc Reyes 3 mesi fa +1

    In pretty sure you spelled watching wrong at the end of the video💀

  • One 2569
    One 2569 3 mesi fa +1


  • Roberto Garcia
    Roberto Garcia 3 mesi fa +1

    I’ve seen your channel grow bro, puro pa delante. Saludos desde el rgv 956. ✌🏽Love the channel bro. Keep it coming. 🤙🏽💯😈

  • Jcr_
    Jcr_ 3 mesi fa

    Texas gave you too much to eat 😂😂😂😂

  • V&S Vlog
    V&S Vlog 3 mesi fa +1

    Poor Omar is this why he left ? Lol

  • Hermen Lomas
    Hermen Lomas 3 mesi fa

    So did y’all two bitches finally make up ? Reminds me of a old married couple !

  • tvtv tvtv
    tvtv tvtv 3 mesi fa +1

    Omar got something against fat people

  • Billy Morales
    Billy Morales 3 mesi fa

    😍😍😍🥰 great seeing progress soon to hit the streets