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100 Iconic K Pop Songs

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  • Pubblicato il 10 nov 2017
  • Here are some of a selection of a 100 iconic K Pop songs, which one is your favourite?
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  • The K Pop Universe
    The K Pop Universe  Anno fa +364

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    • Keith Scott
      Keith Scott 2 giorni fa

      where is exid's up and down

    • Mihály Harangi
      Mihály Harangi 6 mesi fa

      Aaaand the latest version is already outdated. Cause it does not contain KDA's new hit, the POP/STARS.

    • 한나
      한나 Anno fa +2

      Korean at Heart SS501's label is DSP Media

    • Superman Unlisted
      Superman Unlisted Anno fa +3

      Hey I'm the best of 2NE1 from 2011 not 2014 excuse me?!

  • YG'nin Iljini
    YG'nin Iljini 7 ore fa

    Only 2 songs from the 2NE1?

  • Mekashisuko UwU
    Mekashisuko UwU 10 ore fa

    i herd run devil run as a nightcore and didnt know it was from gg cause it was dubbed in english O_O

  • amaJin me
    amaJin me 10 ore fa +1


  • VIP forever
    VIP forever 12 ore fa

    Anyone sees something wrong ??
    8:00 (the year)

  • Ninguém Que
    Ninguém Que 14 ore fa

    Me gustas tu gfriend??

  • alan muhamad
    alan muhamad Giorno fa

    t-ara queens

  • alan muhamad
    alan muhamad Giorno fa

    t-ara shinee exo got7 bts

  • Myra [Nashie Dragneel]•

    6:50 tsk tsk😂

  • nothing lahhh
    nothing lahhh Giorno fa

    50% are from SM ENTERTAINMENT 💕 they are legend ♥

  • nothing lahhh
    nothing lahhh Giorno fa

    U should to change this video tittle 🙂

  • Amylia Natasha
    Amylia Natasha Giorno fa

    popular song doesn't mean the iconic song .
    Legend is the best 💕

  • Nabi Andybellz
    Nabi Andybellz 2 giorni fa

    Where are FT Island?

  • Veronica Jane Martinez

    Real Tea:
    Im an Army myself but the most Iconic songs in BTS really are only Dope and Fire and BST as of the moment

  • uwuヤズ
    uwuヤズ 2 giorni fa

    Ladies' Code :(?

  • ;;J u n G -K o o K;;
    ;;J u n G -K o o K;; 3 giorni fa

    Gangnam style?
    B&ST ?
    Fantstic Baby?

  • KpopKdrama addict
    KpopKdrama addict 3 giorni fa

    F(x), exo, super Junior, shinee my favorite forever... 💟

  • Meenakshi Dhiman
    Meenakshi Dhiman 3 giorni fa

    one shot remimnded me of dionysus ....

  • Quan Phạm Manh
    Quan Phạm Manh 3 giorni fa

    Excuse me there is no Monsta X hero here??? Really?

  • mark santos
    mark santos 3 giorni fa

    Fire of 2nei1?

  • Perrito Perkin
    Perrito Perkin 3 giorni fa

    Jejddjjw fiction

  • Maeva Davico
    Maeva Davico 4 giorni fa

    Why when it was the song of Red Velvet "Ice Cream Cake" I think about J-hope dancing to this and "something" by Girls Day dancing by Jungkook I laughed so hard 😂😂😂😂

  • Amy Wahyuni
    Amy Wahyuni 4 giorni fa

    What? 2ne1 i'm the best 2014??? It released on 2011...

  • Suho Shi
    Suho Shi 4 giorni fa


  • Jellyboii
    Jellyboii 4 giorni fa

    Many people in the comments are not very happy to see the "new" bands, like BTS. The phrase: "They are not iconic but popular." Returned many, many times.
    So I searched the definition of iconic and i found that :
    *Iconic*: relating to or charasteristic of a famous person or thing that represents something of importance.
    Similar to "classic", iconic is generally restricted to more recent, highly original, influential, or unique, Works of art, artistes, or performers. As such they are now well-established ans widely celebrate un pop culture.
    (Copy paste from Google)
    So. When you said that BTS are not iconic.. I wonder about the fact that you live as a hermit. BTS just broke everything. Codes, taboo and others. They just made their music a few things that people will remember forever. They opened the doors of K-pop to the International.
    *And it's not iconic for some of you.*
    Excuse me to say it but in 10, 20, 30 years, I may still remember the voice of Jimin singing Promise or even BST and Save me, i need u or whatever you want. But not Sorry Sorry from super junior, B.A.P, 2PM..
    Because I am certainly not born in the good generation but when I listen to them I do not feel attached to all these compliments that say they are iconic.
    Yes that was a lot centre on BTS but i do what i want dude. And when you said that BTS as changed a lot of thing in industry but there not iconic ! I am confused.
    Iconic is art, something that shakes the pop culture and you !
    *2ne1 shakes me.
    Exo shakes me.
    BigBang shakes me.
    Sunmi shakes me.
    Dean shakes me.
    BTS shakes me.
    And that's all.*
    For finish, you think old sounds are iconic. Not all just a bit of them (i talk before 2014).
    You proclaim that being iconic is very different. Nice boy but how do a song become iconic if it's notre known or a minimum popular ? Iconic for some of you yes, but not for the others.
    You say that BTS is too young to be ranking. They soon have 6 years of excece and EXO has 7. After a while must not feast of my mouth.
    *Just a opinion.*

  • Nastia Play
    Nastia Play 4 giorni fa

    Blackpink is my favorite !!😻

  • AM R
    AM R 4 giorni fa

    I really_ sincerely_ wonder why there are so few songs GOT7
    Hard carry
    , If you do, Stop Stop it, Lullaby, My home
    and some more their songs - great songs really! I do not believe that my tastes are so original, maybe you just YET didn’t notice them (Got7)?

  • offride
    offride 4 giorni fa

    So much of the year & label info is wrong ... why even add it in the first place if you're not gonna make sure it's correct?!

    KARLA BUENROSTRO 5 giorni fa

    Falto Nine Muse 😕
    Momoland y Mamamoo

  • Dulce Garcia
    Dulce Garcia 6 giorni fa

    Where is Bi Rain?? :c

  • Magdalena Graczyk
    Magdalena Graczyk 7 giorni fa

    Not enough Super Junior. Really? Henry & Amber are here but Bonamana isn't? Where is EunHae Oppa Oppa?

  • KillerDrag
    KillerDrag 7 giorni fa +1

    Songs like haru haru and Lucifer, heartbreaker are iconic not the new treating songs which will become irrelevant in coming years. Take example...Justin Bieber, one direction when they were new the girls were head over heals for them now what? You have bts,blackpink, etc...just saying.

  • laiba adil
    laiba adil 7 giorni fa +2

    How come bonamana and growl ain't in the list.....ig exo's growl is way more iconic than the songs in this list....also, dunno u feel like it or not but exo's life tree in wolf is so iconic

  • Marifer Alarcon
    Marifer Alarcon 7 giorni fa


  • afeera adil
    afeera adil 8 giorni fa +1

    The list is incomplete without Super Junior Bonamana. Well I still remember how sorry sorry remained at top for 121 weeks in a row. There are so many iconic songs by suju why aren't they in the list?

  • somi juju
    somi juju 9 giorni fa


  • Elvira Berisa
    Elvira Berisa 9 giorni fa

    Mama tata baba❤❤❤😂😂😂

  • Elvira Berisa
    Elvira Berisa 9 giorni fa

    Stick fanta stick fanta😂😂😂

  • Elaine Yui
    Elaine Yui 9 giorni fa

    These songs that you said iconic i think it's just based on your own likings and preferences cause some of the songs that you mentioned aren't really iconic. You missed lot of songs that deserved to be call iconic. But then again i respect your choices. Nobody's perfect . Thanks for sharing anyway. This gve me a nostalgic feeling.

  • Masyaila Kaluna
    Masyaila Kaluna 10 giorni fa +1

    I'm Sorry But Blackpink Playing With Fire Was Here???? While PSY Gangnam Style Isn't Here I Can't Believe

  • Min swag
    Min swag 10 giorni fa

    infinite :u:

  • Min swag
    Min swag 10 giorni fa

    emocion total :v

  • Min swag
    Min swag 10 giorni fa

    call me baby!!! shinwhaaaaaaasdwae

  • Min swag
    Min swag 10 giorni fa

    ring ding dong !!!!!

  • kpop is life
    kpop is life 10 giorni fa +1

    I saw Jackson and clicked straight away. 💚.

  • Naomi Ramirez
    Naomi Ramirez 10 giorni fa

    BTS 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  • juan martin ratil
    juan martin ratil 10 giorni fa

    Wolf and call me baby are iconic!

  • Zoz Elf
    Zoz Elf 10 giorni fa +1

    Super junior songs give you a beautiful feeling they are so cool and they produce the best kpop song which will still alive in our hearts forever 💙💙

  • Emilia Oviedo
    Emilia Oviedo 10 giorni fa

    _I was waiting for Whistle_

  • Edison Quiroga hidalgo
    Edison Quiroga hidalgo 10 giorni fa

    Yay sugar free ❤️

  • cath paath
    cath paath 11 giorni fa

    Some songs I can understand as iconic because while the band or artist may not have been iconic, a particular song probably got around. I remember at one point wonder girls tell me was everywhere and at that point I didn't even know what language the song was. Call me old :) Also I recognised that other song from the three ninjas ;)

  • Van Ok
    Van Ok 11 giorni fa

    I was crying every time with B.A.P

  • Axle Jan Landicho
    Axle Jan Landicho 11 giorni fa

    on behalf on this video contains from SM Entertainment

  • Axle Jan Landicho
    Axle Jan Landicho 11 giorni fa

    on behalf on this video contains from SM Entertainment

  • Third Axx
    Third Axx 11 giorni fa +6

    1. PSY - Gangnam Style
    2. SNSD - Gee
    3. SuJu - Sorry Sorry
    4. EXO - Growl
    5. SHINee - Ring Ding Dong
    BIGBANG - Haru Haru
    2NE1 - I Am The Best
    EXID - Up & Down

  • Claire
    Claire 11 giorni fa

    a lot aren't lol

  • Ana Lucia
    Ana Lucia 12 giorni fa

    Cheer Up?:v

  • Rey -Ssi
    Rey -Ssi 12 giorni fa +1

    Please stop saying a group does not deserve it to be in this video!! Every kpop group is iconic! They are all working hard! I am a big fan of the older songs but i also love the new ones!😘

  • Sanat Dergahı
    Sanat Dergahı 12 giorni fa

    Nah this is your favorite songs list

  • R.I.P Hongjoong’s mullet hair

    Fok I miss 2nd gen groups :,(

  • amo bts
    amo bts 13 giorni fa


  • SeekTV
    SeekTV 13 giorni fa +1

    why is ddu du ddu du not there? one of the most iconic songs in the whole kpop world, also lo siento

  • xXDannielaXx
    xXDannielaXx 13 giorni fa +1


  • Gloria Lopez
    Gloria Lopez 14 giorni fa +1

    Got7 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍los amooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 😍😍😍 TWICE 😍😍😍😍 BTS 😍😍😍 black pink 😍😍😍EXO😍😍😍😍

  • zhleia
    zhleia 14 giorni fa

    putting abracadabra by brown eyed girls and then putting whistle by blackpink right after as if theyre comparable makes this video outright laughable

  • T - Rex
    T - Rex 14 giorni fa

    Roo'ra, Sechs kies, FinKL, H.O.T are forgotten?!

  • Patti Jojo
    Patti Jojo 14 giorni fa

    Ehm...also where is NU´EST?? No offense, but BP and BTS arent iconic really...not yet at least (dont bash me because I love their music)...Iconic in my eyes are those songs at least a few years old that define the KPOP generation...2NE1, Big Bang, Super Junior, SHINee, BAP, CNBlue, TVXQ, NU`EST, Miss A, Girls Generation etc.....just sayin....

  • Lps 4ever 1199
    Lps 4ever 1199 14 giorni fa

    I really expected gangnam style would be there, it's the most iconic song by psy imo so far

  • Ayu Sukmawati
    Ayu Sukmawati 14 giorni fa

    Based on my info, does Infinite is under Woollim not WM ? Or is Woollim and WM same ?

  • Mark Mahony
    Mark Mahony 15 giorni fa

    Why start with sexy free and single for super junior

  • Mundo Da Vitória
    Mundo Da Vitória 15 giorni fa

    BTS 💜 💜 💜

  • tú omma
    tú omma 15 giorni fa

    *SM it's iconic* 😔✊

  • Renoi Sauvage
    Renoi Sauvage 15 giorni fa

    Sugar free la musique de j hope 😂😂😂😘

  • Galaxy RBLX
    Galaxy RBLX 16 giorni fa

    What's the name of the song with the group in a park

  • #Parkxejxng
    #Parkxejxng 16 giorni fa +2

    2ne1, T-ara and 4 Minute your queen`s forever :")

  • MAI
    MAI 16 giorni fa

    I knew 81 so I think it's good but it could be better

  • Phoenix White
    Phoenix White 16 giorni fa

    Super Junior songs should be the iconic ones. This list is not so true

  • Ana Paola Yana Alejandro

    Girls generation!!!
    Sunmi. !!!!
    GOT7 !!!
    Twice !!!

  • Sayaha Ssi
    Sayaha Ssi 17 giorni fa

    The old kpop were pure talent.. that's made them iconic.. you can feel their influence to today's K-POP.
    Today they focus on being popular.. they are also talented ofc but young groups doesn't feel right to be on the list.

  • Sayaha Ssi
    Sayaha Ssi 17 giorni fa +3

    Fantastic baby
    BIG BANG international stardom 🌟 ❤️💕❤️

  • Imtiaz Radzi
    Imtiaz Radzi 17 giorni fa

    Literally who made this video is an ARMY

  • Wazakauye Zulu
    Wazakauye Zulu 17 giorni fa

    I knew i wouldn't like most of these
    That being said. Gashina will stand the test of time

  • j - h o p e .
    j - h o p e . 17 giorni fa +1

    I don’t think there should’ve been any BTS songs on there. I am a huge BTS stan (I mean, my profile picture is our sunshine Hobi), but none of their songs are iconic: they’re just popular. I’d have to say the same for Blackpink. I think there should’ve been some more Super Junior songs on there. There were some but literally all of Super Junior’s songs are iconic.

  • Random Sope Shipper
    Random Sope Shipper 17 giorni fa

    ..I stan quite a lot of these Groups in the Video,but some Songs they made aren't iconic,they are just popular.How tf can almost all Songs by Blackpink be iconic,if there is a Song by Blackpink thats iconic it's AIIYL.(My opinion)
    Half of these Songs are the popular ones,while the other Half are the Songs that are ACTUALLY iconic.C'mon dude.

  • Nour Hyun
    Nour Hyun 19 giorni fa


  • Matt Clough
    Matt Clough 19 giorni fa

    Needs more snsd

  • vi rose
    vi rose 19 giorni fa +4

    the most iconic songs of all time (in my opinion):
    1. Sorry Sorry- Super Junior
    2. Gee- Girls Generation
    3. Mr Simple- Super Junior
    4. I Got A Boy- Girls Generation

    • IGotBangtan
      IGotBangtan 6 giorni fa +1

      Same, but I would add a few SHINee songs, like ring ding dong and lucifer

  • Zeynep Sisman
    Zeynep Sisman 19 giorni fa

    İ’m here because Jackson

  • Melle107
    Melle107 20 giorni fa

    Let's be honest. PSY is the real star here

  • fairydust
    fairydust 20 giorni fa

    I think Infinite's She's Back and Be Mine is also quite iconic IMO. And BB's Haru Haru.

  • Ryan 18
    Ryan 18 20 giorni fa

    putting super junior on top was right but girls generation should've be at least in top10

  • 멀티 팬텀Sarah
    멀티 팬텀Sarah 21 giorno fa

    I am the best is from 2009
    Excuse me wtf

  • 멀티 팬텀Sarah
    멀티 팬텀Sarah 21 giorno fa

    Knock Knock is not so iconic in my opinion

  • 멀티 팬텀Sarah
    멀티 팬텀Sarah 21 giorno fa

    💕 Snsd is very iconic 💕

  • Fab71 drawing
    Fab71 drawing 21 giorno fa


  • Вячеслав Шумилин

    @iconic kpop songs
    @no gangnam style

  • Stté Fani
    Stté Fani 22 giorni fa


  • Mayang Dwi Budiyanti
    Mayang Dwi Budiyanti 23 giorni fa

    For me no other is the sweetest love song ever😍💙

  • TheAlts F4Games
    TheAlts F4Games 23 giorni fa

    Ok, we got everyone there, especially BTS. Wheres one of the best HuhGak - I Can Only Say I Want to Die

  • xAnimeGirlx
    xAnimeGirlx 24 giorni fa

    Boombayah is pretty iconic...