100 Iconic K Pop Songs

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  • Pubblicato il 10 nov 2017
  • Here are some of a selection of a 100 iconic K Pop songs, which one is your favourite?
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  • The K Pop Universe
    The K Pop Universe  Anno fa +476

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    • Keith Scott
      Keith Scott 2 mesi fa

      where is exid's up and down

    • Mihály Harangi
      Mihály Harangi 8 mesi fa

      Aaaand the latest version is already outdated. Cause it does not contain KDA's new hit, the POP/STARS.

    • 한나
      한나 Anno fa +3

      Korean at Heart SS501's label is DSP Media

  • Mada Faka
    Mada Faka Ora fa

    Sumpah, berasa nostalgia dengerin lagu lagunya 😭

  • sara neziri
    sara neziri Ora fa

    I guess these are based on your opinion because some of these just aren't iconic!

  • Alena S.
    Alena S. 9 ore fa

    Apart from the disscussion of popular vs iconic, for a few songs it cuts right before the lines or melody which kind of made the song iconic... for example why not include a bit of the bo peep? Isn't that the super catchy part??

  • Minerva Nott
    Minerva Nott 21 ora fa

    Sorry Sorry 💙💙💙💙

  • Menna Kook77
    Menna Kook77 23 ore fa

    No BTS not iconic

  • jin and juice
    jin and juice Giorno fa

    lol u really put SHINee on here, as soon as i heard Ring Ding Dong i sobbed ;(( rip Jonghyun u are missed dearly

  • Korpisah Angela
    Korpisah Angela 2 giorni fa

    Perhaps love by Eric Nam and say yes by punch should be here

  • Csilla Szőke
    Csilla Szőke 2 giorni fa

    i miss the very nice from svt

  • Айлана Пампилова

    where’s fake love

  • 박스
    박스 3 giorni fa

    소시 얼굴 진짜ㄷㄷ하다

  • ARMY forever
    ARMY forever 3 giorni fa +4

    The most iconic for me
    - DNA BTS
    -gee girls generation
    -sorry sorry super junior
    -really winner

  • Dean Velasco
    Dean Velasco 3 giorni fa

    Maybe I'm blind 'cus I didn't saw FIRE by 2NE1.

  • Элен См.
    Элен См. 4 giorni fa

    17:56 is it Baekhyun?

  • don't mess up my kyungsoo


  • don't mess up my kyungsoo

    I am the best 2011

  • Dydy
    Dydy 4 giorni fa

    For me, BlackPink are iconic, DDDD, Bombayah and KTL are iconic...

  • Han Soo Byung
    Han Soo Byung 4 giorni fa

    Minuto 9:15 y nada de Super Junior...

  • Hà Amy
    Hà Amy 5 giorni fa

    So basicly all BTS and BlackPink songs are all iconic??? Do you even know the different between iconic and popular?

  • luzain luz
    luzain luz 5 giorni fa

    3:36 ah my got7

  • Brenda Mb
    Brenda Mb 5 giorni fa

    Most of them are not Iconic. Don't do video when you say bullshit.

  • Khairana Hanifa
    Khairana Hanifa 5 giorni fa

    I'm not really a fan of exo but I know that "Growl" is iconic tho. I.O.I's "Very Very Very" is iconic too, I think, not just Whatta Man. And what about Twice's "Cheer Up"?:( Oh, and ofc "Gangnam Style"....where was it

  • highschool kid
    highschool kid 5 giorni fa

    I'm a fan of 3rd Gen. And there are only few very few iconic songs that shookt the standards of iconic. Popularity is different from iconic, I repeat. Iconic means that it receives recognition because of the song not because of the artist. Get it?
    This are some of the iconic song that save the kpop name!
    Twice- Cheer Up
    Twice- Signal
    Twice- TT
    Pentagon- Shine
    GOT7- Just Right
    Produce101s1- Pick me
    Red Velvet- dumb dumb
    Momoland- Bboom Bboom
    Sunmi- Gashina
    BTS- dope
    EXID- up and down
    JYP- still alive/ honey
    AOA- heart attack
    Gfriend- Rough
    Gfriend- me gustas tu
    Some are forgotten just comment.
    I didn't include artist who are near to 2nd gen. Like EXO and others. And also artist who are from 2nd that have songs released in 3rd gen I exclude them.

  • Mikaelson M
    Mikaelson M 5 giorni fa


  • GachaVissa.2013 T
    GachaVissa.2013 T 5 giorni fa


    Are the best kpop bands ❤

  • horkerloaf
    horkerloaf 5 giorni fa

    I am the Best was 2011

  • Jennifer Juliet Vargas

    Falto JYJ en esas canciones y unas de Kim Hyun Joong

  • Lousin Angelin Lag
    Lousin Angelin Lag 5 giorni fa

    Soy relativamente nuevo escuchando k-pop. Pero noto que todas las de esta lista son muy explosivas e intensas, alguien sabe de unas bandas un poco mas tranquilas con las cuales pueda iniciarme. Gracias

    • Lousin Angelin Lag
      Lousin Angelin Lag 5 giorni fa

      Es por ellos que estoy aqui, la canción que sacaron con Halsey me encanto. Voy a escuchar mas de ellos y la banda que me recomendaste, muchas gracias xd

    • GachaVissa.2013 T
      GachaVissa.2013 T 5 giorni fa

      BTS tiene un poco de todo, muchas canciones tranquilas. Además de ellos te recomiendo b1a4 :)

  • Erza Scarlet
    Erza Scarlet 6 giorni fa

    Y'all being like "they're popular not iconic" this is what iconic means: *very famous or popular* , especially being considered to represent particular opinions or a particular time. So get your facts right before coming at "new" groups :-) salty and jealous af toxics

  • GRAZIELLY Guimarães
    GRAZIELLY Guimarães 6 giorni fa

    Hoje em dia quem ea estar aí é o BlackPink (Duddudu)

  • Elisa Tijerina
    Elisa Tijerina 6 giorni fa +1

    Me waiting for Rainism

  • Lɪsᴀ LemonCHU
    Lɪsᴀ LemonCHU 6 giorni fa +1

    When I think iconic, i think of older groups, AND newer groups, ya'll get over it, "Rookies" can be legeandary and iconic too ;)

  • Nia L.
    Nia L. 6 giorni fa

    1:18 why do I keep hearing "Nothing Sober"?

  • Zema Khondoker
    Zema Khondoker 6 giorni fa

    Btw, shudnt u make a new one sinc its almos been 2 yrs

  • Zema Khondoker
    Zema Khondoker 6 giorni fa +1

    Who's watching this on 2k19

  • Sailo Fx
    Sailo Fx 6 giorni fa

    Yesss BIGBANG

  • KalistoPlay
    KalistoPlay 6 giorni fa

    me parece una falta de respeto no poner "miss right" de teen top >:v

  • Aayushi Prasad
    Aayushi Prasad 6 giorni fa

    I'm a Btob stan, But how is Movie iconic?
    In my opinion, Sorry Sorry-Suju, Beautiful night -Beast and songs like that are iconic..

  • Rethabile Mathobela
    Rethabile Mathobela 7 giorni fa

    What about big bang

  • Selen Özbilgi
    Selen Özbilgi 7 giorni fa +1


  • Emma Cool
    Emma Cool 7 giorni fa +1

    SHINEEE BTSS!!!!!! I STAN!!!

  • Sir Ooh Sehun
    Sir Ooh Sehun 7 giorni fa

    I think all EXO’s songs are ICONIC 🙌🥰

  • gravity arts
    gravity arts 7 giorni fa

    Where is bts

  • Carissa Karma Havoc
    Carissa Karma Havoc 7 giorni fa

    First of all, there's a HUGE difference between ICONIC and POPULAR OH MY GOD

  • Ngoc Nguyen Vu Bich
    Ngoc Nguyen Vu Bich 7 giorni fa

    Iconic KPop Songs without U-GO-GIRL? Really?

  • [ Blunk ]
    [ Blunk ] 7 giorni fa

    SM is iconic

  • Luz Paez
    Luz Paez 7 giorni fa

    Where's GLAM I like that??

  • BTS Forever
    BTS Forever 7 giorni fa

    Playing with fire iconic? I'm blink but it isn't iconic:v

  • Maahagi
    Maahagi 7 giorni fa

    MY top 5.
    1. Ring Ding Dong
    2. Into the new world
    3. Growl
    4. Fantastic baby
    5. Sorry sorry

  • Кисик Марковочкин

    а де монста х, мда ясно

  • Meera M
    Meera M 8 giorni fa +1

    Who came here because he/she saw Jackson in the thumbnail??

  • Worldwide Handsome
    Worldwide Handsome 8 giorni fa +7

    What about gangnam style?
    Fire by BTS?
    Growl by EXO

  • Yash Kumar
    Yash Kumar 8 giorni fa

    This video is just plain trash. I can't say anything more. Just change the video title and put my fav 100 songs or something

  • 5k subscribers with Jin's photo challenge


  • Shinee Bts
    Shinee Bts 9 giorni fa


  • Hanita Zahra
    Hanita Zahra 9 giorni fa

    I just cant keep focus, infinite is from woolim not wm

  • Joyce Pavia
    Joyce Pavia 9 giorni fa


  • Joyce Pavia
    Joyce Pavia 9 giorni fa

    Bring B.A.P back please.

  • Bunch of flowers
    Bunch of flowers 9 giorni fa +1

    I was sold at shinees intro

  • afiqah zainal
    afiqah zainal 9 giorni fa

    Big bang’s most iconic song is lies while exo’s is growl

  • Syada NUr
    Syada NUr 9 giorni fa

    bigbang,beast,snsd,super junior,2ne1,Psy,infinite ♥

  • غيداء EXO-L
    غيداء EXO-L 9 giorni fa


  • غيداء EXO-L
    غيداء EXO-L 9 giorni fa


  • غيداء EXO-L
    غيداء EXO-L 9 giorni fa


  • غيداء EXO-L
    غيداء EXO-L 9 giorni fa


  • غيداء EXO-L
    غيداء EXO-L 9 giorni fa


  • Śhihő Miýăňõ
    Śhihő Miýăňõ 9 giorni fa

    SHINee 💔💔

  • Trash.
    Trash. 9 giorni fa +2

    *The Most iconic songs (in my opinion.)*
    *Boy group version:*
    *"Sorry sorry" - Super Junior.*
    *"Ring ding dong" - SHINee.*
    *"Fantastic Baby" - Bigbang.*
    *"Bang Bang bang" - Bigbang.*
    *"Lucifer" - SHINee.*
    *Girl group version:*
    *"I am the best" - 2NE1.*
    *"Gee" - Girls' Generation.*
    *"crazy" - 4MINUTE.*
    *"Cheer up" - Twice.*
    *"Fire" 2NE1.*

  • Shweta Mase
    Shweta Mase 10 giorni fa

    I am an Indian and l know only BTS and even my surrounding People are bts army😍😎

  • Binaco Tec
    Binaco Tec 10 giorni fa +1

    this list has a lot of shitty songs

  • Alberto Rubio
    Alberto Rubio 10 giorni fa +1

    who is stellar and where is after school

  • ocean fei
    ocean fei 10 giorni fa

    i think rhythm ta is iconic too

  • Lythic Oshawott
    Lythic Oshawott 10 giorni fa

    Man, this is not iconic, this is popular

  • Melody Guerra
    Melody Guerra 10 giorni fa

    Sale un chingo bts no mamen 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • ShanAJ Knott
    ShanAJ Knott 11 giorni fa

    UKIIIISSSS they are the reason i got into kpop. i have them to thank

  • ShanAJ Knott
    ShanAJ Knott 11 giorni fa

    i showed this to a friend and thats when i found out she only stans bts AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH eh that can ye do?

  • twicexo memes
    twicexo memes 12 giorni fa

    Where is Cheer Up? Why always Bp? Hahaha. Funny bro 😂

  • Dyovanna Lucena
    Dyovanna Lucena 12 giorni fa

    isso vicia mt

  • Tatheer Syed
    Tatheer Syed 12 giorni fa

    Based off the comments im gonna assume theres no ukiss in here :( bingle bingle was i t guys :(

  • EsraNur Allame
    EsraNur Allame 12 giorni fa


  • isidora botarro
    isidora botarro 12 giorni fa

    O Weon hace tanto que no escucho love like this ( 20:41 ) me puse a llorar ;-;

    POL LA POL 13 giorni fa +2

    Where is there MBLAQ?? Rly? omg no. that's not iconic

  • Flavia Alessandra
    Flavia Alessandra 13 giorni fa

    Gente que idiota vcs, icônico não é só o que é antigo, independente da época, icônico é algo marcante, que ficou no coração de uma geração, BlackPink e BTS são icônicos sim.

  • Gothboicilque
    Gothboicilque 13 giorni fa +10

    Of all the songs here, the most popular song in Korea is Tell Me. At that time, there was a "Tell Me" craze, and the whole nation was singing along. It was also used in the 17th presidential election in Korea

  • Mohamed Lghachi
    Mohamed Lghachi 13 giorni fa

    this is the best 100 kpop songs

  • Karima Allame
    Karima Allame 13 giorni fa

    Where is Bi rain , CNBLUE Turbo 2pm 10 out of 10 ...

  • Felixliten
    Felixliten 13 giorni fa +2

    Stan Heize, I won't be mad if you don't. Just disappointed

  • Lucy 22
    Lucy 22 13 giorni fa +1

    EXO monster??

  • Ariane Aparecida
    Ariane Aparecida 13 giorni fa

    Amo BTS💗💕💗💕

  • M E G A OOF
    M E G A OOF 13 giorni fa +1

    I thought Something by TVXQ would be here. It's so catchy

    • M E G A OOF
      M E G A OOF 12 giorni fa +1

      @花の子Blumenkind Flower Child lmao it's ok, the name of the song is easy to mistake

    • 花の子Blumenkind Flower Child
      花の子Blumenkind Flower Child 12 giorni fa

      M E G A OOF I thought you just meant like anything not a specific song... sorry

    • M E G A OOF
      M E G A OOF 12 giorni fa

      @花の子Blumenkind Flower Child it-clip.net/video/U9HBT6sRSZ8/video.html this is what I meant

    • M E G A OOF
      M E G A OOF 12 giorni fa

      @花の子Blumenkind Flower Child that's Rising Sun. I was talking about Something 😂

    • 花の子Blumenkind Flower Child
      花の子Blumenkind Flower Child 12 giorni fa

      M E G A OOF 26:21

  • M E G A OOF
    M E G A OOF 13 giorni fa

    Listening to all these songs makes me want to go on a RUN RUN RUN

  • M E G A OOF
    M E G A OOF 13 giorni fa +1

    Wtf whenever I go into full screen it goes to the next video and the volume goes down. Then this video keeps going on pause. I'm so confused. I definitely need to get a new phone

  • Editing tutorials _12
    Editing tutorials _12 14 giorni fa +1

    This video really shows how big the k-pop world is

  • Virginia Orozco
    Virginia Orozco 14 giorni fa

    not gonna lie bts sounds so different

  • Ginny Lee
    Ginny Lee 14 giorni fa

    First kpop song that i listen...Rising Sun😍😍

  • Angel Chetty
    Angel Chetty 14 giorni fa

    bang bang bang by bigbang?

  • Jeon Jungkook
    Jeon Jungkook 14 giorni fa +2

    They don't even know the meaning of *iconic* and it shows

  • julieta
    julieta 14 giorni fa

    zico bebu hermoso

  • 성이름
    성이름 14 giorni fa

    블핑은 거의 다 들어갔네

  • 성이름
    성이름 14 giorni fa

    나띵스 오벌도 처음 들어봄