2019 NBA Draft - 7th Pick - Coby White - Chicago Bulls

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  • Pubblicato il 21 giu 2019
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Commenti • 266

  • dr clutch
    dr clutch 11 ore fa

    mj north Carolina to bulls coby white north Carolina to bulls

  • AoN-Kyze
    AoN-Kyze 19 giorni fa

    To all the fans that booed him wait till he balls out! Then all of y’all will start dickridin him watch bahah

  • Geovanni Campos
    Geovanni Campos 20 giorni fa

    Go bulls

  • Rowtheboat nice camber
    Rowtheboat nice camber 21 giorno fa

    How about the BULLS trade Zack and Lauri to the Cavs....for Love, JR's contract, Cav's 2020 1sr round pick and Kevin Porter Jr. Both teams would have a shot at a title for years to come !

  • softly
    softly 22 giorni fa

    So happy for him !!! So much love for that man 💗💗💗💗

  • Desel Ironworker
    Desel Ironworker 23 giorni fa

    Agent 0

  • EJOne
    EJOne 23 giorni fa +1

    Bench player in two years

  • TyizhawnForKing
    TyizhawnForKing 23 giorni fa +2


  • Amy Sullivan
    Amy Sullivan 23 giorni fa

    Good to see a transgender female with that hair in the men's nba go bitches

  • VintageNujabes
    VintageNujabes 23 giorni fa

    Oh shit we actually got him

  • Luis Guzman
    Luis Guzman 23 giorni fa

    Welcome to the Chi Coby White!

  • Steve Abitante
    Steve Abitante 23 giorni fa +1

    Nice Pick For a Budding Bulls Team!

  • Thomas Jones
    Thomas Jones 24 giorni fa +1

    As a BULLS fan for life,Dam I hope this works out for us.FINGERS CROSSED🏀⛹️⛹️🏀

  • bakari liburd
    bakari liburd 24 giorni fa +2

    I love both of our picks in this year's 2019 NBA Draft! In fact, I have been loving all of the organization's moves for the most part since they decided to trade Jimmy Butler which I was all for them doing!!!

  • tom11zz884
    tom11zz884 24 giorni fa

    I like him...he's gonna surprise a lot of people

  • Qball Productions
    Qball Productions 24 giorni fa

    Please lose the fro dude

  • JPElite21
    JPElite21 24 giorni fa

    Welcome to Chicago

  • Jhosen Rendon
    Jhosen Rendon 24 giorni fa +2

    MJ is from UNC and got drafted by the Bulls
    Coby White went to UNC and got drafted by the bulls this year...😲😲😲😲😲

    • Jhosen Rendon
      Jhosen Rendon 21 giorno fa

      @Luke Davis shhhh they'll never know😂😂😂😂

    • Luke Davis
      Luke Davis 21 giorno fa

      They went to UNC not NC State don't get it twisted lol

  • Southern Cali Kush
    Southern Cali Kush 24 giorni fa

    The BULLS and the HEELS

  • Erik son
    Erik son 24 giorni fa +1

    Man!!! Coby got the welcome of Marlo of the Wire

  • Rob Shearz
    Rob Shearz 24 giorni fa +2

    Chi town stand up!! We got a baller!!! #fmf

  • dogcatmouse23
    dogcatmouse23 24 giorni fa

    He wanted to go to the Bulls it looked like. Probably because of the weed legalization coming January 1st to Illinois.

  • Jerry Jimenez
    Jerry Jimenez 25 giorni fa

    Bulls up next!

    VAPE GOD 25 giorni fa

    Let's gooo bulls #SeeRed

  • Calsatsu
    Calsatsu 25 giorni fa


  • PutAThumbUp
    PutAThumbUp 25 giorni fa +2

    Look like Jaden smith lmao😂😂😂

  • Gregory Villanova
    Gregory Villanova 25 giorni fa +38

    The Bulls life of Zach and Coby.

  • latigo2305
    latigo2305 25 giorni fa

    Welcome to Chicago!!

  • bakari liburd
    bakari liburd 25 giorni fa +1

    Welcome to Chicago! We coming along nicely! We looking to be young, athletic, fast, with length to contest shoots, and with good shooting and energy! That's what I see us being in this rebuild-plan! Exactly who I hope we would get at the #7 pick!!!

  • J Trax
    J Trax 25 giorni fa +1

    0:24 . His brother or whoever that is in relation to him gave him a rough ass hand shake with a salty look. Is it just me that notice that?

  • dakid
    dakid 25 giorni fa +4

    Zach and Coby show coming to chi town

  • Greg Maddux
    Greg Maddux 25 giorni fa +1

    Let’s hope Cole Anthony can fill his shoes! Go Heels Go Bulls

    BETTIE KNOWLES 25 giorni fa +2

    Da Carolina Reaper Coby White

  • youngblak Wall Street
    youngblak Wall Street 25 giorni fa +9


  • Bad Cholesterol
    Bad Cholesterol 25 giorni fa

    This guys a lil retarded ain’t he?

  • An Dre
    An Dre 25 giorni fa

    His hair n styles is bigger than his ability.... 👎👎👎👎.. same like westbrook
    Please you'll ...
    Can you'll learn from 3 living NBA legend (Magic, Bird n Jordan)
    How they style n attitude? They style is jus so so.. but their ability is forever until Now...😊

  • Miporin
    Miporin 25 giorni fa

    That wcj cameo at the end 😂

  • TheReal6God
    TheReal6God 25 giorni fa

    I’m tryna figure out why Phoenix didn’t get him but they draft another wing player 😕

    • TheReal6God
      TheReal6God 24 giorni fa

      i fucked rondo #9's mom they not gettin rid of him unless they sign DLo

    • i fucked rondo #9's mom
      i fucked rondo #9's mom 25 giorni fa

      I think they want Terry rozier really bad lol

  • Daholda
    Daholda 25 giorni fa

    Hey Arnold high asL

  • Jajuan  Bell
    Jajuan Bell 25 giorni fa +15

    Can't wait for Stacey King to give him the nickname Soul Glo. From Coming to America. Welcome to the Chicago Bulls.#BULLSNATIONS

  • Ray S
    Ray S 25 giorni fa +1

    Adam silver is 6' 3", coby white is 6' 5". Silver appears taller

    • Chad Yaknow
      Chad Yaknow 7 giorni fa

      @Jøséph Āntöñ lol what's your point? That doesn't mean he's 6-5 without shoes. It's common for NBA height listings to be with shoes on. Lol he was measured 6-3 and little without shoes.

    • Jøséph Āntöñ
      Jøséph Āntöñ 23 giorni fa

      @Chad Yaknow and KD is listed as 6'9 but is actually 6'11

    • Chad Yaknow
      Chad Yaknow 23 giorni fa

      @Jøséph Āntöñ nope Silver is listed at 6-3

    • Jøséph Āntöñ
      Jøséph Āntöñ 24 giorni fa

      Silver is at least 6'5 bruh. And Coby is like 6'3.5 without shoes so a 1" shoes wouldn't make him look any taller

  • Chickenmane
    Chickenmane 25 giorni fa +3

    This guy is not going to be very good

  • arnold oliver
    arnold oliver 25 giorni fa

    Great Pick 👍

  • ahmad ridho
    ahmad ridho 25 giorni fa

    Zach and coby, nicknames of high school basketball team

  • Vedant Shetty
    Vedant Shetty 25 giorni fa

    Finally got kobe to Chicago

  • Drunken Master II
    Drunken Master II 25 giorni fa

    wtf is this haircut?

  • Trevor Fatheree
    Trevor Fatheree 25 giorni fa +1

    This is our guy Chicago we are lucky to get this man!

  • Tom Hearns
    Tom Hearns 25 giorni fa +2

    Mane Jerry Reinsdorf bout to make that man comb his hair NO HEADBANDS EITHER 🤣 Go HEALS

    PG 13PACERNATION 25 giorni fa +1

    About time a good pick for the Bulls

      JoShsFITNESSnFUN 25 giorni fa

      This ain’t even a good pick lol

    • Jusu
      Jusu 25 giorni fa

      PG 13PACERNATION markkanen bruh

    JoShsFITNESSnFUN 25 giorni fa +2

    This man is the next Kriss Dunn, and I’m a bulls fan

      JoShsFITNESSnFUN 11 giorni fa

      Ethereal Punishment def ain’t no Jamal Murray.. yikes. Hey man at the end of the day I’m a bulls fan and will be ecstatic to see him prove me wrong, but I really do not see it.

    • Ethereal Punishment
      Ethereal Punishment 11 giorni fa +1

      @JoShsFITNESSnFUN you can't even try to say Coby is gonna develop in the same way Dunn did. Coby is still 19 and can be developed a lot more than Dunn who missed a lot of time due to injury and sitting on the bench. You see CJ Watson, I see Jamal Murray

      JoShsFITNESSnFUN 11 giorni fa

      Kris Dunn was a better scorer in college than Colby White and shot a better percentage lmao, I want you to look at kris Dunn’s summer league highlights and read all the comments, this is the NBA, not every guard becomes an elite scorer and a star lol. Colby is a nice player, should have a long average career. He’s got some patty mills in him, CJ Watson type. He’s not a good finisher by any means. Should be good for 12 PPG This season.

      JoShsFITNESSnFUN 11 giorni fa

      Ethereal Punishment funny cause I said Lauri was going to be a star!! Loved that pick to this fucking day

    • Ethereal Punishment
      Ethereal Punishment 11 giorni fa

      kris dunn is no where near the scorer coby is and will be. I stopped listening to fellow bulls fans' comparisons when y'all said Lauri was gonna be a bust😑

  • God
    God 26 giorni fa +2

    *dnt tore ur acl.*

    • God
      God 11 giorni fa +1

      @SBC Burgos *i just did. wat u gonna do dipshit xD*

    • God
      God 11 giorni fa +1

      @Nkosi Everett *fuck u faggot =P*

    • SBC Burgos
      SBC Burgos 25 giorni fa

      Don't jinx it moron

    • Nkosi Everett
      Nkosi Everett 25 giorni fa +1

      God Fuck off

  • Fotis Mel
    Fotis Mel 26 giorni fa

    Καλώς ήρθες στην ομάδα μας φίλε!

  • brook 1996
    brook 1996 26 giorni fa +1

    Dont force people to wear that hat look at that poor young guy , mann,.. i cant see dis anymore

  • Atomic '
    Atomic ' 26 giorni fa +1

    Let's hope this guy and dental steps up next season, if so we might have a playoff birth ahead of us.

  • Nauzzz
    Nauzzz 26 giorni fa +2

    I’m glad he happy he went to the NBA he grew up poor and lived in the projects and his father died now he can move out his family and get the bad all respect to coby from a unc fan

  • Duggy Duce
    Duggy Duce 26 giorni fa


  • Chief Daley
    Chief Daley 26 giorni fa +1

    I hope they compared him to Arenas because of basketball attributes and not because he is gonna pull out his piece in the locker room.

  • Doug the Pug
    Doug the Pug 26 giorni fa +14

    "thats tuff" - coby white , 2019

  • Jason Allen
    Jason Allen 26 giorni fa +5

    After lucking out on the top 4 picks, I was hoping he fell to us 😊

  • Kenny Begeske
    Kenny Begeske 26 giorni fa

    This is for your daddy for chicago

  • Kenny Begeske
    Kenny Begeske 26 giorni fa

    Coby can you dunk

  • Kenny Begeske
    Kenny Begeske 26 giorni fa +1

    Welcome to Chicago

  • A2MD
    A2MD 26 giorni fa +3

    nice welcome from wendell

  • mjdc2505
    mjdc2505 26 giorni fa +4

    It's been awhile since the Bulls drafted a guard out of North Carolina. Hopefully this guard can get the Bulls the 7th Championship since he's the 7th pick, the last guard from North Carolina gave the Bulls 2 threepeats.

  • Jerry Kwerve
    Jerry Kwerve 26 giorni fa +1

    Compared to Agent Zero. Fuck yeah !

  • LJ Serrato
    LJ Serrato 26 giorni fa


  • jason fort
    jason fort 26 giorni fa +45

    So bulls got Lavine that plays like Kobe and Coby that sounds like Kobe

    • 4heBigO
      4heBigO 24 giorni fa +1

      Not saying LaVine is anywhere close to the same level as Kobe. But his shot selection is literally so similar to the situations and scenarios Kobe would attempt from and tbh he's become pretty automatic.

  • Billy Batts
    Billy Batts 26 giorni fa +9

    Frommm North Carolina !! at guard 6'6” Michael Jordan !!!

    • z06guy 04
      z06guy 04 26 giorni fa

      Check out Michael Jordan History

  • Miranda Barron
    Miranda Barron 26 giorni fa +3

    For His Father. 🙏🏽

    • Nauzzz
      Nauzzz 26 giorni fa

      Miranda Barron FMF

  • tomitstube
    tomitstube 26 giorni fa +8

    great pick for da bulls. perfect for today's game, drive and dish baby, good in transition, get a solid three and he'll be in the line up soon.