THE HUMBLE SERVANT SEASON 6 FINALE - Mercy Johnson 2018 Latest Nigerian Nollywood Movie Full HD

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  • tania nyandu
    tania nyandu 2 ore fa +1

    There has to be a continuation, it cant end like this. What finally happened to Eliza and the mum? And what about Collins? did he go and apologize or commit suicide? This just caused confusion.

    • Nollywoodpicturestv
      Nollywoodpicturestv  Ora fa

      sweetie the movie ends there and thanks for watching.. do share with friends

  • Elizabeth Pili
    Elizabeth Pili 3 ore fa +1

    The gateman can make someone to kill him or herself 😂😂😂😂

  • Suzy Blanze
    Suzy Blanze 6 ore fa

    Please next part 7&8??

  • eve jordan
    eve jordan 7 ore fa

    I love this movie!! And Mercy too!!💃🏽😘💕🙏🏾🙌🏾💪🏾👍🏾👆🏾 thanks so much for sharing

  • Yahya AL-Absi
    Yahya AL-Absi 9 ore fa

    Stay humble no matter what for it costs nothing

  • mosso vendguer
    mosso vendguer 10 ore fa

    Good for you

  • Marjorie Joseph
    Marjorie Joseph 10 ore fa

    Good job,from start to finish..! Sometimes the ones that came from the poorest are the worse ones,a lot of lessons to learn, if we treat people with respect and compassion the way God designed it to be, the world would've been a better place.

  • durant1983
    durant1983 11 ore fa

    Chief you did well , you warned your son on numerous occasions , he failed to listen, the Consequence he must face ... Love love the message the movie sent 👍🏿👍🏿

  • durant1983
    durant1983 11 ore fa

    Everything you do comes back to you ..

  • Queen Emma
    Queen Emma 13 ore fa

    Lovely ❤❤❤❤😍😍

  • Joshua Ekpo
    Joshua Ekpo 13 ore fa

    When the man hardens his heart against a REMORSEFUL"SON" I begin to wander: "Couldn't he have been given a SECOND CHANCE, on knowing, he has nobody to go back to..?

  • Victory Edosomwan
    Victory Edosomwan 13 ore fa

    Nice move

  • Danny Danny OG
    Danny Danny OG 13 ore fa

    Lol funny gateman

  • Nomfundo Mgenge
    Nomfundo Mgenge 14 ore fa

    Wow Collins even your friend turned his back om you

  • Nomfundo Mgenge
    Nomfundo Mgenge 14 ore fa

    Best movie I love Mercy Johnson always 😍😍

  • Nomfundo Mgenge
    Nomfundo Mgenge 14 ore fa

    This is really an eye opener. Never to disrespect your parents because you dont know what they went through for you to live a blissful life.Another thing is never to marry a man that you don't know marry your best friend before boyfriend/husband.And to never tolerate a woman that show no respect for your parents

  • Happiness Doris
    Happiness Doris 14 ore fa

    U deserved d best.mercy

  • Mariamuu Mariamuu
    Mariamuu Mariamuu 15 ore fa

    Nyc movie and well done

  • obaapa Akosua
    obaapa Akosua 15 ore fa

    this movie deserve best award

  • Linda Gana
    Linda Gana 15 ore fa


  • Philadel Testimonies
    Philadel Testimonies 16 ore fa +1

    What goes around comes around... In this world everything has its price to pay. Becareful when u have money... It's not everything

    EFFIONG BLESSING 16 ore fa +1

    Life itself is a teacher but we don't have to learn the hard way

  • Jude Anita
    Jude Anita 16 ore fa

    Oooh flash boy dat how u left d house without a dash to lash

  • nana addo
    nana addo 16 ore fa

    Wow...this is a classic movie,real classic...excellent cast led by one and only MJ.....THUMBS UP ALWAYS NWPTV

  • Joyce Mwaura
    Joyce Mwaura 16 ore fa

    Mother n daughter are fighting hehehe

  • Fred Omutiti
    Fred Omutiti 16 ore fa


  • Bernard Mwarano
    Bernard Mwarano 17 ore fa

    Superb act , Mercy never fails

  • Auma Pauline
    Auma Pauline 17 ore fa

    Oh! my! you really harvest what you plant

  • Asong Willian
    Asong Willian 17 ore fa

    Who is enjoying this movie with me
    As you make your bed so shall you lye on

  • SIMPLE gurl
    SIMPLE gurl 18 ore fa

    Lovely 💟💟

  • ingrid  lightborn
    ingrid lightborn 18 ore fa


  • Bernadetha Kilegu
    Bernadetha Kilegu 20 ore fa

    Very educational movie

  • Bernadetha Kilegu
    Bernadetha Kilegu 20 ore fa

    Mother and daughter Life 🤣😜

  • Bernadetha Kilegu
    Bernadetha Kilegu 20 ore fa

    Best movie

  • Ombuya Henry
    Ombuya Henry 20 ore fa

    She could have left with her kitchen too.

  • Jaclen 123
    Jaclen 123 22 ore fa

    waaawu avery big lesson ohhh really everything u do comes back to uuuuuu ,Groly be to God

  • Fatma Fatma
    Fatma Fatma 23 ore fa

    I can't wait the end beautiful

  • Josephine
    Josephine 23 ore fa +1

    Why am I feeling sorry for Collins 😢...

  • uju emilia
    uju emilia Giorno fa

    Good one

  • Obimdi Iteego innosaint

    If u really watch this movie very well u will find out dat dis guy is really a bastard....Do you realized when the chief took collins picture and staring at it in his room? he is really a bastard like the rev father said..her bad wife made him no who is he..If u believe hit like button

  • Obimdi Iteego innosaint

    who laugh last laugh best

  • Christine Belgrave
    Christine Belgrave Giorno fa

    You brought tears to my eyes Anna. Your humbleness and dedication paid off for you. Thanks Nollywood for uploading.
    I cant wait to see the conclusion of wicked queen. God bless.

  • Pheonix Daniel
    Pheonix Daniel Giorno fa

    amazing!!!!!! this was truly amazing

  • L M
    L M Giorno fa

    Well ✔

  • Ngumbe Emilian
    Ngumbe Emilian Giorno fa

    U always reap what you sow

  • Siaka FOFANA
    Siaka FOFANA Giorno fa

    I did enjoy the movie however the end was hard to watch ,the man has decided an orphan no matter what happened ,he should give a second chance to his son rather to troll him out . Parenthood is forgiveness all the time .

  • rachel mulonda
    rachel mulonda Giorno fa

    The young bro 😂😂😂😂 I don't care of u mess up or mess down 😂😂

  • Mariama Jallow
    Mariama Jallow Giorno fa

    Life is teaching people lessons Everyday..May God give everybody patients and good heart like this old life what's goes around comes around Now Elisabeth is paying the consequences of being rude

  • Wilnide Jean paul
    Wilnide Jean paul Giorno fa +1

    I really love this movie

  • Unique Promise
    Unique Promise Giorno fa

    Wow nice movie. I enjoyed it from 1-end. Full of lessons..
    It pays to be good.

  • Pius Caro1
    Pius Caro1 Giorno fa

    This is unhappy ending very annoying

  • Ester Gold
    Ester Gold Giorno fa

    Nollywood pictures tv, Una sure say part 7and 8 nor dey so?

  • Rosslyn Mamai
    Rosslyn Mamai Giorno fa

    i enjoyed it lots!

  • Ester Gold
    Ester Gold Giorno fa

    Well I pity collins, I wish d father go forgive am, I know say him dey foolish to allowed love take im brain go put under im shoe.

  • Ester Gold
    Ester Gold Giorno fa +1

    Hahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂, I like d way dis gateman and d other guy dey bundle dem dey troway 😂😂😂😂

  • Esther Pace
    Esther Pace Giorno fa

    Nice one movie

  • Stephena Ballah
    Stephena Ballah Giorno fa

    The mother has no right insulting and swearing her daughter because when she was treating somebody else’s father like that she was supporting her so why is it a problem now what goes around comes around what a foolish mother and what a very stupid and ungrateful daughter the son I have no words for him he got what he deserved.

  • Inspire2Life
    Inspire2Life Giorno fa

    Wesh the driver and the gate man 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Becky Robinson
    Becky Robinson Giorno fa

    Its good to be good its very bad wen u take some steps without involving God first,its bad wen u listen to an advice u know very well that its bad forgetting u cant see tomorrow,nice movie i love this.

  • Carla Jordon
    Carla Jordon Giorno fa

    Greetings, Life is full of challenges this life WHAT GOES AROUND COMES BACK TO YOU,,The World we live in today we have the Haves and the Have Not,, So if you're the person that don't have much and is blessed to marry or meet someone in a family who has wealth don't just to love them for what they have, but I love them because you really love them,, Now this is a wonderful story because the moral to me from the story is not only is it Greed 🖤🖤at all ,,it has to do with selfishness self-centered, and the most important lesson I took away from this movie is whether you're a man or a woman married into a family,, forget about the wealth ,a lot of men and women married into families and want to monitor what the man gives to his mother or his father sometime you don't want the child to give back to their parents at all ,big lesson let NO woman no manSHOULD BE brainwashed you away from your family, whether their biological adoption or they're just people that you love before you got married ,OR DATEING ,,,,never let that person change you away from giving back to both PARENT and your family ,,,cuz at the end of the day the bad deed you do will come back to you,,,, this is one Wicked Unforgiven mother 👿👿👿👿👿,she thought the daughter how to be WICKED disrespectful ,,and in the end she treat the daughter the same way she had the daughter treated her father-in-law ,,,BE HUMBLE IN LIFE,, MERCY J,❤️❤️❤️❤️ ,,NO NO THE DAD MUST BE the humblest man on the planet Earth,,,,🙌🙌🙌🙌, because NOOOO father I know would put up with this and not at all in 2018. ,You must be CRAZYYYY,,,,MY DEAR SON 🕴️🕴️🕴️🕴️sorry some things are hard to be forgiven MAYBE WITH IME,,,,man and woman always have a mind of your own,,,,,, SORRY WANT ALL LOSE ALL,,,, and that Wicked friend 👿👿👿👿he had an agenda and no place for you to stay with a big house not even a dollar to assist you but he could buy your car,,, he was jealous of you ,,,,,,another great lesson use your third eye shine your eyes,,, and watch out for those friend ,,,,that has nothing good or great encouragement for you ,don't be stupid ,,,it can happen in life WHEN OMEONE BLESSING 🙏🙏🙏🙏come your way be grateful and embrace it ,,SO it will flourish ,so you may be a blessing to others🙌🙌🙌🙌 let's not be greedy and selfish spread the ❤️❤️and 🙌🙌, Nollywood Nollywood thank you keep the lessons coming,,ONE ❤️

  • Justina Alenabalulu

    Wow Nice Movie
    I learn a lot

  • Opoku Victoria
    Opoku Victoria Giorno fa

    Great movie full of lessons

  • Opoku Victoria
    Opoku Victoria Giorno fa

    Please next part

  • Sanyu Purity
    Sanyu Purity Giorno fa

    Jesus Christ what friend is this, oh God please those kind of friends far away in salt river , thunder go kill them for me

  • Joanna odhiambo
    Joanna odhiambo Giorno fa

    The best movie ever I wish they could do 7 and 8 he could forgive Collins and take him back

  • Ukachukwu Chigozie
    Ukachukwu Chigozie Giorno fa

    I enjoy dis film. Am very very in love with dis film. may God bless u all.our youth suppose to watch dis film.

    NELLY RICHARD Giorno fa

    being humble and patient pays alot mercy thank u for being patient koz u never know where ur blessing will come from, nyce moveie

  • Ama Edem
    Ama Edem Giorno fa

    Who has gain something or a lesson in this move.

  • Ifeoma Augustina
    Ifeoma Augustina Giorno fa


  • Osore Diana Diana
    Osore Diana Diana Giorno fa

    Awww but i feel bad 4 Collins the man should have 4giving him bcos it wasn't his making he was deceived I am enjoy the pains

    EMMANUELLA EZE Giorno fa

    What goes around comes around, see mother and daughter dragging food 😎

  • wizzy wizzy
    wizzy wizzy Giorno fa

    No no no.How can it end this way..I need 7&8..please upload....

  • Kenshea Mckenzie
    Kenshea Mckenzie Giorno fa

    Loving the music 😘😘😘, honna die father and die mother and your days will be long, good one,am loving it 😁😁😁😁

  • doris lekunga
    doris lekunga Giorno fa

    Alizard forgot her kitchen hahahahaha

  • Donvimi KBR Record
    Donvimi KBR Record Giorno fa

    God I pray to have a good wife
    That wil not bring me pain

  • Sumbout Michelle
    Sumbout Michelle Giorno fa

    Yes what the son and wife did was wrong and evil but to forgive is divine we are humans we always fall short if God above forgave us of our sins why can't we forgive one another

  • Israel MelodyLove
    Israel MelodyLove Giorno fa +1

    The mum did not teach Lizzy to do the right thing thank God she is the first to be humiliated...... As you lay your bed so you lie on it

  • Israel MelodyLove
    Israel MelodyLove Giorno fa

    The mum did not teach Lizzy to do the right thing thank God she is the first to be humiliated...... As you lay your bed so you lie on it

  • albert chidima
    albert chidima Giorno fa

    Waooow 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌

  • Rose de Al
    Rose de Al Giorno fa

    Waooo so interesting movie

  • Polly James
    Polly James Giorno fa +1

    Great movie.

    SHALOCAR Giorno fa

    A very beautiful movie... Let us learn from it... everything one does, comes back to the person.

  • Samps K Jr
    Samps K Jr Giorno fa

    Be bbv

  • Karim Suleman
    Karim Suleman 2 giorni fa

    In fact let me kneel down to join mercy in thanks giving🙏🙏

    SUNDAY FAVOUR 2 giorni fa

    Leave my kitchen I don’t want to see anybody in my kitchen go to ur pit u call house 🏡🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️

  • Rosey Florestal
    Rosey Florestal 2 giorni fa

    @26:40 suffocated me in laughter 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀😂💀💀

  • Mathias Omokhe
    Mathias Omokhe 2 giorni fa


  • Awolesi Vera
    Awolesi Vera 2 giorni fa

    I love mama p for life and the father in law ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Grace Amaram
    Grace Amaram 2 giorni fa

    Nice movie

  • josephine kanaiza
    josephine kanaiza 2 giorni fa

    Friends!!!! you hav money to buy car but you dont hav money to assist afriend that you used to give him wrong advice all over the way NKT!!!

  • Dee Dmc
    Dee Dmc 2 giorni fa

    Omg loves this movie gate men are hilarious when they throw them out payback lol always respect your parents and elders dont heed bad advice from bad people

  • Ojimi Gift
    Ojimi Gift 2 giorni fa

    Great movie and a lot of lessons learnt, we just pray we and our generation do not fall into the arms of a bad spouse being backed by an evil Mama.......... Chief knows his son from when he was adopted so he should be able to forgive the prodigal.
    Nice movie show us how Collins learnt his lesson and was accepted 😀

    • jakal7777
      jakal7777 Giorno fa

      lol forgive Collins to do wrong again? there is a saying "once bitten twice shy". in movies you forgive but in reality you arrest such idiot ingrate bastard.

  • Amaechi Euphemia
    Amaechi Euphemia 2 giorni fa

    Chizzy you are heartless and evil in this movie

  • Victory belongs to Jesus

    This friend gerald is an evil one. He was the one that used to give very bad advise and now he has turned his back on his friends. Lesson learned befriend many, trust only God.

  • Marceline Desvarieux
    Marceline Desvarieux 2 giorni fa

    Good movies thanks

    SONGTRESS3 2 giorni fa

    Food for thought, " it takes 30 years to climb and 90 seconds to fall " Never get so lifted up that you can treat people any kind of way. Never burn the bridge that brings you over, because you may have to cross it again. The Word of God says, " a haulty look is just before a fall.

  • Mark Franklin
    Mark Franklin 2 giorni fa

    Nice movie
    Great actor's....
    it's worth the wait, interesting and educative... something all of us can learn from 👍👌😍

  • malvis chizy
    malvis chizy 2 giorni fa

    You see he's living happily with his family and came to destroy your home. Let's mind and watch the kind of friends we do keep. Nice movie anyway.

  • Princess First lady
    Princess First lady 2 giorni fa

    This is a very big lesson to everybody no friend for this life very interesting movie thanks for uploading 💞💞💞💞❤❤❤👍👍✌✌

  • ebrima Drammeh
    ebrima Drammeh 2 giorni fa

    This is a lesson to every man in this world not a woman to turn your brain to stands in fronts of your parents because of her beautiful face and the ass she normal convince you at night. She turn the man with her stupid beautiful face and the ass she normal convince him to stand his adopted father. It's a lesson to him