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  • Pubblicato il 15 ago 2018
  • NEW Line just Dropped!! --
    cant believe we just pulled that off... out of no where decided to head down to the spacestation to hang out with shonduras, stradman. we ended finding a dealership that let us take out some lamborghinis and they even let us go through the drive through at mcdonald's in a $1,000,000 dollar car!
    shonduras channel:
    stradmans channel:
    check out makes and models:

    CAMERA GEAR: Sony a7S II
    Sony 16-35mm Lense
    Rode Microphone
    SD Card
    Canon G7 X Mark II

    TFOX Signature Scooter Wheels!
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    outro song!
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  • Zone
    Zone 18 ore fa

    Bare Mandems be driving f 430 challenge cars thru McDonald’s all the time

  • Riley Williams
    Riley Williams Giorno fa +1

    His hair!!

  • Joe ghee games GAMERS
    Joe ghee games GAMERS 2 giorni fa

    😂🤩yahhhhhhhhh man

  • Chiquita Gemma
    Chiquita Gemma 2 giorni fa

    You posted this on my birthday ❤️😹🎂

  • Zantus Thomas Marx
    Zantus Thomas Marx 2 giorni fa

    Hi I just subscribed love your video's and wish I was with a youtuber like you

  • Dist -y
    Dist -y 2 giorni fa

    Do you have the link to the website where I can buy that car?

  • Alejandro Hernandez
    Alejandro Hernandez 3 giorni fa

    Hi shan

  • bro v
    bro v 3 giorni fa

    Yep we don't need drugs to have fun

  • Forza Novitec
    Forza Novitec 4 giorni fa

    350k$ new

  • HackerHDS Hack
    HackerHDS Hack 4 giorni fa

    I got 5 GT and Lamborghini 6 and bogati 3

    CARLOS CABRERA 5 giorni fa

    go shan

    CARLOS CABRERA 5 giorni fa

    go shan

    CARLOS CABRERA 5 giorni fa


    CARLOS CABRERA 5 giorni fa

    go Shan

  • bugattiman2010
    bugattiman2010 5 giorni fa

    go sean

  • UltraAndBlitzGaming
    UltraAndBlitzGaming 5 giorni fa +5



  • HawksNest
    HawksNest 6 giorni fa +1

    8:13 *HIS HAIR* 😂😂😂

  • Xx_Sh3rkLovmi_666 _xX_

    i thought its thumbnail look like black wide body celica

  • Freddy Tang
    Freddy Tang 6 giorni fa


  • MoroxsDK !
    MoroxsDK ! 7 giorni fa +3

    He show’s the Lamborghini 13:16
    Thank me later

  • Zx 2OG
    Zx 2OG 7 giorni fa


  • Hybrid_Robin
    Hybrid_Robin 8 giorni fa


  • Rosie Korniak
    Rosie Korniak 8 giorni fa

    Go Shawn

  • chris Green
    chris Green 8 giorni fa

    Mum’s money is good

  • Jose Allende
    Jose Allende 8 giorni fa

    Go Shawn

  • Неразумем
    Неразумем 9 giorni fa

    U come here for 17:00

  • ian kev's sahagun
    ian kev's sahagun 9 giorni fa

    Greetings from Philippines, i love alL cars you show up

  • thomas corso
    thomas corso 10 giorni fa

    I like teslas

  • Patricio Krnjak
    Patricio Krnjak 11 giorni fa

    pls help SONGGG

  • Bruddy Films
    Bruddy Films 11 giorni fa

    I'm a car fan but not as much of a car fan as fox fan

  • Jack Watts
    Jack Watts 11 giorni fa

    Go Shawn

  • Fishing Finatic
    Fishing Finatic 12 giorni fa

    Go Shawn

  • Traveldog17
    Traveldog17 12 giorni fa

    Go shawn

  • keysin
    keysin 12 giorni fa

    I hate this kid.

  • BOS5
    BOS5 12 giorni fa

    Bruhh A super trofeo evo is on sale for $190k
    Where did another $810k go ?
    Stop misleading people

  • GRONK Dog
    GRONK Dog 13 giorni fa

    His dog is so cuttttteeeee

  • XdGamer Pro
    XdGamer Pro 13 giorni fa +2

    If i'd work for even my whole life in the same job.. never getting 1mil 10k is like 6monts

  • Rick Pat
    Rick Pat 14 giorni fa +1

    *VrOoM vRoOM SkKrRrtT VwISh VrOomM FiNg SKkrRt ShHhHH VwiNG VWinGsH*

    You are *wolcome* for my car sound.

  • its yo bro sj
    its yo bro sj 14 giorni fa

    Go shon

  • colt smith
    colt smith 16 giorni fa

    Go sean/shawn

  • Liam Taylor
    Liam Taylor 16 giorni fa

    he farted at 2:01 😂😂😂

  • 6 Perfect’s
    6 Perfect’s 16 giorni fa +1

    Go Shaun

  • Caick PBG1230
    Caick PBG1230 17 giorni fa

    Go go go

  • George and Ruby vlogs
    George and Ruby vlogs 17 giorni fa

    Omg stradman I watch him

  • Pumpkindoodle dap
    Pumpkindoodle dap 17 giorni fa


  • Marcia Jones
    Marcia Jones 17 giorni fa +1

    Johnny looks like the kid from Orange of the golden mountain

  • Manny Peña
    Manny Peña 18 giorni fa

    how did he get that mecleren i have a lamborghni egoista and a veneno

  • GalaxC
    GalaxC 18 giorni fa

    I no so much about cars

  • Cayden Eggett
    Cayden Eggett 18 giorni fa

    omg i went to school at legacy jr high

  • TW N
    TW N 18 giorni fa

    GOD I love those lambo headlights


    Dang when they want to go in the tunnel right yall dont even know the tunnel is haunted and have a lot of theory and myth only at night

  • S&S Channel
    S&S Channel 19 giorni fa

    Who the fuck gives this kid such a car? 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • AG Frilans Konsult
    AG Frilans Konsult 19 giorni fa

    3 coffee / day. Wake up boy and smell the coffee :D i have 3 cups before i leave the bed :D

  • WaffleLegend51 on Xbox
    WaffleLegend51 on Xbox 22 giorni fa

    Am I the only one watching in 2032

  • Swish Swoosh
    Swish Swoosh 25 giorni fa

    Calling that a 1 million dollar is stupid! It’s only 100k with all the modifications v10 cars are 200-300k but I do agree it is a race car more like a drift car with the lower rim and the carbon fiber basically adds a 100k and wasting money on wings it creates so much drag. So with all that it’s around 400-600k not one million not even near oh and nice raptor my grand Father is dying to get one, and I’m only 11 years old. Not bragging just giving you facts.

  • mak yeet
    mak yeet 25 giorni fa

    shown is going to die if he has any more kids
    no joke

  • Carl Johnson Carl johnson house

    Yo stradman

  • Ashton Spencer
    Ashton Spencer 27 giorni fa


  • R.I.P Xxxmuderonmymind
    R.I.P Xxxmuderonmymind 27 giorni fa

    Strandman yayaayayayayayyy it makes the video better

  • DeBoi
    DeBoi 28 giorni fa

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