GOT7 3rd Album "Present : YOU" &ME Edition Teaser Video

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  • Pubblicato il 18 nov 2018
  • GOT7 3rd Album "Present : YOU" &ME Edition Teaser Video
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  • Ngọc Ngọc
    Ngọc Ngọc 9 giorni fa

    Xuất bản 4 thg 11, 2018

  • Cyrene Villanueva
    Cyrene Villanueva 4 mesi fa

    2019 is here anyone?

  • markbam got7
    markbam got7 9 mesi fa


  • MyMark Tuan
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  • Anakonda Sever
    Anakonda Sever 9 mesi fa

    O mumu nasıl yaptınız lan djdndn

  • Anderson Daniel Chaguendo Dulcey


  • แคท 'ท
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  • ᴍɪʀᴀᴄʟᴇ ʙɪʀᴅ


  • Lily Albano
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  • K-pop GOTTWICE
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  • Trixie Pulido
    Trixie Pulido 9 mesi fa +1

    I think that's the candle that Lee Know made. HAHAHAHAHAHA! 😂 I'm just kidding. 😂😂

  • Directioner Stypayhorlikson

    "the state of being happy"
    "an experience that makes you happy"
    Those things are true, but for me it's beyond those words and explanations.
    Happiness for me is Got7.
    GOT7 might be just three letters with one number for you, but for me, for Aghase it's beyond those things.
    GOT7 defines our happiness. When we smile, when we laugh, even we cried if it's about Got7 it's happiness. Happiness and at the same time being grateful. Got7 is not about 7 members. It's not just about those letters and number. Got7 is one story. A story that holds a millions of moments and memories as the time goes by. And about how they made impact to each others lives and to our hearts. It's a story of how those 7 different individuals and how us Aghase found each other even we are not looking for each other. Like everything is meant to be and destined to happen. Like those boys came from different races, different parents, different countries with different languages but still they found each other and created a family. Can you still remember those times when we still don't know them, when we still don't know a group called "GOT7"? When they haven't existed? When we didn't feel anything when we heard the names "Yugyeom" "Mark" "JB" "Jinyoung" "Youngjae" Jackson" "BamBam" or that we haven't encounter those names. Those times when we're still living our own lives. But then one day they came. They came and messed with all our hearts. Every time we watch their videos we smiled, we laugh, we cry and our hearts are racing. When we open our mouths and hold our breathe whenever they sing and dance! Those times when the fandom was just starting. Or even those times when you don't know you had criticized and degrade them because you still don't know them. When you still don't know that even you hate them now sooner or later you'll become one of them. Even me myself never expected to be in so much love and find a home in a kpop group. But then Got7 prove me that I'm so wrong all this time. Got7 is the first ever group that made me admit to myself that I could appreciate what I hate. Got7 change me! And I'm freaking happy because they make me so happy that I realized that I would do everything to make these boys happy and that if I could only give the world to them, I would! I may not be a fan from the very start of their journey, but I wish I was and that I'm envious with those people who became one! I live my life without them and it's funny that right now I can't even live a second without them. Like every single second, they are in my mind, like everything in the world reminds me of them. I can't explain exactly what I'd feel for them because the poverty of language is unable to express the impact they made in me and the happiness they give me and the feeling I have for them. But what I can say is love even I know it's something beyond. I realized whenever I see their smiles, I smiled and whenever I see them cry, I can't bear not to cry, and that I just imagine that they're beside me, and I hug them and telling them "it's okay". I want them to feel that they are worth of all the diamonds and golds in the world. They are more than enough for us. I want tell them them that we love them so much whatever happens, because what they did to us, we can't repay them even in our lifetime. Because what they give to us are moments and memories that we could cherish forever and that nobody could take it all away. Everytime I'm watching them on my screen seeing them being themselves, it hurts to admit that they make me happy because they exist in my world, but it gives me so much pain that I don't exists in theirs'. But still at the end of the day I'm happy! I'm happy living, knowing they exist and living in the same world as mine! The fact that even it seems like we're in different worlds but still as an Ahgase, knowing that out there in this world these seven individuals are there....we're under the same sky. And somehow I believe that we will see each other someday somehow, like that day is already destined to happen, just like I had known them. So lastly, I want to say thank you so much JB, Yugyeom, Mark. Jinyoung, Jackson, BamBam, and Youngjae. Thank you for letting us be part of this journey of yours. We can guarantee you that you will always, forever live in our hearts! The fame, the name, the money, the titles, and the industry might fade and forget you, but the history and impact, the happiness and joy you had given us will always be safe in our hearts forever. Kamsahamnida Got7! Saranghe from the very bottom of our hearts! We love you so much more than you could imagine!😭😭😘😘

  • Mei Shien
    Mei Shien 9 mesi fa

    We are being feed SOOO WELLL 💗 we loveee u guyssss

  • yari bts
    yari bts 9 mesi fa +1

    Tan lindo.❤

  • Search Got7
    Search Got7 9 mesi fa

    Just realized.... the comback will be in my hell week .... 🙃💔

  • جّـوٌآنِآ _١٧

    *Army with Ahgase **-Sorry my English not good💗🔥-*
    *🔥💗BTS with Got7🔥💗*

  • KPOP equals LIFE and DEATH

    December 3rd lets go and hold on to your wigs

  • Jadine Lustreid
    Jadine Lustreid 9 mesi fa


  • ᴍɪʀᴀᴄʟᴇ ʙɪʀᴅ


  • 칫주
    칫주 9 mesi fa +1

    갓세븐 컴백 12월 3일 6시에 대기타고잇다가 바로 들으러올게 ♡

  • njooswt
    njooswt 9 mesi fa

    aaaaaaaaa meu coraçao nao to preparada minha maeeeee

  • aulia azzahra
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  • lucky shusho
    lucky shusho 9 mesi fa

    omg so excited

  • MB
    MB 9 mesi fa

    I can’t wait !!!

  • Defkookie
    Defkookie 9 mesi fa

    Ahhhhh I‘m dyinggggg😩🥰❤️

  • Monster_ MonstaX
    Monster_ MonstaX 9 mesi fa

    This is very special 😍❤❤❤❤ for Christmas

  • 영원히아가새
    영원히아가새 9 mesi fa

    갓세븤 12월 3일 컴백 기대되요~~~~^^

  • Brianna rks
    Brianna rks 9 mesi fa

    But 6 days and 11 hours until miracle!!

  • Naxxe Somerhalder Radke

    Una semana y no puede superar el medio millón? Ni siquiera llegar a el? Que esta pasando????

  • Meryy G.
    Meryy G. 9 mesi fa

    Omg , i can't wait to see this amazing video complete

  • sandy victorin
    sandy victorin 9 mesi fa

    Already got this bitch saved on my calendar

  • Mindless Girl 143
    Mindless Girl 143 9 mesi fa

    Got7 you're my Miracle and can't wait to listen to the song and the MV too❤❤❤💙💙💙

  • Alookyouare GOT7
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  • - armyonce are superior


  • kyumeom
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  • Kyne Pagay
    Kyne Pagay 10 mesi fa +1

    its gonna be CONFESSION SONG 2.0 plsss

  • Angel Mae CONCEPCION
    Angel Mae CONCEPCION 10 mesi fa +1

    Exciting ayiiiee

  • Piangtawan Ketranong


  • Zay Nie
    Zay Nie 10 mesi fa

    This one going to be my fav💖

  • hope dean
    hope dean 10 mesi fa +4

    My two ults - Got7 and Day6 are having end of year comebacks??? I feel wicked lucky rn. I've been hoping for another Got7 Christmas song since Confession Song

  • Aubrey Paluga
    Aubrey Paluga 10 mesi fa +1

    It's just candle and piano song but my heart wants to leave my body because of too much excitement 😂😂😂

  • Sawitree Sunsuwan
    Sawitree Sunsuwan 10 mesi fa

    I GOT7

  • 몬엑존잘이야
    몬엑존잘이야 10 mesi fa +1

    뺠리 컴백해 울 아가들

  • kiira Sohyun
    kiira Sohyun 10 mesi fa

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mis baibis❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😜

  • Mew Mew
    Mew Mew 10 mesi fa +2

    ##### Youngjae I HOPE YOU SEE THIS COMMENT######
    Youngjae you're the best !!!
    Youngjae you amazing !!!
    Youngjae who has charming smile

    don't worry about everything that happen
    make your life is easy and happy
    Always support you
    Always beside you
    Sorry I can't speak Korean and my English is so bad but I really take care of you

  • GOT7 JB
    GOT7 JB 10 mesi fa +1

    With this is?

  • nok nok
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  • Coelhinha Lua Hoseok LooNa Stan

    IGOT7s brs???

  • JenAhgase Even
    JenAhgase Even 10 mesi fa

    😍😍 it feels Like this is my Birthday present from GOT7💕😙
    Well... Dec.03 is my Birthday😍😍 Thank you Guys😙😙😁😇

  • Lonalyn Reyes
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  • Aqsa Akbar
    Aqsa Akbar 10 mesi fa

    You are my miracle GOT7!!

  • Mien Yu
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  • Luis Daniel Zhongor Arias


  • GOT7 BamBam
    GOT7 BamBam 10 mesi fa

    Miracle ahhhhhh

  • Xylia
    Xylia 10 mesi fa +6

    GOT7 is owning this year. Thank you so much for working so hard. I will never be able to fully express amount of love I have for all seven of you.

  • Mia AhGaSeBv
    Mia AhGaSeBv 10 mesi fa

    Oie no ::::::'""""U

  • Kpopers Y Mas
    Kpopers Y Mas 10 mesi fa

    i ñove got7

  • Daniela Martinez
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  • It’s yah boi Joey
    It’s yah boi Joey 10 mesi fa

    Hi I’m crying 😭

  • g gigi
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