What Happened to Wonder Girls

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  • Pubblicato il 22 mar 2019
  • A little editorial on my thoughts of What happened to Wonder Girls, Sunmi, HyunA, and JYP, and why wonder girls disbanded!
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  • InternetsNathan
    InternetsNathan  2 mesi fa +250

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    • Michelle Oh!
      Michelle Oh! Mese fa

      Aeshiryzen Aeschirett 2ne1 disbanded

    • Michelle Oh!
      Michelle Oh! Mese fa

      I really wonder what happened to b1a4

    • TheGreatSailorSaturn
      TheGreatSailorSaturn Mese fa +2


    • vale gremory
      vale gremory Mese fa +2

      Can you talk about members who left their groups and are now successful Chinese / Korean / Japanese (? Like a TOP or something... ☄ I started to watch your videos recently! I love them!

    • Ruby
      Ruby Mese fa +2


  • What Ever
    What Ever Giorno fa

    You left a few important things out about WG; Yeeun's solo career- her success, and 'Tell Me', which boosted their popularity up as a whole.
    You could've talked a little bit more about Yubin's and Hyuna's solo career. Also, "Reboot" era was somewhat huge, not only because of their comeback after a long hiatus and the lineup changes, but also because how they dramatically switched their concept and I felt that wasn't really added (and downplayed) in this video, which is a little unfortunate. So this video felt a little underwhelming with their achievements, and at some point also inconsistent with the time-line (Where was the 'Tell Me' craze?).
    Nonetheless, I'm happy you told about what happened to Sunye and Sohee and how you gave a lot of insight about Sunmi's career and hiatus, and that you mentioned about Hyerim. Also, it was very nice how much information you gave about their U.S era. Overall I think it was an interesting video, with a few hiccups here and there.

  • b
    b 3 giorni fa

    Even though Wonder Girls flopped in the US, I used to looove their American debut song Like Money, learnt the dance and everything :)))

  • Kawaii Prince
    Kawaii Prince 3 giorni fa +1


  • serenityq26
    serenityq26 6 giorni fa

    its public knowledge why they disbaned: yeeun is a singer songwriter producer, she matured beyond the group and needed full control which jyp would never give her. thats why she's independent. sunye met a boy and wanted to settle down. sohee was just there to get her foot in the door and become famous, acting has always been her true passion. the rest were just left overs who cant support a group so: solo!

  • serenityq26
    serenityq26 6 giorni fa

    oh the cringe at the name pronounciation. ugh! its 예 not yi and 희 not hey

  • serenityq26
    serenityq26 6 giorni fa

    more like third generation but ok..........yall kids keep sleeping on the 90s kpop peeps aka the founders

  • roshanay waqas
    roshanay waqas 7 giorni fa

    Can u plz make one about bts cuz it gonna finish in 2020

  • Rex Au
    Rex Au 7 giorni fa +2

    at least the girls are still producing music, even if its solo

  • Madeline Johanna
    Madeline Johanna 9 giorni fa +1

    Watch that happen to blackpink and other groups 😢😭😓

  • Mayday
    Mayday 9 giorni fa +1

    Wonder Girls are still the best group to come out of JYP easily. Reboot and Pink Tape are the only kpop idol albums that match the quality of the best western pop albums this decade

  • Nct zen
    Nct zen 10 giorni fa +2

    When I was a kid i rememeber singing Nobody,I am the best, and Fire girllll

  • ᴀʀᴍʏ ᴏʀʙɪᴛ

    What happened to Ladies Code next

  • J. 2hua
    J. 2hua 11 giorni fa

    Just a comment.

    TWICE have had their own management team since their debut, they only dealt with TWICE and no-one else in the company so it would have ZERO affect on WGs that were managed by the main company. Even to this day, Division 3 only manages TWICE as Suzy, whom was added to the Division roster later on, has left the company.

    JYPE has 4 Divisions that manage Singers under their roster, it was introduced when TWICE proved the system works, the Divisions have their own PR, AR and Management staff. JYPE's Management is divided by Pre-TWICE which was when WGs was in and Post-TWICE with the introductions of Divisions that have their roster of Singers

  • BVpinkninja
    BVpinkninja 12 giorni fa

    No wonder joe loves BTS lol

  • retro rye
    retro rye 12 giorni fa

    #WonderGirlsOT6 👏👏

  • Arica Vang
    Arica Vang 12 giorni fa

    Can you do AOA?

  • Melissa Sandoval
    Melissa Sandoval 13 giorni fa

    Suzy happened, JYP adore her

  • Jon Mel Ryle Marquez
    Jon Mel Ryle Marquez 14 giorni fa

    How about What Happened to 4minute?

  • Horen LastTeacher
    Horen LastTeacher 16 giorni fa

    Legends of the 2nd generation. They've never failed nor flop. Those who says otherwise can go fuck themselves. Flops don't last for 10 fucking years.

  • Jagjit Singh
    Jagjit Singh 16 giorni fa

    wonder girls brought kpop to the world. that's just the T.

  • Merry
    Merry 16 giorni fa

    It’s sad that no one talks about Yubin and Yeeun as much as they talk about Sunmi, and a few summi fans don’t even realise she was in wonder girls

  • LunarMonster
    LunarMonster 16 giorni fa

    they also have a song featuring Akon

  • I mean Ok
    I mean Ok 17 giorni fa

    2:32 did anyone else peep her face after the hug lol

  • ThePandaKitten
    ThePandaKitten 17 giorni fa

    Wasn't there a Wonder Girls movie?

    • Merry
      Merry 16 giorni fa

      Yeah on nick

  • Kai Zen
    Kai Zen 17 giorni fa

    I see how JYP deal with wonder girls and I just shake my head to YG. Look how he takes care of his artist. He doesn't easily gives up on them.

  • Max Dickson
    Max Dickson 18 giorni fa

    Pls do a video about T-ara!

  • Afiq Muhauyidin
    Afiq Muhauyidin 19 giorni fa

    i love dahyun hehe

  • Ra Luna
    Ra Luna 19 giorni fa +1

    Now make a What happened to Hello Venus xD

  • Rômulo Dias
    Rômulo Dias 23 giorni fa +1

    I find it funny that you made a video named "What happened to Wonder Girls" and in the middle of the video, you say "How am I supposed to know?"...

  • chelsy ivory
    chelsy ivory 24 giorni fa +2

    My favourite kpop group TWICE #WONDERGIRLS

  • Angelina Xu
    Angelina Xu 24 giorni fa

    isn't wonder girls first gen?

    • Neptoons
      Neptoons 21 giorno fa

      Nope, second generation

  • cloudy_jpg
    cloudy_jpg 24 giorni fa +1

    I remember going to a Jonas Brothers concert back in like 7th grade when they were on tour and seeing the Wonder Girls, and even though I had no idea about what kpop was back then, their song "Nobody" would get stuck in my head years after seeing that concert (they were also pretty great btw). I'm kinda sad tho because I remember them being outside after the concert for anyone who wanted to get a photo with them but I didn't get a photo DX

  • TheLouisedogs
    TheLouisedogs 25 giorni fa +2

    I would love to see a 'What happened to...' : B.A.P, Kara, 2pm, 4Minute, U-Kiss, Girl's Day, AOA, After School, 2NE1, 9Muses, Got7, MBLAQ, Infinite, Miss A, Sistar, T-ara
    So many of these groups I really wonder: WHY?! esp. WHEN THEY WERE SUCCESSFUL

  • Shafiq Ikram
    Shafiq Ikram 26 giorni fa +2

    'Nobody' will be my legendary k-pop song that makes me into k-pop! No songs can beat that!

  • Hana M
    Hana M 26 giorni fa +1

    I didn't even connect the fact that Sumni to Wonder Girls

  • Markise Daniels
    Markise Daniels 28 giorni fa

    What Happened to KARA?

  • chillated chin
    chillated chin 28 giorni fa

    i don't think twice was one of the reason to wonder girl's disbandment especially with that whole new system that jyp test runned on twice which would be that each group or artist under jyp runs with their own. little companies in a company as jyp described it. twice had their own little staff and that provided sustenance for their promo. they wouldn't have been on the way of jyp's focus on wonder girls.

  • Kim SeokNia
    Kim SeokNia 28 giorni fa

    AND ITZY....

  • Dzyen Reed
    Dzyen Reed 28 giorni fa

    Hyuna is dead?

  • Im jooanaa
    Im jooanaa 28 giorni fa

    I think I'm just 4 when I already know NOBODY NOBODY and now I'm 12 and idk that their entertainment is JYP that's why I stalk Jyp until I saw SIXTEEN and fall in love with twice lol.

  • Mytato
    Mytato 29 giorni fa +2

    I love sunmi as a single idol!

  • Godsé is reall and among us

    Sumni is iconic I’m so proud of her

  • Merrxana-mia_luv
    Merrxana-mia_luv 29 giorni fa

    He posts this the day before twice uploads a new song...

  • Reyjan Salaan
    Reyjan Salaan Mese fa +2

    wonder girls.. 2ne1.. and girls generation introduced me what kpop is.. live on legends..

  • Ceci Tortuga
    Ceci Tortuga Mese fa

    what happened to miss A

  • Myah Y
    Myah Y Mese fa

    This video was horrible. You didn't even scratch the surface of things.

  • Ex Ts
    Ex Ts Mese fa

    u forgot the kinda come back "be my baby" single lol...

  • Jamais Vu
    Jamais Vu Mese fa

    wonder girls indeed paved the way huh

  • Cylvie Ace
    Cylvie Ace Mese fa +1

    That video at 0:38 I saw that video.It's from a vlogger.Hmmmmm

  • Janeth bojorquez
    Janeth bojorquez Mese fa +1

    can you do "What happened to T-ARA"

  • Garret Burrow
    Garret Burrow Mese fa

    2:28 watch her face after the hug.... WEIRD

  • Kaeyee Xc
    Kaeyee Xc Mese fa

    Wonder Girls was my *Childhood* I love love looove their songs. This video made me so sad

  • Jinsouloona
    Jinsouloona Mese fa

    what happened to baek a yeon

  • Mathilda Fructose
    Mathilda Fructose Mese fa +1

    It made me cry again. I miss my queens😭💔

  • Hayana Ali
    Hayana Ali Mese fa

    wonder girls,miss A,Girls generation , fx, T_ara, 4minute,2ne1 ,sistar, after school ,kara ,brown eyed girls , Rania,jewelry ......i really miss them all legends😍😍😍😍😍😍😢k.a.r.d, mamamoo,they r really awesome but underrated wish they could be popular like bp now ...

  • Nst Putr
    Nst Putr Mese fa

    Make this kind video about t-ara, the bullying scandal, a lying member and everything they achieved at their peaks also their downfall.

    AOA YUNARIA Mese fa

    I heard one of them got covered with stickers n stuf...

    • 유나
      유나 Mese fa

      AOA YUNARIA The one in the thumbnail? Thats Sunmi, a soloist. She was covered in stickers for part of her song ‘Noir’.

  • Smol Boi
    Smol Boi Mese fa +1

    looking at your patreon subscriber ranks looks like you a dubs stan? LMAOO

  • Bangtan's Lifeu
    Bangtan's Lifeu Mese fa

    Can you do for 2NE1?

  • twidlings
    twidlings Mese fa

    I think the video is a little confusing as the timeline was not chronological. I remember Sunmi had her solo debut before Sunye left to get married, which was such a long time ago now that I think about it.

  • 2000s baby
    2000s baby Mese fa

    I didn’t know that “Nobody” was a Korean song. Not only that, the song gives me nostalgia 🌸

  • whatawaste
    whatawaste Mese fa +1

    WAIT. They had a tour with THE JONAS BROTHERS

    1HUFFMAN Mese fa

    I thought when they started playing instruments it would be the start of an even brighter future.....Rekin I was wrong, eh?

  • Johnston Steiner

    If twice takes off enough: just see if jyp wont think of some way to retain the twice fanbase by holding more talent shows, comebacks and so on ....... and just see if some members wont go and pursue other careers or like get married lol

  • Johnston Steiner

    Short version: wonder girls became wonder women

  • david white
    david white Mese fa +1

    still amazes me that hyuna debuted when she was only 14/15.....mental

  • Sweet Despair
    Sweet Despair Mese fa +4

    Wonder Girls, SNSD, SJ, BB and 2NE1 paved the way for these 3rd and 4th generations groups nowadays

  • kpop trash
    kpop trash Mese fa +1

    Army's should watch this and stop saying bts is what brought kpop to America 🙄

  • kyootnshort
    kyootnshort Mese fa

    This is really a very sped up timeline, missing a lot of details that would explain more what happened to WG.

  • Sky Daniels
    Sky Daniels Mese fa

    K pop sounds scary...not only a very strict life style but it's clearly seeriously cut throat and soooooo easy to get big just as easy for someone else to quickly before you can blink of an eye -all sudden thier on top of you

  • Hello Hi
    Hello Hi Mese fa +2

    They Went from Famous To *Nobody Nobody knows you*

  • 534590820
    534590820 Mese fa

    LOL no, here's whats up:

    things u got wrong:
    - hyuna got pregnant so she left the group (this is not public knowledge, but common knowledge in inner circles)
    - "Nobody" was popular BEFORE jyp's dreams of america took the reins. the english version of nobody came out one year after the korean version. some "perez hilton" buzz about the korean version got jyp a little too cocky and the USA dream was hatched with a jonas brothers tour. AKA - nobody was over-promoted for at least two years

    - sunye left the group well before her baby was born. she left when she got married.

    the gist of the story:
    wg went down the drain because jyp was ruthless and tone deaf in his quest for american fame. the first victim of this international quest was sunmi, who was young and homesick, possibly in a long distance relationship with taecyeon from 2pm. after a bunch of songs that were inappropriate for the american market, plus some controversies in america (angry english tutor slandered them, they were kicked out of their housing, etc), they were flopping hard in the USA (even with a nickelodeon movie, etc)
    who the fuck thought 2 different tears or be my baby would be good songs for the american market? ahem... jyp.
    by the time like money came out, it was too late. their american album was scrapped and sunye decided to go on some missions to haiti, get hitched and have a family.
    "reboot" was jyp's gift back to the girls, their parting gift of sorts as they had now been doing this for 10 years.
    after why so lonely, these girls were old enough to go their separate ways.

  • neutral color
    neutral color Mese fa

    Wonder girls paved the way

  • Trudy J
    Trudy J Mese fa

    Hyelim was going to debut in a Chinese Version of Wonder Girls (5 members) but two girls left JYP so they scrapped it and Hyelim was put into the existing Wonder Girls and the other two debuted in Miss A

  • Daniel Mun
    Daniel Mun Mese fa +2

    The reason why they broke up is because their US debut was destined to fail from the beginning but they still spent several years trying to make it happen. They lost me as a fan during that time and I'm sure tons of others too.

  • Paoツ
    Paoツ Mese fa

    I see an intellectual Dahyun stan

  • UnknownDarkDragon

    nobody was my favorite song from WG hands down. loved it so much. i found it so fucking sad that they disbanded like my all time favorite group 2NE1. 2nd gen kpop from, which i group up on, is dying so slowly, maybe a little faster than i think, to say the least.

  • Kay
    Kay Mese fa

    'Nobody' was the shit back then 😤😤😤

  • 陈嘉鸿
    陈嘉鸿 Mese fa

    Personally i think if TWICE were to be the cause for a group’s disbandment(not saying they are, I love them to death), then I think they would’ve been the cause for Miss A’s disbandment more than Wonder Girls.

  • Subpar Senpai
    Subpar Senpai Mese fa +1

    yo what happened to brown eyed girls?

  • KSJ Productions
    KSJ Productions Mese fa +1

    literally had no clue sunmi was in a group before going solo-- woah

  • Kkew Full
    Kkew Full Mese fa +1

    Hi - you should mentioned Yenny as the original one member, she was there since debut and disband
    She also composed many songs like “hello to my self”, “smile” and much more
    Thank for the vid anyway

  • meanie
    meanie Mese fa

    Wonder girls lasted longer than 4minute

  • Chel_ galaxy
    Chel_ galaxy Mese fa

    My first ever kpop group and nobody my first ever kpop song I heard because my mom blasts it around the house almost everyday once. My UB is and always will be Yubin ♡

  • Peach Jeon
    Peach Jeon Mese fa

    what happened to Miss A :(

  • lilbher
    lilbher Mese fa

    Please make like this to 2NE1.

  • mariyah t
    mariyah t Mese fa


  • Meng X
    Meng X Mese fa

    Great video! Yes I totally agree with you why the group disbanded. I mean they gave us 10 years (so it was time to just close the chapter) while many unknown groups in the entertainment industry would be considered lucky if they can pass 1 year. Anyway I was hoping you also mentioned about this point in your video that even Wondergirls members (Yeeun and Hyerim) who are still working for JYP wrote lyrics and helped produce for some Twice songs and albums.

  • kmraae
    kmraae Mese fa

    what happened to miss a? :c

  • Can I get an UwU

    atleast they weren't a victim of the 7 yr. jinx

  • Can I get an UwU

    atleast they weren't a victim of the 7 yr. jinx

  • Řæívöñ
    Řæívöñ Mese fa

    this is faktap

  • Tetey Kurz Sailo
    Tetey Kurz Sailo Mese fa +2

    my generation was the 2nd kpop and so far, till now....it was the best kpop ever!

  • Moon Potato
    Moon Potato Mese fa

    I want nobody nobody but you *cries* (● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾(☝︎ ՞ਊ ՞)☝︎suck my toes just I still love wonder girls

  • Renee Angela Genroso

    Truly legendary.

  • eye roll
    eye roll Mese fa

    my childhood.

  • Christina The Idiot Alien

    2:36 OML I just realized that that song is on my cousin’s karaoke and I didn’t notice it was Wonder girls.

  • DJ토끼
    DJ토끼 Mese fa

    Wonder Girls' downfall will always be such a sad and bitter memory for me having been their fan... In hindsight if they stayed in Korea after their 3rd hit with Nobody they could've taken advantage of the wave and kept up with their career. JYP definitely pushed the ''debuting in America'' card too hard despite it being obvious that it wasn't working... And even when their fans just wanted them back in Korea with another comeback, they kept prolonging and reassuring that their debut was going great and needed more time since they were breaking the market when they weren't. JYP's persistence and statement with only doing the 복고/retro theme for WG (which if you look back might be memorable and labels them with a style) was still a bad move when in competition with other girl groups who had prettier/stylish concepts. It makes me wonder if the fans at the time were more vocal about their thoughts if anything could've changed...

  • Pamela Vu
    Pamela Vu Mese fa

    The youngsters nowadays will never understand the huge impact wonder girls had on kpop. As someone that’s been following kpop for now 10+ years I really liked this video. I miss wonder girls so much and they were up there with Big Bang. Now jyp has twice and Itzy so we won’t hear about wonder girls anymore sadly. But seriously the new kpop stans will never feel or understand the old kpop and how great it was back then too.