Tennis Hidden Chats You Surely Ignored #4 (Drama Between Tennis Players)

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  • Pubblicato il 21 mar 2019
  • Part 1 :
    Part 2 :
    Part 3 :
    Hrbaty asks Roger Federer to set next to him during the changeover, Verdasco VS. Gasquet and the French Crowd , Sampras & Agassi air their dirty laundry , Almagro VS. Delbonis and More crazy moments in this 4th part of Tennis Hidden Chats/Dialogues you surely have missed!
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  • Tennistic Productions
    Tennistic Productions 3 mesi fa +125

    Love this series! Always a hidden chat in there I didn´t know about...waiting for Part 5! :)

    • Avinash Jha
      Avinash Jha 3 mesi fa

      @WivoRN Productions nvvcccvvvdskiirft666

    • john smith
      john smith 3 mesi fa +1

      tennis hasn't been played since 2001, when they made the ball bigger

    • Tennis Awesome
      Tennis Awesome 3 mesi fa +1

      Tennistic - Daily Tennis Video remember me!

    • TennisShh
      TennisShh 3 mesi fa +1

      Tennistic - Daily Tennis Video juhhu pablo kako je zasto si presto radit videe

  • Luke Scott
    Luke Scott Ora fa

    That umpire at 2:47 is fine !!!

  • 24 Lancelot
    24 Lancelot 10 ore fa

    3:32 Lurch meets MiniMe.

  • starvla246
    starvla246 13 ore fa

    I really love these. Would you consider including WTA players on them?

  • Jared Martin
    Jared Martin Giorno fa

    2:53 what's her @ tho..

  • MangaSlayer
    MangaSlayer Giorno fa

    The height difference between Schwartzman and Anderson! Wow

  • x5spoonman
    x5spoonman Giorno fa +1

    7:32, greatest boo of all time

  • Franck Nattario
    Franck Nattario 2 giorni fa +4

    *Sampras, Federer, Agassi, Nadal, Djokovic, Borg, McEnroe, Edberg, Becker and Lendl... THE FANTASTIC TEN !!*

  • dbreiden83080
    dbreiden83080 3 giorni fa

    Andre honestly i used to respect but I don’t anymore. Between his book, him basically whining and complaining that he never loved tennis and only basically played because daddy made him. Plus this bullshit. He’s a fucking baby.

  • Adele K
    Adele K 3 giorni fa +1

    5:55 When you momentarily forget you're not playing social tennis at your club...

  • mcsteel77
    mcsteel77 3 giorni fa +1

    Filthy frogs...

  • Mohammad Afaneh
    Mohammad Afaneh 3 giorni fa +1


  • rosihantu1
    rosihantu1 3 giorni fa

    Verdasco is right

  • Micky Antiforms
    Micky Antiforms 6 giorni fa

    Rafa, Pete and Andre look like children compared with Roger's class.

    • KASIbc2003
      KASIbc2003 5 giorni fa

      Micky Antiforms wth did Rafa do?😂😂

  • Alexander Gaynutdinov
    Alexander Gaynutdinov 7 giorni fa

    my jaw dropped at 3:32. Blue shirt is massively tall

  • Fortnite Edited
    Fortnite Edited 7 giorni fa +8

    3:33 That guy’s twice his size and still lost..

  • Hugo Boss
    Hugo Boss 7 giorni fa

    hidden chat? it wasnt hidden

  • Introverder
    Introverder 7 giorni fa

    2:45 - Zlatan :).

  • Deacon Frost
    Deacon Frost 8 giorni fa +15

    Lol Nadal "i thought it was at 8 not 6"

  • TTV NewHydro
    TTV NewHydro 9 giorni fa +19

    Roger trying to cut the tension is a class act move

    • TTV NewHydro
      TTV NewHydro Giorno fa +1

      Aleksa Andrijasevic maybe banter at some point was expected, but it wasn’t supposed to get personal and heated like it was, there was a lot of tension around that court

    • Aleksa Andrijasevic
      Aleksa Andrijasevic Giorno fa

      It's staged probably

  • Zingu
    Zingu 10 giorni fa

    The contrast between Anderson and Schwartzman bahahah

  • Evgeniy Raskolnjikov
    Evgeniy Raskolnjikov 10 giorni fa

    Who knew Almagro was such a piece of shit xD

  • UnsungHero74
    UnsungHero74 11 giorni fa +25

    Agassi was just out of line, I am sorry. Pete's imitation was nothing mean-spirited and then Andre just got mean. He always said he did not like tennis, but He was always just bitter Pete was so much better than him

    • Bleek Chain
      Bleek Chain 4 giorni fa

      Agassi was taking drugs and Pete was still better

  • Seppi 1310
    Seppi 1310 13 giorni fa

    classic "I play a counter stop, so you have to play the ball around me hehe" desillusionation moment

    When you choose to charge and play a stop, you better learn to live with the consequences. It's your duty to keep yourself safe from being shot at, not your opponent's.

  • hal biggiam
    hal biggiam 16 giorni fa

    Years ago attended an'' exhibition''match McEnroe and Lendl in Chicago. Was so intense one would have thought it was a Grand Slam. Like Pete and Andre, rivals sometimes never die.

  • Kirk Meyers
    Kirk Meyers 18 giorni fa

    Haha, Sampras will always be the greatest tennis player of all time . . . None have yet to surpass him :)

  • Logik
    Logik 20 giorni fa

    Lol Almagro's ejection of the offending ball out of the stadium.

  • Sanders
    Sanders 22 giorni fa

    Verdasco deserves to be punched for that.

  • Chester Atkins
    Chester Atkins 22 giorni fa +4

    "rafa couldn't understand" HAHAHHAHAHAHA lost it

    • Fiona Lin
      Fiona Lin 5 giorni fa

      Chester Atkins that was the only part that actually made me laugh apart from when Sampras served at Agassi. 😂😂

  • Pablo Escobar
    Pablo Escobar 22 giorni fa

    Verdasco is right, the french are little shits.

  • Joe M
    Joe M 24 giorni fa +1

    LOL I get a good laugh thinking how Rafa has no idea what's going on. He's probably thinking

    "Wow, the crowd really loved Pete walking funny and Andre pulling his pockets out. I can't really blame them. That was some funny stuff".

  • Alexander Nevermind
    Alexander Nevermind 25 giorni fa

    Verdasco is a little bitch. Go play curling if you dont like crowds reactions. Gasquet's little whore :)

  • Étienne Gauthier

    Love these series

  • Devin M.
    Devin M. Mese fa +15

    Doesn't matter how many times I watch the Sampras vs Agassi doubles match, it's always uncomfortable.

  • Ethan Aloysius
    Ethan Aloysius Mese fa

    Dimitrov no homo

  • Ara A
    Ara A Mese fa +2

    seems Agassi can't take it that Sampras was the better tennis player

  • Hondo Pirat
    Hondo Pirat Mese fa +10

    « I don’t think you’re not not right ».. that sentence alone gave me a headache.

  • Alberto P.
    Alberto P. Mese fa

    not anderson, but an viewer/spectator
    I couldn't understand either what was happening in the charitable match. No subtitles :(

  • Antonio Lounas
    Antonio Lounas Mese fa

    Verdasco laconchia de ta mère

  • Zara khan
    Zara khan Mese fa

    Pete and Agassi making Rafa and roger think "bish we dont do that anymore" rivals but still humble and friendly

  • Landoras
    Landoras Mese fa +1

    @10.46 looks like a child just got his room full of candy

  • elgodecrepito
    elgodecrepito Mese fa

    Mil Veces Fed-Sam

  • Iain young
    Iain young Mese fa +4

    The umpire in the second clip 😍😍

  • Crni Wolf
    Crni Wolf Mese fa

    putos franches de mierda

  • Avinash simon
    Avinash simon Mese fa +2

    “ I don’t think you are not right” bits her lips 🤣

  • Doda1 Yo
    Doda1 Yo Mese fa

    Almagro needs to chill the fk out

  • hydrobiologia
    hydrobiologia Mese fa

    i wonder what rafa was thinking while those idiots went off about nothing and he understands like every 3rd word looool

  • hydrobiologia
    hydrobiologia Mese fa

    tsonga is cute lol

  • chakko007
    chakko007 Mese fa +1

    Verdasco has a point, to be honest...

    • Ron M
      Ron M Mese fa


  • Kenzie Aponte
    Kenzie Aponte Mese fa

    3:32 🙄🙄🙄

  • Kozow
    Kozow Mese fa

    Verdasco is right. French crowd sucks ass.

  • Phil c
    Phil c Mese fa

    verdasco really don’t need to come to play if he react like a child

  • Random PC-User
    Random PC-User Mese fa

    Pete doesn't tip. He doesn't believe in tips.

  • Random PC-User
    Random PC-User Mese fa

    "I don't think you're not not right"... That means she didn't not dislike him? Diego didn't not lose the match, and I don't think Kevin didn't lose any unawakeness after not winning this un-non-match.

  • Sturmflut93
    Sturmflut93 Mese fa +11

    "Verdasco is beginning to lose it..."
    This might be a little bit of an understatement.

  • Marius Haugan Lillegjære

    Go big or go home. That umpire went home, with Diego.

  • M MMM
    M MMM Mese fa

    French are the whores, worst public. They are did not French when i think again, black piece of shit

  • kbayrory
    kbayrory Mese fa

    Roger @11'13" LOL

  • faceandaname
    faceandaname Mese fa

    If you dont tip in america, you're a bad human bein, got it.

  • Matthew Trotman
    Matthew Trotman Mese fa

    I don't think you're not not right ? So he's wrong ? Wtf kind of sentence is that ? I say that yet I only know English and English is not her first language but damn that sentence was confusing .

  • raju singh
    raju singh Mese fa +1

    7:33 what is Roman reigns doing there

  • Liuba Pidluznaja
    Liuba Pidluznaja 2 mesi fa

    very funniest video, I suppose

  • Naco Fichetti
    Naco Fichetti 2 mesi fa

    Best answer at 12:00 with pure tennis!!!

  • Gregory's Goals
    Gregory's Goals 2 mesi fa

    Wow, look at the height difference between Shwartzman and Anderson! Shwartz is 5'6 and a half (5'7 in trainers) and Anderson is 6'10 - has there ever been a bigger difference at that level in the men's game?

  • Common Dirtbagz
    Common Dirtbagz 2 mesi fa +41

    Rafa didn’t know what was going on lol, I love him.

  • Baltr
    Baltr 2 mesi fa

    French people are the worst assholes.

  • barryschwarz
    barryschwarz 2 mesi fa

    Interview: Roger on Hbarty sitting next to him during the Wimbledon match -

  • Jaya Chagala
    Jaya Chagala 2 mesi fa +7

    hosting country, crowds shud be respectful towards other country players,they r guests of the nation,blindly disturbing the foreign players is cruel,disrespectful and UN-sportive,

  • Tbail1138
    Tbail1138 2 mesi fa +76

    Sampras imitation was funny. Agassi pocket no money thing was straight up cringe

    • Jon McClane
      Jon McClane Giorno fa

      Tbail1138 no that’s not all it, man. He’s calling him a bad ripper! Hello McFly

    • Jon McClane
      Jon McClane Giorno fa

      Sampras acted like bein called a bad tipper was like the worst thing ever. Grow some balls, Petey

    • Scott Eckart
      Scott Eckart 2 giorni fa +4

      @MookApparel Ahh yes, but did you know that most servers in America get paid only $2-$4 an hour before tips? So yeah you should tip. That's customary in the U.S.A., but it is different in other countries though!

    • danashane
      danashane 2 giorni fa

      funny thing: they're each worth more than 100 million $

    • MookApparel
      MookApparel 5 giorni fa

      @Craig Stevenson what is the big issue with tipping anyway. I never tip unless I had one of the best meals of my life

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 2 mesi fa

    The Argentinian player needs to learn some manners cause telling a woman straight 'Shut up' is rude LMAO