How Did You Know You Were Gay? ft. Eugene Lee Yang

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  • Pubblicato il 18 giu 2019
  • Eugene Lee Yang from The Try Guys sits down with me to talk about coming out publicly for the first time!
    Eugene's coming out videos:
    I'm Gay -
    Why I'm Coming Out As Gay -
    Featuring the song "Can't Forget" by Evan Duffy (@evanduffycomposer)
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    Watch more!
    With friends:
    With food:
    With feels:
    With cats:
    This is a truly wonderful time. These moments are treasures!
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  • Lord Bepis
    Lord Bepis 14 ore fa

    Wait time out... is eugene actually gay?

  • Scarlet MacTire
    Scarlet MacTire 3 giorni fa

    I'm so proud of him. I've always loved him. And now, I love him even more for being so brave.

  • Hey It's me
    Hey It's me 3 giorni fa

    Oh My God this is the cat lady *-*

  • dragonboy718
    dragonboy718 4 giorni fa

    always suspected

  • I Samiya I
    I Samiya I 5 giorni fa +2

    am I the only one who kinda assumed he was gay

  • you166mhz
    you166mhz 7 giorni fa +1

    I knew it right off the bat he is gay ..... he's all pajama boy ...

  • 박민서
    박민서 7 giorni fa +1

    3:44 accurate sksksksksk,,,, like they still love you but it’s nOPE nUH UH,,,

  • Nicole Ashlyn
    Nicole Ashlyn 7 giorni fa

    Wow... the "I love you more than my ignorance" is the best you can get from your parents really hit me hard. Too many can relate.

  • Robie Asher Uy
    Robie Asher Uy 7 giorni fa

    I've always know he gay.

  • Jacqueline Sparkles
    Jacqueline Sparkles 10 giorni fa +2

    This is disappointing because I’m a girl and you’re the most attractive Try Guy.

  • Charlotte Hoelzl
    Charlotte Hoelzl 10 giorni fa

    my gay mom and dad made a video together i’m not crying you’re crying

  • JaninaStormborn
    JaninaStormborn 11 giorni fa

    I'm not crying, YOU are crying :D

  • Sleepymug Kim
    Sleepymug Kim 11 giorni fa

    Why’re you asking me cry like this wtf dude

  • L C
    L C 15 giorni fa

    I love eugene awww this video is so wholesome

  • Morgan L
    Morgan L 15 giorni fa

    Mulan had the same effect on me too

  • TCt83067695
    TCt83067695 15 giorni fa

    Now the fact his hair was always on fleek makes total sense

  • Zat
    Zat 16 giorni fa

    Watching Mulan as a bissexual is never not fun

  • Camilla Rene
    Camilla Rene 16 giorni fa

    My two crushes in one video. :')

  • SunsetAnimations
    SunsetAnimations 18 giorni fa

    I kinda need some help right now and if anyone knows how, please let me know! Okay, so, I'm pansexual and haven't come out to my parents. I'm definitely coming out to my mom first because she is more open minded and has expressed her support (and also the fact that my dad and brother are a bit homophobic). But the thing is that she thinks being pansexual and bisexual are the same thing. So my problem is that I think my interaction will go something like this:
    Me: I'm pansexual
    Mom: what's that?
    Me: it means that I like girls, boys and everything in between.
    Mom: isn't that being bisexual?
    Me: no it's different. Like, I like people who aren't only those two genders.
    Mom: what?
    Me: like trans people or non-binary or anything else
    Mom: what's non-binary?
    I am willing to explain this stuff to my mom but I feel like it would be more difficult for me to come out while also having to explain who I could be interested in. My stepdad already knows because he watches my channel and saw a video of me talking about my girlfriend, but he hasn't brought it up, not really. He's supportive too tho. I'm really lucky to have them in my life and for them to be as accepting as they are but I'm not sure how to go about telling my mom. If there's nobody who can help then that's fine too. It's not your obligation to try and help me but if you're willing, it'd be appreciated. Thanks for listening I guess qwq

  • Goddessofthe Geminis
    Goddessofthe Geminis 18 giorni fa

    I thought Eugene made it obvious in the tryguys that he was gay.

  • Lucy Blades
    Lucy Blades 18 giorni fa

    This was so great, I could listen to you two talking all day. So many great topics and points and covered really well. Thank you Hannah and Eugene.

  • Collette Jadyn
    Collette Jadyn 18 giorni fa +5

    I love Eugene, but I'm still mad at him for ranking cancer the worst zodiac sign😂

  • James Trickington
    James Trickington 19 giorni fa

    i think we all knew he was gay 😂

  • AliceWooonderland
    AliceWooonderland 20 giorni fa

    I love Eugene :) he's so cool

  • Rebecca G
    Rebecca G 20 giorni fa +2

    ..... am I the only one who didn’t know Eugene was gay?

  • Vis X
    Vis X 20 giorni fa

    Gods I can't wait until we can all just get on with our lives and videos/statements/media like this is completely unnecessary. None of this should f*cking matter. Be who you are, love who you want and just try not to hurt anyone. Why is this such a f*cking hard concept for some people to grasp?

  • This is Cutie Ringo Joy

    Yeahhh let’s celebrate 🎉

  • Sevothtarte Sama
    Sevothtarte Sama 21 giorno fa +1

    Eugene: “I knew I was gay since I was 11-12 and came out for the first time to my two best friends in high school” (But I kept saying I was bi for years and years and years to keep my “I am a simple, girl, I see Eugene on the thumbnail I click” fangirls happy and clicking for views) Gross 🤮 To betray your identity just so you can mislead viewers for money. 🤮🤮🤮

  • Chelcie Rollock
    Chelcie Rollock 21 giorno fa +44

    "I love you more than my own ignorance to it."

    Wonderful. Don't take this for granted.

  • Emmelia Johnson
    Emmelia Johnson 22 giorni fa

    Goshdarn it there goes my fantasy of dating Eugene lol

  • Irene
    Irene 22 giorni fa

    “i ship it. you guys have great hair” 😂😂

  • Sarah Nguyen
    Sarah Nguyen 22 giorni fa

    Love you guys

  • Mairin Mazzie Sheary Smith

    What’s the video they’re talking about where Ned and Keith are crying?

  • Maddie Bolland
    Maddie Bolland 23 giorni fa

    I adore this video! I discuss this kind of thing with my LGBTQ+ friends as much as possible, it's very theraputic. Thank you for sharing this beautiful conversation!

  • Ruqayya ugh
    Ruqayya ugh 23 giorni fa

    I'm sorry but, I'm a formless blob and I'm attracted to both of you

  • Marc Doucet
    Marc Doucet 23 giorni fa +1

    K but Mulan also made me gay, is there an agenda here someone do a Netflix documentary

  • sam I am not
    sam I am not 23 giorni fa +1

    Eugene's my gay uncle

  • Hannah paez
    Hannah paez 24 giorni fa

    2:52 my whole heartttttt when Eugen says my goodness😂

  • Kate Harrington
    Kate Harrington 24 giorni fa

    I wish I knew what he meant by “after spiderman”. Is there a background story?

  • Ann Taylor
    Ann Taylor 25 giorni fa

    fantastic you should do more producing

  • Ailyn Citlali
    Ailyn Citlali 25 giorni fa +1

    shoutout to the Disney princesses that ignited my gay journey

  • Jessika Garcia
    Jessika Garcia 25 giorni fa

    ❤️ Eugene!!

  • Rhea Nathan
    Rhea Nathan 25 giorni fa +6

    I love the correlation of so many gays loving the film Mulan because that film is my absolute jam

  • ホルムグレン大羅
    ホルムグレン大羅 25 giorni fa +64

    For yeeeaaars, I always said "dude I wish Eugene liked dudes, because I wanna go on a date with this guy at least once before I die". And as it turns out, this dude likes dudes, so now I gotta go on a date with this guy before I die.

  • Through Christ All things are possible

    Always hot men who are gay. Lol

  • Aaron Kopec
    Aaron Kopec 25 giorni fa

    I just got a text that we have a debate2020

  • MrSmitheroons
    MrSmitheroons 25 giorni fa

    What a great dang interview, thank you both. I feel like we as a society are taking steps like every week to get where being out and being fully present and open as a gay person is accepted. What's so great is it's not some single campaign leader or whatever it's a whole wide movement. And people like Hannah are having these conversations and telling the human story at the bottom of it all. Thank you for what you both do on this and being true and honest. When older people in the queer community express how shocked they are at how far we've come in so few years I feel truly lucky.

  • JDMime
    JDMime 25 giorni fa +1

    All my coffee mugs are gay or bi

  • Krystal Harris
    Krystal Harris 25 giorni fa

    I loved Shang!!! He was my first Asian 😍

  • Josh Palmer
    Josh Palmer 26 giorni fa

    "Yeah but Eugene is the fucking gay one." Classic Eugene lol.

  • Hannah the Cherry
    Hannah the Cherry 26 giorni fa

    Also, I’m pretty sure Merida and Mulan helped me realize I’m gay😂😂

  • Hannah the Cherry
    Hannah the Cherry 26 giorni fa

    Much like Eugene, my mom wouldn’t disown me but she doesn’t understand it very well. She thinks that I’m “obsessed with everything gay”, but I’m just proud of who I am.

  • nada aymann
    nada aymann 27 giorni fa

    Eugene is a gay!!!!!!!???

  • Penny Dreadful
    Penny Dreadful 27 giorni fa

    My thirteen year old son came out to his father and I last summer. This year we took him to Pride for the first time in our city. I have so much gratitude for people like the two of you for being transparent and honest . I hope he can see that he can be whoever he truly is, not just because his mama said so, but because people like you are out there changing our societal norms and making the world a better place for him.

  • Mika Giunta
    Mika Giunta 27 giorni fa

    Oh darling, knew you were gay the first try guy episode. I've been waiting for you to come out for years, I'm so very happy and oddly undeservingly proud that you are confident and comfortable enough to trust us with this. Please if you have a secret bf (looking at you Zack with your secrets!) please have them join the try wives we are dying to see you happy and find someone who makes you happy. Not that you need that you can be happy all on your own but you know...we can dream for you

    • Nightcore Daisuki
      Nightcore Daisuki 26 giorni fa

      No, you did not know it, you guessed it. Please reflect on sentences like that, just watch Dan Howell's coming-out video (from minute 24 to 25) to understand.

  • Delfin
    Delfin 27 giorni fa

    sipping on that p lmao

  • Hannya
    Hannya 27 giorni fa

    I was always shipping him with Keith. XD. I’m so glad he is gay.

  • Shaun Dreclin
    Shaun Dreclin 27 giorni fa

    This whole "Eugene coming out" thing has been kinda weird for me, I've always assumed he was openly gay. It was just really obvious, even if he never actually said it.
    I guess it finally removes the deniability he was holding onto internally, but from an outside perspective nothing is really different at all

  • Barb Poe
    Barb Poe 27 giorni fa

    If you hadn’t added the music, I would not have cried, maybe. That was really nice actually. I just wanna thank all of the LGBTQ+ IT-cliprs, you have changed a whole generation, not just into self accepting people, but into proud and self expressive people, and I love it! 🌈

  • Sadness Man
    Sadness Man 27 giorni fa +1

    Mulan is objectively the hottest princess. Don't argue with me it's just science.

  • Mr. Noodle
    Mr. Noodle 28 giorni fa

    I love those wonderfully gay cups😂😂😂

  • David Achterhof
    David Achterhof 28 giorni fa

    Great video, I loved Eugene's coming out video it was so powerful it made me cry. Also glad I wasn't the only one who had a crush on lee Shang in Mulan lol

  • Tammy Atkins
    Tammy Atkins 28 giorni fa

    Oh brother

  • Finn Phinney
    Finn Phinney 28 giorni fa +1

    It sad you people are stupid. So called gay people have a sickness. They got something wrong in their heads. We use to have hospitals aka mental wards for these people. Even Hitler seen gayness was a sickness. Lined em up, bullet in the brain pan, problem solved.
    This is what wrong with this world. These people need help.

    • Nightcore Daisuki
      Nightcore Daisuki 26 giorni fa

      "Even Hitler seen ..." like Hitler is a historical figure to look up to lol. Thanks for the laugh

  • M E
    M E 28 giorni fa

    I have yet to understand why it is necessary to publish and publicly PROFESS your private life and the idea that if you don’t do this you are unacceptable. It’s one thing to live as you want and do so publicly without anyone having the right to condemn you. My life is my own and I owe no excuse or duty to profess to anyone. If you call that living in a closet, well I call it living in a house and any nosy neighbor can kiss my ass.

    • Nightcore Daisuki
      Nightcore Daisuki 26 giorni fa

      You don't seem to understand Vlog, living as a public figure in social media and basically a huge part of IT-clip at all.

  • Nailah Marron
    Nailah Marron 29 giorni fa

    Eugene no offense but we always knew you were gay. I think none of us straight women wanted to accept it but we knew it, deep down in our hearts. Nonetheless, your coming out will go down in history

    • Nightcore Daisuki
      Nightcore Daisuki 26 giorni fa

      No, you did not know it, you guessed it. Please reflect on sentences like that, just watch Dan Howell's coming-out video (from minute 24 to 25) to understand.

  • Fajar Setiawan
    Fajar Setiawan 29 giorni fa

    To be honest, I kinda hoped that Eugene would use Diana Ross's I'm Coming Out as his soundtrack. I don't know, I guess I'm just an old soul

  • Kate Kursive
    Kate Kursive 29 giorni fa

    Eugene and Ella vid is retrospectively hilarious

  • Kate Kursive
    Kate Kursive 29 giorni fa

    Please don't ship real people, they are not characters... it's 2019, the media is full of fictional love potential, don't be disrespectful towards alive humans

  • Nory-Chan
    Nory-Chan 29 giorni fa

    I'm very confused because I thought we all already knew he was gay...

  • Tony Kelly
    Tony Kelly 29 giorni fa

    All you faggots are gonna burn. Hahaha

    DREAM TV 29 giorni fa

    This video was AMAZING and all... But can we just take a moment to appreciate Eugene's hair....likkkeeee, im drooling.

  • AmyAwesomeFtw
    AmyAwesomeFtw 29 giorni fa

    My heart can't take this, it's to adorable

  • chocolate milk
    chocolate milk 29 giorni fa

    Years later and Hannah is still annoying.

  • thinthle
    thinthle 29 giorni fa +1

    Have a great day OoorrRRrr HAVE a *GREAT GAY*

  • raryraru
    raryraru 29 giorni fa

    I have the feeling though that some people use the word gay and the "coming out" to get attention. A lot of LGBTQ people always talk about how they were bullied by people that were extremely homophobic to them, but a few years later the bullies "come out" themselves. I'm not denying that some of them are, but from my experience, bullies bully because they don't get enough attention from the people they want attention from or some other underlying usually horrible issues ( getting beaten at home for example ). I'm straight so i don't now how it's like but it at least SEEMS that way to me.

    • Nightcore Daisuki
      Nightcore Daisuki 26 giorni fa

      If you mean Dan Howell's and Eugene's coming-out videos, yes the point was attention. Sharing their stories with the world, maybe impacting homophobic people who do it because they were raised that way but don't mind LGBTQ+ people after reflecting and thinking on that. Certainly impacting LGBTQ+ teenagers who feel alone, are not out of the closet and need someone they look up to telling them, that it is okay.
      As for the second part: psychological studies have indeed shown that a lot of bullies do that because of the fear to be bullied themselves. It still doesn't make it right and those bullies still behaved terribly and disgustingly. Just because they are LGBTQ+ themselves, it doesn't mean that they didn't behave homophobic - be it adapted homophobia of society or internalized homophobia of themselves. Bullies don't bully to get attention, they do it to get a certain type of attention and divert the potential of becoming the victim themselves to the people they are bullying. I personally - as a gay man myself - despise those closeted bullies that come out later on. Depends of course on the intensity of their bullying and whether they regret and apologise or not.

  • ツBlackout
    ツBlackout 29 giorni fa

    My own family won’t accept me😔

    • ツBlackout
      ツBlackout 25 giorni fa +1

      Nightcore Daisuki.. Thanks, that means a lot☺️

    • Nightcore Daisuki
      Nightcore Daisuki 26 giorni fa +1

      I cut all ties with my father a little over a month ago. My mother supports me. Stay strong, find an ally!

  • David Alvarez
    David Alvarez 29 giorni fa

    Thats gay

  • Pegasus
    Pegasus Mese fa

    I love both of their outfits! Like they have the best fashion senses ever, and I need ALL of their clothes.
    Not in a weird way, but I guess it sounds weird anyway... whatever.

  • Shannon Hicks
    Shannon Hicks Mese fa

    Finally someone understands Jafar

  • Jonathan Salvador

    was he not gay?

    ERIKA DOWDY Mese fa +1

    Wasnt that big of deal- i already knew he was gay
    The Drag Shows confirmed it

  • João Pedro Lisboa

    This is such a beautiful video! Love you both! 💜

  • Joe Dick
    Joe Dick Mese fa

    Being gay *is* a bag thing, Eugene. You want to believe otherwise, but you know. You know.

  • Mikey Spencer
    Mikey Spencer Mese fa

    "if you guys wanna feel more gay pleasure"

  • Just Browsing
    Just Browsing Mese fa

  • Vicky Ramirez
    Vicky Ramirez Mese fa

    I loved this interview! You were great in allowing him to speak as well as adding great input and questions!

  • Ace Diamonds
    Ace Diamonds Mese fa

    its not coming out if its obvious.

  • Sara Israel
    Sara Israel Mese fa

    we already knew he was gay and why do gays congratulate each other for coming out?

  • Calista
    Calista Mese fa

    "I don't and I won't agree with it, but I love you more than my own ignorance". Damn.

  • Micheal Miller
    Micheal Miller Mese fa

    The us supreme court publicly accepted a bribe in order to pass faggot laws. This is an act of treason and breach of national security and is punishable by automatic death by firing squad. All faggots and judges shall be put unto death.

    • Kenni Raine
      Kenni Raine Mese fa

      Good luck with that asshole, try to put my gay ass to death you'll be met at the front door with a shotgun

  • olo
    olo Mese fa

    Eh. That’s kinda gay

    Just a joke. Cuz of the 90s thing

  • Guy Dude
    Guy Dude Mese fa

    Seeing this in my recommended...
    I believe that my phone thinks I’m gat

  • Jessica Ha
    Jessica Ha Mese fa

    Every time I look at Eugene I think human, I don't see him as gay, I see him as a human being

    • Jessica Ha
      Jessica Ha 25 giorni fa

      @Nightcore Daisuki ...goodness, you clearly don't understand what I'm explaining 😐...

    • Nightcore Daisuki
      Nightcore Daisuki 26 giorni fa

      But he is gay. A gay human being.

  • THE BROTHERS _luabce

    God comes back and kills all gays at the end of the month

    • Kenni Raine
      Kenni Raine Mese fa

      Then why are we still alive after last year?

  • Amber Lee
    Amber Lee Mese fa

    Coming out is merely opening yourself up to being loved and I think that's fucking awesome. I feel so proud for people when they come out! Love is love is love is love. A loved consciousness expands and expansion brings unison.
    I see you.
    You matter to me.
    Your rights matter to me.
    Much respect and so much love and admiration
    🏳️‍🌈 ❤
    (I.d gay pride flag and a red heart)

  • Abby Stevens
    Abby Stevens Mese fa

    So why is coming out something thats allmosr presented to be a 2nd birth? I mean sure I totally agree that violence and emotional abuse against LGBT people should stop...and I myself am a human Chimera or bigender or otherwise explained I had a male twin in the womb and during pregnancy my male twin sied and my soul and body reabsord my twin. My body has female appaerance and by law I am female but physiologallly I am both genders. I produce not only female levels of hormones but my body also ontop of that makes the amount of hormones males have...I think and feel like both genders and dpn t feel like I m in the wrong body allthough I only have Female bodyparts. I never expressed how I felt so bobody ever made a big deal out of me as I am.I am hetero allthough I am biseksual in terms of seksuality .
    I am glad I can be totally fine with the female only appaerance and female only body. I ve heard that in bigender or human-chimera cases this is totally normal.
    So coming out isn t a thing I ll need to do... do wonder if LGBT would get less abused or hare towards themselfs if they would just act as if they belong and aren t different then others,that they just are different in sexual orientation?

    • Nightcore Daisuki
      Nightcore Daisuki 26 giorni fa

      Girl, wake up. Society is not like you describe it is. Millions of LGBTQ+ people have died throughout history while not even being "out", but hiding what they did. Being gay publicly was not an option, if you wanted to live or stay out of prison (depending on country, actually it still happens in 75 more countries today.) LGBTQ+ fought for their rights. Google "Stonewall". You are bigender, but don't let anybody know as you feel comfortable in your cis-female appearance and are attracted to men? Great for you, but I bet you $1.000 that there is a courple of priests out there that will tell you that your chimeral condition is satanic. But to answer your original semi-question: No, they would not get less abused, they actually would get more abused as they'd never had or will fight for their rights.

  • rollercoasterlove94

    Thank you so much for this video, such a simple conversation that has really helped me in such a pivotal point in my life, more than you know. I love you guys and thanks again, keep spreading the love ❤️❤️

  • Missy Barbour
    Missy Barbour Mese fa

    Ok, now I have to ask. Was Mulan a queer awakening for ALL OF US?
    To clarify: Seeing one person look like two genders and thinking, "Yeah, both are good" helped me realize I'm bi

  • Katlyn Williams
    Katlyn Williams Mese fa

    There was this super bitchy girl when I was 14 who for some reason liked to hang around me. I always told myself that I hated her and the only reason I didn't tell her to leave me alone was because she boosted my popularity until she started flirting with a male friend of mine and l got extremely jealous. Tried to tell myself that I was jealous because I liked my friend but then I started having wet dreams about her. When I finally realized I wanted her I got news that her and my friend started dating and I spend the night crying.
    4 years later I still think about her from time to time.... God she was hot smh!😂😅