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Bill Gates Chats with Ellen for the First Time

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  • Pubblicato il 21 feb 2018
  • For the first time ever, Bill Gates sat down with Ellen, and he chatted about becoming a young billionaire, the trampoline room in his house, and the outstanding work he's doing with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
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  • Xmkiller 123
    Xmkiller 123 19 minuti fa

    Bill Gates: richest man alive
    Ellen: here’s $20,000

  • Swami Vivekananda
    Swami Vivekananda 12 ore fa

    Measure a man not by his money but by his soul.

  • Md Arif
    Md Arif 2 giorni fa

    I want to get best training to be a best teacher

  • Lukman Seyal
    Lukman Seyal 2 giorni fa

    Ellen: Yeah we need to give money to homeless people and everything

    Also Ellen: gives 20k to bill gates

  • Namrata Das
    Namrata Das 3 giorni fa

    His humbleness made him BILL GATES!

  • PK M
    PK M 3 giorni fa

    0:54 one of the luckiest daughter in the world(my jobless mind thinking right now)....

  • Kate Vincent
    Kate Vincent 3 giorni fa

    Ah! Y’all should partner with fivefootoneteacher!!! She’s awesome!

  • Carenna Willmont
    Carenna Willmont 3 giorni fa +1

    What a great person! I'd like to do that kind of charity someday!

  • Shaso Rashid
    Shaso Rashid 3 giorni fa

    Forget about his clothes gold. Hes living in the biggest house. And lives how he wants and his children lives how they want

  • Adsel John
    Adsel John 3 giorni fa

    Does his gates made up of bills???

    ABC ABC 3 giorni fa

    He wore the simple clothes and didn't show any proud of money

  • CommonS3nse
    CommonS3nse 3 giorni fa

    from software to softkill.. he wants to reduce the population..

  • jason bishop
    jason bishop 4 giorni fa

    jason bishop
    1 second ago
    bleeping phones!....: = toys for answer machines, off base?/%engine gives the Su-35 the limited ability to sustain supersonic speed without the use of afterburners. According to Carlo Kopp .The F-35 has a maximum speed of Mach 1.6, which is 1.6 times the speed of sound, or about 1,200 mph (1,930 km/h).

  • Ethan Averton
    Ethan Averton 4 giorni fa +5

    4:15 ... he casually mentions that he and his wife have privately funded a successful effort to save the lives of more than 5 million children per year, essentially halving the crisis that existed before ... and the audience sits in silence? No one clapped? What the actual ... ?
    This man is a legend. 40 BILLION, not million...BILLION dollars towards world health. And on top of it, he fundraises with his massively wealthy friends towards more philanthropy. What a role model.

  • Joy Velasco
    Joy Velasco 4 giorni fa +1

    Kudos to Bill ...your such a great person..God bless

  • Crystal Yeow Ching Ching


  • Srusht Sabir
    Srusht Sabir 4 giorni fa

    Dear Ellen I want to talk with you

  • abraham Rubio
    abraham Rubio 4 giorni fa

    If he indeed does invest 40 billion dollars that would absolutely wiped private e off the face of the planet Earth.... when he reality it's too busy in investing in arms technology!!!

  • Doni Hakim
    Doni Hakim 4 giorni fa


  • Dirty Burger
    Dirty Burger 4 giorni fa

    What I dont understand Is how does bill hates have a daughter if hes never gotten laid?

  • 辛文
    辛文 4 giorni fa


  • Onome Blessing
    Onome Blessing 4 giorni fa


  • Heisenberg
    Heisenberg 4 giorni fa

    Bill Gates seems extremely humble for being one of the richest men in the world.

  • Space Lion
    Space Lion 5 giorni fa

    1:17 *Kylie Jenner has left the chat*

  • jabba da hutt
    jabba da hutt 5 giorni fa

    U too can be rich if u just take software from parc Xerox labs in California and use it as your own. "Borrow" windows from them and call it your own. Take roving cursor that apple took from parc Xerox labs also.
    Did anyone see "revenge of the nerds" on pbs or read da book?
    Or buy 50k us software from Seattle computer because gates/ Allen did not have good directory assistance program

  • Stella Tralalalalyrah
    Stella Tralalalalyrah 5 giorni fa

    Take all money from billionaires leave them with 10 million. Get me a counsel and I’ll decide based on heart where money should go

  • Stella Tralalalalyrah
    Stella Tralalalalyrah 5 giorni fa

    There are some teachers that need to watch you tube and understand new language of the teens

  • Flareb 99
    Flareb 99 6 giorni fa

    Did Ellen actually give him 20k or not I need to know

  • Peanut Buzzard
    Peanut Buzzard 6 giorni fa

    Ellen interviews an alien, part 1.

  • Benjamin FRANCIS
    Benjamin FRANCIS 6 giorni fa

    he is so broke he is not even wearing air pods

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha 6 giorni fa

    If you think that the Bill gates is the wealthiest man alive...ignore this comment!

  • ツVÓID
    ツVÓID 6 giorni fa +1

    Bill: uhh..

  • Xyz Da
    Xyz Da 6 giorni fa

    Randi hai sala

  • Hindi Christian Collection Songs

    Pray for you and your family a very happy and healthy

  • Linh Lê Khánh
    Linh Lê Khánh 7 giorni fa

    Where is that awkward moment?

  • Oz_Tee X23
    Oz_Tee X23 7 giorni fa


  • HendHeL
    HendHeL 7 giorni fa

    1:57 *Just Repeat that 'Yeaah'*

    • HendHeL
      HendHeL 7 giorni fa +1

      Pwee... Yeeeah

  • The Youngest Sibling
    The Youngest Sibling 8 giorni fa +3

    *Ellen hands the Money*
    *Bill Gates* : Smiles
    *IHM* : Well I aint going back here

  • Evance leftie
    Evance leftie 8 giorni fa

    Gates dance moves shocked the world

  • Mr Anonymous
    Mr Anonymous 8 giorni fa

    In all vdo
    Ellen make money
    Bill got more money
    And U R wasting your time

  • Varsha Kadam
    Varsha Kadam 8 giorni fa +11

    I kid you not.. this is the first time ever I've heard Bill Gates's voice.. 🙆

    BARUN THAKUR 8 giorni fa +4

    Yaar ye kitna mast admi hai hamare india me agar kisi ke pass itna paisa aa jaye...
    he will behave like kim-jong-un..

    JEG JEG 8 giorni fa

    Can someone hit that guy in the face with a pie ! ! !

  • Caleb Frieslaar
    Caleb Frieslaar 8 giorni fa

    How can u give the richest man 20000 $ he probbaly sees that the same way i see a 1 dollar bill

  • Darwin Rivero
    Darwin Rivero 9 giorni fa

    Just a dork with a good idea. Good man. You guy Bill.

  • 2Twelve TV
    2Twelve TV 9 giorni fa +52

    He probably made more money in the time he was talking to her

    CPH TRICK 9 giorni fa +1

    That 20k is 1$ bill for billgates....

  • CXR
    CXR 9 giorni fa

    How can you give bill gates 20k

  • S.N Gamer
    S.N Gamer 9 giorni fa +1

    Who watching this at 2019

  • Nada Mohamed
    Nada Mohamed 10 giorni fa

    I feel like he's not comfortable being mostly asked about his money, especially that this is what he most frequently gets attention for, and people overlook his wonderful character. There's a lot more this man could be asked about.

  • Ezek Joson
    Ezek Joson 10 giorni fa +1

    his daughter is very beautiful and pretty down to earth☺️

  • noem horn
    noem horn 10 giorni fa +3

    we both were receiving thee Medal of Freedom. And that was quite a day, wasn't it?

  • JFex Painn
    JFex Painn 10 giorni fa

    This guy is a Sociopath

  • jake urzi
    jake urzi 10 giorni fa

    Ellen: we would like to give you $20,000.
    Richest man in the world: Am i a joke to you?

  • Shady Kun
    Shady Kun 10 giorni fa

    What is 20 grande gonna do for a billionaire

  • My Lien Vo
    My Lien Vo 11 giorni fa

    Hey Just too good to be true

  • Scooch77
    Scooch77 11 giorni fa +1

    Bill Gates earns so much that if he drops €5 on the floor, there’s no point picking it up because by the time he goes down to get it, he’ll already earn it back

  • w1nter
    w1nter 11 giorni fa +6

    I bet him talking to Ellen he already made 20k

  • Hamza Mohammed
    Hamza Mohammed 11 giorni fa +3

    Who came for the awkward moment thing. I did.

  • Simon Diedrich
    Simon Diedrich 11 giorni fa

    The moment when you get a Apple advertisement before the video

  • Passionately Curious
    Passionately Curious 11 giorni fa +1

    Hey there? Ellen's awkward moments video? Me too!

  • Seojoon Lee
    Seojoon Lee 11 giorni fa

    What an amazing man. If anyone deserves to be a billionaire, it’s him. He enjoys his money up to a point, but he uses his money for a purpose, for other people. Can’t say that about all billionaires. And I admire that about him a lot.

  • Harry
    Harry 11 giorni fa +15

    Boys you heard the man, the daughter is single... ATTAACCCCKKKKK

    • Sly Wab
      Sly Wab Giorno fa

      His daughter is NOT single. She dates an African guy frm Egypt.

  • GhostDanny
    GhostDanny 11 giorni fa +2

    Who’s looking for when it is really awkward when Ellen gives him a check

  • thana segaran
    thana segaran 11 giorni fa +49

    The daughter of world's richest man is dressed so humble, not even make up :)

  • Jason Voorhees
    Jason Voorhees 11 giorni fa +1

    I guess his daughter cant get a bf

  • hamraz abdulla.p
    hamraz abdulla.p 12 giorni fa +1

    His simplicity level👌

  • LokieClan
    LokieClan 12 giorni fa

    Imagine giving bill gates 20k

  • Ibrahim F07
    Ibrahim F07 12 giorni fa

    Where’s the check

  • LonelyPianist
    LonelyPianist 12 giorni fa +1

    _The richest man on earth is very humble_

  • Kayla hart
    Kayla hart 12 giorni fa

    No wonder God approves him to be a billionaire .0.

  • Scarlett Kathryn Rose
    Scarlett Kathryn Rose 12 giorni fa

    humble, rich man 👏 👏

  • MC YellowSnow16
    MC YellowSnow16 12 giorni fa

    The title should be "How many times can Ellen say billionaire"

  • abirex 17
    abirex 17 12 giorni fa

    She gave him 20,000 💀 5million less % then what he’s actually worth.

    • VØłĐ
      VØłĐ 9 giorni fa

      It was fake, how does everyone think its real

  • fefe fly
    fefe fly 12 giorni fa


  • George Oxley
    George Oxley 12 giorni fa

    How is this awkward tell me

  • miuh cupcake
    miuh cupcake 12 giorni fa

    Liked how he giggles at the beginning

  • Kleber David Lora k
    Kleber David Lora k 12 giorni fa

    Where is the check of 20,000

  • Camaro ZLS
    Camaro ZLS 13 giorni fa +4

    I feel like when he talks it’s education that comes out of his mouth, everything he says is equal to numbers like his mind is always calculating things and measuring possibilities... I think that way as well that’s how I can see the difference of the way he interviews. He came off a bit nervous in the beginning and as Ellen got into his level of questioning he answered with control of conversation... 😊👍

  • Code:EugeYT
    Code:EugeYT 13 giorni fa

    The best billionaire to ever exist

  • KristianRK
    KristianRK 13 giorni fa

    Bill Gates: Am I a joke to you?

  • Biniam Zerai
    Biniam Zerai 13 giorni fa

    Where is the check

  • Kiana
    Kiana 13 giorni fa

    good with tech, but not very good with people

  • Krishna Teja
    Krishna Teja 13 giorni fa

    *His daughter looks like Ginny* 😶

  • who am i? i am who?
    who am i? i am who? 13 giorni fa

    Is he ever bored with money?

  • Alberto Ramos
    Alberto Ramos 13 giorni fa +4

    1:57, let's make it a meme

  • Dxnielknows Roblox
    Dxnielknows Roblox 13 giorni fa +1

    20,000 is like a dollar for him for me it is like my life...😭😭

    You will only get it if you watched "Ellen's Most Awkward Moments."

  • Nemesis Galaxy
    Nemesis Galaxy 13 giorni fa +26

    Use me as

  • Shelby Niccum
    Shelby Niccum 13 giorni fa

    I love that the richest man in the world dresses so normal he reminds me of Mr. Rogers. Lol

  • Godly Life
    Godly Life 13 giorni fa +1

    I am billionaire too. I have 0.000006 billions in my saving account. I believe Ellen is going to invite me on her next show.

  • padma purohit
    padma purohit 13 giorni fa

    So cute.

  • Vishnu Das
    Vishnu Das 13 giorni fa

    Earn like Bezos spend like Gates

  • Holly lynn
    Holly lynn 14 giorni fa

    True definition of self made

  • Exist N Nature Media
    Exist N Nature Media 14 giorni fa


  • Ely Hochfelder
    Ely Hochfelder 14 giorni fa

    when did he get the check?

  • Ivan Latayada
    Ivan Latayada 14 giorni fa +2

    I came from the awkward video skl

  • Anya Ramkilawan
    Anya Ramkilawan 14 giorni fa

    The dancing😂

  • Harley Davis
    Harley Davis 14 giorni fa


  • Heavenly Peace
    Heavenly Peace 14 giorni fa

    I hope all Billionaires are like Bill Gates.

  • SockPuppet Granny
    SockPuppet Granny 14 giorni fa +4

    One of the wealthiest men in America. *Not a MAGA hat in sight!!!* That's a true sense of enlightenment.