LG G8 Impressions: Can't Touch This!

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  • Pubblicato il 24 feb 2019
  • LG G8 hands-on. And also hands-off. Because you can wave at it 👀
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  • Lowkey Flashy FG
    Lowkey Flashy FG 3 giorni fa

    The parm shit looks legit tho ..well need to see if it is actually secured..

  • Erin Lind
    Erin Lind 9 giorni fa

    Man i have this phone and i fucking hate it.... Its keyboard is super unresponsive and auto corrects random things in incorrect ways and its a chore just to use just this one feature. It also freezes up and causes my apps to crash at the most random times. Also call quality is attrocious. Maybe i got a dud. Idk i bought it brand new from at&t but i didnt want to spend the $175 insurance claim to get a new one after a couple months of this bs.

  • Alex Purnell
    Alex Purnell 10 giorni fa

    i am getting mine in a couple days. my first iphone ever!

  • Emil Sosnin
    Emil Sosnin 16 giorni fa

    I like to listen to music while I'm cooking or washing the dishes so this will be dope

  • Emil Sosnin
    Emil Sosnin 16 giorni fa

    Broke: Getting the new iPhone/Samsung on release
    Woke: Getting last year's LG for half the price with all the similar tech

  • Ondiek Owaga
    Ondiek Owaga 17 giorni fa

    Finally, the age of star wars galaxy force sensitives.

  • Joyjeet Paul
    Joyjeet Paul 18 giorni fa

    Spotted a gun... Real one ?

  • David C
    David C 19 giorni fa

    Dang I remember when my mom had the G2 and G3

  • frankborja25
    frankborja25 21 giorno fa

    considering this phone now that bestbuy has it this week for free on an att contact...great review

  • Henry the 8th
    Henry the 8th 22 giorni fa

    We humans are not ready yet for these ideas maybe 20 more years.

  • ATorres
    ATorres 22 giorni fa

    Name song??

  • King Murphy
    King Murphy 22 giorni fa

    Wave your hand over the phone man please thats technology!!!! And I don't see how you say that you don't like the technology of ham movement in front of the phone when the Galaxy note 10 plus when the S pen does the same thing that someone's hand would do. Yall tech dudes be trippin.

  • Jonny B
    Jonny B 23 giorni fa

    Have a G6 now and getting this when moving back to ATT. Looks great always had an LG. I try to stick with personally tried and true

    • Jonny B
      Jonny B 13 giorni fa

      @Julio Cantillo True. I have a business plan with like 8 lines so probably don't apply to me.

    • Julio Cantillo
      Julio Cantillo 13 giorni fa

      They have a promo where if you add a new line you get the phone for free. Though your number cant be a previous att number and you cant port from cricket... just in case

  • Terrence LP
    Terrence LP 24 giorni fa

    LG G and V series are great phones. I've been running a v30 for 2 years and still love it. When I look for a new phone I'm still not that impressed with what's out there. P30 is one on my list but now we can't get it !!!

  • Randy
    Randy 24 giorni fa

    Their past reputation of boot loops and their lack of timely updates will keep me away from LG phones as my primary phone.

  • Yung Kirk
    Yung Kirk 24 giorni fa

    Got one as my demo (work) phone for AT&T. I'm liking it but it definitely doesn't compare to my personal phone which is the OnePlus 7 Pro.

  • Darnell Lyttle
    Darnell Lyttle 25 giorni fa

    I have the LG G8 on sprint and it is a awesome phone I love everything about it.

  • Matthew Lemmers
    Matthew Lemmers 25 giorni fa +1

    Just got this device actually switched from the iPhone X. It's a world different coming from iOS to Android. Their skin over Android isn't exactly the best but the phone is extremely quick.

  • A D
    A D 27 giorni fa

    Thanks for showing the Samsung while reviewing the LG...dumb ass!

  • mesain dong
    mesain dong 28 giorni fa

    I'm using Lg g7 I want to get rid of it.

  • Bernie Lomax
    Bernie Lomax 28 giorni fa

    Bone conduction? Jesus Christ this shit is getting ridiculous.

  • Tom Hurd
    Tom Hurd 29 giorni fa

    Why would you ever want an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor? Honestly the back of the device is the best and most convenient placement. I hate when tech companies push a feature that puts "progress" over convenience and makes the end user experience worse.

  • Baburo101
    Baburo101 Mese fa

    Can somebody please tell me the difference between the 3 rear camera and two rear camera LG G8s?

  • Carlos Garcia
    Carlos Garcia Mese fa

    The video was about LG, but holding a Samsung phone...Samsung and LG South Korean sibling rivalry.

  • Nick Taylor
    Nick Taylor Mese fa

    How will the camera compare?

  • Leaf Type
    Leaf Type Mese fa

    i got the lg v50 thin-q 5g!!!

  • Wouter Derksen
    Wouter Derksen Mese fa

    Use the g8 to play Mc Hammer

  • Dominique Abram
    Dominique Abram Mese fa +7

    They about to have me looking like Dr. Strange😆

  • u4site 4u2
    u4site 4u2 Mese fa

    What I want to know is what are the trends that are coming for cell phones and what are the trends that are on their way out such as notches and $1,000 prices I do not think you'll see phones that are $1,000 in the near future they're just too many knock-offs that have lesser price or should I say copy cats that are cheaper then flagships

  • Yaqoob Zaffar Ali Gopang

    Notch is so turn off in 2019 ...

  • J4CK T
    J4CK T Mese fa

    Still using my G5. Gotta get a new phone

  • zakahaaji
    zakahaaji Mese fa

    I call this blackfriday, the last android of the glaxy 🤸‍♀️

  • N. Bağ
    N. Bağ Mese fa

    Hammer time!

  • cedric espejo
    cedric espejo Mese fa

    They must add hand gesture on V50

  • Joseph Pepe
    Joseph Pepe Mese fa

    I actually prefer rear fingerprint sensors

  • BrxKen
    BrxKen Mese fa

    LG G7 Onwers , Should i Buy This Phone in August 2019 ? im getting it refurb and for a good price but am afraid of the bootloops , have you guys experienced it ??

  • Pankaj  Jadhav
    Pankaj Jadhav Mese fa

    Best technology lg it's going on 👍👍👍👍

  • jaylovespti
    jaylovespti Mese fa

    IR blaster?? Or no

  • aemon hateslemon

    Marques reviewing LG G8
    *Holding S10+*
    LG: Am I joke to you?
    Samsung: You're the side chick

  • Chicken Dinner Gamer

    I'm expecting the LG Store to have a very... *Thin Queue*

  • Dowan Blake
    Dowan Blake Mese fa

    We need honest reviewers not Apple fanboys or Samsung fan boys this phone beats booth of them in real world shit

  • Mike Savich
    Mike Savich Mese fa

    New pixel phone should be made by LG.

  • Thomas Mehiar
    Thomas Mehiar Mese fa


  • - Benja
    - Benja Mese fa

    If they improve this tiny stark type technology then lg will make everyone their bitches

  • DerpyDoge
    DerpyDoge Mese fa

    Is this the pixel 4 review?

  • Razien Lordios
    Razien Lordios Mese fa

    LG Palm Jutsu

  • GrößteMafia SindDeutscheUnternehmen

    assistantbutton still not configure?

  • Aman Pandey
    Aman Pandey Mese fa

    Very good I love this phone

  • Don Sexton
    Don Sexton Mese fa

    Got this. Yes, all else had to overcome my derision toward the notch & bezel although both aren't too much an issue. The no-touch gestures are rather esoteric because seems the G8 always aware about everything so does wonder about privacy.

  • Ronny Hernandez
    Ronny Hernandez Mese fa

    Camera unlocks arent interesting or necessary JUST SWIPE stop hyping up facial recognition and all these gestures that take a good 5 seconds before they register

  • Ronny Hernandez
    Ronny Hernandez Mese fa

    Stop calling noise and vibrations "bone conduction" put a speaker against your arm call it bone conduction just cause you can hear it 😂stoopid lmao

  • Ronny Hernandez
    Ronny Hernandez Mese fa

    Your LG V40 Thinq review was...no it wasnt even compared to the v30 WHAT? You cant say 2 phones are after the G7 theyre entirely different phones the v40 was drastically different to the v30 with specs from the g7 doesnt make it a g7 runner.

  • Keepskatin
    Keepskatin Mese fa

    Lg is the GOAT 🐏

  • Kadari Baptiste
    Kadari Baptiste 2 mesi fa

    subliminal message bro not cool,king apple does that crap an we love them so much for it

  • ToxicTenzo
    ToxicTenzo 2 mesi fa +2

    Who is still using lg g6?

  • Ken Luzar
    Ken Luzar 2 mesi fa

    LG will do anything not to honor the warranty. Do not buy an LG mobile phone. Most LG phones are plastic garbage and won't last the warranty period unless you have some kind of super case around them. Furthermore, they will actually hold your phone hostage if you won't pay the diagnostic fee the impose if you won't get the inflated repair cost done. DON'T BUY ANY LG PRODUCT. Take if from first hand experience.

  • cammalcolm
    cammalcolm 2 mesi fa

    The hand motion reminds me of 'These aren't the droids you're looking for'

  • Jayesh Hirani
    Jayesh Hirani 2 mesi fa

    Kudos to LG for innovating something like this! I hope they keep upgrading it to perfection!

  • Gene Paradiso
    Gene Paradiso 2 mesi fa

    This phone has everything!

  • a melody that support everyone

    If this phone has a slightly tweaked almost stock android this will be great.