NakJoon (Bernard Park) "Still (Feat. LUNA)" M/V

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  • Pubblicato il 10 ott 2018
  • NakJoon (Bernard Park) "Still (Feat. LUNA)" M/V
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Commenti • 2 428

  • Cloey Rose❤
    Cloey Rose❤ 5 giorni fa +1

    I honestly hate myself for only finding this song recently through JYP Superstar! oof! This song deserves more love! Such an amazing song! Beautiful!

  • I finally found a bias in Bangtan

    I love this song so much, can't get it out if my head. I so hope they can collaborate on another song again, because combination of their voices is just nirvana.

  • Krystal Jung
    Krystal Jung 21 giorno fa +1

    Who is here for Luna?

  • Kwon Frances
    Kwon Frances 24 giorni fa +2

    Why this song is so underrated? I really love this song!

  • Aesthetic Cutie
    Aesthetic Cutie 28 giorni fa

    omg his voice gives me goosebumps

  • Nur Atifah Mazlan

    Why are this song are so underrated 😭😭

  • khadija talibi
    khadija talibi Mese fa

    I cant believe Jyp didnt promote this i didnt even know it exists

  • M _IGOT7
    M _IGOT7 Mese fa +1

    เป็นเพลงที่ดีเลยค่ะ แต่ทำไมคนฟังน้อยจัง ;-;

  • _gmzzm하루살이

    Luna looks like a korean verson of Pheobe, so pretty.

  • Alysia Luthfi
    Alysia Luthfi Mese fa

    love this song so much

  • Cici Faraditha
    Cici Faraditha Mese fa +2


  • itz didi
    itz didi Mese fa

    this song is so underrated and that makes me really sad─

  • Jadee Grace
    Jadee Grace Mese fa

    Ran into this in superstar jyp and ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Gabryel Meira
    Gabryel Meira Mese fa


  • Faraditha Sangadji
    Faraditha Sangadji Mese fa +1


  • booping jeno’s nose


  • Марина Saf
    Марина Saf 2 mesi fa


  • Juliana Galletti
    Juliana Galletti 2 mesi fa


  • Rebeca
    Rebeca 2 mesi fa

    Te extraño Bernard...

  • pochemookorova pereshladorogoo

    where I heard this sing before?

  • Ruell James
    Ruell James 2 mesi fa +5

    This really deserves million views

  • Afro-Cuban Agassi
    Afro-Cuban Agassi 2 mesi fa


  • Breona S
    Breona S 2 mesi fa

    when is he coming back 😡

  • Patricia Gonzalez
    Patricia Gonzalez 2 mesi fa

    Beautiful song. I love it.♡

  • Inho Ka
    Inho Ka 2 mesi fa

    신곡 발표 해줘

  • Earl Bercasio
    Earl Bercasio 2 mesi fa

    This song is so underrated but I Still,~~~ don't wanna share it.

  • GL LM uwu
    GL LM uwu 2 mesi fa

    I miss you

  • Carla Cristiane
    Carla Cristiane 2 mesi fa

    how is this not even 500.000 views yet

  • apriall a
    apriall a 3 mesi fa

    Heard this song for the first time today and i cant stop listening bdjzbxjzbxjz

  • 00 epoche
    00 epoche 3 mesi fa

    캬 넘 좋탸~~ 낙준 더 많이 활동 부탁해욤~

    VANESSA BAHAMÓN 3 mesi fa +1

    This song is deep af I am sOO IN LOVE

  • what ever
    what ever 3 mesi fa +3


  • Faris alghamdi
    Faris alghamdi 3 mesi fa +1

    The best collaboration that SM and JYP did!!

  • josyvnd21
    josyvnd21 3 mesi fa

    Ok so i'm really late but this song is amazing 👏

  • Jayden
    Jayden 3 mesi fa

    Anyone here from hyunjin's live?

  • Antoneth Park
    Antoneth Park 3 mesi fa +1

    Stray kids hyujin bring me here.... The song is great...i love it

  • Chammy
    Chammy 3 mesi fa

    Que vocal maravilhoso!!

  • Alexa10110
    Alexa10110 4 mesi fa

    I love this song so much i didn’t know it even had a video

  • Marks Bootie
    Marks Bootie 4 mesi fa

    I love this song but I would love it anymore without the girl in it

  • norfizah abd rahman

    Way to go f(x) and Luna! 💜 and u too Bernard 😉

  • Jalisa H
    Jalisa H 4 mesi fa +1

    Uh yes I still listen to this almost daily.

  • im so franxxi
    im so franxxi 4 mesi fa

    y this is so underrated : (( ,

  • Shontae Robinson
    Shontae Robinson 4 mesi fa

    This song is Still a bop to me in 2019 ❤️💜

  • 최미경
    최미경 4 mesi fa

    어젠 잘 들어갔니
    많이 울던 네가 걱정이 돼
    혼자서 집에 가던 길
    너무 낯설게 느껴질까 봐
    네 걱정에 제자리에 서서
    그저 멍하게 멀어지는 너를 봐
    속도 없는 한심한 바보처럼
    네 걱정만 하고 있네
    이만 헤어지자는 너의 말조차
    다른 남자가 생겼다는 말조차
    모든 게 내 탓으로 느껴지고
    그런 네 모습 하나 밉지 않고
    자꾸 미련만 남아
    나 멍청인가 봐
    You are still 아름답지만
    You’re not the same 변해버린 걸 알아
    난 널, 많이 좋아했던 것처럼
    많이 미워할 수 있을까
    I am still, 너를 미워할 수 없어서
    아직 널 그리워 하잖아
    어젠 잘 들어갔니
    그저 웃던 네가 걱정이 돼
    혼자서 집에 가던 길
    내가 너무 잔인했던 걸까
    뒤돌아 마지막 인사를 할까
    아님 날 미워하게 그냥 둘까
    고민을 하는 내 자신이 싫어
    (날 너무 아프게 했잖아)
    You are still 아름답지만
    I’m not the same 변해버린 걸 알아
    난 널, 많이 좋아했던 것처럼
    많이 미워할 수 있을까
    I am still, 너를 미워할 수 없어서
    아직 널 그리워 하잖아
    이젠 만족하냐고
    네게 따져보고 싶었어
    난 확인하고 싶었어
    (don’t know why)
    너도 나처럼 불행해 보여
    (don’t know why)
    단지 기분 탓이기만 할까
    (don’t know why)
    아님 그저 바보같은 내 상상인 걸까
    You are still 아름답지만
    I’m not the same 변해버린 걸 알아
    난 널, 많이 좋아했던 것처럼
    많이 미워할 수 있을까
    I am still, 너를 미워할 수 없어서
    아직 널 그리워 하잖아

  • Watching Me
    Watching Me 4 mesi fa


  • Dark _Worl
    Dark _Worl 4 mesi fa +1


  • Dark _Worl
    Dark _Worl 4 mesi fa +1

    Verdaderamente pienso que la cancion es muy Buena y merece mas Vista 💕😍

  • jihyo utted
    jihyo utted 4 mesi fa +1

    JYPE could give a better MV to this AMAZING song, but I love this song soooo much
    Of course is one of my favs

  • One&Only
    One&Only 4 mesi fa


  • soo ya
    soo ya 4 mesi fa


  • Kyiel
    Kyiel 4 mesi fa

    Young k who hurt you

  • ae cha
    ae cha 4 mesi fa +2

    why does anyone else doesn’t know how to appreciate jyp solo artist? ☹️

  • 최미경
    최미경 4 mesi fa

    오랫동안 기다렸어요
    Find your voice😚

  • Taffumon .-.
    Taffumon .-. 4 mesi fa

    esta canción es arte señores

  • 미래의가수
    미래의가수 4 mesi fa

    노래가 어떻게 이렇게 아름다울수가 있지ㅜㅜㅜ

  • xoxocamilla
    xoxocamilla 5 mesi fa

    also Luna sounds really beautiful too!

  • xoxocamilla
    xoxocamilla 5 mesi fa

    Oh I loveee this! Bernard has such a beautiful voice 😍😍

    CRN BORW 5 mesi fa

    The best collaboration

    CRN BORW 5 mesi fa

    i love this beautiful song

  • CodeOnce
    CodeOnce 5 mesi fa +4

    This is one of my most favourite songs ever, I cant believe how extremely underrated this :(

  • dynamic K
    dynamic K 5 mesi fa +1

    He has a beautiful voice, this is supposed to get more attention 😢

  • kpop trash
    kpop trash 5 mesi fa +2

    WHY 👏🏻 IS 👏🏻 SONG 👏🏻 SO 👏🏻 MF 👏🏻 UNDERRATED

  • Leo. Wz
    Leo. Wz 5 mesi fa +2

    *@jae6 thanks for showing me this song*

  • hanbindeservesbetter
    hanbindeservesbetter 5 mesi fa +1

    I know about this song coz of superstar jyp, AND IS MY FAVORITE SONG ♡♡

  • Hasna Tabina
    Hasna Tabina 5 mesi fa +1

    for all this time i hear this masterpice and yet i cry when i watch this with the translation:"

  • Danjor
    Danjor 5 mesi fa

    This song has such a chill vibe, digging it.

  • Zombie Girrrl
    Zombie Girrrl 5 mesi fa

    This song is really beautiful
    I can´t stop to hear it

  • Thiên Thiên
    Thiên Thiên 5 mesi fa +1

    Although there are few listeners, this song is really good, yeah :(((

  • Lex Smith
    Lex Smith 5 mesi fa

    I really love this song

  • Juan Angel
    Juan Angel 5 mesi fa

    I like

  • MariaakaAnnie - Cosplay

    I love this song so much

  • Monica Arnetta
    Monica Arnetta 5 mesi fa +1

    This song is so good and deserve more attention😭😭😭❤️❤️

  • Dee Ahn
    Dee Ahn 5 mesi fa

    still watching

  • Nancy Got7 Spinning Top

    Damn 🥺😭💚💚💚

  • 05 - 07 - 01
    05 - 07 - 01 6 mesi fa