We Dress According To South Carolina High School Dress Codes • Ladylike

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  • Pubblicato il 14 apr 2019
  • "Dirty shirt, dirty rules!"
    Blythewood High School
    •Stratford High School
    •Aiken High School
    •Bamberg-Ehrhardt High School
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Commenti • 6 244

  • Ladylike
    Ladylike  4 giorni fa +1707

    Hey y’all!! For the next episode we will be doing Devin’s home state of GEORGIA! If you have a school we should look at, leave your suggestions here! -Kristin

    • J.A. M.F
      J.A. M.F 3 giorni fa

      You'll both be dead by 50 go to gym, learn real self respect

    • Esme Nouvelle
      Esme Nouvelle 3 giorni fa

      Is there any actual shame in the walk? Having a friend singing while walking with you isn't like being nude with a demented nun following you with a bell. Or like having to cross campus Sunday morning wearing the now wrinkled Saturday night outfit. Have I missed a crucial shame element? They just seem like they're having too much fun for work. I wanna be there!

    • Jewellyana Gomez
      Jewellyana Gomez 3 giorni fa

      These women look discusting

    • Andrew Belt
      Andrew Belt 3 giorni fa

      Ladylike you should do Missouri schools. And if you do do the fort Zumwalt district dress code!

    • Vegas Hojnacki
      Vegas Hojnacki 3 giorni fa

      artiefofartie yess

  • Abby Stevens
    Abby Stevens Giorno fa

    omg i’m going to Aiken High!!!

  • panda love
    panda love Giorno fa

    Next time can you do Kansas or Kentucky

  • Kyla Wright
    Kyla Wright Giorno fa

    do iowa and have waterloo

  • Laura Salazar
    Laura Salazar Giorno fa

    Y’all some schools are so strict for dresscode but some schools just don’t give a fuck

  • Nork Mork
    Nork Mork Giorno fa

    Kristin! The red and blue checked dress with sleeves at 6:35 -- where did you get this?? So beautiful!

  • Vivian LeBron
    Vivian LeBron Giorno fa

    oh my gosh i go to blythewood high!

  • Not Known
    Not Known Giorno fa

    Do New York Dress codes!!!!!

  • Sidney Yant
    Sidney Yant Giorno fa


  • Mir
    Mir Giorno fa

    Clemson South Carolina representing!!

  • Annie Katherine
    Annie Katherine Giorno fa

    I think a great idea would be to have high schoolers enforce their own school’s dress codes, it would not only be super cool, but it would also show how some schools actually enforce and interpret their dress codes

  • Janet Ledford
    Janet Ledford Giorno fa +1

    y'all should do elemetray and middle schools PS WHY NOT WALHALLA HIGH!!?!??

  • Whacksnack
    Whacksnack Giorno fa

    You should do virginia or maryland or Seattle

  • Presley Martin
    Presley Martin Giorno fa

    do arkansas dress codes please

  • Rowan Paige
    Rowan Paige Giorno fa

    Please do Georgia!!!

  • Jasdeep Atwal
    Jasdeep Atwal Giorno fa

    Next state should definitely be Washington! I don't the dress codes here are too-too strict!

  • Eva Helfter
    Eva Helfter Giorno fa

    Do Massachusetts! (Or all 50 states)

  • Sara Flayhan
    Sara Flayhan Giorno fa

    Joyce is hilarious we need more videos with her!!!

  • jaci burkhart
    jaci burkhart Giorno fa

    They should do a video where the the boys have to follow the dress code from a high school to show how much easier if it for them

  • Majestic DreamzStudios

    Oof i live in North Carolina and we cant wear shorts or skirts (Even if you have leggins on underneath) that arnt past your fingertips, but i always get away with it since i have long arms >:3. Im in 6th grade XD.

  • Malryn
    Malryn Giorno fa

    Why was I recommended this?

  • Shawty Blu
    Shawty Blu Giorno fa

    The dress code Is inforced so much more to heavier females...

  • Ava Finwall
    Ava Finwall Giorno fa

    Omlll you guys need to do Bloomington Minnesota next🥴😫😫😫😂

  • Madison Herrmann
    Madison Herrmann Giorno fa

    Do Ohio’s dress codes

  • Hunter White
    Hunter White Giorno fa

    You should do Vegas because they’re known for sleezy culture but our schools are a little crazy

  • AnaSofia Londono
    AnaSofia Londono Giorno fa

    Can you do dress code videos for all states? I LOVEEE the dress code videos

  • Danielle Brandon
    Danielle Brandon Giorno fa

    Wow you should try Nebraska Catholic schools

  • Sabrina Reyez
    Sabrina Reyez Giorno fa

    Next can you guys do Nevada and a school in the city of Las Vegas or Reno

  • dawne!
    dawne! Giorno fa

    do carrollton highschool in carrol county please . georgia.

  • Reagan Dean
    Reagan Dean Giorno fa

    do one of these videos with a dude to show how sexist dress codes are.

  • Haylee Herman
    Haylee Herman Giorno fa

    You should do Kansas next

  • Agneskelly Gross
    Agneskelly Gross Giorno fa

    Yay! I live in SC!

  • FierceTiger152
    FierceTiger152 Giorno fa +1

    My school isn't in here but one of the schools in my district is!!!

  • Reagan Dean
    Reagan Dean Giorno fa +1

    i live in the Aiken school district and i have to say it is super strict and people get dress coded daily and it is very sexist towards women . the dudes wear their little shorts but once a girl wears shorts they are stared at and checked constantly by staff.

  • Lauryn Smith
    Lauryn Smith Giorno fa

    I wish they did Wando High School it’s in South Carolina

  • Wildebeast and Beans

    Can you do Minnesota please please!!!

  • amanda mosman
    amanda mosman Giorno fa

    Ya really should have Mike and Kristen do a dress code! It would be really interesting to see males vs female dress code rules..

  • Cal_co_ x_c
    Cal_co_ x_c Giorno fa

    Dress code is actually really messed up for woman. Like yea I understand they are trying to “protect” the female students but come on

    • Cal_co_ x_c
      Cal_co_ x_c Giorno fa

      Like at my old school all I could wear was jeans and a long hoodie because the dress code basically allowed nothing for woman

  • Kaysia Chelli
    Kaysia Chelli Giorno fa

    So Pennsylvania's dress codes, there's some WACK rules

  • Camille Martofel
    Camille Martofel Giorno fa

    you should do illinois

  • Meredith Creel
    Meredith Creel Giorno fa

    pretty crazy how people think fish hooks on hats are weird 😂

  • 224Keith_Kogane_Offical224

    Could you possibly do Wisconsin?

  • McKenna Grupe
    McKenna Grupe Giorno fa


  • Brooke Valentin
    Brooke Valentin Giorno fa

    Do New Jersey! Woodbridge township!

  • ya zz
    ya zz Giorno fa +1

    Yassssss finally

  • Janaisha Hart
    Janaisha Hart Giorno fa

    you guys could’ve found harder schools from here tbh...

  • Destiny England
    Destiny England Giorno fa

    Do Virginia high school dress codes next please 😫❤️

  • Jessica L.
    Jessica L. Giorno fa

    Do Kittredge Magnet School for Georgia.

  • katsueijis
    katsueijis Giorno fa

    i live here, can confirm.

  • Janaisha Hart
    Janaisha Hart Giorno fa

    omg i never thought this would be made 😭

  • Samantha Ryan
    Samantha Ryan Giorno fa

    Do New Jersey (Henry harries school)

  • Brittany Harrell
    Brittany Harrell Giorno fa

    Okay but Kristin... where did the dress you’re wearing in the intro come from? Because I need it.

    • Brittany Harrell
      Brittany Harrell Giorno fa

      Also the green sweater Joyce is wearing in the end. I need them both.

  • Angel Roberson
    Angel Roberson Giorno fa

    Yeeee my state

  • Carly Kinnamon
    Carly Kinnamon Giorno fa

    Y’all should bring a guy on the show and see how much the dress code effects them

  • Julia Hoffman
    Julia Hoffman Giorno fa

    You should do Arizona dress code

  • Isabella Welch
    Isabella Welch Giorno fa

    We need devan or Cissy to do Georgia!!!!

  • Kirrian Woodard
    Kirrian Woodard Giorno fa

    South Carolina is one of the most BORING states but I live there so...go the retiring state✌🏾🤪

  • 사라Sarah
    사라Sarah Giorno fa

    Please do New Mexico

  • Lauren Allen
    Lauren Allen Giorno fa

    I love floor shirt!

  • Aliyah Nault
    Aliyah Nault Giorno fa

    For Aiken high school Kristen was ok with the dress

  • luce misfit
    luce misfit Giorno fa

    I'm from SC.... (The fishhooks are a redneck thing) you should had done McBee they sucked and I just got out of there.

  • Taylor Burk
    Taylor Burk Giorno fa

    do this with jazmyn

  • Jennifer Dougherty
    Jennifer Dougherty Giorno fa

    I go to the Aiken County schools, not Aiken High, but Wagener-Salley, and our dress code is exactly the same so my outfits consist of hoodies and jeans EVERY SINGLE DAY. The struggle is real.

  • cait can’thuman
    cait can’thuman Giorno fa

    Do Washington state

  • meridethgrey78900
    meridethgrey78900 Giorno fa

    Y’all should do North Carolina

  • Madison Yarbrough
    Madison Yarbrough Giorno fa

    Do Tennessee!!!

  • pony lover 10
    pony lover 10 Giorno fa

    we dont have a dress code from iceland

  • Alyssa Myers
    Alyssa Myers Giorno fa

    You guys should do Ohio next and do William Henry Harrison high school.

  • Sydney 23
    Sydney 23 Giorno fa


  • CC Jones
    CC Jones Giorno fa

    I love these videos but they make me so mad like the distracted boys can take their shoulder fetish somewhere else

  • Josefine Pyykönen
    Josefine Pyykönen Giorno fa

    I'm feeling so blessed to live in Sweden were we don't have dresscode in our schools 😇😁

  • Hannah r Hearts
    Hannah r Hearts Giorno fa

    Please please please do a Hawaii one

  • Evie Rhama
    Evie Rhama Giorno fa

    You guys should do missouri

  • Welcome To Overtime

    I’m glad you did a Richland two school because the whole district has the same dress code for high and middle schools

  • crazybird
    crazybird Giorno fa

    tHeY tArGeT oVeRsIzEd PeOpLe
    Begone t h o t

  • Heythere itsHolly
    Heythere itsHolly Giorno fa

    Okay so I can't reply on the thingy but you should do sand Creek high school in Colorado Springs, CO

  • Becca91897
    Becca91897 Giorno fa

    That Harry Styles box collage at 9:10 caught my eye and I couldn't focus for the next 20 seconds because I want to know who it's for and what it's for!?

  • Riley Price
    Riley Price Giorno fa

    Please do RS Central in NC! Our dress code is strict asf :/

  • Addison Mulhair
    Addison Mulhair Giorno fa

    You should do Washington dress codes ,

  • Emily Byrne
    Emily Byrne Giorno fa

    New Jersey pleaseee

  • Miriam Strickland
    Miriam Strickland Giorno fa

    For Georgia do DeKalb county

  • Lillie Victoria
    Lillie Victoria Giorno fa

    omg, yay it's my state :)

  • Liberty Moody
    Liberty Moody Giorno fa

    I think you should do one with a guy

  • Madison Lemke
    Madison Lemke Giorno fa


  • Gracie Bear
    Gracie Bear Giorno fa

    They should do one of these with a guy so it can highlight the difference in amount of rules between genders

  • Animalxingaddict
    Animalxingaddict Giorno fa

    Y’all should’ve done Dutch Fork High School!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Danielle Shepherd
    Danielle Shepherd Giorno fa

    You should try an Ohio dress code

  • Korren Karahalios
    Korren Karahalios Giorno fa

    do The Academy of Richmond County in Augusta, GA

  • Margarita Orea
    Margarita Orea Giorno fa

    I love these kind of videos.

  • Oli Pender
    Oli Pender Giorno fa

    0:35 os when you’re mom is trying to sound cool on public

  • KittenKatss
    KittenKatss Giorno fa

    Please do more vids with Joyce!!

  • Valerie Silva
    Valerie Silva Giorno fa

    was Joyce wearing a bra???

  • Yasmin Nur
    Yasmin Nur Giorno fa

    I love dresscode videos thumbs up if u agree

  • Mackenzie Fulton
    Mackenzie Fulton Giorno fa

    PLEASE do SC again and do Andrew Jackson High School I just want to see what you guys can do with the dress code.

  • *AdAm* sTaAhP i CoUlD hAvE dRoPpEd My CrOsSiOnT

    So my grandpa works as first Sargent at Stratford and has has never dresscoded anyone cause he knows respect

  • Ann Kaleff
    Ann Kaleff Giorno fa

    I remember one time at my school, I had this really nice, really sporty black shirt with white stripes.
    However, I didn't know it was see through UNTIL I left the house and nor did I have a jacket...
    I had a lavender color bra on and as soon as I walk into school, the guys were like "Damn Ann!!"
    I was so embarrassed that day ;-;

  • Animalxingaddict
    Animalxingaddict Giorno fa

    I have never clicked on a video so fast. I live in South Carolina!

  • miah Nelson
    miah Nelson Giorno fa

    No you wear fish hooks on your hats

  • Rickele Coy
    Rickele Coy Giorno fa

    Do one with Mike! It would be interesting to compare girls' dress code with boys'

  • Eva Diva
    Eva Diva Giorno fa

    You should do north carolina