Stray Kids "Mixtape#4" Video (Street Ver.)

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  • Pubblicato il 19 apr 2019
  • Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) "Mixtape#4" Video (Street Ver.)
    Stray Kids MINI ALBUM "Clé 1 : MIROH"
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Commenti • 8 562

  • Seo Kyla
    Seo Kyla 30 minuti fa

    does our hoe wants to show that squirrel owns his heart??

  • Biggest KoreanTrashcan in history

    1:04 changlix as jack and rose?

  • C Crumley-Sickles


  • happy virus
    happy virus 4 ore fa

  • GallyiTravels
    GallyiTravels 4 ore fa

    i think that it's one of their best mixtapes!

  • DrawnSteelHero
    DrawnSteelHero 6 ore fa

    2:47 Poor Jeongin looks like he's coming on with a case of the vapours..!

  • UnLucky bamboo
    UnLucky bamboo 9 ore fa

    Chan looks so happy in this.
    Stay loves you Chan!
    Stay strong 🤗

  • Jhennifer Vieira
    Jhennifer Vieira 13 ore fa

    Viciada estou 🇧🇷😍

  • mary caroline pecjo

    the message to this song is so heartwarming.. its truly Nine or None.

  • Hakiki Waskita
    Hakiki Waskita 21 ora fa

    2:36 why hyunjin make me jealous?

  • Thamires Garcia
    Thamires Garcia 21 ora fa

    2:42 Minsung haha

  • QianaLikesKpop :D
    QianaLikesKpop :D Giorno fa

    They’re basically saying that they’d risk it all for their dreams, as long as they have each other 🥺

  • Mey Sazzucomo
    Mey Sazzucomo Giorno fa +1


  • Choi Taehyun Kai
    Choi Taehyun Kai Giorno fa +1

    'Stray Kids Is 9 Or None'
    *tAkE tHaT jYp*

  • Rubí Mishel
    Rubí Mishel Giorno fa


  • nen ya
    nen ya Giorno fa

    Why does it hurt this bad when we know about Broken Compass from 3RACHA and the lines Chan changed in his final part

  • Bangtan Boys
    Bangtan Boys Giorno fa

    My wonderful 9 babys

  • applejuice
    applejuice Giorno fa

    I want them to come to Australia again,I wasn't aware of who they were a few months ago when they came to Sydney,I hope they come again one day,probs next year hopefully,I want them to come again this year,but they need rest and they're touring after countries too etc.I'm sad I missed out,I've seen vids on yt,but it isn't the same i wanna see them live irl.oml my cute little jeongin 1:43.Rewatching this again cos ik them all now and way better.damn awkward moment 2:06.Come back to Sydney again plz and to the other states of aus too

  • Aasiyyah Abdus-Samad

    2:36 hyunjin where you putting your hand?

  • Millycorn 123
    Millycorn 123 Giorno fa +1

    That is stray kids☝️
    How many likes it gets is how long they will stay

  • Lee Felix
    Lee Felix Giorno fa

    This is officially changlixs era

  • Mahmingi Tlawmte
    Mahmingi Tlawmte Giorno fa


  • Vanness Duma
    Vanness Duma Giorno fa


  • Dena Gayatri Pramesti

    Chan gave me the vibe of a rich daddy with his children having good time :"

  • Lisa Sugarwishes
    Lisa Sugarwishes 2 giorni fa

    Probably everyone there, watching skz: tf- are they on drugs?
    Also the amount of Changlix in this was just-

  • Joanna Wong
    Joanna Wong 2 giorni fa

    tbh this is one of my top fave songs on the album. it's sad that not many get to hear mixtape 4

  • KAAATH x
    KAAATH x 2 giorni fa

    I love you, Nine

  • sebastian stan's holy eyes

    2:43 *as long as i stay with my heart*
    _Minho leans towards Jisung and listens to his heartbeat_

  • Time is mOneY
    Time is mOneY 2 giorni fa +1

    Everything is fine until jisung and minho is on the screen.

  • Cherry Blosseom
    Cherry Blosseom 2 giorni fa +1

    I just realized that all of the main ships, Woochan, Minsung and Changlix have their own child

  • mikaela jurado
    mikaela jurado 2 giorni fa

    fr though changbin looked so good in this vid 😌✊

  • Chiny Lim
    Chiny Lim 2 giorni fa

    0:21 i want to know the behind story of this

  • Baby Hyun
    Baby Hyun 3 giorni fa

    tudo pra mim 😭😭😭❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Jimee
    Jimee 3 giorni fa


  • Potato Chubs
    Potato Chubs 3 giorni fa +1

    I can't effing imagine Stray Kids without our precious Felix and Minho like damn it was NINE OR FCKNG NONE...

  • Nur Hannani Akasya
    Nur Hannani Akasya 3 giorni fa

    yowww. 0:30 MR LEE KNOW DEEP VOICEEEEE ....

  • Nur Hannani Akasya
    Nur Hannani Akasya 3 giorni fa +1

    F word cuz their deep voices sooooo soothing and bless my ears.

  • Amber Dalumpines
    Amber Dalumpines 3 giorni fa +1

    This entire video is just Changlix, Minsung, and Woochan being goals.

    2:27 - 2:30 I know, you know, we know, Lee know is an amazing dancer.

  • park dev
    park dev 3 giorni fa +2

    I LOVE THE LYRICS 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Jam and Toby
    Jam and Toby 4 giorni fa

    1:52 minsung look so disappointed they cant make out with the baby in between them

  • jupiter
    jupiter 4 giorni fa +5

    chan: "guys, what's be the video concept?"
    skz: "we don't know"
    chan: "c'mon guys"
    woojin: "hm...changlix on a date?"
    skz: "YAS! changlix on a date!!!"

  • Lisa Ravenheart
    Lisa Ravenheart 4 giorni fa

    Let's be real here for a second, blond Chan in this outfit is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and now I am very much in love. This look is just superior and I can't believe that there are no photoshoots with this look

  • Ника Кан
    Ника Кан 4 giorni fa

    chan: my team is my compass
    me: swimming in tears

  • Ника Кан
    Ника Кан 4 giorni fa

    i really like their mixtapes

  • Ника Кан
    Ника Кан 4 giorni fa +1

    chan is the best leader, the best capitan. our boys are so talented. i believe, that they will be very popular all over the world. stray kids fighting!! stays will always support you!
    stray kids nine or none

  • 찐빵
    찐빵 4 giorni fa +2

    쓰리라차는 천재야....

  • Moyor Mi
    Moyor Mi 4 giorni fa

    3:50 anyone else saw those couples dancing to the camera at the back after straykids left..😂😂😂😂

  • ああ
    ああ 4 giorni fa


  • JazzyGirl243
    JazzyGirl243 5 giorni fa +3

    IS THIS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU BREATHE IN AUSTRALIA??? they all got so many visuals I'm crying...

  • Chofi Pinto
    Chofi Pinto 5 giorni fa +1

    1:45 my favourite part of the entire song! 😍😍😍😍😍

  • z
    z 5 giorni fa

    okay but why, when i downloaded the album, wasn't this song on there..? i'm confused someone-

  • Hana agn
    Hana agn 5 giorni fa +1

    Omg hyunjin's singing at 1:28

  • Little_apple
    Little_apple 5 giorni fa +4

    Stray Kids are my broken compass because they're all my lifesaver🗺⛈🌊🚢🌊⛈
    and i'm so thankful for that😭💙

  • Yoon's girl
    Yoon's girl 5 giorni fa

    I luv street ver

  • White Buns Chan
    White Buns Chan 5 giorni fa

    *LOVE U*

  • Izzaty Salleh
    Izzaty Salleh 5 giorni fa +3

    I did watch all the Mixtape series and i think that all of the Mixtape was full of postive message. Now, i declare that i'm a Mixtape stan. Really anticipating their next Mixtape. I love Stray Kids & Stay.

  • Evelyn
    Evelyn 5 giorni fa +1

    am i wrong or is this song not on spotify? i'm devastated :(

    • Creator 195
      Creator 195 4 giorni fa

      +Evelyn you're welcome 😊

    • Evelyn
      Evelyn 4 giorni fa

      +Creator 195 ah! thanks for responding!!

    • Creator 195
      Creator 195 5 giorni fa

      It's CD only

  • ReD LiGhT gReEn LiGhT SwAg

    Chan is looking like a fcking daddy

  • Choi Taehyun Kai
    Choi Taehyun Kai 5 giorni fa +5

    I feel bad for Seungmin and Jeongin... 3rdwheeling for Changlix amd Minsung must be horrible😂😂😂

  • Choi Taehyun Kai
    Choi Taehyun Kai 5 giorni fa +2

    2:36 Hwangggg😏😂😂😂😂

  • Choi Taehyun Kai
    Choi Taehyun Kai 5 giorni fa +4

    They make so nervous when they are near the water I'm like 'This Idiots Are Going To Fall Any Minute'

  • yee haw
    yee haw 5 giorni fa +1

    2:43 same jeongin *same* ..

  • Claire Houssiaux
    Claire Houssiaux 5 giorni fa +1

    their outfits 😍😍

  • Spicy Ramen
    Spicy Ramen 5 giorni fa +2

    Imagine you go to Australia for fun, and then you see 9 idiots running around

  • Yaaru Gamlin
    Yaaru Gamlin 5 giorni fa +2

    This song is a bop

  • pentagon's br universe

    people: judging skz
    Minho: *i dont give a fuck let me dance*

  • I purple you
    I purple you 6 giorni fa

    I love them all soo so much 😭❤

  • I purple you
    I purple you 6 giorni fa +2

    "My precious team is my compass" -Bang Chan
    Omg I can't🤧

  • I purple you
    I purple you 6 giorni fa +2

    I love the lyrics so much 🤧🥺

  • I purple you
    I purple you 6 giorni fa

    Summer vibes!!

  • tae tae's Gucci glasses
    tae tae's Gucci glasses 6 giorni fa +2

    We stan Dorks😂😘❤


    Love this song. I really love mixtape this time

  • Gaby T.
    Gaby T. 6 giorni fa +1

    Me encantan!!! 💓

  • Priti Ciwagni
    Priti Ciwagni 6 giorni fa

    we need behind the sceneeeee

  • Giulia Achille
    Giulia Achille 6 giorni fa +5

    This song deserves way more than 1MLN views

  • Natalia Basiladze
    Natalia Basiladze 6 giorni fa +1

    I just love the contrast between the song and the video!

  • agnes lee
    agnes lee 6 giorni fa +3

    Please someone tell Mr. Christiano Banglado to button up his shirt

  • Kp0p it up
    Kp0p it up 6 giorni fa +1

    Not a STAY but Felix man

  • coffeepinklove
    coffeepinklove 7 giorni fa +2

    3:45 I cracks up everytime I watch this part. Jeongin, Minho and Changbin are so funny XDXDXDDXD

  • Vv Kriss
    Vv Kriss 7 giorni fa +1

    PLEASE BOYS COME IN ROMANIA!!!♥♥!!!!!😭😭 the perfect boys at the universum!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ I LOVE YOU STRAY KIDS!

  • grshrder ytujtutru
    grshrder ytujtutru 7 giorni fa +3

    When you eat ice cream and you see them and you drop your ice cream sksksks

  • TaexVStudios
    TaexVStudios 7 giorni fa +3

    I stan a bunch of dorks but I love them.

  • lu lu
    lu lu 7 giorni fa

    2:37 wowwwwwwwww

  • Tiaira Smith
    Tiaira Smith 7 giorni fa +2

    Why isn’t this on Spotify yet 😐

    • Peggy Chen
      Peggy Chen 7 giorni fa +1

      Its for CD only. If you really love this song, please buy their album to support SKZ. Thank you.

  • Jack Lee Beng Hwee
    Jack Lee Beng Hwee 7 giorni fa +4

    After bts, this group is another great boyband! They can produce many great songs!

  • Harley Gale
    Harley Gale 7 giorni fa

    Chan looks like a dad that also leads a mafia

    STAY ARMY KPOP 8 giorni fa +3

    I swear Hyunjin loves Chan’s chest. I need a compilation of Hyunjin touching Chan’s chest.

  • Judith Alonso
    Judith Alonso 8 giorni fa +2

    I hope they know how important are they for STAY

  • Eyes On You
    Eyes On You 8 giorni fa +4

    Stay, please support GOT7 new album. Let’s st_eam "Eclipse" teaser. I hope at your support 💚💙

  • Golden bangtanie
    Golden bangtanie 8 giorni fa +4

    3:11 han honey what are you doing????😂

  • soft joon
    soft joon 8 giorni fa +3

    0:42 - 0:59 this whole changlix section is freaking cite

  • KittenloverXD772
    KittenloverXD772 8 giorni fa


  • soft joon
    soft joon 8 giorni fa

    0:54 felix let me breathe

  • Valentina Romero España
    Valentina Romero España 8 giorni fa +2

    this song gives me "Unforgettable" vibes

  • Valentina Romero España
    Valentina Romero España 8 giorni fa +2

    this song gives me "Unforgettable" vibes

  • Rose
    Rose 8 giorni fa

    Napatino ako ng straykids pramis bulakbol ako dati pero ngayon? Inspiration ko na sila 😍💕

  • Akira shawol
    Akira shawol 8 giorni fa +1

    🌻🇧🇷💓I love Stray kids, amo essa música

  • aliens are real
    aliens are real 8 giorni fa

    Chan looks soooooooo handsome

  • Pratiksha SH
    Pratiksha SH 8 giorni fa +1

    This is my favourite video

  • Asia Dela Cruz
    Asia Dela Cruz 8 giorni fa

    1:08 I'd be REAAAALLY surprised if they used that choreo tho kskksksks lmao